Epilogue – Destiny

Like a warm breeze, May passed through the lands of Camelot. Nature came to life all around the castle, blooming with a magnificence that only the season of Spring could bring. Before too long, the last day of the month had come, announcing the beginning of June.

And as the year grew… so did the castle’s inhabitants.

Under the warm rays of the midday sun, Prince Arthur and Gawain sparred together. They had been training together every Friday since the beginning of April. Neither one missed even a single day. What had started out as an obligation for the Crown Prince had quickly turned into something truly enjoyable… even if Arthur would never admit it.

Unbeknownst to Arthur, Gawain had taken that training a step further. Every morning before his chores, he’d go out to the alley behind his house and practice sword swings on a straw dummy. The thing was crude, but it worked.

And after almost two months of daily training… the results were beginning to show.

Arthur had gone for a slap on the wrist again. But this time, Gawain was prepared for it. He deflected the blow, knocking Arthur off-balance and finally, finally landing a hit on the young Prince.
“Hey! That’s not fair!” Arthur yelled. “You stupid saddle-goose!”

But Gawain was too excited to notice the swear, or the irony of Arthur’s words.
“I GOT you!” the red-haired boy panted, his face beaming with excitement. “You know I got you!”

“Oh, you definitely got him,” Morgana smirked from her bench. Gawain beamed at her, his face gleaming with pride.
“I did it! I knew I could do it!”

“Alright, fine. You got me once,“ Arthur admitted. Fair was fair. Getting hit had been a mistake on his part, and the boy deserved the praise… a little bit, at least. A grin spread across his lips.
“Don’t get cocky. You still have years of catching-up to do, muck-spout.”

“I will! I’ll catch up to you so fast you won’t believe it,” Gawain beamed. “I practice on a straw dummy behind the house every morning. I had to re-build it twelve times already!”

“Straw?” Arthur replied. “How amateurish. No wonder your strikes are so weak. I’ll have one of the servants bring you a proper dummy later.”
“Whoa, really?! For real?!”
The Crown Prince shrugged.
“The old ones are mostly used for firewood, anyway. We might as well leave them where they’ll see some use.”
He was trying to pass it off as something insignificant, but Morgana knew better. The slight smirk on Arthur’s face as he saw Gawain’s happy expression said enough.
“That’s so cool! Thank you so much, Arth- milord!”

At that point, the red-haired boy’s excitement was at such a high level that any more training would be futile. At it was, it actually served Arthur well. Their time was about to end, anyway. Arthur had other responsibilities. After a short goodbye, the Crown Prince made his way back into the castle.

That left Gawain and Morgana. The red-haired boy plopped down onto the bench next to her, still in seventh heaven with what had just happened.
“Did you see me?! I finally hit him! For real! Sure, he knocked me over ten times before that, but I did it! Did you see?!”

“I saw it, Gawain,” Morgana smiled at him. His enthusiasm was adorable. The boy was still holding his sword, making little practice swings with it as he sat beside her.
“You’ll see, Morgana. I’ll be a great knight in no time.”
The young princess chuckled.
“Who knows. If you keep hitting Arthur like that, maybe he’ll actually let you be one. If you can smack his pride down far enough, at least. You’ll have to swear an oath as a knight, though. Are you good with speeches? You know, you should start thinking about what to say when you swear fealty to-“

…to the King.

She turned away from Gawain, unwilling to show him her expression. The boy didn’t notice. Pure-hearted as he was, Gawain could be very oblivious sometimes. With a big smile, he held up his wooden sword.
“Oh, I know how that goes! You put your sword down in front of them, right? And then you swear loyalty, and they let you be a knight! I heard there’s a big ceremony and a feast and everything. The guards told me.”

The boy was right. Only a select number of people were qualified to become knights, and so a knighting ceremony was a grand ordeal. Even know, the castle only employed a handful of knights. All nobles, most of them the sons of a baron, earl or duke. Becoming a knight of Camelot was a great honour. If Gawain was allowed to be one, there’d be a ceremony for him, too.
“You’ll have to swear yourself to father,” Morgana muttered softly. She had intended to be soft enough that Gawain couldn’t hear it – but her friend picked up on her words, anyway. For a moment, a sliver of a frown appeared on his face.

Then Gawain shook his head, and his smile broke through once again.

“Nah. When I’m a grownup, I’ll swear fealty to you.”

“You know, swear fealty. To promise you’re loyal and stuff-“

“I know what it means!” Morgana interrupted him, making the boy laugh. “And you can’t. If you become a knight, you’re supposed to swear yourself to your lord. Not to a princess. It doesn’t work like that.”

Gawain didn’t seem fazed. He raised a single eyebrow at her.
“Well, then we should change how the rule works! Arthur is the next person to become king, right? I bet he’s going to change lots of things. Like how many sweets he can eat. And that bullies are no longer allowed in the kingdom. We’ll just ask him to change this, too. When he’s king, he can do anything, right?”

Morgana was speechless. The things that Gawain was suggesting were childish and naive – but underneath it all, he did have a point. When Arthur became king, he would be able to change whatever he wanted. Her brother would have that kind of power. She had never even considered that. As King, Arthur could change or remove any law he wished. Any of them. Including the laws on knighthood…

And the ones against magic.

“I- I… suppose so,” Morgana muttered. “But if that’s true… then shouldn’t you still pick Arthur? He’s the one teaching you sword fighting. And he is the one who would change things.”
“Well, yeah, that’s true,” Gawain replied. “But he wouldn’t even know who I am if it wasn’t for you. You’re the one that helped me, and you’re the one that believes I can be a knight. Not even my dad thinks that, you know. But you do.”
He paused for a moment… after which a warm, heartfelt smile broke through.
“Arthur will be a great king when he’s a grownup, but…”

“When I become a knight, I want to swear fealty to you, Mor.”

His childlike honesty was strangely disarming. Being so used to political games, Morgana couldn’t handle it. It was too forward. Too direct. She could feel her cheeks getting hot and her throat closed up as a warm, unexplainable feeling spread through her chest. She didn’t know what to do with it. The young princess quickly got up from the bench.

Gawain followed, interpreting her sudden movement as rejection. His expression fell.
“I- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you-“

But Morgana wrapped her arms around the boy, pulling him into a hug.
“Don’t say sorry. It’s not like that.”

Morgana had never emraced Gawain before. It wasn’t appropriate, or even decent, for someone of her station. Especially not with Gawain being a boy as well a commoner. It wasn’t proper. But in that moment, the young sorceress didn’t care.

“Thank you, Gawain. If you become a knight… I’ll gladly accept you.”
She leaned into the embrace, finally feeling Gawain’s arms around her as well. He had waited until the last moment to hug her back. Even now, the red-haired boy was still holding his sword. He awkwardly patted Morgana on the back with it. The girl chuckled, releasing him from her grasp.

“But Arthur is still a total ponce, you know,” the young princess smirked at Gawain. “He might not want to change anything. Or decide to only add the rule about eating sweets, and nothing else. Who knows what will happen when you’re a grownup. Do you really think that he’d change the kingdom for you?”

The boy contemplated it for a while. Morgana watched him think as he placed a hand on the back of his head. His expression turned serious. Then, the red-haired boy seemed to reach some kind of conclusion. He gave a small nod. When Gawain spoke, his words came straight from the heart.
“…Yeah. I think he would.”

For the second time today, Gawain’s simple words left Morgana speechless. The two of them had only spent a few months together. Gawain barely knew her brother. In terms of politics, they were worse than strangers. And yet, Gawain already had so much trust in him. He really believed in him. Enough to entrust Arthur with his child-like idea of a future. Gawain’s simple, pure heart just kept surprising her. It was naive, but… maybe that was all right. Morgana slowly came to a realization as she looked at the boy in front of her.

It wasn’t just Gawain.
It was her, too.
Desperately, more than anything… Morgana wanted to believe in her brother, too.
If Arthur could change the kingdom for Gawain’s sake, then maybe, just maybe…

He could do the same for her.

Later that day, in Castle Camelot…

“What is this?”
Morgana leaned towards the package, her hands on her back and a teasing smile playing on her face. Her brother had waiting for the two of them to be alone before placing it on the table. It was a large package. Arthur, normally smug and arrogant, actually looked uncomfortable with himself for once.
“It’s for your birthday. I know it’s not until tomorrow, but we’re always so busy with guests on birthdays that I barely get to talk to you, so… I figured I’d give it now.”

Morgana loved gift giving. She enjoyed the looks on people’s faces when she chose something that they liked, and the girl adored the joy of opening her own. Usually, gift giving among nobility was just another form of political play. It was a tool. A weapon to be used under the right circumstances.
The only exception were gifts that were given by family. And even then, only the ones that were given in private.
This was one of those times.
“So… can I open it?”
“Go ahead. Just… don’t expect too much.”

A strange remark, coming from Arthur. But Morgana ignored it. She liked opening presents too much to wonder about her brother’s words. With a joyful expression on her face, the young princess removed the wrapping and peered underneath. It was a sealed box. Carefully, Morgana took a letter opener and unsealed it. She expected one of his usual gifts – jewelry, or stuffed animals, or another ballroom dress.

But what came out of that box was something else entirely. Morgana looked upon a crude, wooden carving of a dragon. Its wings were unfurled, and she could see a pointy tail wrapped around its little wooden feet.

Ah. So that’s why his hands had been covered with bandages lately. Morgana had assumed that it was because of sword training. But as it turned out, it had been something entire different. A soft smile spread across Morgana’s lips.
“Arthur, did you make this yourself?”

Her brother sheepishly nodded.
“Well… yeah. I know it’s not valuable. But I had a talk with Gawain, and he said I should try it. I know it’s not what I usually give you…”
His expression fell.
“look, I can get you something else instead, and-“

Arthur never got the chance to finish his sentence. The young princess grabbed her brother, catching him unaware and pulling him into a very unwilling hug. The young Prince immediately began to struggle against her.
“Gah! Get off me!”
“No,” she replied.
“This is not appropriate! Morgana! You’ll mess up my hair – unhand me, you clingy mymmerkin!”

But Morgana didn’t listen. And Arthur really only struggled enough to keep up appearances. As she planted a kiss on his cheek, the Crown Prince relaxed.
“So… I guess that means you like your gift.”
“I do. Thank you, Arthur. I’ll treasure it.”

The two of them looked down on the wooden dragon. It was crude and badly made, with many chips in the woodwork and mistakes showing in its craftsmanship.

But to Morgana, that dragon meant more than all the valuables in the kingdom could have. And they both knew that. This time, Arthur was the one to place his arms around her.
“Happy birthday, Morrie.”

As the elderly physician stepped outside, he could see dark clouds gather on the horizon. He did not have to predict the weather to know what was coming. His aching joints always warned him of coming rain far in advance of it actually falling.

Gaius hated rainy days. The elderly physician had a bit of an aversion to water in general, after almost drowning as a child. But as he grew old and frail, rainy days had become the bane of his existence. He’d have preferred to not leave his home today at all – but he was out of Tulsi herb. Many of his patients came to him with colds and coughs, and a tea of Tulsi leaves what exactly what they needed.

But he’d need to get some of it, first. Gaius sighed, pulling his hood a little closer to his neck. He could already see the first few raindrops falling on his robe.

They weren’t hard to find. With the flowers around the castle in full bloom, Gaius could find what he needed easily, even with his bad eyesight. The elderly physician bent down, spending a few minutes gathering as much as he could carry in his pouch.

It wasn’t until he was already on his way back, that Gaius finally realized where his road was leading him.

The stones were in pristine condition. It was almost as if twelve years had not passed. As always, their families made sure they were well cared for. For some of them… those gravestones were all they had left.

A profound sadness spread through his chest. So many losses. All innocent, as pure as the day that they came into this world. All because of anger. All because of fear.

He would have given anything to forget about that dreadful month.

But some memories were not meant to fade.

Gaius often wondered.

If that sorceress had known all along…

What kind of hell her dying words would unleash.

For the child born on May Day will herald the end of the Pendragon line,
its King destined to fall by their hand.

Some memories are not meant to fade.

“Please! I beg of you!”

“She’s all I have left. You have to help me. You have to lie. It’s only a few days – you can’t let him take her away from me. Please. She’s all I have – I can’t lose her.”
“Ygraine… I can’t. What you are asking me to do is treason.”

A scream of agony, drenched with the excruciating pain of a mother’s sorrow. Haunting. Hollow. Piercing the very depths of Gaius’s soul.

“I beg of you. Please… Don’t do this.”

“I can’t lose her. Not again.”

Some memories will never fade.

The king had led the assault himself. A retaliatory attack. A punishment, for the rebellion that had risen against him out of anger. Out of fear.
Out of outrage over the slaughter that he had ordered.
Grinding that outrage into dust had not even taken Uther a week.

But in that week…


“When was it born?”

The feeling of cold, unyielding stone against his knee. Uther’s piercing eyes, the glint of a madman looming just below the surface. The heavy, crushing sense of pressure in the chamber. The deafening silence as his question hung in the air, sharper and more merciless than any blade.

And above it all… the brutal, unforgiving stare of the Watcher, bearing down on his very soul.

He couldn’t do it.

And so… he lied.
“…June, my liege.”

“Your daughter was born on the first of June.”


Thank you so much for making it to the end of the first chapter with me, guys! This was a lot of fun to make. More than I thought it would be, haha. I hope the next one will be fun, too. I for one am very excited! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts if you like.

I’ll see you all in the next one. =)

With love,


21 thoughts on “Epilogue – Destiny

  1. Amazing, Yimi! The part with Arthur and Morrigan made me cry. So incredibly sweet. I do hope my dear Arthur will change the world for the better, like Gawain believes.

    And the end, with the flashback to the king! I’m a little confused on what exactly happened. So, Morrigan was born on the first of June? What does it mean exactly? And why was the king so stern about it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, then I didn’t show it well in the epilogue. Morgana wasn’t born on the first of June. She was born in May. Gaius lied about her birth date to Uther, after he’d come back from crushing a rebellion that arose from him ordering the death of all children born in May. I’m sorry that it was unclear!


  2. Aww, so many sweet moments in this chapter that I knew you were going to pull the rug out from under me at the end 😆

    Gawain is so incredibly precious, I love him. I love how determined he is with his training as well. Well done for managing to strike Arthur – might do Arthur some good too. That moment where he swore himself to Morgana was so lovely.

    Loved Arthur giving Morgana that wooden statuette, so proud of him for following through on that ❤️ Gah!

    Morgana’s real birth date did not come as a shock. I stand by my point that most prophecies are self-fulfilling, and this one doesn’t seem any different. Poor Morgana, everything must taste bitter to her now. I’m glad Gawain and Arthur both gave her those lovely and sweet moments in this chaoter to remind her of pure kindness.

    In retrospect this has some interesting implications for the chapter with Arthur being poisoned where Gaius saw Morgana heal Arthur. Being that he is aware of her true birthday, and had seen that she has magical powers, he must have a pretty good indication that she’s the one who will likely fulfill the prophecy. I wonder if he a) has decided to be in denial about it, or b) actually wants it to come true.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Who, me? Pull the rug out from under you? Why, I would never. *cough*

      Arthur sticking with decisions he’s made is one of his stronger traits. It’s a shame I couldn’t find any cc for hand injuries on children, otherwise I’d totally have shown him trying to carve random pieces of wood and hiding them in his room. And you’re very right on most prophecies being self-fulfilling. Heck, most of the time the villain makes the prophecy come true by his very own actions. Cosmic karma, maybe?

      That’s a very good point. I can’t answer because of possible spoilers, but I really like that you pointed that out! ^^


  3. I knew it! I knew it! I seriously suspected Morgana would bring down the Pendragon line and that she was born in May. Wow! What an incredible ending to this first part! Poor Ygraine. Poor Morgana! The scenes between Arthur and Gawain were endearing, and those between brother and sister were especially sweet. I’m so worried for the future now. Excellent chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you definitely called it on her birthday! We’ll see how many of your predictions come true in future chapters. Thank you for sticking with me so far!


  4. Oooh!!!! I love this! I wasn’t far in my predictions after all. I mean, I like being on the right path but dang poor Morgana. 64 babies died for her on May day. If she knew, the guilt alone would crush the heck out of her. Is that why those spirits cling onto her and give her nightmares or do they cling onto anyone? And the sad part is would Morgana develop such untrust/ill mindset against her dad or because of his actions, the prophecy has become self-fulfilled?

    And then there’s Gawain. Honestly that boy can melt the stoniest of hearts. Will he stay like this as he grows? I can’t wait to see what happens to him. Though I’m hella worried for him. But for now I enjoy him sincerity/naivety and how it brings solace to Arthur and Morgana.

    I’m glad we get to see Arthur’s present at the end! The cutest moment! And his providing his training dummy to Gawain had me chuckling. That pride will never go away, and I forsee him talking in that put down sort of way into the future but at least I know he is to some degree a little biased for Gawain now and treat him differently compared to other commoners.

    I know that as I read the rollercoaster you have in store for us next, I am going to refer back to this moment when they were all doing well and happy and looking forward to an uncomplicated future. That was such an amazing first chapter! I think I’ve gushed from the first chap all the way til the end! Congratulations and happy cc hunting!

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    1. Woops, I thought I’d already replied to this. Scatter-brained. Yup, you were pretty close with your predictions! Remember when you accused me of being a mind-reader? xD

      Gawain is an anchor for both Arthur and Morgana at the moment. He’s teaching Arthur about fairness and humility, and he’s reminding Morgana of innocence and kindness. Gawain brings a balance that both of them sorely need as they grow up.

      I know, right? If only they can stay happy kids forever. Thank you so much for reading the whole chapter and commenting so much! It never fails to make my day. =D

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  5. This is amazing, Yimi!♥♥♥ I truly, truly loved this. I’m wiping away some silly tears, but I’m not going to lie, this was beautifully written and very touching. I’m really going to miss the childhood versions of these guys!

    Arthur has the best sassy remarks. Saddle-goose had me cackling. I need to find someone to call that. Myself in the mirror? Haha. I really loved seeing all the sweetness between the three kids, and I’ve reeeeeally come around to Arthur. It’s difficult to believe that I disliked him in the beginning! Gawain has always been a sweetie, but seeing his earnestness with Morgana this chapter warmed my heart. And Morrie showering her boys with affection? Melted my heart, gksjglkfgjl.♥

    I loved how you revealed that Morgana is the May Day child! I wasn’t quite sure if this was going to come true even though I suspected it after the last chapter, and it’s an earth-shattering reveal. What does this mean for the future of Uther? Of everyone, really? Also, I’m gonna raise my glass (juice-box, actually) and toast to Gaius. He’s such a good guy.

    Again: Your. Pictures. Rock. They’re flawless. I’m really looking forward to even more of your stunning visuals in the next part of the story! Congratulations on completing a truly excellent first part of your story.♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, nothing silly about it. I think we all got attached to the little pixels, haha. I really dragged my feet with aging them up – giving them a birthday party, having Sarah bake them all cakes, playing games with the family (Uther is a sore loser, holy cow he is a sore loser), etc. Then when they aged up, the game decided it didn’t live up to its name. Uther left to sulk in the bathroom, Morgana tried to age up in swim wear, and both siblings came out ditching their freckles and looking like fashion disasters! xD Sarah was there for the whole thing though, being a champ in the background.

      Juice-boxes are the best! And the side characters are the real heroes in this story, methinks. And I’d tell you, but… I don’t want to spoil anything. Don’t look up the legend if you want to be surprised, haha.

      Thank you! I never did figure out how to get reshade to work in the game, but I’m editing them via another program now, sooo… same result? xD

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      1. Yessss, Sarah being the calm presence needed during all of these aging-up shenanigans 😛 Why does it not surprise me? Girl needs an award!

        Oooh, intrigue! I’m definitely not going to be looking at any of the lore because I find that coming into your story being only vaguely aware of the legend makes the whole thing even more fun to read. No spoilers for me~


  6. This is an interesting turn of events. This makes me think more and more that Morgana will eventually become an opposing force to Arthur. I feel for Gawain, I think he will have to make some tough decisions in the future about who to follow, be it, Arthur or Morgana. He has such a pure heart, and I could see him being torn between the promise he made to Morgana and feeling loyal to his king as a knight (I’m only speculating that he will become one of Arthur’s knights).

    It also made me wonder if Ygraine had other children; she said, “I can’t lose her, not again”. I wonder if Uther did this to another one of their children. My memory is failing me and I can’t remember how Ygraine died or if you mentioned it. I could see her being heartbroken that Uther would try to kill her child just because of a prophecy.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂


  7. Just re-reading a bit so I can answer the discussion questions and just wanted to say, again, THIS IS AMAZING.♥️ Also, mymmerkin😂 I giggled.


  8. Incredible. I’m actually a little emotional. I could almost hear her on her knees, sobbing and begging. It’s been so many years since I covered this in history class, but now I want to read up!

    Gosh, I have nothing to say but infinite amounts of fawning over your writing. I cannot wait to start my next little binge!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re making me blush Ferosh 🙈 I’m glad you enjoyed it! There’s a few points from the legend that I’m sticking to, but I’m freestyling other parts, so hopefully I can still surprise you here and there. Arc 2 is a lot bigger than arc 1, but it’s almost complete with the epilogue hitting this Sunday (birthday present to you guys. Shh, don’t tell anyone). After that, it’s a long break. 😊

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  9. Arthur and Gawain are adorable! 😀

    For some reason, I decided not to entertain the possibility of Uther being willing to kill his child if she was born in May. I assumed that she was born in May and that he knew and that that was it. I may also stick with this theory despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    Uther is revealed to be worse and worse every chapter. 😦 Maybe the next part will reveal something even worse regarding his wife (but I’m going to purposely not consider that for now).

    But he’s so lucky he’s still alive. Almost everyone lies to him, including himself? He should realize that his daughter was born in May. The queen surely has more than one person looking after her and babies aren’t quiet… It’s too convenient that his baby was born June 1st. Birth is messy and often difficult. I wonder how many lies Uther told his daughter about her mother, because she didn’t die in childbirth…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. [Uther is revealed to be worse and worse every chapter. 😦 Maybe the next part will reveal something even worse regarding his wife (but I’m going to purposely not consider that for now).]
      The doom thinking has started! Welcome to Tales of Camelot 😘 I’m kidding. There’s plenty of wholesome mixed in with the darkness. I think. I’m pretty sure. I hope you’ll enjoy the next arc as much as you did the first one 😊

      Stick with your theories! You never know how close to the truth you might be and it’s immensely satisfying if a theory turns out to be true. Uther is… not my favourite character to write about, though you might have guessed that already. The next 2 arcs definitely reveal more things about him. About everyone else, too.

      Babies are not quiet indeed. Toddlers aren’t, either. And you’re right – Morrie believes that she died in childbirth, but unless Gaius is delusional, the flashback here gives evidence to the contrary.


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