Chapter 2.35 – A Promise Fulfilled

Ahh… we’re here, guys. The final chapter in arc 2. For everyone who has made it this far, thank you so much. It means the world to me. See you on the other side.

Also, thank you MercuryFoam for the knight’s poses!

Time passed.

By pure luck, Bayard’s blade had missed Lancelot’s heart. The three knights were kept under careful surveillance by Gaius, until all three of them were declared to be out of mortal danger.
Their road to recovery would be a long one.

And their injuries had consequences. As soon as he found out, the King of Mercia threatened the kingdom of Camelot with war, enraged over the assault on his oldest son. Morgana and Arthur were forced to resort to every trick in the book to keep the peace-

Right after they explained what had happened to Uther, whom Arthur had purposefully kept in the dark.

To say that the Iron King was displeased was an understatement.

War with Mercia was barely avoided. Deals were made, and relationships were strengthened, manipulated or coldly broken apart. Over the course of the next week, things slowly returned to normal. Most of the Court of Camelot remained blissfully unaware of just how close they had been to annihilation.

Those who did know… would never forget again.

Arthur and Morgana had climbed up to the city’s ramparts, looking out towards the distant horizon. A thoughtful silence lay between them. They were each lost in their own thoughts, processing everything that had happened. Everything they had learned. Everything they wished they hadn’t. And everything that they still did not know.

That unknown now felt heavier than ever.

Since that night… Cenred of Essetir was nowhere to be found.

“Morrie… do you think he’s an enemy?”

Morgana looked away, avoiding eye contact with her brother. The Crown Prince had expected her to reply in the same way that she always did – with encouragement, or scathing warnings.
But her answer ended up surprising him.
“To you? Or to me?”

“Both, of course.”

A small silence fell. Then, his sister let out a long, weary sigh.
“… I don’t know.”

That afternoon, Arthur Pendragon came to a halt just outside of the entrance to the church hall. The Crown Prince took a deep breath. In the back of his mind, Arthur could hear the echoing voices of Gawain and Guinevere.

“You need to care about your people. All of them, not just the nobles. You can’t be like your uncle. Promise me that you won’t become like that. You have to be a king that does right by his people.”
“Even witches get buried, my lord. They’re still people.”

They were right.
They had always been right.

It was time to keep his word.

As the Crown Prince stepped forward, he could feel his nerves fade away. His heart stopped pounding. A strange sense of calm washed over him as Arthur felt his anxiety evaporate, transforming into a cold, steely resolve. Arthur made his way through the stone hall with purpose. The sound of his boots echoed across the chamber, bouncing off the walls and loudly announcing his presence.

He found his uncle at the altar, as always.

“Arthur,” Agravaine greeted him, not bothering to turn around. “If you’ve come to attend the sermon, I’m afraid that it has been cancelled-”

But the Crown Prince cut him off.
“I’m not here for a sermon. I’m here for you.”

That got his attention. The Jacoban priest turned around, placing his book on the altar behind him as he raised his eyebrows at his nephew. Arthur could see that familiar, calculating gleam in his eyes. He straightened his back in response.
“…Very well,” the royal adviser spoke, giving him a single nod. “How can I help you, Arthur?”

The Crown Prince wasted no time in getting to the point.
“I will keep this short and simple. I am taking over part of your responsibilities.”
“…Excuse me?”
“Starting today,” Arthur continued, “any investigation regarding the use of sorcery will go through me. You will not arrest, interrogate or execute anyone suspected of sorcery without my permission again.”

The Crown Prince could see a brief flash of irritation cross his uncle’s face – a faint glimmer of anger, quickly hidden behind his priestly mask. Agravaine shook his head at him.
“…As I said, Arthur, if you disagree with my methods, then feel free to take your reservations up with the King-”

But Arthur cut him off again. This time, his voice was cold and unyielding, not showing a single trace of his usual youthfulness.

The Crown Prince rose to his full height, calmly looking at the man before him. In that moment, Arthur Pendragon greatly resembled his father. A sense of absolute authority radiated off of him, rivalling that of the Iron King. That same dominance lay in his eyes, their gaze burning into the person before them. That same strict, unyielding tone amplified his voice.
But where Uther’s authority was fuelled by wrath and fear, his son felt no rage. No anger. The Crown Prince did not need it.
In time, Arthur’s cold determination would become his greatest weapon.

“Agravaine du Bois. Allow me to clarify your position, so that you do not misunderstand. You are not talking to your nephew. You are not speaking with the Prince.”

“You are addressing your future. And you shall do as it commands, or it will leave you in the past. Permanently.”

Arthur watched as a crack appeared in Agravaine’s carefully cultivated mask. For a split second, an expression of absolute rage shone through, as the Jacoban priest balled his fists in response to his words.

Then, that moment passed. His uncle lowered his head, bowing to Arthur in resignation.
“…Yes, Your Highness.”
“Good,” Arthur replied. “I expect your reports on my desk first thing in the morning. All of them. You will never arrest, interrogate or execute someone suspected of sorcery, without my permission, again. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Your Majesty.

Agravaine had never called him by that title before.

It felt heavy.

Back in the courtyard, two figures could be seen underneath the branches of the large ash tree.
“Sit still.”

It was a familiar sight for many of the guards. Ever since they were children, Morgana had taken it upon herself to keep track of Gawain’s injuries.
This day was no different.

The princess was kneeling in between the fallen autumn leaves, positioned directly in front of Gawain. She knew that it was not a dignified look. Or proper. But there was nobody around – and if she was being completely honest, the sorceress didn’t really care.
When it came to Gawain, she never did.
“I told you, I’m fine, Mor. It barely hurts when I talk.”
“I don’t care,” Morgana replied, her voice strict. “I’m looking at it anyway. Now stop fidgeting and sit still.”

She grabbed onto his chin, gently lifting his head as she examined the cut on his lip.
“Do you think it’ll scar? Gaius thinks it’ll scar,” Gawain said. The young redhead couldn’t help but smile a little at the idea, much to Morgana’s chagrin. She huffed at his expression.
“Yes, Gawain. It will leave a scar. And you’re not supposed to be happy about that.”
“But it’s a battle scar! All the veteran knights have battle scars. Sir Betrand did. And sir Bedivere. And Elyan, too. Did you know? He has one running all the way across his thigh!”
Morgana huffed.
“I am not interested in Elyan’s thigh.”

Gawain chuckled. Then, his expression fell. Morgana could see his eyes cloud over.
She did not have to guess what he was thinking about.
“Do you think he’ll be able to walk again?” Gawain muttered.
“I don’t know. I hope so.”
“Gaius said that it was really bad.”
“I’m sure that they’re doing everything they can for him, Gawain. Have some faith in our physician. Gaius can heal almost anything, remember?”
The young redhead let out a sigh. When he spoke, it sounded like he was trying to convince himself as much as anything.
“Yeah… yeah, you’re right.”

Morgana finished her examination. She stepped back, reasonably satisfied with what she’d found.
“It’s healing well,” she said. “As long as you take care of it, you should stop feeling pain very soon.”
“Oh, I don’t know. Probably by the time you have a proper beard,” she teased. Her mouth curled into a smile as she poked at the hairs on his chin. The young redhead frowned.

“Does it look dumb? I’ll shave it off if it looks dumb.”

“Not at all,” Morgana answered. “I like it. It makes you look manly.”

That was the right answer. Morgana watched as the insecurity vanished from Gawain’s face, instantly replaced by relief.
“Heh. Thanks, Mor.”

“Are you ready for today?”
“I think so,” Gawain nodded. “Marcus said that lots of people are coming to watch. Half of the tavern placed bets yesterday night, and apparently we’re not supposed to gamble with that much money, so it’s all being paid in ale afterwards.”
Gawain frowned, thinking back on the previous night.
“But… they didn’t tell me who they bet on. I wonder-”
“Of course they’re betting on you,” Morgana replied, quickly cutting off his train of thought.
“You think so?” Gawain asked with a nervous smile on his face. The budding witch gave him an encouraging nod.
“I know so. You’ve worked really hard to get this far, and everyone knows it. Of course they’re going to be cheering for you.”
“What about you? Are you going to cheer for me?”

The hopeful, almost puppy-like expression melted Morgana’s heart like snow on a warm summer’s day.

“Are you kidding? Of course I’m going to cheer for you.”
“Wait, really? But… what about Arthur?”
The princess let out an amused chuckle.
“Gawain, did you forget who you represent in the tournament? I love my brother, but right now, we are enemies. Of course I’m going to cheer for my own knight. Plus, Arthur is used to getting scathing comments from me. He can handle it.”

“Oh, yeah,” Gawain answered. “You always did that when we were children, too. He didn’t mind it back then, either. Arthur was a good teacher, too. Do you remember when he gave me a whole dummy to practice on?”
“Oh, I remember,” Morgana said, a teasing smile spreading across her face. “You were so cute with your little wooden sword. You and Arthur used to talk about what changes you’d make to when you were adults. Remember? You wanted Arthur to banish every bully from the kingdom, and Arthur wanted a mandatory pastry buffet… what was it? Every Tuesday?”
Gawain chuckled at the memory.
“Yeah. I’m not sure about the bully plan, but I think Arthur might still try to get that pastry buffet.”

The young redhead stood up from the bench, looking at the leaves falling from the tree above him. There were only a few left. Very soon, the tree would be completely barren, and Winter would set in. The world around them would go dormant, waiting for the return of Spring.
It had been an eventful year.

“To be completely honest… I didn’t think I’d get this far.”

“But you did,” Morgana smiled, getting up from the bench as well. “And you did that all by yourself. Arthur might have taught you, but the skills you have now came from you, and you alone. That is amazing. You should be proud, Gawain.”
The young redhead smiled. He straightened his back, standing just a little taller at Morgana’s praise.
“Oh! That reminds me,” she said, suddenly stepping back. “I have something for you.”

Gawain watched as Morgana reached into her dress, taking out a small, dark blue ribbon. With a smile, she held the item out to him.
“Here. For luck.”

The average commoner was not aware of the different meanings behind gift giving in court – but even Gawain knew what this gesture meant. For a moment, the young redhead looked completely dumbstruck, staring down at the ribbon in Morgana’s hand.

Then, his shoulders sagged. Morgana watched as Gawain deflated. His expression darkened as his face pulled into a dejected, wistful expression. The young redhead let out a sigh. He hung his head.
“Mor… I… I can’t accept this. I’m not a real knight.”

Morgana could see the hurt in his eyes. The sorceress took a step towards him, placing a single hand on his arm. When she spoke, her words came straight from the heart.

“Yes, you are. Gawain. Listen to me. You have as much right to this as anyone else. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.”
She placed the ribbon into his hand, softly closing his fingers around it.
“Don’t you see?” she spoke, her voice gentle. “You’re one of the bravest, kindest, most selfless people I know. You always jump in to protect people in need, no matter who it is. No matter what happens to you, or how badly you get hurt in the process. If that doesn’t define a true knight, then I don’t know what does.”

A small, heartfelt smile spread across her lips.
“I may not be able to formally knight you, Gawain. But you are a knight to me. You have been ever since you rescued me at the bridge.”

Morgana watched in surprise as Gawain unsheathed his sword. The young redhead sunk through his knees, scattering the leaves on the ground and kneeling before her as his eyes filled with tears.
“Gawain- what-”

But the rest of her sentence never came. It didn’t have to. The words got stuck in her throat as the sorceress finally remembered.

“Nah. When I’m a grownup, I’ll swear fealty to you.”

“I pledge my loyalty to you, lady Morgana,” Gawain spoke, his voice raw with emotion as he placed his hand on his heart. “I swear fealty and service to your name. In peace or in war. In living or dying. My life is yours to command. From this day forward, until you release me…”

“…or I breathe my final breath.”

Morgana was at a loss for words. The sorceress could feel a strange, warm feeling spread through her chest. Her throat closed up. Her vision blurred as she felt her eyes grow misty. She tried to speak – but all she could manage was a teary-eyed chuckle.
“So you did prepare a speech.”

The sorceress stepped forward and placed a hand on Gawain’s shoulder. Her heart leapt at the pure, unwavering trust that lay behind his eyes. He had never looked at her any other way. He had never worn a mask. Not once. Even now, everything about Gawain was completely genuine.

Ever since they met, more than anyone, Gawain had felt real.

And Morgana loved him for it.

“I accept,” she whispered, her voice overcome with emotion. “Of course I accept.”

Morgana couldn’t stop herself. Before she knew it, words started to pour out, washing away her own mask as the sorceress allowed her true emotions to show.
“You’re a wonderful man, Gawain,” she muttered. “You can do anything – never forget that, all right? You’re kind, and strong, and brave, and you have a purer soul than any of us.”

“I want you to remember that. No matter where you go, or who you meet, or what they tell you. I think you’re amazing. I know you’re amazing. Never forget that, all right?”
“I-I won’t,” Gawain croaked. Morgana nodded, a single tear slowly dripping down her cheek.
“Good. Now please get up… sir Gawain.”

He did – but not in the way that she had expected. Gawain ended up catching her by surprise. The young redhead dropped the sword and lunged forward, pulling the sorceress into a bear hug.  Morgana had not anticipated that. She could feel his arms wrap around her and pull her close. She could hear his breathing, breaking into sobs as he held onto her.

He was shaking.

“I don’t want you to leave.”

Oh, Gawain.

Morgana smiled. She pulled his head against her shoulder, stroking his back and making soothing noises as she wrapped her arms around him.
“It’s okay. It’s all right. It’s not forever.”
“I don’t want you to leave. I’ll miss you, Mor.”
“I know,” she muttered. “I’ll miss you too. Don’t worry. I know we’ll meet again.”

I promise.

That afternoon, the Knight’s Tournament was officially resumed. Semifinals were cancelled. With Bayard and Elyan both unfit for battle, the match was declared as a mutual defeat.

That left only the finale.

And, against everyone’s expectations… the unthinkable had happened.

For the first time in two hundred years of history, a commoner was allowed to face off against the reigning Champion.

Arthur Pendragon.

Arthur slowly unsheathed his sword. He had left his usual rapier behind. Instead, the Crown Prince had chosen an old, rusty, well-used blade, damaged and chipped from use. It was no better than a mercenary’s blade.

It was perfect.

“I hear that my sister gave you a gift,” the Crown Prince said, taking a single step forward. He raised his weapon, pointing it directly at his friend as his lips pulled into a smirk.

“Lose this fight, and I take that from you.”

Gawain’s shoulders relaxed. Just like that, the noise from the audience around them faded away. They might have been in the arena- but in that moment, the two of them were back in the courtyard. Sparring with each other and trading quips in the same way that they had beein doing for years. A smile spread across Gawain’s face. He drew his weapon as well, swinging it down as he got into a fighting position. The young redhead let out a chuckle.
“With all due respect, Arthur…”

“Over my dead body.”

A gasp echoed through the crowd above. Nobles pressed their hands against their mouths in shock. Nobody had ever talked to the Crown Prince like that before- and especially not in public. It just didn’t happen. It was unheard of. Dozens of eyes flicked over to Arthur, searching for signs of a noble’s rage-

But it was not anger that lay in Arthur’s eyes.

It was pride.

“Bring it on, muck-spout.”

And he did.

No-one knows the real story of the great King Arthur of Camelot, for there is no such thing as a true tale.

Truth has many faces, and all of them are real.

Truth is like the long, ancient road to Avalon. Where your path takes you, what truth you reach in the end, depends entirely on your own will. Your own mind.

Your own soul.

But this is my truth. My path.

I tell you this tale as Morgana. Priestess of the Isle of Avalon, and one who was once called Morgan le Fay.

Please remember my truth.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ❤

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  1. Eee! What a finale for the arc! It does feel like breathing out a sigh of relief. They do all need a breather, I’m sure. Although somehow I have a feeling it’s just another calm before a storm. Don’t mind me and my doomsday scenarios 😆

    Oh, Uther’s back. Seems like they subdued him with relative ease, surprisingly, I was expecting him to be extremely pigheaded about this and just deny any blame, but his expression in the last pocture suggests otherwise. Of course, we were not quite privy to the conversation, so only time will tell whether he learned anything from this. I suspect not, lol.

    Morgana’s response to Arthur’s question is poignant, she’s right that Cenred’s position on her and on Arthur will likely be an entirely different thing. This would have been the perfect opportunity to tell Arthur about the secret she’d been keeping – his beliefs were already challenged and to some degree proven wrong, there will likely not be amny moments in the future when he will be this receptive again. But alas, of course she doesn’t, boo. I get it, the last thing she wants after after the ordeal they went through and then having to pour efforts into avoiding a war with Mercia is another potential confrontation. But it feels like she’ll never have a better opportunity to come clean than this one. Sigh.

    I’m in two minds about Arthur’s encounter with Aggro. On one hand, it’s powerful to see Arthur making a stand, grow into his own and get Aggro to respect him in his own right. But… how long will that last? This whole undead ordeal had been brought about by ignorance. But Arthur has decided to keep Aggro ignorant. While him ascerting authority like that, demanding the investigation is handed over to him, is a strong mood that elicited a strong reaction in the moment, without the proper whys, an actual explanation, I can already see Aggro plotting behind Arthur’s back. He can easily say he’s not “technically” executing people in an official capacity, but I’m sire he can find loopholes and make his moves in the shadows, probably all the while whispering under his breath what an ungrateful brat Arthur is. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

    “I am not interested in Elyan’s thigh.” That line made me laugh out loud for some reason. I think I needed a laugh 😃 Morgana and Gawain’s moment was extremely touching. You can add them to the “not-awful” relationships list 😆 I was moved when he pledged himself to her, such a big moment for them. I bet it will have long lasting consequences, that exchange. I wonder what Gawain will do if there’s ever a clash between his orders when it comes to his loyalty to Arthur and his pledge to Morgana. (I say if, when I actually mean when, but don’t mind doomsday me 😆)

    Gawain wins the whole tournament, woo! I think the common folk needed that, hopefully them seeing the royal family let the “commoner” win the whole thing will make them fonder of the royal family again. I almost wonder if Arthur let him, but I don’t think so, I think Arthur wanted Gawain to win, but wanted him to win fairly and earn the champion’s title. Also, they better get him knighted for realisies now!

    Heh, that shot of Lionel. He’s made so few appearances, but his misfortune pleases me, haha. Aww, a cupcake from Gwen ❤️ I wonder what was in the letter.

    Aha, so Cenred IS a dragon! I knew it… He’s smiling, so clearly he feels whatever objective he had in Camelot has been accomplished. If it wasn’t, he could have easily stayed on without rousing suspicion (in fact not staying is what was more suspicious, but he doesn’t seem to care). That would suggets the only reason he came in the first place was Morgana. Hm. Need more information.

    “Truth has many faces, and all of them are real.” I love that line. Aww, congrats on finishing the first arc – though I know we’ll still have the epilogue. Here’s to hoping my weird doom and gloom above is not justified 😅

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    1. Haha, you and your doomsday glasses 😁I would say there’s nothing to worry about, but I’ve already pulled the rug out from under you once before, so I can imagine you won’t believe me at this point 😂

      Who knows? Maybe Uther decided to turn over a new leaf and become a magic-loving, people-pleasing, tree-hugging teddybear! Or maybe not. 🤣

      I see you are just itching for confrontational drama, haha. You’re right, though – it would have been a very good moment for it, and another moment like that may never come again. But would it have had the desired outcome?

      Ooooh, that’s a very good point. It’s one thing to change how you do things, but if you don’t understand the reasons why, it’s a total toss-up on whether it will really stick or not. And right or wrong, Arthur was definitely strong-arming his uncle there.

      Hey! Made you laugh! That’s one point for me 😁 And yay, our not-awful relationship list grew a little bit! It’s still woefully short in the romance section, though. Maybe the next season of BC can add to that, hmm? 😉

      Lionel was supposed to have more scenes originally, but I ended up cutting him out a lot and replacing him with other people. No regrets, though it makes the banner look a bit odd in retrospect. Oh, well.

      Haha, yup! You called that one pretty quickly 😁 There’s five in total at the moment, and you guys have seen… 3 so far, I believe.

      I really believe that, at least for some things. In my head truth is a Schrodinger’s cat box, and as long as we can’t prove what really happened, every version of it is true. Even if they contradict each other. Which one you choose to believe is entirely up to the individual.

      Thank you so much for making it all the way to the end with me! ❤ I hope the next roller coaster won’t disappoint either, hehe. Still have to make it, though – turn the sketches into proper blueprints, carve a new dragon ride, all that fun stuff. Let my game recover after all the abuse that I threw at it. That last one may take a little while. 😂

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  2. Oooooh my goodness! I just caught up and it’s the season 2 finale? That was EPIC. Ahhhh I loved it so much!! Your screenshots are phenomenal. Just the sheer effort that goes into them is insane… How do you manage to do so much in a short amount of time?
    The writing, too… it had me on edge the whole time. I feel like I’ve been whacked on the head several times today! I hope you’ll be back with the next season soon, because I don’t think I can wait >< My theories are already running wild…
    Also I am VERY in love with Gawain. He's so damn cute!
    (Btw, I think the last chapter might be misnumbered as 3.34 instead of 2.24 🙂 )

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    1. Holy cow, you binged the whole arc in one go? That is amazing 😂 I hope your head is okay from the abyssal cliff dive that was half of this arc, lol. Thank you so much for reading! ❤

      My screenshots are mostly made with determination, copious amounts of medieval swearing when the household count goes past 30 and the occasional ritualistic sacrifice to the fae. The tournament stands were a little overambitious even for me. My gods, the game despised me after that. It's still not back to normal.

      Aw, thank you ❤ I’m really glad you like it. Feel free to share any theories you have, I love hearing people’s thoughts!

      Gawain is a precious cinnamon roll and one of my absolute favourites. Most of the cute faces he makes are all him too, without me needing to pose him or anything. I know you’re not supposed to have a favourite child but dangit, Gawain is it, haha.

      (Ooh, thank you! I totally missed that during spellcheck. Fixed!)


  3. I’m so glad all the knights survived. I wasn’t sure what would become of Bayard; if he was too dead to re-animate or not. Yeah… I can imagine that trying to decapitate his son did not go down too well with the King of Mercia. Hey, so Uther *is* alive! Never mind, still time.

    Uther: You mean to tell me that I have been bum-up in bed during this whole drama?
    Arthur: Father, I—
    Morgana: Daddy; Arthur and I sorted it, we’re very capable. We have avoided war, the tournament is due to conclude—
    Uther: Screw the tournament or the near boring to death of the Prince of Mercia! I’m just annoyed that I’m so far behind on my Simlit!
    Morgana: Fear not, Daddy. I have been reading in your absence and will summarise in due course. Nobody has died, however we will need to purchase some more potatoes.
    Uther: Potatoes?

    So, Cenred has gone. Tell him, Morgana. Tell Arthur your secret while you can, while he’s receptive.
    Morgana: …I don’t know.
    Arthur: How can you not know—
    Morgana: Arthur, I’m a witch.
    Arthur: You *can* be a bit miserable, but you’re hardly a witch, Morrie. Although it must be magic that’s keeping that dress in place. You’re a breath from flashing the kingdom.
    Morgana: Dear brother. Go jump in the lake.

    Yeahhh, my favourite scene with Arthur being all authoritative and Aggro being metaphorically left clobbered on the floor. Lemme just swoon a bit. Aaaaand, I’m good.

    Now we go from swooning to laughing, to sobbing, then laughing, then sobbing again. After Morgana has reapplied Gawain’s lipstick and it’s all jovial you casually drop in that Elyan may never walk again. Then she makes fun of his beard, and he’s being all sweet and puppy-like, then he pledges loyalty to her and then gives her a totally unprofessional bear hug. And now she has to leave. Thanks. My face is wet.

    Yeah! Fighting talk from our little redhead! Putting lippy on always makes me feel like I can take on a king, too.

    In the shadow of the castle ruins, Cenred the Great – who was looking much dustier than previously after digging his way through three thousand feet of dirt because he refused to use doors – turned into a dragon and flitted away. Never to be heard from again. Maybe.

    The crowds gasped in a mixture of delight and horror as Gawain gave Arthur the closest shave he’d ever had, then erupted into shouts of joy. Arthur and Gawain stood side by side, on a lot that had so many sims it was almost painful to look at, celebrating Gawain’s victory, safe in the knowledge that nothing was ever going to go wrong again.

    The sun set over Camelot and Arthur witnessed Lionel running, wounded, after his horse had fought his advances. Arthur couldn’t help but notice the scrumptious little cake on a very medieval-looking plate which had been placed carefully on a hay bale.
    Arthur carefully unrolled the parchment that lay beside, a letter.


    Sorry for trampling on and eating your pie that inexplicably landed in my stable. I made you a cake but it might be rubbish, because I am a horse.

    Love from Llamrei

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    1. Your love for Uther still burns strong, I see 😂 Who knows? Maybe next arc!

      Bwahahaha, now I’m imagining Uther in an old man jumper with reading glasses on, ignoring the whole apocalypse because he’s too busy reading you guys’ stories. And probably grumbling about all of them because he has terrible taste in literature. Yes, Camelot. You need all the potatoes you can get. I’m turning the wheat field into a potato field just so we have enough.

      “You *can* be a bit miserable, but you’re hardly a witch, Morrie.”

      Haha, originally the pose had her hold a piece of cloth, but for some reason it would not show up, and I couldn’t be bothered to re-shoot. Yay, made you laugh-sob! Can’t have the whole chapter be happy, after all. The best sweets have just a bit of sour in them.

      Poor Cenred. Trying to be magicky and mysterious and Snuffy is just not having it. 😂

      72. The game refused to save at some point. Gods I’m glad that the tournament is over. Never again… is what I want to say but I know myself.

      HAHAHAHA 😂🤣 Never mind what’s actually in the letter. Llamrei’s love letter is canon now. 🤣

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  4. I love this ending.
    It is like an ointment on a wound.
    Silence after storm.
    Your pictures are as always very beautiful and they speak their own language and almost make the text superfluous.

    I love watching Arthur’s showdown with Agravaine. You can almost see him grow as he takes the lead.

    Gawain is irresistible. I can not find the right word, but I melt completely when I see his faithful open face. The image of his boyish face is so touching. He swears to Morgana eternal loyalty. Their societal status is so different but their friendship transcends boundaries.

    Gawain wins the tournament over Arthur and Arthur shows his generosity and no arrogance. He shows his respect for the peasant boy in front of the whole people.

    Your photos tell so many stories and I can not comment on them all.
    Let me finish with the scene in front of the barn. Arthur gets his cake eventually.
    A declaration of love despite class divisions. We can only guess what is in the letter.

    You know my mind always desires a happy ending. I was not disappointed.
    Thank you for a very exciting and alluring tale ❤

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    1. Aw, I’m glad you liked it. The light after a lot of darkness definitely tastes the sweetest. Thank you for sticking out the roller coaster with me ❤

      Gawain is the only one in Camelot that’s simple and honest without a hidden agenda. He’s been a cinnamon roll since day one and I adore him for it. 😊

      Yes! Arthur finally got his cake! In-game the sim was so happy he almost cried, haha. I’m very tempted to change the contents of the letter to what is in Snuffy’s comment, since it almost made me roll on the floor laughing. 🤣

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      1. Me too 🤣
        Snuffi’s comment is hilarious and when you look at the picture with the horse it makes so much sense 😂
        I understand you feel tempted.

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  5. Okay. What did Morrie say to Uther to get his face like that? Did she tell Uther about how the kingdom is at fault for bringing forth a demon from the afterlife? Would’ve loved the conversation between them if it were. “All you papa. And that poop Agra and his disgusting hobbies. Btw the demon wanted to go after mom’s coffin so wtf Paps. You didn’t even give mom burial rites? What’s the point of going to war for her if you didn’t…”

    So What DID Arthur and Morgana say to Uther?????

    Ahh.. Arthur all grown up now. There’s going to be consequences for this. Agra has endured being unimportant all his life beside Uther, now he’s just been told he’ll spend the rest of his lousy life in the shadow of his nephew. The next time he cracks I bet its not only his face that does. Even so, I’m glad this happened. It’s bound to happen anyway, unless Arthur plans to be forever under the thumb of his father, then his uncle. No sireeee! Bring it agra! Arthur will fall you.

    Can Morrie heal their injuries? Just wondering because she saved Arthur from death by poison. What about physical injuries?

    Daw. Morgana and Gawain scenes! Gahh! Two chapters in a row. 😭 Morgana’s words. What did she mean by that? Purer soul than all of us? That’s kinda sad that she said that comparatively. I can’t help but look at those words as a mirror against herself now. 😦 Aww, poor Morrie. Morrie needs a hug! I’m so glad Gawain gave her one, even if he doesn’t know that she needs it too. 😭

    Okay. I’m worried now. Cenred’s hair is red. Why has it turned greyish brown? I am going to wish so hard that it’s because he’s pre-transforming into a dragon and that’s why he’s losing his luscious red hair, and it isn’t because the darkness that he currently holds inside him is too much to bear. His dragon form is grey. Crossing fingers and toes that he’s a grey dude all along. But this makes me wonder. Who killed the king of Essetir? If Cenred’s goal was to absorb darkness, I can’t imagine him killing the king. If he didn’t then what did he do to the king’s murderer? If he leaves, who will claim the throne? Do the three princes of Essetir know his true form? Do they know dragons exist? Is that why they allow Cenred to temporarily take the throne?

    Is Lincoln a dragon too? Morrie can absorb darkness too. Is she going to turn into a dragon one day? Aah my head!! All them wacky theories.

    Wait. We know Morgana as Morgana Pendragon. Once called Morgan le Fay? Is le Fay a fancy language for The fairy? So Morgana shapeshifted from her past form into Morgana Pendragon? So those memories she had are rightfully hers but from her past form called Morgan le Fay? So timeline wise it’s Morgan le Fay >>> Morgana Pendragon >>>> Priestess of the Isle of Avalon?

    THAT 70 PPL Screenshot applauding aawww!! I hope you’re proud of yourself as Morgana is to Gawain!!

    Arthur gets a cupcake! Sigh. 😭

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    1. Oof, that would have been a spectacular explosion, yes 😂 I want to say I’ll leave it to your imagination, but multiple people have been asking for that conversation, so I might put it on a page and let you find it at your leisure.

      You have a good point there. Ah, if only Aggro would have stayed in that bog. We’ll have to endure him for a while longer.

      Morrie has been alluded to having some healing magic that she learned from Millicent, and healing Gawain’s scrapes and bruises when he wasn’t looking.

      Haha, I’m sorry for yanking off your emotional armour with those scenes, but also kind of proud. 🤭 Morrie definitely needs a hug sometimes, especially when she says that she doesn’t, and she’s totally fine.

      Interesting train of thought! My lips are sealed here because answering any of the questions in the latter half of your comment dip (or plummet) into spoiler territory and my gnome attorney is holding a tiny hammer and looking very menacing. I like your wacky theories, though! Keep throwing them at me! 😁 Who knows, there might be some truth to them…

      Morgan le Fay can loosely be translated to both “Morgan the Faerie”, and “Morgan of the Faeries”. Which one it is I’ll leave up to your interpretation.

      Aw, thank you ❤ It was worth it for the last episode. Never again though… is what I want to say, but there’s already a scene planned with more people than that. 😂


  6. Good on Arthur for putting his foot down on the sorcery laws with Aggro, and for basically saying ‘Shut the fuck up, I’m your future king, obey me, scumbag.’ : P Gawain’s puppy-like expression is the best way to describe it really, he’s the light in the darkness for almost everyone. I want to hug him so much ;-; I will hug Gawain and Gwen and make them both sandwiches and a cup of tea!

    Aww, Gawain V Arthur! I HAD A FEELING CENRED WAS A DRAGON eeeeeee ;u; This is such a nice ending and I love the pics at the end. (I am still shipping Arthur and Gwen hardcore!)

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    1. “He’s the light in the darkness for almost everyone.” That is a really good way to put it. There’s a lot of darkness in ToC and Gawain (along with some others) are one of the major forces that balance it out. Let’s hope he keeps that light in the future, too. Naww, now I feel like having sandwiches and tea. 😊

      I’m glad you liked it ❤ This was one of my favourite chapters to write. (haha, keep shipping them! Who knows what will happen next arc- they might set sail!)

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  7. Holy hell. I need you to know that it is nearly 2:00 in the morning my time. The fact that I have to get up for work in a few hours was not enough to deter me. I. Could. Not. Stop. Reading.

    I don’t even know if I have the words to even express all feelings. Like. This was…brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I am in awe of your skill and your story is an inspiration 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my. I hope you won’t be too much of a zombie when you have to get up tomorrow (today?) 😅 Thank you so much, I’m so glad you liked it 🙈❤
      Please be careful when stepping off the dragon roller coaster, and don't forget your belongings on the way out. I hope I'll see you in the next one 😊

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      1. Yay! frequent roller coaster visitor 🤩 I cannot wait for BBD season 2!

        Don’t forget to catch the epilogue and bonus chapters, or a lot of things will make way less sense next arc 🤭

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  8. I really liked this chapter! ❤ So sweet.

    But Arthur's meeting with Agravaine went far far too easily for me to be comfortable with it, unless Agravaine feels some type of remorse (which I doubt) or appreciates Arthur (which could be). Agravaine should tell Uther that his teenage son is way out-of-line, thinks he knows better than his father, and is parading around pretending that he's king. He's letting people get away with knocking him out (Gawain punched Agravaine and yet…), hiding crises from the king, etc. Does Agravaine even know what happened?


    1. Your unease there is valid. Agravaine isn’t the type to roll over and accept power being taken away, even if that person is his nephew. But he also has to think about his future. There’s lines he can’t cross without losing everything and turning his future King (and for that matter, his confidente and future queen of another Kingdom) into an enemy is one of them. Agravaine has to pick his battles carefully.


      1. Interesting. Is he that much younger than Uther that he’s confident Uther will die before him or that Arthur will outlive Arthur’s own children? At least, he respects that Arthur is serious, I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Agravaine is a few years younger than Uther, with Uther on the verge of becoming an elder/in the elder life stage and Agravaine about halfway through adulthood. You never know, though. Coups are a thing. So are assassins. Weird diseases, too. Maybe Agravaine is planning on being king himself. Maybe he’s plotting to make Arthur pay for his insolence later, like you said, and only temporarily backed down. All possible. 🤭

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