It just occurred to me that the people not reading the Sims forums don’t know this. Woops! It’s time for a break, guys. I’m taking a breather while the plotline for the next arc takes shape in my head. I’m going to take some time to actually try and play the game normally. Update some things, clean up my mods folder, find out which file is making all my sims shout forbidden words at each other non-stop and ruining their relationships, all that good stuff. At the very least, Arc 3 will not start in April.

That’s not to say there will be nothing in the meantime, though! There’s a few ideas in my head that never ended up making it into the story. Bonus bits, so to speak. See it as light-hearted extras while my brain resets. Some of them are canon (but not all), and they take place all over the timeline. You’ll find them popping up on the Bonus Content page as I make them (next one this Saturday).  

In the meantime, have this! Furbabies being floofy:

Right. That should do it. 😀 Thank you all for joining me on this roller coaster and not jumping out halfway. It means the world to me. See you again soon. ❤

11 thoughts on “BACK SOON(ISH)

  1. Oh! Your Furbabies are so beautiful 😻
    It’s funny to think that my little princess is dyed black from whiskers to foot pads 🐱‍👤

    I wish you a nice and inspiring break 😊

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  2. Yay for the obligatory ‘not dead, just resting’ post!

    Aww the pretty furbabies! The ones of them cuddling make me grin from ear to ear. 😍

    I’d say ‘enjoy your rest’ but I know that your brain is still going crazy. Ooh, I get a suggestion to read a blog called ‘hissing potatoes’ on this post in reader.

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      1. I’m very surprised you’re not well-versed in the psyche of the potato as you have a few in BC. 😆

        At this point, I’d apologise to Yimi about going all off-topic but she’s probably preparing an essay on the nuanced differences between the different kinds of potatoes as we speak.

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      2. Bwahaha, don’t worry, I’m sure I can supply you some sweet potatoes that explode, hiss before, during and after and flip you off just for good measure. Just need to give ’em the right faces. 😁

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    1. LOL hissing potatoes on a post that doesn’t even mention them. WordPress knows what’s up. 🤣

      I’m working in the office this week and my gods do I miss my cuddly furbabies. We have deadlines every day and all I want to go is go home and snuggle with them on the sofa. 😂

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  3. Aww, cat content is excellent content any day in my book ❤ Have fun playing the game (I'm in the middle of a weird Sims 2 renaissance at the minute so I get that urge), and good luck trying to rest your brain 😀

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