2.20 – The Rules of Parley, part II

Warning: mildly NSFW.

The King of Cornwall had always been a good talker. It was the first thing that Uther had noticed about Gorlois when they first met. The man had been blessed with a silver tongue, easily befriending nobles left and right. As a young man, Gorlois of Cornwall had been able to charm and court even the most cold-hearted of noblewomen.

In contrast, Uther had not been as blessed in his early years. It had taken many years of hard work to develop his current force of personality. The Iron King had always been jealous of Gorlois’s natural charisma as a result.

But this time, the King of Cornwall could have talked until hell froze over. Uther was not listening to a single word that came out of his mouth. He merely sat across from Gorlois, glaring at him in cross-armed silence. It didn’t matter what he said. Uther knew that none of it was genuine. It was all an act. Any goodwill from the Iron King towards his opponent had vanished like snow on a summer’s day. Evaporated the moment that Uther realized how Gorlois had come to Hadrian’s Wall ahead of time.

Uther knew that he was not here to parley. No, the King of Cornwall was here with ulterior motives. Uther was sure of it. And because of that, the man in front of him could not be trusted under any circumstances. He would not believe a single word that came out of that snake’s mouth. All the small-talk in the world could not obscure the fact that he was hiding something.

And with Bertrand’s help, Uther was going to find out what that was.

There was always an ulterior motive. Always. Even back in the day, when the two of them could still have been called friends. Even back then, his innocent invitations had been nothing but a ruse. A ploy, in order to get close to the woman that was meant to be his.

“You called me brother, once.”

Uther could feel the hatred festering inside of him. He balled his fists, cracks beginning to appear in his mask.
A brother would not take what is mine.

As he read… Bertrand of Camelot finally understood.

“Sweet merciful Watcher.”

Bertrand could feel the hairs in his neck rise up in horror as he realized the implications of the words that were in front of him. His insides turned cold as his heart began to hammer in his chest.
Their suspicions were right. This entire meeting had been a ruse from the start.

And the real parley… was not with Camelot.

The King had to know. Immediately.

He had to-

As Lincoln materialized in Nimueh’s realm, the Faun nearly doubled over in pain. Lincoln groaned as he placed an arm around his stomach. He had pretended to be fine before. But in truth, the Faun was doing much, much worse than he had shown Morgause. Lincoln had tried his best to keep a grip on himself and stay in control of what was festering inside of him. But as he crossed over into Nimueh’s realm, that last bit of control finally began to slip away.

With an inhuman amount of effort, the Faun stepped out of the faerie circle and began to drag himself to the centre of the sanctuary. His hooves splashed into the water, making ethereal, shifting ripples appear underneath him as he walked. It took the Faun a moment to realize that he could not feel those splashes. He couldn’t feel the water swirling around his hooves. The Faun groaned.
His arms and legs were slowly going numb.

He had to get it out of him. Before it was too late.

Before it swallowed him whole.

The Faun stopped at the heart of the sanctuary, halting inches from the guarded wellspring to Tír na nÓg. Normally, he would find Nimueh next to that wellspring.

But not this time. The sanctuary was empty.

He grimaced, peering down into the darkness below. The Lady of the Lake did not know that he was coming. She was not expecting him. She could be anywhere. And if the Sidhe had ventured down into the well… then the Faun was as good as lost. Lincoln had to hope that she was still here. Summoning his last ounce of strength, he lifted his head to gaze at the sky.

“I brought… what you asked for,” Lincoln growled. “Show yourself.”

To the Faun, the few seconds of silence that passed felt like an eternity.

The next moment, that silence was broken. Lincoln could hear something swoop down from above, accompanied by the heavy beating of wings. He could see a gargantuan shadow glide over him.

The Faun could hear the cracking of stone as a massive, blue-scaled talon clamped down on one of the standing stones. Lincoln felt a cold chill as he gazed upon the sharp, bluish claws, each one the size of his torso. He could see a glowing, gargantuan scaled front, its icy blue scales leading into a purple, spiked, thrashing neck. Two massive wings unfurled in front of him, their hide spotted and glowing like the dark night sky.

As a horned, scaled head snaked around the corner, lowering itself to his height and revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth, Lincoln could hear a familiar voice resound in his head.

Ah. Faun.

And Lincoln could feel his last bit of strength leave his body. The Faun let out a pained gasp as he collapsed, crashing down towards the watery ground below. He only barely caught himself at the last moment. The Faun no longer had the strength to get back up.

The giant, horned creature above him leapt off of the standing stones, swooping down towards him. Lincoln could feel the ground underneath him shake as its massive talons crashed down on opposite sides of the wellspring. The water on the ground immediately began to travel towards the dragon. The Faun could see it flood in from all directions. It rose up and surrounded the creature in front of him, enveloping it whole and soaking Lincoln to the bone as the dragon rapidly began to change form.

When the waters parted, the dragon had vanished, leaving behind the old Sidhe’s second form. It was a form that Lincoln knew all too well. With a look of cold, calculated disdain, the Lady of the Lake looked down on the Faun in front of her.
“You are too early.”

“I am… at my limit,” Lincoln growled in response. His arms were shaking. Even speaking was starting to become difficult. Nimueh raised a single eyebrow at his words.
“That is not my concern. Our deal was for you to return after the festival.”

Another twinge of pain shot through Lincoln’s body. He could no longer feel his legs. His eyes were beginning to cloud over, the edges of his vision rapidly staining black. With a groan, the Faun pushed himself up to look at Nimueh. Their gazes met.
“I cannot hold any more. Take it… out.”

This had been their dynamic for as long as he could remember. As a young Faun, Lincoln had taken notice of the darkness that humans fell into so easily. He had wanted to help them. Nimueh had amplified his natural abilities, allowing him to reach the hearts of many mortals through his music. She had taught him how to cleanse their inner doubts, their self-hatred, their festering grudges – everything that corrupted their souls and caused them pain. Lincoln could take it away, drawn out of them and manifesting in the form of a vile, black energy.
What the Sidhe had neglected to mention was that he would be drawing it into himself. Nor did she mention that she was the only one that knew how to remove it permanently.

Even now, the Faun still performed out of compassion. But somewhere along the way, his good intentions had been twisted by the Sidhe, warped and turned against him until Lincoln had found himself forced to dance to her every whim.
Morgause knew none of this.

For a moment, Lincoln could see no change in those cold, disturbing blue eyes. Not a shred of empathy for the pain that he was in. The Lady of the Lake merely looked down on him, not responding to Lincoln’s distress in the slightest.

The next moment, the Sidhe let out an annoyed sigh.
“Very well.”

Nimueh closed her eyes. The droplets around her stopped moving, freezing into place as she stretched out her hand towards Lincoln.
“This will hurt.”

Lincoln was not prepared for the agony that followed. The Faun had experienced her draining him of the energy inside his body before – it had always been uncomfortable. Not this time. Lincoln let out a howl of pain, rolling up into a ball as the darkness swallowed him whole. He couldn’t breathe. His insides began to burn. His skin felt like it was on fire. The pain was excruciating. The Faun could see the world around him being swallowed up by a massive, rapidly expanding orb of darkness-

And then it was abruptly pulled away from him, drawn towards the blue-skinned Sidhe. The Faun was instantly able to breathe again. The pain subsided. But his body was still numb, and his vision was swimming. With an inhuman amount of effort, the Faun lifted himself off the ground too look at Nimueh.

Lincoln had witnessed the Lady of the Lake dispel harmful magic countless times over the years. She would gather the negative energy and cleanse it, washing it away effortlessly while insulting the petty, insignificant grievances of mortals. The act always filled her with disdain. Lincoln fully expected the same thing to happen this time around.

But this time, the expression that he saw on the Sidhe’s face… was something else entirely.


“Exquisite,” the Sidhe spoke. “You have done well, Faun. It has been decades since I have tasted corruption this potent. I was right to send you.”
“You… knew it was there?” Lincoln gasped.
“Of course I knew, Faun. Why do you think I ordered you to perform there, of all places?”

The Sidhe placed her hands on opposite sides of the pulsating black orb. Nimueh’s lips pulled into a sinister grin as her eyes began to glow with arcane energy. The Faun watched in stunned silence as he could see the darkness begin to drain out of the orb, seeping into her outstretched fingers.

The Sidhe lifted her head, her horns tilting back as she released the now clear orb into the sky.
“Exquisite,” she muttered again. “I’ll be watching your future with interest.”

“What… fut…-”

When Gorlois realized that his polite attempts at small-talk and reminiscing were utterly fruitless, the air around the stone table had taken on an unmistakably tense edge. To Uther’s surprise, the King of Cornwall actually launched into formal negotiations. That came as a surprise. Uther once again found himself conflicted, wondering for a brief moment if he had been wrong after all.

But then he noticed. Whenever he thought that Uther was distracted, Gorlois’s gaze wandered towards the setting sun. His shoulders tensed up. His brow furrowed.
Gorlois was anxious about something.

An hour into formal negotiations, one of Gorlois’s knights suddenly came into the ruined hall. He swiftly moved over to his King’s side and handed him a scroll. Uther saw the creases in Gorlois’s forehead deepen as the King of Cornwall opened it and read its contents.

Then, Gorlois straightened his back. When their gazes met, the expression that Uther saw in his eyes was very, very different from a few moments ago.

It was hostile.

“Well, then,” Gorlois spoke. “I believe that concludes our negotiations. There is no need to continue this farce any further.”

Uther’s expression darkened as his suspicious were finally confirmed. An involuntary smirk spread across his lips. In a low growl, the Iron King spat:
“So, this was just a trap. I suspected as much. I never knew you to be such a back-stabbing coward, Gorlois. Murdering a fellow King during formal parley. How low you have sunk. The years have cost you more than your youth, it seems.”

The King of Cornwall pushed his chair back, towering over Uther as he rose to his full height. Their gazes violently locked across the table, not unlike two bulls locking horns. Any and all trace of warmth had vanished from Gorlois’s grey eyes, their piercing sharpness bearing a striking resemblance to the cold steel of a blade.
“I retain both my honour and my soul,” the King of Cornwall spoke. “But we both know that the same cannot be said for you. I know exactly what you are, Uther Pendragon. Mark my words – the deepest layers of hell are reserved for monsters such as you.”
“How dare you!” the Iron King growled back. “I merely took what was mine. My conscience is clear.”
Those words seemed to spark a silent rage in the man in front of him. Uther could see his eyes flare up angrily. Gorlois lifted his chin, glaring down on the Iron King as he spat:
“Your conscience is rotten to the core. There will be no redemption for you, Uther. Not after Ygr-”


Uther’s stone chair crashed into the wall behind him, breaking a piece of stone from the wall as the Iron King lunged forward. He slammed his hands onto the table with a force that sent an echo throughout the entire chamber. Even the guard behind him flinched. But Uther didn’t care. He could feel a raw, red-hot anger overtake him.

“How dare you speak that name!” the King growled.”She was not yours. She was never yours! From the very beginning she belonged to me – and you took her from me!

The Iron King could feel wave after wave of hatred hit him as the memories came flooding back. The fleeting looks. The carefully orchestrated schemes to catch her away from him. The stone-faced lies. The deception. The feeling of absolute rage as Uther was forced to watch what was his be taken by someone else.

His anger radiated off of him in waves, becoming tangible even on the other side of the table. Gorlois narrowed his eyes in response, an expression of cold, hateful contempt shining through his mask.
“You are rotten to the core, Uther. I may never lay eyes on her again – but neither will you.”

Any hope for future reconciliation between their two Kingdoms died with those words, ripped apart and strangled by the pain of decades-old wounds. The raw hatred and outrage that festered between Gorlois of Cornwall and Uther Pendragon was almost tangible. It wrapped around the cold, hollow chamber like a dark shroud, slowly suffocating everything within. The murderous intent was overwhelming. Both of them responded to it without thinking. The Iron King instinctively went for the weapon on his waist. Gorlois mirrored his movement.

But they had disarmed themselves before going into the chamber. They had nothing to destroy each other with.

And the moment passed. The King of Cornwall sighed and straightened his back. In a cold voice, Gorlois spoke:
“Never let it be said that I am not an honourable man. It will not be by my hand that a formal parley is broken. You and your knights are free to leave as you please. I expect you to honour us with the same decency.”


“But mark my words, Uther. When you die, you will burn. And when you burn, you will burn for eternity.”

The Iron King watched in stunned confusion as Gorlois turned on his heels and gestured towards his men. They instantly followed him out of the ruined hall. The door heavily fell shut behind them, leaving Uther alone in darkness. He could hear the sounds of hooves clattering against the mossy ground.
The Iron King did not follow them out. He couldn’t. His hands were still on the table, grasping onto the stone below as his mind tried to process what had just happened. He tried to find an explanation – and failed.

If Gorlois had not drawn Uther here to kill him… then the Iron King had misread him. But if that was the case… then…

Then what was his goal?

He didn’t know. But the Iron King realized that something had gone over his head. Something important. Something crucial. Something that would inevitably come back to haunt him. Deep down… Uther knew that he had lost. Badly.
For the first time in over twenty years… He had no idea what Gorlois wanted.

The Iron King could feel a strange emotion overcome him. It took him a few moments to realize what it was. When he finally did, Uther could see his knuckles turn white as he clasped onto the table in front of him.

Uther was afraid.

“Please, this way. Our other guest has already arrived.”

“I would like to thank you for your trust and willingness to attend this parley. It is a personal honour of mine to finally be able to welcome-”
But the man to his left interrupted him, crushing any chances that the future King of Nemeth had at political small-talk.

“No. No chatter.”

“Indeed,” the woman nodded. “I enjoy the idea of swiftly handled business. Allow us to get right to the point.”

“…Very well.”

The Prince could see a grin spread on the man’s face. He remained silent, allowing the woman on his left to speak for the both of them.

And she did.

“Richard of Nemeth. The Kingdoms of Cornwall and Essetir formally offer you an alliance.”

The Prince’s lips pulled into a calculated, prideful grin.
He had won.

“I am deeply honoured. Please let your Kings know that I accept.”

“A toast, my friends. To a mutually beneficial future.”

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  1. Right, let’s start with Lincoln and Nimueh. Oh you big faun doofus, have you never wondered what she does with all this negative energy? “Cleansing” it my ass, it has to go somewhere. So what doees she do with it, I wonder? Does she just generally use it to increase her powers? Or is that what she uses to transform into a dragon, perhaps? Side note – I think I’ve said this before, but i love your decision to make dragons creatures of water, rather than hone in on the fire thing. Very neat!

    So this magnicifcent corruption she speaks off, who is she refering to, whose future is she curious about? I think this chapter wants us to think Morgause, but then, Lincoln would have performed with Morgause many, many times… can’t exactly be new. Which really just leaves Morgana. There’s no way it’s someone entirely unrelated, like say, the Goths 😆 (I mean, they were there, right?)

    Right, next on the agenda. The hooded dude. I think we’re supposed to recognise him, but I don’t. Likely suspects would be guy who accosted Morgana in Scarborough, hooded guy that tried to kidnap her all the way back when she was little, or her own spy. I may need to go back and examine those, as that plays a big factor in how to interpret the rest, haha. Maybe it’s none of them, mind.

    Uther. So this whole excercise was not to murder him, but to get him and his men out of the way. Richard and Gorlois in cahoots. But what’s the real game here? Did Richard and Gorlois somehow anticipate Arthur and Morgana would be on Scarborough, randomly? I can’t imagine they would know, if it wasn’t for Nimueh’s stalking. Is that whose support Morgause is offering here? Does Richard know who exactly Morgause serves? And indeed, does Morgause only serve one master? Anywho, is this a parlay between Nemeth and Nimueh’s realm, then? Argh, my brain! I’m not sure I have the mental capacity to fully comprehend and appreciate your mastermind machinations Yimi 😆

    Oh, I forgot the pissing contest scene between Uther and Gorlois over Ygraine. I just have this visual of them going back and forth “stealing” her over and over, one from the other, until she was like fuck this -ish, and used her magic to break free from whoever was holding her captive at the time. At least that’s what impression I get from the flashback. Made a whole tower collapse, it would seem. Then ran off to Nimueh, and hasn’t aged a day. But what exactly is her agenda, I don’t know. Revenge against Uther? Hopes of somehow living happily ever after with Morgana if she teams up with Richard for now? She doesn’t particularly give a rat’s bum about Arthur, mind. Which kind if plays into my theory that Ygraine that gave birth to Morgana is not the same Ygraine that gave birth to Arthur. Did she get swapped in one of those “stealing/rescue” attempts Gorlois and Uther were oulling? Or… was there never just one Ygraine in the first place. Were there always two, and that’s why both Uther and Gorlois believe she loved them, and that they were just in their actions? Hm.

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    1. I see you’ve got your tin foil hat on again! =D Is that flower crown still there?

      Lincoln could definitely stand to ask some more questions, that’s for sure. There’s different kinds of dragons, but Nimueh especially has very strong ties to water, being the “lady of the lake” and all.

      Haha, the Goths were there yes. You’ve figured it out – secretly this was about Bella Goth all along! (kidding) It’s not someone unrelated, at least. =)

      I love how you have an agenda for this comment. XD I did give some people wardrobe upgrades, since I didn’t have all that much to dress them up in way back when. Whether or not that applies to Mr. Arrow here I’ll leave to your detective skills.

      Woops, I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or a complaint, haha. It’ll make sense eventually, I swear. There’s a lot of strings pulling on other strings at the moment – like one big convoluted mess of yarn that my cats got their claws into.

      Hah! I like that idea, of her one day being like “to hell with both of you” and just skedaddle. xD I see you’re sticking with the Morgause = Ygraine theory! Oh, nope, spoke too soon. Two Ygraines, that’s an interesting one. Time will tell if you’re right! Until then, get those probes out of my head. Shoo. Shoo. xD

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  2. I think unfortunately I am completely put out of the game when it comes to understanding what was happening here 🤔

    But I still enjoy your spells with the pictures. Water the dragon and the caustic high-tension mood that you are eminent for conveying through words and illustrations 🤗

    NB: I am glad to see that you have recreated the “book” 😉

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    1. Oops. I’m sorry about that, Mona. Sometimes my plots get very convoluted and things stop making sense. I’ll summarize what happened below for you and anyone else who needs it ^^

      In a nutshell – Uther and Gorlois started their parley. It did not go well, and after Gorlois received a note reporting on “something”, he completely stopped negotiations and left. Lincoln gave the dark energy inside him to Nimueh, who devoured it and seemed way too happy about that. Meanwhile, Morgause went to Nemeth in name of Gorlois, and offered Richard an alliance with Cornwall. You are still missing information, though. =)

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  3. Even though I’ve read this a billion times, I still feel all tense reading it again and I’m still unable to form a cohesive comment. Less so than usual! You and your magic tablecloth whooshing skills. Anyway, apologies in advance for the burbling crap I’m about to spew.

    Woo! Another named tally for your death list. I’ll update the scoreboard and buy a new box of chalk for what I feel is the inevitable future.

    So Lincoln rocks up with a heavy dose of corruption. It’s got to be from one of our three from Camelot, right? Of course, I’m thinking Morgana as she’s been dopey and smiley since listening to the music, but I’ll go with Guin because it’s always the quiet ones. How nice Nimueh is to her black bile bucket buddy. I bet she doesn’t get many Christmas cards.

    So… who gave the scroll to Gorlois and what did it say? WHAT DID IT SAY? And she belonged to neither of you, but I digress. “You are rotten to the core, Uther. I may never lay eyes on her again – but neither will you.” He MAY not… Uther WILL not. Interesting.

    Who is this hooded guy at the end? I’m going mad trying to place him. Also WHY Morgause? Trying to ensure Uther gets his comeuppance? Is it his witch-hating ways or something else… I know there’s more to be revealed so I won’t lose sleep over the gaps I have in my notes but… gah… I have gaps! 😵

    More please!

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    1. And yet you’re still standing despite my tablecloth-ripping skills! Nahh don’t apologise for your comments, I love getting them ❤

      Woops. Yeah, this one counts. You definitely will not be needing that chalk in the future what are you talking about *cough*

      Black bile bucket buddy xDDDDD she does not in fact get any Christmas cards. Wanna send her one?

      The gaps will eventually be filled in, I promise. Either by me revealing it to you guys or your tin foil hats getting supercharged and you guessing my entire plot out from under me. I honestly don’t know which one will come first. xD


  4. Am so sad that Bertrand died. I really liked the guy! 😦

    Ew! Uther and Gorlois’s dick measuring contest gave me all sorts of no. Like, Ygraine is not a cow, okay. She doesn’t belong to either of you creeps. Where’s her choice in this matter? What did Uther do to Ygraine, and what did Gorlois do to her after?? UGH. Morgause looks like Morgana who looks kinda like Ygraine. What would Gorlois think of Morgause then? EEEuuugggh. I don’t like the stuff in my head.

    Amg so Nimueth really was the dragon oooooooh! I got it right 😀 I’m glad she decided to save Lincoln. He’s such a valuable asset for gathering dark energy I’d be surprised if she didn’t save him. Hard to find a replacement for that, although I feel like once he’s not useful to her anymore, she’d discard him… 😦

    Your piccys are so gorgeous, and then the added effect of water droplets and bokeh effects amplify it to outerworldly levels!!!

    I am so certain that the hooded man with Morgause is Morgana’s kidnapper. I’m also certain its the same cloaked figure who massacred everyone in Essetir. Woah if they’d succeeded before, then Gorlois would have both Morgause and Morgana with him? Eek. Cornwall, Essetir and Nemeth against Camelot. D: Nuu…

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    1. I liked him, too. And so did Sarah. They were a thing in my game, despite her sneaking into Uther’s chambers whenever he wasn’t around.

      Good question – we’ve never seen Ygraine’s choice mentioned before. The whole thing smells fishy.

      Yup, you did! She’s been a dragon from the beginning. There’s a whole boatload of lore hidden there, but I’m not going to drown you guys with that -and- all the political bullsh*t that’s going on at the moment. Survival first, and all. Speaking of which, Lincoln, mind getting up from the ground? No? Hm…

      Thank you. ❤ I love taking pictures in Nimueh’s realm. I’m trying to make other places like that, but so far they’re not as amazing. I’ll get there eventually. ^^

      Who knows? There have been some wardrobe changes here and there, but some details haven’t changed. There’s also two hooded men in this chapter… my sims sure like their mysterious hoods =D

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      1. Bertrand is Sarah’s Beau?!!! 😭

        Ooohh. Well, whenever you make a lore page feel free to update! Would love to know more about Nimueh and her kind which I’m sure will be hard to include in the main story.

        Oh I have no doubt you will get there. Can’t wait!

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  5. Nimueh is so beautiful but I have no clue what she’s doing or what her intentions are. 😂

    Morgause in a meeting with Richard left me flabbergasted though. Who is she?!


    1. Whoa, you’ve been reading a lot today! Welcome to the total confusion pre- dinner course chapter! The main course will be horrified realization followed by dread. Err, I mean happy rainbows, of course! Yes. =D

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  6. Ah, I didn’t get to reply to this yet! Releasing a chapter on Sunday (a day before) is not something I’d usually do, but I’m here now! Okay, very interesting chapter, let me think about what to say… 😉

    Don’t like how Uther and Gorlois are talking about Ygraine as if she’s an object, since she isn’t. If they could just stop fighting about her for a moment, maybe Cornwall and Camelot would be in much better hands? Just maybe? 😦 This is why I don’t like kings who mix their personal life into their business life. *sigh* They have too much testosterone in my opinion.

    What did Bertrand find? Something that has to do with the last part of this chapter? And who’s this hooded guy? I don’t recognize him, so I guess I’ll just wait for a new chapter! 🙂

    Hmm, considering that Nimueh is absorbing the dark energy, I’m questioning her intentions. But I guess I was right in the last chapter as well, Lincoln’s actions were a tribute to the citizens after all! Good to see he has a kind heart! 🙂 Nimueh I’m still wondering about, but maybe she turns out to be good? Okay, she might be evil, who knows? 😛

    Who’s that other guy in a hood? Someone from Cornwall or Essetir I bet. And why is Morgause there? Little suspicious, but is she a noble of some sort? Interesting if she is a fae and a noble. But I also missed Richard. He looks like a perfect handsome bearded villain in my opinion, but he’s still young, so he has a lot to learn. Hopefully he doesn’t marry Morgana (I still remember that… 😬) but they’ll have beautiful kids if they do! 😂 Okay, I digress. These chapters just keep getting better and better! I hope something seriously dark happens to spice up the plot even more… 😉

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    1. Hah! “Too much testosterone” is a pretty good summary of those two, yeah. xD

      You’ve actually seen this hooded guy before… maybe. =3

      They were! You got that one right – Lincoln is very compassionate. As for Nimueh… well, we’ll find out eventually, won’t we?

      Richard is trying so hard to grow a proper beard. I’m rolling dice for it and he just keeps coming up short. It’s hilarious. He is very much scheduled to marry Morgana, though… Haha, I see you’re more than ready to follow this rollercoaster off a cliff. Don’t blame me if it ends up falling into the abyss. =D

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      1. They could have had a lot of kids with it. 😂

        Oh, that’s cool, I’m more than ready to see who it is! 😉

        Haha, I’m glad I got it right! 🙂 Hopefully Nimueh isn’t way too evil… :O

        Oof, poor Richard! He should really get some advice from men with perfect beards, like maybe Gorlois! 😂 Ah, don’t worry, if the rollercoaster falls into the abyss, then that might the darkest point the story can get to, and it can only go back up! 😉

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  7. I actually related to Uther being jealous of others’ natural charisma. It’s a nightmare seeing others who can get what they want, when you have to act in a way you don’t really want to just so people will listen to you. Maybe that’s why Uther seems ‘unreasonable’ at times?

    Oh god, so just as Bertrand finds out the truth, he’s going to die? Not good…YES! The dragon is back! I love all the shots < 333 Ohh, so the dragon is a form of Nimueh I assume? This is so cool < 33 So Lincoln did this to help out humans, and takes on their darkness so they don't have to? Not only this, but Nimueh decided to take advantage of his good nature. That's awful. I thought he was working alongside her willingly to give her dark energy to perform evil deeds, not that he was now wrapped around her little finger…

    Oof, the heated discussion between Gorlois and Uther…Considering how Uther seemed to 'have it all together' for a very long time, everything (seemingly) under control it's a massive surprise to see him for once not actually being able to read his opponent.

    Ugh, and here's Richard Slimeball of Nemeth again, arguably one of the most false out of all the nobles. He may feel like he's won, but I just feel like he'll get his comeuppance eventually. I can see it in Morgause's eyes in that last pic- that face that says 'heh, sucker.'

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    1. I think a number of us can relate to Uther in that regard. I was never good at speaking with confidence as a child (still have issues with it outside of DMing, especially in confrontations) and had to work really hard to improve my social skills too. To see someone be really good at it from the beginning without much effort can feel very unfair.

      Haha, yes! The dragon is back 😁 not for the last time, either, shh, don’t tell anyone. There’s a very fine line between working with and being manoeuvred into things by the fae, especially if they can get away with it easily.

      Slimeball of Nemeth. That one’s going to stick, lol. I might change his last name to that 😂 Everyone in that room has their own agenda for sure, including Morgause.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. So I see that not only do you do cliff-hangers at the end of chapters, you’ve also perfected the art of placing them in the middle of chapters. We have lots of them here. This might be an issue when I eventually catch up and can’t read at my own pace… haha.

    I propose that Uther and Gorlois have an honorable fight to the death. That way at least one of them is gone and they stop sacrificing their people in their selfish wars. Actually, I’m kidding because Uther is our protagonists’ father and because I think we need Uther to stick around for something. But neither of them or at least Gorlois doesn’t seem to have a clue about what Ygraine is actually doing and what her motives are. I imagine that there’s some secret deal at work here that we readers do not yet know about. Isn’t that hooded guy Morgana’s present/reward/spy? *goes to check* I was unable to confirm anything, but that’s my guess.

    But what a mess. Too many people are lying and being manipulative and think they are clever. I’m curious to see how it’s going to wash out in the end. It seems like many never learned the lesson that if you’re a jerk or seem to lack good judgment, you’re not going to be able to trust the people who are supposedly on your own team. Even if your group is objectively smarter/better than the others because it’s going to be full of traitors…

    I don’t understand what’s going on with Lincoln, but is he trying to play the hero? Why doesn’t he tell Morgause the truth?


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