2.6 – Origin, Part Three

“Good night, uncle.”

Morgana looked down on the Jacoban Priest, his body still and unconscious on the cold stone floor. The sight did surprisingly little to her. If anything, Morgana grew annoyed. She had expected there to be some extra protective measures since breaking in last time. More traps, or a different way of opening the wall. What she had not expected was for her uncle to get here so quickly. Something had tipped him off.

And now he had seen her. The male version of her, but still. The sorceress inwardly cursed. Knowing Agravaine, as soon as the Jacoban priest woke up, he would start a manhunt all through the city. Some poor dark-haired lad would likely end up in the dungeons because of this.

She couldn’t let it be in vain. Morgana had to find the information that she needed.

With a frustrated scowl, the sorceress moved towards the bookcases, pulling out tomes that seemed promising. Her eyes darted around for something to put them in, so she could take them outside without drawing attention. A burlap sack, or a chest, or…

Morgana stopped. Her head turned around to look at her uncle. He was still on the ground, unmoving. As she looked down on the priest, his chest rising up and down slowly… a new thought began to form in her mind.

What if I didn’t take them?

I can never come back here again. He saw my face. He will hunt it down like a bloodhound. And even if I turned into someone else… as soon as Agravaine wakes up, he is going to erase this room. He will move the books and tomes to somewhere else. Somewhere I can’t find again.
And anything that he can’t move… he will burn to cinders.
This is my only chance.

Morgana nodded to herself. As she moved to drag her uncle and the guards into the room, her mind was quickly working out the math.
The hour was right after the noon sermon. Nobody would miss Agravaine until just before supper.
That meant that she had four hours. Four hours to read as much as she could.
She finally had a chance… to learn about magic.

Morgana had to know it all. Every hidden piece of history. Every concealed truth. Every secret. Everything… starting with shapeshifters. With only four hours, there was no way that she could read everything in this room.
But the black-haired sorceress was going to try, anyway.

The kingdom of Albion, like any great Kingdom, was rife with superstition and folklore. Morgana had heard the stories of evil creatures of the night, menacing and dangerous to any human traveler. She had grown up with tales of sinister, magical monsters. She expected to find more of those same myths and legends, along with cautionary tales that commoners and farmers told their children.

What she had not expected… were dozens and dozens of detailed reports.
And Morgana did not find just one shapeshifter.
She found dozens of them.

Morgana found descriptions of the Leanhaun Sidhe; malefic, vampiric creatures that drained gifted mortals of their life force until there was nothing left but a soulless husk.

She uncovered captain’s logs that told of Merrow; tailed demons of the sea that collected the souls of drowned sailors. They could pose as humans and actively lured people to their death.

She found recorded sightings of Banshees; terrible harbingers of death whose screams heralded doom for all those who heard them. There had been one close to Camelot, not ten years ago.

Her insides went cold when she found priestly accounts speaking of a familiar monster – a Church Grim, a black, demonic hound that roamed their graveyards at night and could transform into a bipedal monster at will. A personification of death and malice.

The more she read, and the more she learned, the heavier the pressure in the room began to feel. But Morgana couldn’t stop. She had to keep going. She had to know them all. And so the sorceress gritted her teeth, steeled herself, and read.

And read.

And read.

Until… she found what she was looking for, hidden away in a very old tome. As she read, Morgana could feel her insides grow cold.

Are you a witch, or are you a fairy?
Or are you the wife of Michael Cleary?

“When one scratches the surface of the human mind, at their core, most human beings share the same primal fears. The threat of death and mutilation are two examples – but chief among them is the loss of a loved one, especially a child.

Changelings are the personification of one of the most sinister traditions of the Sidhe. When a mortal child is blessed with great beauty, their natural grace will attract the attention of the Sidhe.

“If left unprotected, the child is then stolen and spirited away, leaving behind a changeling – a magical faerie child – in its place. The creature takes on the likeness of the child that was stolen. They appear, for all intents and purposes, to be a normal human being. It is when they reach adolescence that they reach the height of their magical abilities, allowing them to change shape at will.”

“A changeling is a creature of ill omen, and through its magic, it will bring disaster upon any family that raises it. As long as it is cared for and looked after, the Sidhe will refuse to return the real child.”

“The only way to rid oneself of a changeling is to scare its parents into swapping the children for a second time. There is but a single way to do this.
Much like humans, at their core, most Sidhe share the same primal fears.
Chief among them is the loss of a loved one, especially a child.”

Morgana softly closed the book. She couldn’t read any further. The sorceress had reached her limit. A deafening silence filled the dark chamber, its pressure colder than it had ever been before. A thousand thoughts raced in her mind at once… but gradually, all were drowned out by a single worry.

No way.
It can’t be… right?

A soft groaning from her left shook Morgana out of her thoughts and back to reality. Her uncle was finally coming back to consciousness. Agravaine growled as he slowly, unsteadily, rose to his feet. His eyes locked onto her.
”…Ugh… how… dare… you’ll pay for-”

Back in the upper layer of the castle, King Uther and Prince Arthur found themselves in the unusual situation of resting in the same lounging chambers. Morgana and Arthur were a frequent presence in these halls, but it was rare to see their King there. Arthur observed him curiously. Although his posture was upright and commanding as always, the Crown Prince could see the exhaustion underneath. Arthur noticed the dark bags under his eyes, as well as his cracked lips. Both were a bad sign. Paired with the fact that he was here, and not at work in his chambers… that did not bode well.

Carefully, Arthur called out to him.
“Father… you look tired.”

The King sighed. His answer was surprisingly genuine.
“I look tired because I am tired, Arthur. There have been reports of troops from Cornwall marching on the border. I spent the night planning a defence strategy, as well as a plan of action if they start raiding villages and burning crops.”

The Iron King uncrossed his arms. He gave Arthur a strict, commanding glance.
“This is why it is imperative that our relationship with Nemeth stays strong in the future. They were very generous with the amount of food that they shared with us. If we betray that generosity and Cornwall does start burning our fields, we will be forced to face a second famine.”

“I understand. But father, I should be helping you in the war effort. I can delegate the tournament preparations to Morgana, if you need-“
“No,” Uther interrupted his son. “You will do no such thing. The tournament is your responsibility to bear, Arthur. You will see it through – as I will see this war through. It is my responsibility. I started it, after all.”

The Crown Prince nodded. Then, the words of his father registered in his mind. A confused frown appeared on Arthur’s face.
“What do you mean? Cornwall declared war on us. Not the other way around.”
A dry chuckle escaped from Uther’s lips.
“Yes. Yes, they did. Eighteen years ago… right after I stole away their Queen.”

Arthur fell silent. The Prince had learned about their hostile relationship with Cornwall during his lessons as a child… but the details had always been obscure and vague. He knew that it had something to do with his mother. Both him and Morgana had asked their father for the details in the past – but Uther disliked talking about his late wife. Growing up, Arthur had learned to refrain from saying her name, for fear of sending his King into a rage.

Uther let out a huff, reading his son’s silent expression like it was an open book. He turned his head, angling it in such a way that his scar was in full view.
“Have I ever told you how I got this mark?”
“Sir Betrand and Agravaine told me,” Arthur replied cautiously. “They said that it was a battle wound, obtained from the blow of an enemy blade.”
“They are correct,” Uther nodded. “But there is more to that story. The blade that struck me… belonged to Gorlois of Cornwall.”

Uther leaned back into the couch, his mind recalling events long past. A cloudy, distant look appeared in his eyes. Without prompting from Arthur, the Iron King began to speak.

“Gorlois of Cornwall was an honourable man. Strong. Cunning. Proud. A loyal and dependable ally of Albion. The relationship between our Kingdoms was very stable. We visited each other yearly, much like we do now with Nemeth and Wessex. I remember Gorlois being blessed enough to have everything that his heart desired. As far as I know… he only ever lacked one thing.”

“The power to hold on to what was his.”

“I rode to Cornwall under the guise of night, with six knights at my side. We drew him out, challenging Gorlois to a duel on the ramparts while Agravaine snuck Ygraine out of the castle. He would never have given her up willingly. Even if he was defeated in combat. Gorlois was that kind of man. I remember the swing of his blade cutting me across the face. I remember the sting of metal, the blood sprayed onto the stone floor.”

“In the end, I was the diversion. I ended up flinging myself off the castle walls and into the river. His knights could not jump after me in their heavy armour. I rendezvoused with Agravaine and your mother in the woods an hour later. By the end of the day, we had fled the area, and Cornwall had officially declared war on Albion.”

Arthur listened to his father’s story in mild awe. To him, Uther’s story sounded like the type of epic tale that bards would sing about in crowded taverns. He watched as Uther let out a sigh.
“Of course, I had no idea that our war would last for over eighteen years, and become a burden on my children.”
A slight pang of guilt welled up in Arthur’s chest. If his father hadn’t done what he did, then Morgana and him would never have been born… but his Kingdom would not have been at war, either. With an uncertain expression, the Crown Prince looked at Uther.
“Father… do you ever regret what you did?”

Uther shook his head.
“Not for a second. Our time together was short, but Ygraine blessed me with two beautiful children. I regret her passing every day, but I will never regret taking her from Cornwall and bringing her to Camelot. If I had the choice, I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

For a moment, the Iron King let down his guard. Arthur could see his father’s eyes soften. When Uther spoke to his son, it was in a rare, gentle tone.
“Never forget who you are, Arthur. Your mother and I faced a war in order to ensure your future. I have no regrets. Not for a second. Take pride in that.”

“…I will.”

At some point, the black-haired Princess had stopped thinking clearly.

And when she stopped thinking, Morgana always ended up at the same place.
In front of her mother’s portrait.

Morgana had borrowed a set of physician’s robes, assuming the guise of Gaius’s assistant and making her way back into the castle. By some miracle, she had avoided any familiar faces this time around. Including Agravaine, who was still lying unconscious in the catacombs.

She knew she should have been thinking of an escape route. A way to survive. But even she had her limits, and those limits had been met a dozen times over today. She had stopped thinking clearly. The sorceress was moving on instinct.

And today… instinct left her full of doubt.

Morgana looked up at her mother’s portrait, the question burning on her lips. She couldn’t hold it in. The sorceress sighed.
“…Please tell me that I’m your child.”

But there was no response.

There was never a response.

How could there be? It was just a painting.

The black-haired sorceress could feel a dull pain spread through her chest. A deep, profound sense of loneliness. She could feel her insides growing cold.

At that moment, more than anything…

Morgana wanted to see her mother.


*The red text in the chapter is a real-life Irish children’s rhyme. Its origin lies in the death of Bridget Cleary, a woman who was murdered by her husband in 1895. Her husband Michael stated that he killed her because he believed that she had been abducted and replaced with a changeling. Nine of their family members were present at the time of Bridget Cleary’s death. Her case is documented as the last witch burning in England.

20 thoughts on “2.6 – Origin, Part Three

  1. Wow. Masterful storytelling in pictures at the end there.

    And all the pictures with the different creatures! So much work went into this chapter and it paid off, Yimi! This was a great read.

    I also had a good laugh at Morgana shooting down Agravaine again all indifferent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! ^^ I worked hard on them, so I’m glad they’re received well! Mordred and Ygraine are wonderful models. I don’t have to pose them four times over just for one picture, like some people… *glares at Arthur*

      Well, you guys did say you’d like to see more lore. So I’m going all-in now, haha. ^^

      Poor Agra draws the short end of the stick in every chapter he appears in. Then again, the guy deserves it. he’ll live. xD

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  2. Omg. When I was reading the kid chapters, specifically the post before May Day, I had a fleeting thought ‘Maybe Morgana wasn’t a pendragon and there was a baby swap?’ It was just in passing and it was mostly speculation so I threw it out the window. And then.. Gah… this chapter lends weight to it. I can’t wait to find out if its true that she really is a changeling. I mean? I’m in as much disbelief as her. Just because I (Morgana) read some passage as a changeling doesn’t mean she’s one! But for her to then change her face to her mother’s, then back to herself WITH her hair.Oh gosh the reality is a huge slap in her face the poor girl. And that photo near the end! Why the sudden pain? It feels fatal! Ok it probably isn’t but for her to hunch over like that!

    The first thing that came to my mind of that picture of the familiar is Anubis. Omg I’m both in awe and terrified of that picture. Actually I’m in awe at all pictures. The poses! Even the one where it’s simply Mordred casually sending Agra back to sleep. That casual one isn’t in game either! How many did you have to sift through to get this masterpiece? And the picture editing ❤ Amazing! Looking at all the magical creatures in Camelot, Morgana is seriously nothing to be feared about. But I guess I can see why people are fearful of even the slightest magic. They must believe that all these beings are connected to one another. Man I feel sorry for Morgana.

    Did you make any edits when you said you were worried about too much lore? Because I thought it was executed seamlessly! I didn’t even once think that anything was out of place. Everything was in line with the story, everything felt needed. And I wanted to know EVERYTHING. So if you didn’t censor/remove anything, I’m mighty glad! Who knows what I would have missed if you do!

    The comment is getting long. I’m posting the rest on your thread.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your long posts ❤

      Oh, look. The roles are reversed, and now it's you that's being a secret psychic. Okay, do it! Show your mind magic and predict my plot, I dare you! I double dare you! I triple dare you! I quadruple dare you! And whatever comes after quadruple!
      The pain I intend to explain first thing next chapter. I thought of adding it right at the end, but then it wouldn't be so much of a cliffhanger, so I let it be. =3

      You mean the Church Grim? Oooh yeah, I can see that. I always liked Anubis as a kid. No idea why – he was terrifying, but awesome too. Oof, let me count back… holy cow, I need a different hobby. There were around 200 pictures for this chapter. xD

      In the end, I remembered that lore was what people asked for in the reading circle, so I removed nothing. I'm going to slowly sprinkle more of it in there, as long as people continue liking it. =)


  3. I’m almost speechless. I know nothing about Irish mythology and I can understand that it is there that finds your inspiration, but your images are so strong that one can not avoid being influenced.
    I do not have much to say about your main characters right now. I just need to find words.

    NB: Seeing how Morgana brought Agravaine to silence again was really fun and made me laugh. It was good because otherwise I would have probably forgotten to breathe 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤ I wanted to add words for the last part at first, but then I noticed that the pictures alone worked just as well, if not better. Morgana zapping Agravaine again was a much needed moment of fun that I needed too, haha.


  4. Oh my goodness.The pictures in this chapter are stunning Yimi! You’ve really outdone yourself! From the mythological creatures, to Morgana’s transfromations and facial expressions. You deserve a bloody standing ovation for the images alone.

    You know, I always get suspicious when someone in a story reads something in a book, because we never really know how relaible what they have read is. Especially here – sure, this is the only source of information Morgana has on the subject, but I’m wary of the fact she is living in times when a) people make up their own explanations for things they cannot comprehend (I mean I guess you could say that about our time too, but back then, there would have been so many added unknowns about the world), and b) she lives in a kingdom with a skewed view of magic – meaning of course whoever wrote this would claim the shapeshofting children are evil replacement sorcery and not the true children. Does that mean that is really the case? Not necessarily. But what I see when I read that legend Morgana read is a cautionary tale for parents to mind their children, and a tool for indoctrination. So I’ll reserve judgement on whether Morgana is or isn’t truly Uther’s child and Arthur’s sister. Besides, in her mind she is, and has been for as long as she remembers. That has value on its own, too.

    Interesting that Uther decided to share the story of stealing Ygraine with Arthur now – does he simply deem him ready, or is he aware of some iminent events/attacks coming their way, making Arthur knowing a necessity more than anything else? I wonder what Arthur makes of this, he’s never really seen Uther in a negative light, and it doesn’t seem like that’s changing now. Judging by his facial expressions alone, I’d hazard to guess his takeaway is not “oh, Uther caused the war and is actually not always right” but “going after what you want/believe in is always the right choice, no matter what.” Hmm. Time will tell how that shapes his thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤ I had a lot of fun making them – I was a bit worried that I was going overboard with the pictures, haha. Good to know that I can keep doing this in the future ^^

      I can’t say anything about the things she learned because it would be spoilers, but you’re wise getting suspicious about new information in general! Whether Morgana does the same is yet to be seen, though.

      Arthur definitely seems to be interpreting it as a heroic love story, rather than a selfish action that had pretty huge consequences. There’s something else hidden there, but so far people haven’t picked up on it yet, so for now my lips are sealed.

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  5. I loved all the lore and the different mythologies. Oooo, and changelings, they are an interesting mythological creature. I’ve heard a couple of different versions of them, and this version explains a lot about magic in the realm.

    I don’t know if I completely agree that Morgana is a changeling. I guess she could be, it would explain her powers, but then again, I still think that her mother might have had magical powers. Maybe her mother was a changeling and then Morgana would be a half-fairy. I still think that Morgana looks a lot like her mother, so I think that Ygraine is her biological mother, but then this doesn’t explain why Arthur doesn’t have any powers unless Ygraine isn’t his mother or maybe he just didn’t inherit her magical powers. I know in some legends that Morgana and Arthur are half-siblings, with Ygraine being their mother. My knowledge of Arthurian lore is a little limited, so I don’t know all the retellings of it and you are putting your own original spin on it, so my theories are probably way off. I still like to ramble and speculate, lol.

    And the pictures were beautiful. 🙂

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    1. Haha, I love how everyone is coming up with different theories regarding this chapter. ^^ though yours is a new one, I think! Maybe it’s that supernatural detective vibe at work here. =D And nothing wrong with rambling and speculating! I believe I did the same thing on your story. I am putting my own spin on it, yes. Except for some very big plot points, it’l my own interpretation.

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  6. Oh wow! Another incredible chapter. The mythology and storytelling is incredible. It makes me so sad that people would kill others because they believed them to be changelings or burn witches or slaughter children born in the wrong month. It’s ignorant and cruel and despicable.

    And I knew it! Uther stole his wife from Gorlois! I think I predicted something like that awhile ago. Morgana as a changeling child? Did not see that coming!

    She did change back… twice? Or was that merely the transformation process? I’m so glad she wasn’t caught by Ag and that she used common sense to read as much as she could. I fear for dark haired boys now. Eek!


  7. How interesting, maybe that was why Garlois was there earlier… I am very curious now and am wondering if she’s not the princess then who is? I hate to see the outcome of this as countless dark haired young men may now burn …Lady of the Lake next…many tales about her…..

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  8. Hopefully this doesn’t end up in WP spam this time! XD Four hours of digging up dirt, not much time with all the dirt Aggrovaine and Uther appear to be hiding I imagine! I’m still interested to know how far Morgana’s shape-shifting can go and what else she can shift into. I love all of the different pics and descriptions of the Sidhe and other myths, especially the church grim, one of my favourites! (and of course the dragon ;u; ;u; ;u;) I love Morgana not even looking at Aggrovaine and just firing another spell at him like ‘shut up mate’ XD That revelation though…so Morgana could be a changeling?

    I always wondered how Uther got that scar! I honestly love the way you staged the swordfight scenes in the backstory. It’s nice to actually see a sliver of genuine warmth in Uther when he smiles at his son and tells him to be proud.

    That ending though… poor Morgana ;n;

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    1. Yay! You’re out of the spam box of shame!

      Haha I doubt a whole day would even be enough for that. You’re looking at weeks of digging up dirt on those two. Oooh, you might find out what the limits of her shapeshifting powers are in the future!
      Aw, thank you 🥰 I was still figuring out picture editing back then and what worked and what didn’t, so I’m glad you liked them.

      Morgana has had a very rough day. In more ways than one 😓

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  9. First of all, the screenshots were absolutely stunning. I felt like the characters from lore were come to life! My Arthurian lore is so weak so I didn’t see this coming. I really felt for her when she started reading the chapters on the changeling. I didn’t want it to be true. Up until this point, I had been underestimating Morgana too. I was thinking of her as exactly what she appeared, a princess with powers.

    But when she zapped her uncle a second time.

    Whew boy.

    I love her but now I’m worried because I ALWAYS love the villain lol!!!

    I was here for Uther finally letting down his guard and treating his son like a son for once.

    I’m a little worried, I hope Morgana knows how to change back!

    Dang, I am all over the place. This was a dope chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The best thing about Arthurian lore is that there’s so many different versions and nobody knows which one is canon, which leaves a lot of room to improvise and interpret. Predicting her to become a villain, are you? 😂 bwahaha, I end up liking the villain a lot of the time, too. With some exceptions of course, but there’s a lot of them out there that are just so darn likeable.

      Haha, thank you ❤ I hope you'll enjoy the rest, as well!

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  10. Poor Morgana. I hate to see her having such a hard time all on her own…

    Uther is just… I don’t know. He’s someone I’d love to ask, “What are you doing? What goes on in your head?” Like what does he even mean when he says “Never forget who you are, Arthur. Your mother and I faced a war in order to ensure your future. I have no regrets. Not for a second. Take pride in that.”

    He’s going to give his son a guilty complex, not inspire pride. It’s no wonder Camelot is such a mess. 😦 I’m concerned about what Uther’s plans may be for Morgana, but I’m just going to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    I’ve been waiting from the beginning to hear more about this war and Ygraine, so I’m very excited to read more.

    Also, the Bridget Cleary note is disturbing. People are so scary. I feel like there’s a general tendency to try to separate modern-day people from those in the past, but we’re really the same. Some horrible man murdered his incredibly young children a few months ago because conspiracies on the Internet led him to think they and his wife were monsters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s not having the best day, that’s for sure. The consequence of not being able to trust anyone with your secrets is to have to face all your problems alone.

      What goes on in Uther’s head (as well as what’s going on with Ygraine) is both kept under wraps on purpose and a major catalyst for a lot of the things that happen in ToC.

      The things in the past seem so far removed from the everyday life of modern people that horrors like that seem unfathomable now. But really not that much has changed. Those poor wife and children – people really are terrifying. I remember doing research about witch burnings and wondering when the last recorded one was, thinking it would be somewhere in the 1500s or so. Learning that it still happened all the way up to the end of the 19th century was chilling.


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