2.26 – Play Your Role

For as long as Arthur could remember, Castle Camelot had played host to a myriad of rooms and halls that went unused. Guest suites. Conference chambers. Two of the castle’s five towers. Former servant’s quarters. Most of those stood empty, only opening for use during grand events.

One of those unused chambers was a massive wedding hall.

Arthur had never gone inside it himself. The doors were always locked. To his knowledge, this particular chamber had only been used once. Uther had ordered it to be built many years ago, in preparation for his wedding to Arthur’s mother. Their union had been a grand event, with celebrations that lasted an entire week.
After Ygraine’s death, the place had been sealed away. For years it had silently collected dust, left abandoned and forgotten.

Until now.
The Iron King had always had a sense of grandeur. Even for an engagement ceremony.

Carefully, Arthur slipped the ring around Mithian’s finger. It was a diamond-inlayed golden ring with the Pendragon insignia on it – the same ring that his father had used to propose to his mother. According to Uther, the thing was a priceless heirloom. It had been in the Pendragon family for generations. Using it was tradition. The Crown Prince had not been given a choice there, either. As Arthur let go of the Princess’s hand, he wondered how many of his ancestors had used that ring because they wanted to.

Arthur glanced to his left. Not ten feet away from him, Richard and Morgana were going through the exact same ceremony as Arthur. The cold, hostile glares between them were sharply offset by the artificial smiles that played on their lips. It was jarring. Arthur had never seen his sister make an expression like that.
“Please accept this token of my affection,” Richard smirked, placing a similar ring around Morgana’s finger. Her smile widened.
“With pleasure,” she replied, her voice drenched with sweet venom. If looks could kill, the hateful fire in her eyes would have turned Richard into a smouldering pile of ashes on the floor. Instead, the Crown Prince of Nemeth merely chuckled. Arthur had never been able to read him well. But even he could tell that Richard was enjoying this a little too much.

“… tiful, my lord.”

Arthur was pulled back to his side of the hall by the soft voice of Mithian, who was still standing in front of him. The Princess looked up at him timidly.
“The ring,” she said. “It… it looks beautiful.”
“Thank you. It belonged to my mother.”

And I didn’t want to give it to you.

Arthur stopped himself from saying those thoughts out loud. And a moment later he was glad that he did, because his words had a visible effect on the girl in front of him. Mithian stood up a little straighter, lifting her head as a glimpse of a smile shone out from underneath her mask.
“I will treasure it.”

She’s genuinely happy with it, Arthur thought. That observation made the Crown Prince feel even worse. He clenched his teeth together as his hands balled into fists.

I don’t want you to treasure it.

I don’t want you to have it at all.

I don’t want to bind myself to you.

Arthur bit his tongue when he saw the glare that his father threw him. The Iron King did not have to say anything. The stern look in Arthur’s direction spoke volumes. He knew exactly what Uther was thinking. The Crown Prince could hear his father’s commanding voice inside of his head, ever-present and unyielding.
Play your role, Arthur.

And he did.
He had to.

“I can think of no one more suited for it than you, my lady.”

On the other side of the hall, Arthur could see Morgana facing different demons from his own. Richard had taken a step towards her, grabbing the sides of her head as he lifted her face.
“I have ordered my servants to prepare the entire east wing for you,” he smiled. “You’ll have a personal retinue and your own domain within my castle. You will want for nothing.”
Morgana raised a single eyebrow at his words, placing her hands on her hips. When she spoke, her tone was both unimpressed and unmistakably mocking.
“Will my domain include a chess set? I do like to play, my lord.”
“You will use mine,” Richard replied. “I will have it moved to your chambers. But if you wish, you may bring your Queen.”

Richard tugged on her chin, pulling her head towards him as he leaned in.
“After all… it belongs to me now.”

But Morgana slipped out of Richard’s grasp at the last second. In a soft voice, the budding witch purred:
“No, my lord. Not until the wedding.”

The Crown Prince of Nemeth immediately stepped back, letting go of Morgana as if she was suddenly made out of hot coals.
“Of course. Forgive me.”
“Forgiven,” Morgana smiled. She turned around, looking in the direction of the massive doors.
“Now… if you will excuse me, I believe that we have a celebratory ball to attend.”
“Naturally. Allow me to escort you, my lady.”

She shot him another venomous look as he refused to let her leave alone. The couple began to make their way towards the entrance, with Richard’s arm firmly locked around Morgana’s waist. Arthur watched them go. As the two passed him on their way out, the Crown Prince was suddenly overcome by a strange, morbid thought.

He wondered how long it would take for Richard of Nemeth to be murdered in his sleep.

Growing up, Morgana had learned to exploit every area of the castle ballroom to its fullest. Every part of it could be used for different ends. The bright, dazzling light on the dancefloor. The quiet area beside the buffet. Even the dim, cold corners of the grand hall, where Agravaine liked to skulk around.

But none of those had Morgana’s preference. No, her favourite place to be was right next to the grand piano. Especially when Sarah was playing. Her oldest maidservant had always had her back, for as long as she could remember. But it was more than that. Over the years, that piano had proven to be the perfect cover for conversations that shouldn’t be overheard.

As expected, it did not take Arthur long to leave the dance floor and join her. The two of them always ended up next to that piano at some point – Morgana to re-strategise, and Arthur to recharge. This time was no different. She knew how much her brother disliked these events. She had seen him struggle with the female half of the nobility all evening – and the budding witch couldn’t help but tease him a little for it.
“Are you enjoying your evening, brother?”
“You invited some interesting guests,” the Crown Prince muttered.
“And? What do you think?” Morgana smirked. Arthur let out a sigh. His eyes trailed off to the left as he slowly surveyed the dance floor.
“I think we need to make sure that Lancelot doesn’t go home with the Queen of Northumbria. And one of your guests was drunk. She said I have a ‘nice face’.”
Morgana let out an amused chuckle.
“You do have a nice face. It was meant as a compliment, I’m sure.”

Arthur sighed, crossing his arms as his face pulled into a frown. Morgana had seen that expression on him before. Her brother always made that face when there was something bothering him, and he was trying to find a polite way to say it. But with everything that was going on, Morgana had no patience for that today.
“All right, spit it out. What is it?”

She could see him looking at her from the corner of her eye. It was not going to be a pleasant conversation, she could feel it.
Moments after that thought crossed her mind, her suspicions were confirmed.
“Morgana, why did you drag Gawain into this?”

She slowly exhaled. Morgana knew that that question was going to make an appearance eventually. She also knew that she could not answer it honestly. Not if she wanted to get away after the tournament without anyone becoming suspicious.

She had to lie.

“Why shouldn’t I include him?”
Arthur shot her a disapproving glare.
“He is a commoner.”
“Exactly,” Morgana replied. “And he is a skilled fighter that is fiercely loyal to you. Other commoners look up to him. We can use that. We have a lot of damage to undo from Agravaine’s witch hunt vendetta – if Gawain fights in the tournament, our people will be busy cheering for him instead of calling for your blood.”
“You’re joking, right? That is why you dragged him into this? To use him as a pawn in your games?”
“Yes,” Morgana lied, crossing her fingers behind her back. It wasn’t a complete lie. She really had considered the effect that it would have on the commoners of Camelot. It was a good reason.

It just wasn’t the truth.

It also was not what Arthur wanted to hear. Her brother groaned, rubbing the top of his nose in frustration.
“Dear Watcher, Morgana. You can’t use people like that. They are not pawns. And Gawain should not be in the tournament.”
“Why?” Morgana snapped at him. “Because he’s a commoner? Or because you don’t think he can do it?”
“That’s not what I mean-”
“Because you know he can do it,” Morgana continued, cutting him off as she crossed her arms angrily. “Gawain is a great swordsman. You made him into one yourself. He works harder than anyone here and he deserves a chance to prove himself.”

Morgana lowered her eyes to the ground, the defiant expression slowly being replaced by sadness. When she spoke, her voice was barely audible over the sound of the piano.
“He just wants to be a knight, Arthur. Can’t we give him that? Just once?”
Morgana wasn’t sure if her brother had even heard her. Arthur’s gaze travelled to the other side of the ballroom, where the Kings of Albion had gathered.
“Morrie… you know how idealistic Gawain is. Knights are his image of a hero. But the other nobles are not nearly as progressive as the two of us. I already had to use a great amount of influence to let Gawain join my men, and that was just in Camelot.”

“Think about it-”
“I did-”
“No,” Arthur interrupted her. “You did not. Not in the way you should have thought about it. I don’t know what your angle is, Morgana. But you’ve invited four Kingdoms’ worth of nobles who believe that a commoner’s rightful place is beneath them – and then placed Gawain in the arena as if he is their equal. If they tear him apart over it, it will be on your head.”

Morgana never got the chance to reply to him. At that moment, the large, double doors of the ballroom suddenly opened. The royal siblings watched in surprised confusion as two armoured knights walked in, followed by the royal usher. He scraped his throat, unfolding his lengthy list of guests. Morgana raised a single eyebrow at the sight.
Wait. Didn’t they already have everyone here?
The usher triple-checked his list before making the announcement, in a loud tone that even drowned out the grand piano.
“And now presenting! His Royal Highness, King Cenred of Essetir!”

That instantly got the attention of every single noble in the ballroom. Conversations immediately fell silent as dozens of heads turned. Even the music halted, abruptly stopping on an eerie note. From where she stood, Morgana could easily see people’s expressions. As the newcomer came into view, she noticed the crowd’s curiosity very quickly turning to suspicion and anger.

Everyone realized the truth at the same time.

Whoever Cenred of Essetir was… he was not a member of their allied Kingdom’s nobility.

He was not one of them.

For the first time in decades… the court of Albion had been invaded by a complete stranger.

From the corner of her eye, Morgana suddenly noticed the reaction of one person in particular.

Her future husband-to-be.


A devious smirk spread across Morgana’s lips.

The new King of Essetir suddenly became even more interesting.

“Well? Are you going to greet our new guest, or should I?”
“Where is his entourage?” Arthur muttered, ignoring his sister. “His guards? His nobles? Why is he alone?”
“Perhaps our new royal ally simply prefers solitude.”
“Not possible,” the Crown Prince replied, his voice rapidly growing suspicious. “You can’t travel all this way all by yourself. This has to be some kind of trick.”
“Would you like for me to go ask him? Someone has to keep us from looking like neglectful hosts, after all.”
“No- wait, Morgana-“

But the lure of the unknown was too strong. Before Arthur could protest, Morgana had already begun walking towards him, attracted to the man in front of her like a bee to honey. She could see King Uther do the same thing – but with much, much more reluctance in his step.

“King Cenred,” Uther said. “We were beginning to think that you were not coming. It is an honour to welcome you to Camelot.”

The Iron King’s words were polite – but even Uther could not hide the clear hostility that echoed from every corner of the ballroom. Behind his back, the kings of Nemeth, Mercia and Wessex all glowered at the newcomer, anger and suspicion dripping from every inch of their expressions. At that moment, everyone in the ballroom shared the exact same thoughts.

Who the hell are you?
Why have we not heard of you before now?
Did you murder the King of Essetir? What did you do with the Princes?

And, more than anything else…

Who in Watcher’s name do you think you are? A stranger to all of us, brazenly claiming a King’s crown?

But Uther voiced none of those questions. Instead, the Iron King merely asked:
“If I may – where are the Princes of Essetir?”
“Delayed,” Cenred answered, barely acknowledging the glares and scowls that were being thrown his way. “I travelled ahead. Tardiness is bad form, after all.”

It was not the answer that Uther had been looking for. It was barely an answer at all. But the King of Essetir did not offer any further explanation. Morgana could see him straighten his back, silently staring Uther down. Daring the Iron King to challenge his words. Morgana could hear a few gasps from the crowd in reaction to their sudden, intense power play. The tension in the room became almost unbearable.

Morgana instinctively felt like she had to step in. She came to a halt behind Uther, softly calling out to him with her arms folded behind her back.

Her voice abruptly snapped Uther out of the silent stare-down with Cenred, and back into his mask of politeness.
“Of course. King Cenred. May I introduce my daughter, Morgana.”

She gave Cenred a polite bow, already formulating a dozen strategies in her head about the conversation that was sure to follow.
“It is an honour to finally meet…”


As Morgana made eye contact with the person in front of her, the budding witch could feel a strange sensation. A chill ran down her spine, paired with a sense of something else – something that Morgana couldn’t identify. The sorceress blinked, briefly taken aback.
Something about this man felt… oddly familiar.

“And this is my son, Crown prince Arthur.”
“Ah, yes,” Cenred spoke, completely disregarding Arthur as his eyes remained locked on Morgana. “I believe congratulations are in order. May I be so bold as to request a celebratory dance?”
“O-of course,” Morgana replied, genuinely taken aback by the offer. As he took her hand, she tried to read the man in front of her – and realized to her growing surprise that she couldn’t. Cenred’s mask did not give away a single tell.
That was not good.

But this was Morgana’s ballroom. Her territory, carefully shaped and decorated to aid her in every manipulation or power play that she wanted to perform.

This was her lair.

So why was it that, as soon as Morgana looked into those cold, grey eyes… she suddenly felt oddly out of her depth?

As they bowed to each other, her face inches away from his and their eyes locked on to one another, Morgana suddenly felt it again. A strange, almost tangible sense of… what was it? The sorceress couldn’t put her finger on it. She knew that she had felt this before.
The next second, it didn’t matter anymore. King Cenred spoke to her in a voice that was soft enough so only Morgana could hear him. With a smirk, he asked:
“Tell me… how strong is that mask of yours?”

Do not let him intimidate you.

She had dealt with types like this before. She knew how to handle them. Morgana’s expression mirrored Cenred’s perfectly as the budding witch smiled back at her dance partner, accepting his challenge.
“Stronger than yours.”

The King of Essetir chuckled at her answer. He softly took her hand in his as his other arm covered the small of her back. The two began to twirl around the massive dance floor, surrounded by a ring of people. But the rest of the world suddenly felt strangely distant. Morgana could feel the angry glares of the nobles around her vanish, drowned out and completely forgotten as she looked up at the person in front of her.
At that moment, a completely new game began.

Morgana had formulated a dozen strategies in her head. She was highly practiced and confident in all of them. But in that moment, every single one of them vanished like snow on a summer’s day. As they spun around in circles, Cenred barely touching her as he expertly guided Morgana across the dance floor… the budding witch could suddenly hear a voice inside of her head. A deep, powerful, confident voice, drowning out every thought that she had and speaking directly to her soul.

I know what you are.

And Morgana finally realized.

She finally understood just what it was she had felt.

And why that feeling was so, so very familiar.

Morgana slowly exhaled.

Bring it on, sorcerer.


16 thoughts on “2.26 – Play Your Role

  1. The sun rises and our favourite Camelot royals, plus King Other welcome some guests who look over-the-moon to be there. The knights pause from mucking about in the swirling autumnal leaves to look bored for the arriving party, before going for a big piss-up in the local pub, thoroughly earning their salaries. It is noted that Gawain has pants of (presumably) both English and American varieties.

    Meanwhile, some familiar ladies have arrived in their finery, implying that they are also nobles, here for the festivities and not just gate crashers from other worlds. The men are standing around, probably talking about the ladies who have just arrived and arguing over who gets to dance with who.

    The sun is setting, which means it has taken Morgana a whole day to get dressed, and then at the last minute she decides to wear something else. Guinevere is happy to oblige, but Sarah tells Morrie she is a pain in the bum and she doesn’t have time for this rubbish; she has horse sausages to prepare, for some reason.

    Gawain has had one too many cream sodas and is having a little sleep on a bench. He is still dressed, although the scene ends there and his buddies did not seem sympathetic to his state, suggesting that he might have been tied to a lamppost naked afterwards. Or he might have gone home. We may never know.

    Arthur is hanging out with the horses. He’s been waiting there most of the day but no mysterious pies have materialised in the stable. He’ll try again tomorrow.

    Night has arrived and has brought words with it, meaning my brain can stop filling in the blanks and start misreading the text instead.

    Engagement… bah. All the money and all the power and they’re still worthless people. I just feel bad for everyone here. “It belongs to me now.” Oh fuck off, Richard. I was going to censor that, but it’s next to a picture that contains all of my least favourite characters, so now I’m angry. Don’t murder him in his sleep! Do it while he’s awake and then you can watch him wriggling.

    Ah, so no man was man enough for our gothic noblewoman, who is twirling around with the newly engaged Morgana. Who has Arthur got his hands on? She looks oddly familiar, I hope she’s been well-fed prior to this event. Mr.ExcessiveSignature and Aggro have had a falling out; Lionel refused to dance with Aggro, even though the priest wore his prettiest dress for the occasion. Lionel said that Aggro was too needy. Aggro called Lionel a potato and now they’re not speaking, but no one else cares.

    Who got drunk and said Arthur had a nice face? That sounds like the kind of thing I would… never mind. It WAS a compliment, Arthur. Call me. 😘

    Gah… GAH. I have a bad feeling about Gawain in this tournament, no matter what Morgana’s intentions were. I’m gonna be dwelling on this for the rest of the chapter and — oh, hello Cenred. Don’t trust my virtual face; that’s how Snuffy looks when she’s very pleased to see someone. A sorcerer, eh? Telepathy? Well, this will make things interesting. Something for Morgana to do after she’s scalped Richard? HAHA OMG, I’ve just noticed Foamy’s face in that picture, two from the end. I’m definitely not the only one spying something unspoken there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xDDDDD I read your comment three times over and it’s still making me laugh. I should do silent segments more often. The commentary is more hilarious than what I can come up with. xD Poor Gawain, forever remembered for falling asleep drunk without pants while gatecrashing another world.

      I let the preparations for the dance scene happen on autonomy. Whoever they talked to first would be their dance partner. Lancelot immediately started talking to Plumbob and Snuffy passed six other people on her way to Arthur who was all the way on the other side of the room. Mercury seemed to dislike everyone and just went to chat with Morgana, instead. LOL Lionel and Aggro. I’m dead. xD

      Whoa, so the trick to making you swear is to put Uther, Agravaine and Richard into one picture? Good to know. Luckily that is never going to happen again. And definitely not in a worse setting. Nope. Nuh-uh.

      Arthur tried calling you, but then he realized that he does not have a phone in my world. He’s trying mail by universe-hopping messenger hawk next.

      Haha, good to see that Cenred and his telepathic ways managed to distract you. Or Mercury, looking like someone just stole her cookies, more like. She made that expression all on her own, too. Ah, getting everyone together was a nightmare but so much fun at the same time. ❤


  2. Incoherent stream of thought comment incoming 😁 Those sunsets and sunrises above the castle are beautiful. Morgana is such a knockout. The knights in the pub having fun are giving me a bad feeling, like a calm before the storm. My positivity lasted long, haha. Looks like Arhtur shares my thoughts on Gawain taking part in the tournament too. Don’t you dare hurt poor precious Gawain!

    Ooh, the tea party have arrived, yay! Aww, Plumbob is dancing with Lancelot, yay! They seem to be having a whale of a time! Ooh, I get to be queen? I’m sure she won’t lure Lancelot away for the night. Maybe wait a couple of years till the next tournament, haha.

    Love the picture of Arthur with his horse, one of the few moments he gets to just get to be himself, no expectations. His thoughts going back to Gwen are are heartbreaking, all the more so because Mithian does seem nice. Wonder what she thinks about her brother. Ha, I wondered the same thing about Richard being murdered in his sleep when the engagement was first announced. We’ll see if Morgana actually makes it to his castle, mind. But oof, Morgana’s look when Cenred walks in is terrifying.

    Oooh, he is a sorcerer as well? Makes me wonder, does Richard know all of his new allies are magical? Hm…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I love incoherent stream of thought comments ^^ Haha, I love playing dress-up with Morgana. Everything looks good on her. And sunsets/sunrises in TS4 really are! I didn’t realize that the game was that pretty but dang, they did those very very well. Nobody is allowed to hurt the precious cinnamon roll! =( … is what I would say but I’ve already crossed that line once. Oops.

      Haha, yes, you got to be Queen! You also had arguments with half of the people in that room, though I’m pretty sure that’s one of my mods misbehaving and not sim-Plumbob’s actual character. Lancelot talked to you first, though, so that became your dance partner. =3

      Who knows if she’ll make it there? She’s planning on skedaddling as soon as she can, so poor Richard might be having someone carry that chess set all the way across the castle for nothing…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I didn’t think about Arthur x Mithian, lol, but Mithian seems nice, haha. What would Guinevere think, though? Probably not positive thoughts.

    “He wondered how long it would take for Richard of Nemeth to be murdered in his sleep.”
    I think, just maybe, the next chapter will be about his funeral. xD Just another wild prediction of mine. 😉 Though would that go well with Morgana’s plans? Probably not. xD

    Hmm, this reminds me when Morgana was kidnapped as a child. Were they actually trying to rescue her and bring her to the magic land? I think so, since the guy could do magic. Does Cenred had something to do with that? HmmMMmm…

    Also funny how every noble (including Arthur) looks angry or worried in the background while they’re dancing joyfully since they don’t know Morgana or Cenred are magic users, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oof, they’re probably not, no. Seeing your crush get engaged to someone else has got to hurt in any story. Especially after they’ve rejected you once already.

      Haha, maybe! With the amount of hatred that there is for poor Richard, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets thrown into the bin by my readers, along with Lionel, Uther and Agravaine. xD

      Perhaps he did… and perhaps he didn’t. I would be more specific but that would be spoilers and my gnome attorney looks at me angry whenever I give away spoilers.

      They definitely do not know, no! Woof, the chaos that would cause. Half of them were cheated into being angry, but the other half was uncomfortable/tense/feeling bad all on their own. On-set, this happened way down in the basement, it was a very cold day and I accidentally forgot to install a thermostat. So while Morrie and Cenred were dancing, everyone else was in the process of slowly freezing to death. Oops.


  4. Aww your pictures are so beautiful! How many sims did you have to include in your household? Must be mad getting them all in place. Who’s the sad noble lady? Probably has the same mind as I do, that this whole double ceremony is doomed for a disaster 😀

    Gah this chapter has been my nightmare since the start of Chapter 2 lol. I guess it’s good that I ripped it like a band aid. The pics of Richard and Morgana are painful to look lol. At least Agra is providing some humor in the background. Idk if he’s scowling at Morgana or Richard, but I’m sure if he’s resentful of both of them, there’ll be more for Richard (for now). And speaking of background characters, look at me dancing with Morgana 😀 Which noblehouse is Mercury from again?

    Poor Mithian though. She has a snake of a brother and now stuck in a loveless marriage. Hope Arthur legalizes divorce or something. Which seems impossible given ToC’s prejudice against commoners, let alone the sanctity of marriage.

    Arthur seems to let fear drive his decisions while Morgana by opportunity. Granted it’s not exactly the truth, but their arguments stem from two opposite extremes.

    Ok. Cenred. I hope you’re not a commoner. Cuz I’m rooting for Gawain to be the change Camelot needs. And you and your lack of customs and manners will probably tip the scale to the extreme and make everyone resistant of change. Go away. Such bad timing this guy. Also still think he’s that kidnapper from eons ago. Has my instant dislike.


  5. I love the story of the intro pics < 3 Especially love what I assumed to be Gawain possibly passing out drunk and sleeping on a bench unless I'm missing something : P The wedding hall is so pretty!

    Morgana is going to play Richard Slimeball of Nemeth so hard and it's going to be great. Everyone thinks they have the upper hand with Morgana, none of them ever do ; ) (I'm wondering if I might change my nickname for him to Crown Prick of Nemeth…)

    My heart legit bleeds for Arthur, I want to hug him and Gwen! He and Gwen ought to be together…I wonder if he'll get cold feet and call the wedding off? What a scandal that'd cause though… Oh well, screw Uther, I want Arthur to be happy! ''He wondered how long it would take for Richard of Nemeth to be murdered in his sleep.' With a bit of magic, not long! (DoitMorgana)

    That's a thought, if the nobles make Gawain into a laughing stock it'll only ruin the confidence he's spent years building up. HEY Cenred really looks like Crown Prick of Nemeth to me…Morgana may feel out of her depth with Cenred, but she's stronger than him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gawain, Elyan and Lancelot getting drunk at the tavern was a lot of fun to shoot. I had a lot more pictures than that, because I had them actually drink from the juice bar and they kept making the most hilarious drunken faces.

      Crown Prick of Nemeth. That’s going on his character bio, lol. Morgana does like to let people think they have the upper hand, right before she pulls out the rug from under them. We’ll see how long she can keep up that strategy. Bwahaha, casually encouraging spousal murder, I see 😂 yup. I like you. You fit right in. 🤭

      Arthur is not in a great place in this chapter. He’s being pulled in all kinds of directions except the one that he actually wants to go. He’s right to be worried about Gawain, too – one of the other readers put it pretty nicely before that Morgana sees opportunity where Arthur sees risk.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Would I encourage something like that??? Really??? (In this case yes 😛 ) YES that reader is exactly right, that’s the best way to put it. (Imagine if I had the ability to be succinct like that XD)


  6. Cenred’s scar looks recent… Random question, but is he 10-ish years older than Morgana? It seems like he was teen/YA-looking when she was a kid or I could just be making things up. But, surely, Uther knows him fairly well. His family keeps so many secrets from one another. It’s nuts, but makes for lots of fun twists. Hmm… Anyway, I hope Arthur was able to enjoy himself at the party even though I really want him to become a more active participant in his own life. Morgana always seems to be doing things. She’s thinking all the time and planning x, y, and z, while life largely just seems to happen to Arthur who only takes initiative at others’ pushing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh, well-spotted! That’s because it is recent. His age would be spoilery, so I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you hanging on that one. Uther does not know him well, though. He does not know him at all. That’s why the nobles in the ballroom are all acting so hostile – they don’t recognise him. He has the endorsement of all three princes, yet he has never attended court himself.

      You’ve singled out one of Arthur’s weaknesses 🤭 he’s grown up with family members pushing him around for their own ends, and now he’s used to Morgana doing and solving things for him. It’s a tough habit to break. It’s a weakness he’s inherited from me – took me a while to stop going along with what others wanted from me and set my own goals, too. Most of my main cast’s traits are things I struggled with in the past or am still dealing with today. Inspiration from what’s familiar, and all 😆


      1. Interesting. If Uther doesn’t know him at all (as in has never seen him), my theories are just wrong. 😀 Haha. Anyway, it’s smart to put a part of yourself in a lot of the cast. It really does make them more relatable and realistic. I’ve been setting goals and trying to demand things since I was a toddler, which means that I wasn’t the easiest kid to handle… and makes Arthur’s perspective different and kind of new-ish to me, but I can definitely understand it given how much of his life was basically determined for him from birth.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hehe, I bet you were one determined toddler 🤭 That’s night and day compared to Arthur (and Guinevere, and by extension me, bwahaha) “If you do not make decisions, others will decide for you” rings very true for anyone.


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