2.17 – Truth, Part I

I just finished taking pictures when I realized that nobody was wearing their flower crowns anymore. I’m turning it into “they all fell off during the dance”. Shush. They did. Also, I apologise in advance for the sappy cringe. xD We’ll get back to soul-crushing darkness eventually, I promise.

“Wait. You’re leaving?!”

The three of them could be seen at the gate that led out of the city, standing just on the other side of the entryway. The sorceress thought that they were merely going for a stroll. As a result, she was taken completely by surprise at the news. Morgana raised her hands in shock. She couldn’t stop herself. Before the Princess could control her reaction, she had already blurted out:
“But- but the fair hasn’t ended yet! There are still other squares to play in, and other places to see, and-”

Lincoln let out a tired grunt as he turned away from them. The man looked exhausted. He hadn’t said a single word since his performance, instead opting for a silence that was even more sullen and broody than before. The sight made Morgause chuckle.
“He’s flattered, but I don’t think that Lincoln has any more music in him today. Not unless you want him to play himself to death.”
“No, of course not! But I… I just…”

For the second time since meeting the duo, the sorceress found herself at a loss for words. She couldn’t help it. The day had taken its toll on her. Morgana was not used to letting loose. As a result, she was having trouble controlling herself. Her emotions were too raw. Her head too filled with euphoria and shock to come up with rational arguments for them to stay. When she spoke, it was with the voice of a child.
“But… the fair isn’t over yet.”

Morgause chuckled. She took Morgana’s hands in hers, giving them a little squeeze as she smiled at the sorceress.
“No, you’re right. It isn’t over yet. But Lammas soon will be, and we have other places to visit tonight.”

A hollow feeling overcame the sorceress. She didn’t want Morgause to leave. There was something about the woman that was so familiar. Something that felt right. That made her feel alive, more than she had felt in all her years in Camelot. Something about Morgause broke through the façade that Morgana had built up around her, bypassing her mask and speaking straight to her soul. It reminded her of a single candle that banished the darkness of the void.
If she left… they might never cross paths again. Morgana’s expression fell. The sorceress could feel a familiar weight returning and pressing down on her chest.
“…Will I ever meet you again?”

Morgana regretted uttering that sentence the instant she’d said it. She was behaving like a child. Her emotions were too intense. They had not been this raw since she’d been eleven years old. And she knew that becoming this agitated was dangerous. She mentally scolded herself. The sorceress had to get a grip, before she actually lost control of herself and started leaking magic.
“I… forgive me. That was very uncouth. I don’t know what is wrong with me today. I just…”

But the woman in front of her did not respond with scorn, or laughter. Once again, Morgause surprised her.
“…You feel it, don’t you?”

“Listen to me carefully. I need you to do something for me.”
“What is it?” Morgana asked. The woman drew her in closer, lowering her voice as she did so.
“After sundown, once darkness has fallen, I want you to leave town. Head for the wheat fields by the old windmill. I need you to walk into the field and take the strand that speaks to you the most.”
“Take… a strand of wheat?” Morgana replied, puzzled. Then she realized.
“Wait, do you mean…?”
The black-haired woman gave her a single nod.
“Yes. Do not be afraid. When the time comes, you will know where to go. But the first step has to be yours. Can you do that for me?”

The sorceress knew that she couldn’t. That she shouldn’t. The risk was too large. The danger too great. But her heart answered before her mind could.
“I… I’ll try.”
“Good,” the woman replied. “You will be safe. I know you will. Do not be afraid.”

She turned to leave – but Morgana called her back, her voice full of doubt as she spoke.
“Morgause, wait. Please. Why does it feel this way? Why does it feel like I know you? I don’t understand.”

Morgana made eye contact with the woman in front of her… and was met with the same sense of pained, regretful despair that was reflected in her own soul.
“I know that you don’t.”

“I am so sorry that you don’t. But you’ll be all right. I promise.”


On the other side of town, the Crown Prince had finally found himself a honey cake. Arthur took to devouring it with such gleeful joy that it made Guinevere giggle. They decided to sample the market together. After testing thirteen pastires from three different cake stands and eating much more sugar than was physically healthy, the two of them comfortably decided to called it a day.

Arthur was in the middle of escorting Guinevere back to the tavern, where they had agreed to meet Morgana, when a voice called out to them from their right.

“Here, sir! Fancy a pretty necklace or a ring fer yer lassie? Dolly up that pretty neck ‘o hers?”

Guinevere instantly turned beet red, quickly removing her arm from Arthur’s grasp as she looked away in embarrassment. He understood why. The Crown Prince decided to rectify the situation on her behalf.
“Oh, no- thank you, but she’s not my lass- I mean, lady.”

“Are ye sure?” the merchant replied, winking cheekily at Arthur. “Dinnae look tha’ way when ye gave the lass tha’ flower crown earlier!”
She grabbed a few pieces of jewelry from the table, holding them up for Guinevere and Arthur to see.
“C’mon, lassie! Them’s real beauties! I’ll give ye a discount if ye convince yer jimmy ta’ git ye something nice!”
And she grinned, beckoning Guinevere to come closer. Arthur could see the unmistakable sense of greed lingering in the woman’s dark eyes. Her aggression began to annoy him. He quickly guided the maidservant past the stall and out of the merchant’s reach.
“Thank you, but we’re not interested.”

The merchant didn’t give up so easily, though. She was still shouting discounts and deals at the pair by the time they reached the town well, together with a good number of other traders and salesmen. As the day drew to an end and the sun began to approach the horizon, their sales pitch seemed to be getting more and more aggressive. The market was about to lose its charm.
It was probably time to retire.
The Crown Prince turned to look at his companion-

And blinked in confusion.
Wait. Is that… disappointment?

Guinevere wouldn’t catch his eye, her gaze downcast and fixed on the stone floor in front of them. The Crown Prince frowned. He looked back and forth between Guinevere and the jewelry stall in the distance as his mind tried to solve the puzzle in front of him.
Are you embarrassed because of that merchant? Because of what they said? Or… is it because I corrected them? Is that why? Wait, but why would that be disappointing? Unless… Unless-

The puzzle called Guinevere vanished as a different and much darker thought forced itself to the front of his mind. It was a familiar thought. One that he had had many times, as it had been carefully cultivated over the years. Both by his sister as well as the droves of noblewomen surrounding court. Arthur’s frown deepened as his face clouded over. The Crown Prince couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stop it.
Wait – did you actually want that silly trinket? Did you expect me to give it to you? Is that why you asked me to dance? Is that why you agreed to show me around, and why you’re being so kind to me? Are you doing it on purpose? To manipulate me into falling for you? To get me to give you things? To get me to… to…

Dear Watcher. Not again.

“Isn’t it obvious yet? Guinevere is not afraid of you. She likes you.”

“Trust me, my lord. We’d make sure that a visit from the Prince is enjoyable.”

They never just liked him. Not a single one of them. They always wanted something else. Something more. Something that had nothing to do with Arthur, and everything to do with his royal status. They wanted the title of queen. Or the position of the King’s mistress. Or even the prestige of being courted by royalty.
Or Arthur’s child.

It had all been a lie. It were always lies.
Why were they always lies?

“Don’t be fooled. You know what they want. They are interested in you for your status first, your looks second, and yourself a very distant third. They don’t care who we are.”

“They only see what we are. Or what we will become. They don’t care, Arthur.”

You never learn, do you?

This one probably only sees a Prince, too. This one doesn’t care, either. None of them do. And they never will. You don’t matter compared to what they stand to gain from romantically entangling themselves with you. You don’t matter compared to greed. How many more of them will it take for you to realize that? How many more manipulative romances? How many more deceptions?

How many more does it take for you to learn?

Arthur could feel every bit of happiness that had built up over the course of that sun-lit day drain out of him, evaporating into nothing as he realized what was happening. What kind of pitfall he was once again being led towards.

He never learned.

“G… Cordelia?”
The Crown Prince let out a deep, resigned sigh.
“Let’s go for a walk. We have something to discuss.”

That evening, Arthur and Guinevere left the busy, laughter-filled streets of Scarborough behind. They slowly descended to the beach as the surrounding sands and sea basked in the glow of a warm, gentle sunset. The contrast with the bustling streets was staggering. The beaches were right next to Scarborough, but other than a handful of merrymakers and a few children skipping rocks across the watery surface, the place was deserted. Even the town’s buzzing could barely be heard here. It was serene. Calm. Peaceful.

If Arthur’s mood had been clearer, he might even have enjoyed watching the setting sun on the horizon. Instead, his thoughts remained clouded, the maidservant’s behaviour reminding him of much darker days. The magnificent evening colours might as well have been shades of grey. He could not see any of them.
The Crown Prince sighed.

Even in a situation like this one, Arthur was not keen on crushing a person’s hopes.

He took a step towards Guinevere. The maidservant was facing away from him, standing by the edge of the water and looking out over the vast sea stretching out before her. The warm evening sun made her hair light up in a beautiful shade of orange. Carefully, the maidservant pointed at the water.
“Do… do you think it could hide in there, too?”
“The lizard.”
It took Arthur a few seconds to realize what Guinevere was talking about. By now, their nightly dragon encounter was starting to feel more like a distant dream. A mirage. Arthur glanced towards the sea. His mind was occupied by something very different than dragons. He shook his head.
“I don’t know.”

The Crown Prince sighed. This was not going to be a pleasant conversation, and he knew it. He couldn’t help but feel guilty. If Arthur hadn’t played to her feelings by taking her around town today, then she might not have gotten her hopes up beyond what was appropriate. She would not have started to hold expectations. He shared part of the blame here. And there was no way to bring this gently. In a soft voice, the Crown Prince began to speak.

“Cordelia. Faith has told me about… your feelings for me. Your intentions. Considering the kind of day we just had, and the way that… some of the things I did can be misinterpreted… I think I owe you an apology.”

The maidservant did not respond. Her eyes were fixed on the rippling water in front of her. He could see her hands withdrawing into her lap, neatly folding over themselves. Arthur continued, weighing his words very carefully as he did so. Even if Guinevere had selfish expectations because of his title, she was still a good person. The Crown Prince had grown fond of her during their travels. He did not want to hurt her any more than he had to.

“I enjoyed the time we spent together,” Arthur spoke. “I really did. You showed me a glimpse of what it is like to be a normal commoner, and I am very thankful for that. If it weren’t for you, then I may never have had that chance. But… I also need you to understand something.”
Arthur’s eyes trailed away from her, looking at the distant cliffs as his mind searched for the right words. It was never this difficult with the women in court. He had rejected dozens of them, some quite rudely. Some without caring. This wasn’t supposed to be any more difficult.
So why did his chest suddenly feel this heavy?

The Crown Prince sighed.
“…Guinevere, you can’t-“

“It’s all right, milord. I understand.”
Her voice was soft and gentle, almost drowned out by the sound of waves hitting the shore. Arthur fell silent, surprised at her words. He had not expected her to interrupt him. He definitely had not expected the maidservant to agree. The Crown Prince suddenly found himself at a loss for words, not knowing what to say.

As it turned out, he did not need to say anything.

“I know that I’m just a servant. A nobody. I know that I would never deserve… someone like you. That’s a-all right.”
Arthur saw her hands tighten around the sleeves of her tunic, her posture suddenly becoming forced.
“I think I owe you a-an apology too, milord. I never told you that I came from here. I hid that from you. I want… to explain why.”
“…Gwen, you don’t have to-“

But the maidservant shook her head, strangely determined to speak.
“When I was small… my brother and I were forced out of Scarborough. My mother was accused of being a witch. They thought that she poisoned the harvest. They thought that we were like her. She wasn’t a-a witch. And neither were we… but they wouldn’t listen. Mother made us run a-away from the town in the dead of night. I never saw her again.”

Arthur’s eyes grew wide as he listened to the girl in front of him. The implications of her words were not lost on him. Back in Camelot, this alone was enough to get her thrown into a dungeon. The maidservant was trusting him with something incredibly personal – and incredibly dangerous. Despite himself, Arthur could feel a strange sense of respect well up for the girl in front of him.
Guinevere was either very naive… or incredibly brave.

“I was still very small when we left,” the maidservant sighed. “I thought that the sight of a-angry torches in the dark was going to be my final memory of this place. Of my home.”

“But it wasn’t… because of you. You and milady helped me make new memories. Happy ones. You even took me to the fair with you a-and gave me a flower crown.”
“I did not know what it symbolized, Guinevere.”
“I know. Milady likes to tease me. But you didn’t have to give it to me, a-anyway. You didn’t have to do any of it. You’ve treated me more kindly than… than people have done in a long time. I did not even remember the pastries until I came back here. Or the flower crowns. Or the dancing. You’ve turned a-an old regret into a happy final memory.”
Her head lowered.
“I know I can never hope for a-anything more. And that’s a-all right. I already received more than I deserve. I already received something wonderful.”

The sun’s rays reflected across the water, bathing the two of them in a golden light as the girl finally turned to face Arthur. A small, heartfelt smile spread across Guinevere’s lips.
“Thank you, milord. A gift like that… I don’t need anything else.”

For the second time in his life, Arthur Pendragon found himself baffled at the purity and innocence of another person. He had only ever seen that expression with Gawain. Arthur had assumed that he would never see it on another person in his life.
But the Crown Prince had been wrong. There were no lies and deceit reflected in Guinevere’s bright, silver-grey eyes. Not the slightest hint. Her simple honesty was so different from what Arthur was used to that it made the breath catch in his throat. The Crown Prince felt himself at a loss for words as the truth looked him in the eyes, gently framed by the golden light of the setting sun.

He finally understood. There was no hidden agenda. No ulterior motive. No deceptions, or scheming, or social games.
Just gratitude.

Guinevere’s feelings were genuine.


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  1. Wait, you’re not allowed to finish the chapter there! *grumble grumble*

    Ooh, so Morgana is going to the fae hills. I wonder if she’ll get to see Morgause in her true form. I would suspect so. Also, while I’m sure performing is tiring, that level of fatigue is rather strong for just a bit of violin playing and dancing. Must be all the magical voodoo attached…

    Gah, Arthur and Gwen. Oh man. It’s funny how being the crown prince, handsome and very sought after can create a special kind of insecurity. Poor Arthur, it’s heartbreaking that he finds it so unfathomable someone could genuinely like him for him. I’m glad he’s finally seen through that. Aww.

    And now that Arthur’s pointed it out, Guinevre really is like a female version of Gawain, isn’t she? ❤️

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    1. Haha, sorry for leaving you on a sandy, sunset-filled cliffhanger. =3 It was supposed to go on longer, but I was about to reach 3,000 words and that’s a bit much. You’ll have a new one somewhere next week! Probably. Speaking of which, gimme chapter.

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      There’s a dark side to everything, even privilege. And you know what they say – the brighter the light, the larger the shadow.

      She kind of is, if Gawain was shy and soft-spoken instead of brash and reckless. I’m chucking both of them into the cinnamon roll demiplane at some point together with Micah, Dandy, Cordie and Melinda.

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      1. Boo. I wouldn’t mind a 3,000 word chapter! 🙂

        Ah yes, my bad, completely ordinary violin playing, of course.

        I did not know that saying, but it’s very poetic. And very true!

        I don’t know if I’d be able to handle all of them together 😀 But that’s clearly why I don’t belong to said demiplane.

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  2. Wait.. You apologised and called this ‘sappy cringe’? I’d have to do this a hundred times over for my story then.

    I thought it was beautiful. They were both honest and respectful. They had a very sensitive conversation and dealt with it the best way they could. Arthur’s blush at the end. Ahhh Ball’s in his court now! So exciting!

    Everybody rocks here! Even Lincoln and his grunts.

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    Man that merchant was so crass.. I just have to reserve a comment for her.

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    1. Nah, I liked yours ❤ I’m just anxious over the happy colours instead of the soul-crushing darkness, haha. I have to be careful – it might turn my scythes sparkly pink.

      So it is! Now to see if he picks it up – and if he’s actually good at the game when his opponent is genuine and honest.

      Lincoln and his grunts XDDDDDDD

      You’ll know real soon! Patience – hang on, didn’t I say the same thing to you last chapter? Oops.

      Haha, what comment? I’ll pass it onto the poor merchant.

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    How will Guin react when Arthur (maybe) tells her his feelings after rejecting her? That’s prolly hard.

    Morgause wants Morgana to go to Fae hills? Only people who are invited by Fairy’s themselves are allowed to come, right? And Morgause invited Morgana, right? Is Morgause a Fairy? I honestly don’t know how to feel here.

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      1. Ooh a chair. It must be made of clouds though. AAAAH now the whole thing about Morgause can’t leave me alone! Though I do want a cloud chair. Ok, ok, I’ll sit for this cliffhanger. Only because I like chairs. Cloud chairs.

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  4. I may not quite understand what’s at stake between Morgana and Morgause. This is probably due to my lack of knowledge about the legend. I can see that Morgana feels a strong attachment and I am excited about what is going to happen now.

    The scene with Arthur and Guinevere is so emotional. One understands Arthur’s distrust that someone wants him for anything other than his title and power.
    Guinevere completely disarms Arthur’s defense by showing him her naked confidence and acceptance of their unequal power relations.
    As it dawns on Arthur ….. I’m so impatient to get an answer on what happens next 🙂

    Your photos an amazing!
    Guinevere is dazzlingly beautiful in the golden light 😍
    If Arthur is not in love with her, then I am 💖

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    1. What is up with Morgause will be revealed eventually, so even if you don’t know the legend, you will find out before too long. =)

      Haha, Arthur had better act fast then, before Guinevere is taken away by Mona swooping in! I’ll let him know to hurry up.

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  5. Oof, didn’t manage to comment on this! I had to fix a technical problem with my computer so I didn’t have much time to comment, and I also had to release my own chapter, haha.

    Anyway, I wonder what Morgause wants Morgana to see on the faerie hills, since she gave her some wheat. I wonder if she wants Morgana to learn more about her magic and if Morgause is magical herself. I hope the answer is interesting! 🙂

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    I also wonder who Guinevere’s mother was (and father?). I hope we do get to learn this fact! Interesting chapter so far! 😀 (I’m also still wondering about Uther in the back of my mind, haha…)

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    1. Oh dear, I hope your technical problem got solved! It’s a busy week, but I’ll catch up with Xim eventually. =D

      I hope so, too! You’ll find out real soon, at least.

      Haha, that was me trying to be poetic. The “truth” that he saw framed by the sunset was Guinevere. Guinevere’s brother hasn’t been mentioned before this point, but I plan on him making an appearance soon enough… or perhaps he’s here already? Who knows?

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it. =)

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      1. Sigh, I don’t think it did (Performance down pretty low 😦 ), but thank you! 🙂 But I’ll be awaiting you on my site! 😁

        Great! 😀

        Haha, I thought so! 😂 Well, I hope we get to see him, but in a dramatic way! I’m all for the plot! 🙂

        You’re welcome! 😃 The Arthurian legend is a very good idea for a story after all! 🙂


  6. Eeeek, so cute! I felt so sad when Arthur thought Guinevere’s feelings were about his position. She’s so sweet and pure, I couldn’t even imagine something like that. I’m glad he realised immediately and you haven’t made a whole arc out of it.

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    Okay before that, serious moment- I really love the shots of Gwen staring out over the ocean, and I’m so hurt that her mother was accused of being a witch…and that she and her brother were forced to leave. I like that even IF the ship doesn’t take off Gwen is just happy for the positive experiences she’s had with Arthur here. For once there is no noble-style lying and games and deceiving, Gwen is one of the rarities in Arthur and Morgana’s life as a genuine person. (Going to give her a hug and make her a warm cup of tea again, BRB.)

    Love this chapter, I normally am not a huge enjoyer of romance when reading stories, but I am really hoping they get together…BUT- then if Uther knows Gwen’s mum is a potential victim of the witch-hunts, plus Prince getting with servant…it might be a lot of trouble caused if it does happen.

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    1. Haha, to be fair, walking arm in arm as well as a flower crown? It’s probably obvious to everyone but them 😂

      I wanted to have those shots at nightfall first, but then I reached sunset in-game and the orange colours paired with the ocean view were too perfect to ignore. Arthur (and Morgana, for that matter) have so much lying and social games and pretending in their lives that, when someone comes along that is genuine, it makes an impact. Aw, Guinevere is getting all the hugs these days ❤ I’m sure she’ll silently appreciate them.

      Oof, you’re right there – a Prince fooling around with servants is one thing, but seriously falling for one is another matter entirely. Luckily, Uther and Agravaine are from a different kingdom, and so don’t know everything that happens in Northumbria. This is one reveal that Arthur probably shouldn’t share with his family though, no.

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  8. What a cliffhanger! But this scene actually makes me very angry with Arthur. Does he think Guinevere is stupid? She’s known from the beginning that they’re not supposed to be together and she doesn’t need him to remind her of that. As a servant, she’s in no position to ever ask the prince for anything romantic. He would have to offer. So for him to go to her and assume that she’s delusional or enamored with him to the extent that she would “misinterpret” is mean, rubbing it in, and highly inappropriate… Also, she wouldn’t have been misinterpreting anything. He’s gaslighting her.

    I have no sympathy for him and his distress over gold diggers. What else are they supposed to do? It’s not like royal women would be allowed to work. They have to live too. Guinevere can work.

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    1. Oooh, interesting. I think you’re the first to be angry with Arthur over his actions towards Guinevere. I can’t say too much here because of possible spoilers, but Arthur’s way of thinking has been reinforced by years of experience. If every potential spouse treats you like a walking gold pouch without caring for your personality, you’ll start to think that’s what they all do.


      1. I often have a unique perspective so take what you will of it. XD I like Arthur and I know he’s generally sweet, but I couldn’t help but be irritated because his behavior struck me as arrogant and incredibly rude. Guinevere has not said a single word to him about pursuing a relationship (and I assume she would never because she tries to be good and follow the rules), so for him to go to her with intentions of conveying that he is not interested (without her saying anything first just seems so unnecessarily mean to me). Who goes up to someone and is like (and what prince would do this to a servant?): Don’t misunderstand – I don’t intend to have a relationship with you. Excuse me?! When did Guinevere ask you or say that she wanted anything from you? When did she ever misunderstand? And even if she did misunderstand something, he would have all the power in their relationship – it cannot progress without his consent, so it seems very mean and tactless of him to assume that he needs to make this extremely obvious thing clear to her. Is she an idiot to him?

        With the gold digging thing, I don’t think it’s that I don’t understand his perspective even though that’s a possibility. I think I just don’t have any sympathy for it. If he wants people to like him for his personality, he should have a better personality? I also think he’s fundamentally wrong. He’d have complete power over his wife and he doesn’t seem like the type to hit… so I think potential spouses actually care a lot about that, about his lack of violent tendencies. Maybe they don’t care about his hobbies, but a lot of his potential spouses wouldn’t be privileged enough to be able to care about that. Faulting them for not prioritizing a luxury is weird to me. Look at the match his father suggested for his sister… Women of the higher classes would want someone who can support them financially because they cannot support themselves, help their birth/maiden families, not hit etc. them, and generally be kind (not threaten to kill their children, etc.) – which is already a very high standard, given that most of the men we’ve seen so far, except Arthur, don’t meet it.

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      2. I don’t mean to spam your comments, but somehow mine got cut off. Sorry.

        Additionally, Arthur flipping out over Guinevere maybe wanting a trinket? Calling it greedy? It’s literally a trinket, which by definition is something of little value. Who cares if she actually wanted him to get it or not? Flirting with a prince, pretending to be nice, etc. to get a trinket – that’s too much work for something so worthless.

        Also, does he believe in being a prince or not? As a prince, it is his job to make people respect, want, and admire him simply because he is a prince. His personality isn’t supposed to matter. He gets to become king and boss people around because he is the crown prince, the king’s first born son, not because of his personality or talents or anything like that (which by design are supposed to be completely irrelevant non-factors). So, why is he whining about others not caring about his personality when that’s the entire point of his status to begin with? Why is he a prince if he cares so much about personality and puts so much value into it? Arthur, please. He can’t have it both ways (manipulating people into respecting him and giving him the kingdom because of his royal status alone) and also have me feel sorry for him (because they don’t care enough about his personality), unfortunately.

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      3. Not at all! I love comments as much as the next person 🤭 especially when they’re thought-out novels, yay!

        Arthur does make a lot of assumptions here (fueled by Morgana). She’s interested in him, she’s going to gun for a romantic relationship, she expects romance now… all while the most that Guinevere has actually telegraphed is blushes and running away. She’s never actually said it outright. You can look at this from two perspectives – the gentlemen who is trying to let someone down gently/not string them along, or the mess-up who is acting on the wrong social signals.

        [If he wants people to like him for his personality, he should have a better personality?]
        HA! I like that one 🤣 That’s like Mr. Nice Guy complaining that people don’t like them despite their “niceness”, as if that’s the end-all, be-all of personality.

        [As a prince, it is his job to make people respect, want, and admire him simply because he is a prince.]
        Interesting perspective, again 😃 This really depends on your standpoint on being a proper ruler. Uther has repeatedly threatened to banish Arthur for falling short of (his, flawed) idea of how a Prince/King should be, just because he stepped out of line. Do the people you rule serve you? Or do you serve the people you rule over? Do people respect you because you have power? Or do you have power because people respect you? Kings have influence whether they’re beloved or despised, but one is much more at risk of being killed by the ones they rule over than the other.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I think I should read through a little bit less of a historical lens and more of a fantasy lens – My historical POV is that the people serve the king. They are “subjects.” The king is better than everyone and derives his power from God. The people have no right to judge/have nothing to do with his power, which is why his son inherits his position without having to prove anything to anyone except the king and there are absolutely no elections or tests of any kind. There’s no merit component that can disrupt the rule, only someone else coming along saying that God picked them to be king or told them to get rid of the current king for whatever reason… If there’s a bad king, the people’s recourse is prayer not judgment. They have to just bear it – it’s got the same energy as the witch trials where you proved your innocence by dying. So if you’re king, God picked you to rule over people because you’re divine and you can’t separate your royal status from your personality nor would you want to.

        It’s rather dark, so I should read Uther/Arthur as being modern rulers who think they should serve people and not medieval. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Haha, I’m definitely not a trained historian, that’s for sure. The story is based on a historical legend but the contents are very much fueled by the way I see their little universe. Uther would agree with you on that viewpoint, though. There’s many differences between him and his son and how much they “owe” to their people is one of them.


  9. I discovered your story through the Creative Corner on The Sims forum. I wasn’t planning on reading so much, so quickly…but your story drew me in immediately.

    I’ve always loved Arthurian legend, and I’m really enjoying your interpretation very much. You have a new fan!

    This reply is short, because the last one–a longer one–didn’t make it past the moderator for some reason. I promise it was nice! 🙂

    Again, I’m thoroughly enjoying your story. Now, back to reading…


    1. Oh, it did make it! But because you’re writing from what seems to be a temporary account instead of a verified one, wordpress holds it and asks me to approve it first, and it won’t show up until then.

      Yay! New fan! I’m glad you’re having fun with it 😁 I wonder what you’ll think of it all when you’ve caught up. You’re going through at breakneck speed, so that probably won’t take long 🤭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the approval, and for the explanation, too. 🙂 It’s puzzling, because I was sure I had verified it before I made the second post, and WordPress still held it. Oh, well.

        I’m torn between slowing down and savoring each post and continuing to binge-read. I think my happy zone will end up being somewhere in the middle. I am in awe of your screenshots, and they deserve more time than I’ve been giving them. I’ll resolve to do just that in these last days of 2021.

        Guinevere is sweeter than honey pie. I love her openness and the pureness of the feelings she’s revealed so far. I hope the wider world doesn’t change too much about her nature…especially that endearing blush. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw, thank you so much ❤ I'm constantly trying to improve with my screenshots, so if you ever have any tips, I'd love to hear them! I've just recently started to pay more attention to lighting. Always room for improvement, and all 😊

        Sweeter than honey pie. That suits her pretty well. 🙂

        Have a wonderful last bit of 2021! Oh geez, that's only two more days. The time goes by so fast.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Ha…Me giving you tips would be as worthwhile as Gawain giving someone advice about how to be deceptive. I am in the running for worst illustrator in the entire Simlit universe. I forget to take them at opportune moments. I lack the skill to edit them, beyond simple cropping. I write exhausting walls of text because I can never get the image in my mind onto the screen. Oh, well. I’ll make an effort to improve; your talent in this regard is definitely an inspiration.

    And, have a very happy 2022! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, who knows? Gawain could grow up to be the embodiment of deception later on… is what I want to say but I’m pretty sure you’re caught up all the way by now. I think you broke some kind of binging record 🤭

      Is the story you’re writing with Z your first one? I only got decent at editing pictures after a while, and getting decent at writing took over a decade. The most important thing is to have fun with it 😊 Happy 2022 to you, too!


      1. …and I reply, more than two weeks later! haha

        I had planned to read your story more slowly, but I couldn’t stop! I’d tell myself, “one more chapter,” and then I’d find myself clicking on another, and another. Had it not been winter break, I would have read at a more leisurely pace.

        Yes, this is my first Simlit story–or, rather, the first that I’ve been able to take farther than the first three or four posts. I’ve written stories all my life, but only for my own amusement. I consider myself MUCH better at telling stories with words than with pictures. And, best of all, Z and I are both having fun with it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hehe. I’m taking it as a massive compliment that you binged so much in one go 😊

        I see! I’m curious to see where you and Z take your co-op story. It’s a busy time here, but I’ll get caught up at some point, writer’s honour!


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