3.2 – Good Enough

The setting sun cast a warm, orange glow over the town market as Guinevere made her way home. Today was her day off. She had been looking forward to visiting the market all week, silently filing away recipes in her head that she could try out with the money from her latest salary. She’d been experimenting ever since Arthur had eaten the cupcake. Guinevere was a terrible cook, except for when it came to baking. She had seen Sarah do some incredible things with seasonal fruits and vegetables. The maidservant knew that she would never be as good as her mentor at anything, but maybe, with enough effort, she could make something half-decent.

Guinevere looked down at her basket excitedly, picking up one of the apples that she had just bought. She had always liked apple pie. And it wasn’t that hard to make. Even she could do it. Guinevere could share some with Morgana and Gawain, if she could find them.

If it wasn’t completely terrible… maybe she could even give some to Arthur?

The girl smiled to herself, allowing her mind to wander as she slowly made her way through the market streets. She would never tell Morgana, but part of her was incredibly relieved that she did not end up having to go to Nemeth. She had been dreading it. But she didn’t have to leave now. This way, she could still see h-
Everyone, the girl mentally corrected herself.  This way I can still see everyone. Not just him. And Arthur is busy now. I shouldn’t bother him… right?

But a slice of pie wasn’t a bother, was it? It was just a friendly present. Guinevere shared pies with Gawain and the village children all the time, when her food wasn’t good enough to give to Morgana. That was a friendly gesture, too. This wasn’t any different from that.

Yes. It was exactly the same.

The maidservant slowly trailed around the market fountain, still lost in thought. As Guinevere  passed by the statue of the Watcher, she was snapped back from her wandering thoughts by a familiar face. On the other side of the square, she could see Gawain. The young redhead was without his weapon and uniform for a change.

He also looked incredibly uncomfortable, backed up against a bush and in the process of getting cornered by two women. Guinevere could hear their giggled flirting all the way from the other side of the street, followed by Gawain’s awkward, stammered answers.

“Look, I, err- I really appreciate this, but-”
“Oh, but we insist! Anything for the new Champion of Camelot,” the redhead next to him purred. The other woman quickly jumped in with:
“And what a champion we have! Just look at those strong, toned arms. You must be a real hit with the ladies.”

“Err… no, not really. But-”
“Are you saying you’re single?” the brunette replied, her smile immediately widening at the word. “A good-looking stud like you? Now that’s just a waste.”
“And with such a strong title, too. A good number of us would do anything to spend a night with the Champion of Camelot.”
“I don’t think-”
“Don’t worry, we can teach you if you’re inexperienced,” the redhead smiled in a low, sultry tone. “We’re very good at what we do. A few nights, and you’ll have the bed prowess to match that new title of yours.”

Guinevere could see Gawain take another step back.
“I- err, I really have to go now- to train-”

But they wouldn’t let him leave. Gawain’s expression changed from awkward to downright uncomfortable as the nearest lady matched his movement, cornering him even further.
“You’re so hard-working, Gawain. So heroic. We’ll come watch. We’ll cheer you on during your workout.”
“And afterwards, we’ll give you a different kind of workout,” the brunette smirked, trailing a finger up and down his chest. “You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure. Would you like that?”
“Err- I, uh-

Guinevere saw Gawain’s head whip towards the market, looking for a way to escape. The young redhead almost immediately spotted her. He locked onto her like a drowning victim locked onto a piece of driftwood. The two of them made eye contact. Gawain didn’t say anything – but he didn’t have to. The expression on his face spoke volumes. Guinevere immediately, instinctively, understood what message he was sending her.


And she did.

Guinevere’s time in Camelot had proven fruitful in many ways. In her months of working as a servant, she had learned more than just housework. The maidservant had ended up picking up a few new things from watching Sarah and Morgana – one of which was deception. She wasn’t very good at it. Morgana still saw straight through her whenever she tried it. But the two of them were good teachers. Guinevere had learned to pretend – at least a little bit.

With a loud clattering, Guinevere’s fruit basket fell on the ground, spilling the contents all over the dirty cobblestone road and sending red apples scattering everywhere.  

The maidservant brought her hands up to her mouth in response, gasping in the same exaggerated, fake-surprised way that her mistress had mastered to perfection. When she spoke, her voice carried all the way across the square.
“O-oh, no.”

The ruckus caught the attention of the group on the other side of the street – and Gawain immediately made use of it. He stepped away from the woman’s outstretched fingers, pushing his way through them with a hastily muttered:
“Oooh, look at that! Sorry, I need to go helpokaybye!”

The young redhead bolted, darting as far away as possible before either of them could protest. Guinevere could see the two of them look on with stunned confusion as he hightailed it through the square, even looking back to see if they were following him. The sight made the maidservant chuckle.  She quickly sunk down and started gathering her spilled apples.

It did not take Gawain long to reach her. The young redhead knelt down right in front of her, grabbing one of the apples from the ground and holding it up.

“Here. Let me help.”

Guinevere watched as Gawain placed a handful of apples into her basket. Any thought of future apple-bruised, imperfect pie went out the window at the silent wink and the large, warm smile playing on his face.
“Thanks, Guin. You’re a lifesaver. Really.”

Gawain ended up escorting Guinevere back to the castle under the rays of the setting sun. It was his day off, too. The young redhead had planned to go visit his family after a quick stop at the market – but that had turned into almost an entire afternoon of being stalked – first by tournament fans, and then by the two women.  

“They just wouldn’t go away!” Gawain said, exasperated. “They followed me through the whole market! I tried standing near the fish trader to let the smell make them leave, but that didn’t work, either. I said that I had to go train twice, and they still wouldn’t leave me alone! They even said that they’d come watch!”
“You don’t want people to watch?” Guinevere replied.

“Not them, no!” Gawain huffed, annoyed. “All they do is giggle and invite me to their bedchambers and say how big my muscles are. I know how big they are. I don’t need them to tell me that. They’re distracting. I don’t want people to watch while I train.”
“Wait… doesn’t milady watch you train, too?” Guinevere asked, cocking her head quizzically. Gawain huffed.
“That’s different. Mor helps.”

“Yeah. I don’t know how to explain it,” Gawain replied. “I just fight better when she’s there.”

“But that doesn’t mean that I want anyone else to watch,” Gawain continued, his face falling back into an expression of discomfort. “And it’s not like they’ve ever wanted to watch me train before. They were always hovering around Elyan, or walking after Lancelot until he told them off. They never even looked at me. And now they suddenly won’t go away. It’s weird.”

Guinevere opened her mouth to answer before changing her mind and abruptly closing it again. The maidservant had a pretty good idea of why Gawain was suddenly so attractive to them. She didn’t want to say it out loud, though. Saying it out loud would just hurt his feelings.

“Well… you did just win the tournament,” Guinevere said instead, choosing her words very carefully. “They’re probably impressed with you. Everyone is. You’re very popular now, Gawain.”

He did not seem to like her answer. The young redhead let out another huff as they crossed into the castle gardens.
“I don’t want to be popular. I mean, I do- but not when it means being followed by girls. At least not those girls.”

Guinevere couldn’t help it. Gawain’s expression was so huffy and indignant that it was comical. The maidservant let out a soft chuckle.
“What if being popular comes with other kinds of girls? Do you have a-a girl that you like?”

“No. Of course not.”

The young redhead looked away in discomfort for a moment, before his gaze trailed back to Guinevere. A curious expression crossed his face as he looked at her.
“What about you? Do you have someone you like?”

“N-no! Of c-course not!” Guinevere replied, immediately feeling her cheeks start to burn. Gawain raised a single eyebrow in response.

As he kept looking at her, her expression visibly fell. Guinevere broke eye contact with Gawain, looking down at the ground underneath her as she fiddled with the cord on her tunic.
“I’m not interesting a-anyway. Not like you.”

“That’s not true,” Gawain responded, his face pulling into a frown. For a moment, the young redhead looked like he was about to say something else – but then Gawain closing his mouth and looked away, very similarly to what Guinevere had done just a few moments ago. With the front of his boot, Gawain kicked at a loose pebble.

“It doesn’t really matter, you know? Being popular with people, I mean. Not really. I don’t want to be a knight to get with girls – I want to be a knight so I can help people.”

The pebble had wedged itself into Gawain’s boot. He tried kicking it out, but to no avail. Guinevere watched as Gawain sat down on the nearest bench, fiddling with his boot to get the pebble out. As she looked down on him, a curious thought suddenly popped into her head.

“Gawain, can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, of course, he smiled. Carefully, Guinevere sat down next to him.

“You said that you want to help people,” she said in a small voice, looking up at him curiously. “I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this, but… why do you want to be a-a knight so badly?”

Guinevere knew that Gawain was a romantic. The entire town knew how much he idolized the castle knights. She expected him to reply with the name of a famous ballad that he’d heard, or a story about one of the knights that was entombed in the Pendragon crypt. But the young redhead ended up surprising him. Guinevere watched as a thoughtful, strangely distant look appeared in his eyes.

“I want to be a knight and help people in need, because the knights helped me when I needed it.”

The young redhead let out a sigh, leaning forward as he placed his elbows on his legs.
“Do you know who my family is?”
“Of course,” the maidservant nodded. “They’re merchants, right?”
“Yes. Specifically, my dad is a noble that gave up his title to marry a commoner. He’s a merchant by trade, but… well, he’s not very skilled at what he does. He’s not good with money. At all. When I was little, he would often end up falling into debt because his business deals failed. Most of the time, he’d find a way to make things right, but… sometimes he didn’t.”

“At some point, dad ended up owing too much gold to the wrong people. They came to collect, and he couldn’t pay his debts. The things gathered in our house weren’t valuable enough, either. So, in order to motivate him… they decided to take something else.”

“We owned a small home, back then. Dad barely made enough to put food on the table. Mum ended up working too in order to make ends meet, and the two of them would be out more often than not. They were away that night, too. I don’t remember why.”

“Gareth and Gaheris were asleep. We shared a bedroom, and when they were little, we shared a bed, too. I remember being woken up in the middle of the night by a strange sound downstairs.”

“I was the older brother, and I had to look after them while mum and dad were gone. In my sleep-drunken state, I remember thinking that it was some kind of animal that had snuck its way inside. Like a cat, or a mink, or one of the town geese. They tried to break into people’s homes all the time. They attack people too – did you know that they have teeth? I remember grabbing my toy sword and sneaking downstairs so I could surprise it, and scare it off.”

“But… it wasn’t an animal.”

“How many?”
“Three. We take two.”
“And the third?”

“Make it an example.”

“I got very lucky, and they searched the lower rooms first. I remember sneaking back upstairs as silently as I could. I knew I had to get Gareth and Gaheris out of there, before the bad men found them. They could be quiet if they had to be – we’d been playing hide and seek games for years at that point. I wanted to take them and escape with them through a window.”

“I didn’t realize until I was already back in the room with them.”

“Our bedroom had no windows.”

“But my dad’s office did.”

“Gareth ended up accidentally knocking over the toy sword on his way out,” Gawain continued, his eyes clouding over as the memory came to him. “The men downstairs heard the clattering. We snuck into the office and hid under dad’s desk, behind some empty trading crates.”

“Through some miracle, he didn’t find us.”

“I hadn’t learned to land properly after a fall yet – and especially not a fall from a two-story window while carrying two toddlers. I remember the bones in my foot breaking as I hit the ground. It hurt so bad that I lost consciousness for a moment. I used to wonder if I’d gotten further with them if I had jumped properly.”

“But it doesn’t matter. We made so much noise that they found us almost right away.”

“I thought that we were going to die.”

“But we didn’t. A knight ended up saving us at the last moment.”
“A knight?” Guinevere replied. Gawain gave her a thoughtful nod.

“Sir Bertrand. He used to be guard captain of the city. Back then, he was just a soldier. He had been on patrol that night, and heard the noise of breaking glass and crying during his rounds.”

“I remember him knocking the man flat with a single blow, sending him sprawling. He put himself directly between us and him. Didn’t hesitate for a second. He just stepped in, confidently, looking back at the three of us as he reached for his sword.”

“Well done, kid. I’ll take it from here.”

“I remember looking up at his armoured back as he shielded all three of us.”

“It was the most heroic thing I had ever seen,” Gawain said, his eyes gleaming in the sunlight. A wide smile spread across his face. He spent a few moments reminiscing, before continuing his story.

“Sir Bertrand defeated the both of them so easily. He barely had to lift a finger. He stayed with us all night until mum and dad came home, too. I’ve wanted to be a knight ever since. I wanted to protect people in the same way that he protected me. As a kid, I read every knight story and listened to every ballad that I could get my hands on. I carved dozens of wooden toy swords to practice with. I got into fights all the time, too.”
“You were always covered in bruises,” Guinevere nodded.
“Yeah. I used to sneak into the castle barracks to watch the knights practice, too. They threw me out sixteen times, until Arthur started teaching me.”

“The old knight captain said something to his troops that stuck with me,” the young redhead continuing, his expression once again turning thoughtful. “He said that sometimes, when it matters most, there is nobody else. That, one day, there will be a moment where it’s only you that stands in between danger and the thing you care about. He said that that is what they were really training for. To make sure that, when it mattered, their strength is enough. Even if there is nobody else to help.”

Gawain raised his arm, looking down at his open palm. His hands were rough and coarse from years of sword-fighting.
“I’m going to be just like him. Until I’m just as strong when it really matters.”
As he squeezed his hand into a fist, Guinevere could see a his expression change. He sat up straight, lifting his chin. The smile faded from his lips. Instead, Guinevere could see a look of powerful determination.

“One day I’ll be enough.”

21 thoughts on “3.2 – Good Enough

  1. Ok for a second there I thought Guin would march up to Gawain and slap him yelling ‘how could you cheat on me!’ but alas both of them are too wholesome for that xD Them discussing their crushes are so cute. Gotta say though, they look more like siblings than Arthur and Morgana. I guess it’s the hair 😆

    Damn, the Gawain backstory. The kiddie dogpile is… so precious 😭 It’s good to know that Gawain was exactly the same as a child as he is now. Not to mention, skilled at stealth action. I’m worried that something might happen for his ideals on knighthood to be challenged, so here’s hoping he can stay as wholesome as he is 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bwahaha, that might have worked too, yeah 🤣 They did look a lot like siblings here didn’t they? If you turn Arthur into a girl and make his hair black, he actually ends up looking a lot like Morgana. Strangely, it doesn’t work the other way around. The Sims 4 is weird like that. 🤔

      I know right? 😭 I was cooing for half of the pictures and struggling with the other half because of their sad little faces. Oof, something that would happen to challenge his knighthood ideals? That would have to be something big. Time will tell if your worries are going to come true or not.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Poor Gawain coping with all this newfound female attention! N’aww at the little flashbacks when they both say they don’t have someone they like! Gawain is right, being popular, even though a lot of people want it, is fairly meaningless, all it is is more fake people and more pressure. So Bertrand saved Gawain and his siblings? My memory is hazy, is he the one who met a grisly fate in the last arc?

    Gawain, you are already enough! I honestly love Gawain, I want to give him a hug and a biscuit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Handling newfound female attention is definitely not one of Gawain’s skills 😂 and yes, he is. Betrand was the knight that went with Uther to the Cornwall talks and who ended up getting killed by an arrow. He was a good guy. 😔

      Haha, looks like Gawain and Guin both get plenty of hugs from you 😁 I’m glad you like him so much, that means I wrote him decently well ^^ mission accomplished, yay!


  3. Aww I love this feature of Gawain. This chapter really made him shine and make me root for him more. Though when he says ‘one day I’ll be enough’ I feel kinda sorry for him. If he means his feelings for Morgana, offt that is a high stake there. Hopefully he won’t become jaded when he realises she’s a powerful witch.

    And omg the amount of prep you do for your chapters! ❤ Seriously loving every single picture in this chapter, except the icky barbarians. Btw I have no idea how Gareth or Gaheris managed to sleep on their tummy like that. lol. Gave me a laugh xD

    Guin's deception is… I was expecting something else entirely. 😅 She's too adorable and innocent and I love how she was able to save Gawain from these women. I'm a little worried about their retaliation though. Or maybe it's just me and my unholy thoughts. xD

    😦 Sir Bertrand. Gawain must be heartbroken that he died.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The feature where he’s a super protective big brother, or the feature where he’s unable to handle female attention? 😂 This arc is bigger on purpose so I’ll finally have time to really dig into the personalities of the rest of the cast, instead of just Arthur and Morrie. It’s been a blast to write so far! “Good enough” really does refer to a lot of things in this chapter.

      Aww, thank you. I had a lot of fun making the market. I wanted to put the lot on the credits page, but it’s stuffed so full with medieval CC that you can’t really see the buildings. Maybe next time. Haha, that was Gareth. Toddlers can sleep anywhere in any position, as it turns out xD I saw my brother upside down against the wall with his bum in the air once, fast asleep. Craziness.

      Now I wonder what you and your unholy thoughts were expecting. 🤭

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The market was bustling with various men of questionable levels of animation as Guinevere made her way to the apple stand. She passed the fish stall, but barely flinched at the scent of the halibut slowly rotting in the morning sun, so focused was she on her shop. Aw balls. I feel so bad for Guin, especially now Arthur has Mithian in his dungeon, but has she just stolen a basket full of apples?

    And there’s little Gawain being attacked by cougars. Okaybye! Still cracks me up. 😆 He’s too pure for this world; even Guin is learning deception, theft and the art of creeping on another woman’s man. “I know how big my muscles are.” Dead. I’m dead.

    And then you put me back in the blender and whizz me up to sludge by throwing in some toddlers in jeopardy. Gawain’s parents need to go burn in a pit for leaving him so vulnerable and going against building regulations with that windowless bedroom. It’s not even a bedroom; there’s no bed! Little bum up Gareth is so adorable and Gawain is so brave. Ugh, his dad had a huge office with a window and, like, 3 objects in and made them sleep on a sofa in a claustrophobic cupboard? Quit making excuses for him Gawain; your dad’s a tosser.

    You’re already enough! 😭😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely. Sarah has made her so sneaky that she can now pilfer poisonous plants and appropriate apples with ease! Lol, you’re dead set on that dungeon adventure, aren’t you? 😂

      Gawain is still a total cinnamon roll, even with a scar the size of a door nail on his face.

      Can’t have it be all happy, after all. You’ll leave me. 🤭
      Dad did have an office with space leftover and a window, but his kids did not end up sleeping in there, no. Questionable priorities all around. Well, except for protecting your siblings, I suppose. This is where his “I need to protect people” mindset came from, and why he’s so hell-bent on jumping in front of danger. But when is enough good enough?


      1. Alliteration 😍
        Ooh, it’s a dungeon adventure now is it? Don’t blame this on me. I bet you’ve got loads of dodgy dungeon CC in your folders. 😆

        Gawain you big squishy idiot. 💓

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Good on Guin for being better at baking than cooking – baking is a science! Way more room for error. Maybe she’s a scientist at heart… or maybe she just has a better insentive for baking 😏

    Technically Guin would have had better chances with Arthur had Morgana gone to Nemeth – if she of course took up Morgana on her offer to become one of Mithian’s ladies. But I guess that’s all a distant memory now, since Uther made sure everything played out so differently. It is rather odd that he went back on all these longterm plans he’s been working on for years seemingly on a whim. Also, I wonder what Morgana makes of her life now, with her plans to escape on route foiled. Now she’s stuck in Camelot and can’t rejoin her witchy friends… But I digress.

    Lol, Gawain’s deer in headlights moment. It’s a bit reminiscent of Arthur and the noble boobs, err, ladies, pursuing him. He’s getting a bit of a small-scale taste of what being the crown prince might feel like. Ironically Arthur would have a way better chance with Gawain than either of these ladies though. We’ve all seen the googly eyes Gawain makes at him.

    On a more serious note, we haven’t really seen Arthur be romantically interested in anyone so far – not that there’s anything wrong with that – so I do wonder if his idolising of the royal siblings plays a part in that. Not to say he necessarily fancies either one of them, more that the level of adoration he has for the young Pendragons would probably make it difficult for a potential love interest to even come on his radar, let alone compete with that affection.

    Ok, suppose here is confirmation he does have an actual crush on Morgana 😆 Though… I’m not binfiling what I wrote above. I don’t necessarily think Gawain’s feelings for Morgana are romantic per say; sure, they can fall into that category, but I feel like the way Gawain sees both Arthur and Morgana is placing them on such a high pedestal that I’d struggle to really class it as that.

    In theory you could say the same about Guin in terms of Arthur, but it’s not quite the same – Guin has had the time in Scarborough when her and Arthur where practically on a level playing field, so I feel like she is capable of seeing Arthur as just a bloke she likes who inconveniently happens to be the crown prince. Meanwhile to Gawain, Morgana is the person who’s given him all the a
    opportunities he’s had in life, the way he’s endebted to her will always colour his feelings towards her.

    Is this the first time we’ve seen Guin and Gawain together? I don’t know if they’ve had scenes together before, but it’s nice to see them interact – at first impression Guin can sort of come across as somewhat of the male counterpart of Gawain, so I like having them in the same scene to actually make me think about what sets them alart and where they differ, which is more subtle when we see them with other people.

    Ooh we finally get to see Gawain’s childhood flashback with his brothers that we’ve had glimpses of before. That could have all turned out rather grim. Definitely explains a lot about the way Gawain is, makes a lot of sense. Very lucky that both him and his brothers came out of this unscathed. Though I can’t help but think that Gawain’s had so many strokes of good fortune throught his life where those he looks up to always interfere and live up to his expectations, and good prevails over evil – whether it be the flashback here or Arthur taking over Aggro’s inquest – that the pessimist in me just keeps thinking this means he’ll inevitably crash and burn all the harder when things inevitably take a turn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, now I want to take a picture of Guin in a lab coat and with safety glasses on, behind a science table, mixing questionable liquids in vials. I don’t know about her, but I’m always more motivated about cooking and baking when I’m making it for someone I like 🤭

      Uther messed up things for just about everyone involved. It is rather odd, isn’t it? You know what they say though – even if one door closes, another one will always open. I have no idea who actually said that but I think it’s neat.

      Ooooh, well spotted. Gawain fawning over Arthur and Morgana is different from Guinevere fawning over Arthur. There’s a fine line between adoration, attraction and reverence. There’s actually a number of relationships that I’m planning to explore a little deeper over the course of arc 3, and these are part of that.

      It is! Well, technically it’s the second time, but I’m not really counting the hospital scene. Guinevere and Gawain were supposed to have more interactions in the last arc, but there were so many other things going on that they fell by the roadside a little. I get to focus on them a bit more this time around

      Oooh, I see you’re wearing your doom glasses. Who knows? The dice may simply be in his favour. Or maybe you’re onto something there. Perhaps his cinnamon roll aura is too strong for the watcher, and she’s scared her readers will lynch her if Gawain gets hurt. Time will tell. In the meantime, keep those doom glasses with you. 😏

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I love Gawain and his brave heroic creature. At the same time, his is so sweet with his slightly childish soft face with the thick eyebrows ❤
    I’m so happy to have this flashback in his story. I remember we saw the picture of the three little children under the table. It underscores his courage and urge to protect everyone.
    If he is to protect himself from the excessive approaches of women, he will have to be rude and that is far from his nature.

    Sweet Guinevere come to his rescue.
    I love how you figuratively show their secret infatuations that they barely dare admit to themselves.❤
    They are both seductively sweet and polite and I can not help but think of what a perfectly sweet bunch of children they could conceive together if they caught sight of each other.
    It might not be so perfect when I think about it … because someone has to be rough in an imperfect world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gawain has gone through a bit of an ordeal as a child, and that directly fuels his personality now. Then again, the same goes for almost all of my characters. Ironically, Gawain is fine with rude words (he has a bit of a potty mouth occasionally), but rude actions are another matter altogether.

      Oooh, Gawain and Guinevere together? 😊 It would solve a lot of problems for both of them, that’s for sure. As for whether they’d be a good match… who knows? Wholesome and wholesome makes for an even more heartwarming picture, but too much sweetness can make people feel sick. Time will tell which one Gawain and Guinevere would be… if they do end up catching sight of each other, that is 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree.
        Too many sweet cakes can end up giving you nausea, so it might be good for Gawain to speak a rude language 😁

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Be still my heart. Gawain must be protected at all costs. I was also expecting him to tell some story about loving Morgana or romance. But this one—him being saved while trying to protect his siblings—it just seemed right.


    Okay, I’m done, really, back to my binge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, nooooo, I love the comments you leave in your wake while binging 😁 Complimenting a guy’s muscles is a surefire way to get them into bed, isn’t it? Hey. why didn’t it work? 😆

      Oooh, becoming a knight because he loved Morgana? That would have put a very interesting spin on things.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I loved Gawain’s back story. I’m sure it was traumatizing, but it inspiring him to become a knight is also quite sweet. He seems like a pretty good knight already, but I hope he’ll be good enough when the time comes. In the meantime, though, I wish that he and Guinevere would learn how to tell others “no” quite firmly. They’re good at sticking up for others. I wish they would stick up a bit more for themselves too. They remind me of twins because they have such seemingly similar spirits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh, Gawain and especially Guinevere would benefit from learning to tell people no. They’re different in some areas but very similar in others. Having no issue standing up for others but not treating themselves in the same way is a flaw that they share, Guinevere moreso than Gawain.


  9. Eeeee! Gawain is still a huge fav of mine. He’s such a doll. I love this story of a piece of his childhood.
    Guin, however, sometimes I wanna shake her. But… if she were different, she wouldn’t be her. *shrug* 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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