Once Upon a Time

Have you ever wondered what the story would be if the cast was all Fae from the beginning?
Yeah, me neither. Anyway, this happened this morning. I have no idea where it came from but I know better than to stop my own brain from being weird. Speculate as you see fit. xD

9 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Maybe you can not paint, but you can definitely create art with your pictures!!! 😍🤩
    You once told me you do not use Photoshop …. do I remember wrong? I do not understand at all how this is otherwise possible.
    I’ve mentioned it before, but your image cropping is really effective at creating drama ☺
    I hope you are happy with your brain when it can conceive of such a universe. 🥰

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    1. Aww ❤
      You're right – I do not. I place a colour filter via a site to make the screenshots look better and add borders to the pictures with an old Adobe Fireworks program. Everything you see in the pictures is part of my ever-growing obsessive mountain of CC. My game is beginning to hate me with a passion. xD

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  2. I can’t unsee this. Does this have anything to do with TOC? Because this ship is wheeeww~! 🤩

    Not liking Centaur Arthur. Why’d he unleash a pack of wolves on Gawain that ended up attacking the wrong target, or Guin? Guin in her stand against the wolves gave me such strong Final Fantasy vibes 😍 And she looks so badass yes!!

    I hope ToC fae are here to stay! Need to know what sorcery did they conjure from that deity statue. And Gawain surrounded by all the animals is so him! 🥰

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    1. Which one? Centaur Arthur and warrior Guinevere, or Centaur Morgana and Faun Gawain? Because Gawain played his role way too well, haha. Maybe he’s a Faun at heart. I should send him to go play with Dandy sometime.

      In my head Arthaur doesn’t like Faun Gawain messing around with his sister’s feelings (Fauns and Satyrs are known to be fickle, mischievous and enjoy cavorting with way too many women), and the two of them are a step away from enemies. A feral pack of wolves is the appropriate response to your sister having a suitor, of course. =D

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