3.5 – A Faun’s Compassion, Part I

“You wish to take away pain?”

Lincoln nodded, nervously crossing his arms. He had pondered where to go all day. The young Faun had had all kinds of ideas, one even more far-fetched than the other. But in the end, Lincoln knew where his worries would eventually take him.
Right back to Nimueh’s lair. Like always.
An amused, curious smile spread across Nimueh’s lips as the Water Dragon looked him up and down. She raised a single eyebrow.
“Last time I saw you, you had eyes for nothing but your violin, Faunling. What has brought this on?”

Lincoln gulped. He knew that the Lady of the Lake had a soft spot for him – but even then, the sheer intensity of the magick that radiated off of her was enough to make his knees go weak.
“A… a girl,” he said, his voice so soft that it was almost inaudible. The smile on Nimueh’s face instantly turned into a smirk.
“Oh? Romance?”
“No,” the young Faun replied, quickly shaking his head. “It’s not like that. It’s just… she always comes to the ruins. On the other side.”
“A human?”
“Yeah. She was always laughing before. But lately her spirit is… it’s all wrong. Painful. I can’t explain it. Like the bad is pulling her under.”

As he thought back, his expression fell.
“There’s… so much pain.”

The Lady of the Lake cocked her head quizzically. Lincoln could see her place her hand under her chin, raising a single eyebrow as she looked up at him.
“You are a child of the Fanes, Faunling. Have they not taught you how to erase memories?”
Lincoln knew what she meant – but he didn’t want to use that unless he absolutely had do. He balled his hands into fists and shook his head at the dragon.
“I don’t want to take the memories,” he muttered. “I just want to take away the sadness. I just want the hurt to go away. Can you teach me how to do that?”

In an instant, that smirk had returned. The Lady of the Lake gestured towards the rock next to her.

He did. Lincoln carefully took place next to her, nervously fiddling with his arm rings as he did so. Sitting this close to a dragon, even when she was in humanoid form, did not make him feel any less anxious. But Nimueh ignored the fretful look on his face.
“What you describe as “hurt”, is a human’s spirit being corrupted,” the Water Dragon explained. “It happens to all of them to some degree. If you wish, I can teach you how to negate that corruption. I can show you how to draw the darkness out of other creatures- but powerful magick always comes with a cost, Lincoln. You know this, do you not?”

“I don’t mind the cost,” the young Faun replied. “I just want to help.”

Nimueh wasn’t convinced. The Lady of the Lake broke eye contact with him, placing a hand under her chin as she looked up at the illusory sky.
“It would be quite a cost, indeed. Cleansing corrupted spirit is no easy feat. There will be a price to pay.”

“I don’t care. I’ll do it.”
Lincoln watched as the expression on Nimueh’s face changed. A strange, calculative glimmer appeared in her eyes.
“Those are strong words, Faunling,” the Water Dragon warned. “You may not be able to take them back later. A Fae’s word is his bond. Are you sure?”
“I am,” Lincoln nodded. The young Faun straightened his back as he lifted his chin, rising as tall as he could.
“I give you my word.”

The effect was immediate. As he uttered that sentence, Lincoln could feel a surge of warmth course through his chest. He had never felt something like that before. It was a strange rush of energy, flowing through his body like adrenaline. The sensation lasted for a few seconds, before gradually fading away.

The Water Dragon felt it, too. Lincoln watched as she rose up from her seat, gravity momentarily losing its grip on her. Her feet landed on the submerged ground, turning as she took a step towards him. A strange, calculative smile lay in her expression. Lincoln couldn’t read it. Then again, he had never been able to read her well. This time was no different. The Lady of the Lake pulled him towards her. When Nimueh spoke, Lincoln could hear her voice echoing directly in his head.

Very well. I will teach you.

Later that week…

One clearing of Lincoln’s glades was home to a faerie ring. The young Faun could look through it, seeing anyone on the other side while being unseen himself. He had spied on humans many times. They were fascinating. Lincoln had never quite fit in with the other Fae – not even the Fanes. He didn’t know why. Nimueh had tried to explain it to him before, but the young Faun simply didn’t understand most of what she had said.

Lincoln only rarely travelled to the other side himself – the Fanes had warned him not to. He couldn’t cross them. But the young Faun kept finding himself pulled back to the passageway. Towards the world of humans. Something about them was almost magnetic. He would spend countless hours looking in on their world, seeing glimpses of human lives here and there.

One of his favourite places to look in on was the Cornwall ruins. It was familiar, being overgrown and largely left to nature. It was also regularly visited. It had not taken Lincoln long to begin recognising someone. A dark-haired human girl, who had visited the ruins on the other side countless times. She was always smiling. Always cheerful, with a laugh as clear as water.

Until now.

The young Faun knew that he was supposed to stay away. But he just couldn’t leave her alone. As she grew up, her smile had begun to appear less and less often. The sound of laughter faded. Until eventually, one day, there was nothing left.
He didn’t know why. But he didn’t like it. He had seen her crying a number of times. Every time Lincoln thought of the sad, forlorn expression in her eyes, his chest began to hurt, and he could feel a strange knot form in his stomach.

He wanted to help.

They said I shouldn’t go out again.

But they never said anything about luring someone else in… right?

Lincoln let the violin rest on his shoulder, placing his bow on top of the strings in an elegant, practiced gesture. Playing came as natural to him as breathing. Within moments, the entire glade was filled with a beautiful, ethereal tune. Lincoln’s hands deftly moved back and forth across the instrument, moving as gracefully as water. He had always known how to play. It was a part of him, flowing through him ever since the young Faun had been able to crawl.

But as the melody swelled, Lincoln could feel something else. Something new. Every stroke of the bow vibrated with an energy, a vigour that the young Faun had not possessed before. Every note was filled with spirit.

With purpose.

As he played, Lincoln could hear the words of Nimueh echoing through the back of his mind.

Your music has magick, Faunling. Use it.

Lincoln could feel her crossing into the faerie ring. He saw the leaves beginning to swirl around, the flowers swaying from the magic around them- and he bolted. The young Faun dashed away from the circle as fast as he could, his hooves clattering against the ground as he ran. Lincoln rushed behind the nearest standing stone, violin in hand. He haphazardly continued to play, almost missing a note as he pressed his back to the stone. Within moments, the young Faun had hidden from sight entirely.

It was not a moment too soon.

Lincoln had never had a human visit the glade before. He had never shared it with anyone but the Fanes, and Nimueh. Part of him was giddy with anticipation. The eager smile on his face was reflected in the bright, almost euphoric melody that drifted out from behind the standing stones.

Would she like the flowers he grew?

Could humans talk to butterflies, too?

Would the sprites be kind to her?

What if she didn’t like his glade?

Would she stay at all?

Lincoln’s music swelled in volume, shifting and echoing throughout the clearing. From where he stood, he knew that the melody sounded like it was coming from all directions. The young Faun had practiced it sixteen times in advance.

Would she like the music? What if she hated violin?

As he played, Lincoln could feel her presence behind him. He could hear a gasp. The clattering sound of footsteps against mossy, overgrown stones. A moment of silence.

Then… laughter. A beautiful sound, swelling in volume and filling the glades like clear drops of water.

She didn’t notice him.

She didn’t have to.

The girl had spent hours in his glade, playing with the sprites, putting flowers in the pond and chasing butterflies. Lincoln had missed the sound of her laughter. He remained hidden for the entirety of her visit. The young Faun watched from afar, playing music from his hiding spot and occasionally glancing behind him.

When she left, the young Faun could feel a strange tightness in his chest.

He wanted to see her again. He wanted her to come back. The next day, as soon as the sun reached the highest point in the sky, Lincoln began to play through the faerie ring a second time.

But she wasn’t there all the time. Sometimes the girl was gone, and the surrounding ruins lay empty. Lincoln did not actually expect her to show up again so soon.

But she did. The girl returned the very next day.

And the day after.

And the day after.

Lincoln played for her every day. With every song, he could feel the grief and darkness inside the girl lessen. With every note, a little bit of that spark returned. It was working. Nimueh’s magick really worked. The realisation filled him with joy – and so Lincoln kept playing, ignoring the increasing heaviness in his limbs and what felt like the beginning of a headache.

It didn’t matter.

Right now, nothing else mattered.

As he heard her footsteps trailing from one side of the clearing to the other, Lincoln carefully began to move away. He was good at hiding. This was a great plan. The young Faun was silently proud of himself for finding the loophole in the Fanes’ reasoning. He hadn’t approached anyone. This way, there was no way she could notice him, and Lincoln could keep his promise to the Fanes to stay away from humans without actually-

“Why are you hiding?”


12 thoughts on “3.5 – A Faun’s Compassion, Part I

  1. Ooh another backstory snippet < 3 Nimueh is still awesome. I get a sort of ‘forbidden fruit’ vibe from this. Told to stay away from the humans but curiosity and kindness will get the better of him. Lincoln is a caring soul, but caring souls are almost always taken advantage of or destroyed. And also Lincoln not being bothered about the price to pay, NOT a wise thing to say to another Fae! I love that Lincoln made a new ‘friend’ despite hiding from her and that he got to share his world with someone, but now she’s noticed him I feel it will all just go wrong ;-;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All the backstory snippets! You’re getting loads this arc. From Lincoln, Morgause, Lancelot, Guinevere… Haha, I see that your opinion of Nimueh has largely remained unchanged so far. I bet she’d like a dragon-bunny buddy in her sanctuary. What’s the merged version of dragon and bunny? Drunny? Bagon? Wait, that’s a Pokemon. Not that one.

      “I don’t care about the price” is never a good thing to say while making a deal with the Fae. It’s right up there with “you’re a liar” and encourages them to mess with you real bad. Young Lincoln has some lessons to learn still, even as a fellow Fae himself. Wrong? What could possibly go wrong? ToC is all sunshine and rainbows, I’ll have you know 😇

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ddaw! This is adorable! A bit creepy if Lincoln wasn’t sweet and pure hearted. Ill stop talking and corrupting this innocent scene. 😆 i love it though! So that’s how he and Morgause met! Yas! A part 2 to their rshp too. I’m totally blinded by the sweetness in this chapter so ive got my fingers crossed that the roller coaster hasnt descended next chapter 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, you and your wonderful ability to see the worst in everything 🤭 you’re right though – this would have been unbelievably creepy if it had been anyone but Lincoln, or if Lincoln had had other intentions.

      Yes! This is how they met. I’ve been sitting on this for months and months and finally got to show you guys, yay! Young Lincoln is the cutest thing ever. If you put them next to each other, he even out-cutes Gawain. It’s insane.

      Part two is basically ready. I’ve never really held to a schedule and also I have no posting self-control, so you can expect it very soon 🤭


  3. Your pictures are very beautiful and almost poetic 😍
    They contain lots of dreams and promises of a carefree time.
    I assume part of the price is that Lincoln must never reveal himself, but I see that he did not succeed.
    His shocked facial expression is amazing 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Mercury and Snuffy taught me how to do dreamy, and I had a lot of fun making them this time around. 😊

      Haha, that may very well be true. There’s always a cost, but what that cost is, is not always clear-cut. If the price is making friends with Morgause, then that’s not such a terrible thing, no? She does chatter a lot, though. Especially on autonomy. My gods this sim does not shut up. 😂

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  4. …I don’t think this chapter is lovely at all. Lincoln is adorable and the screenshots are amazing but it’s so dark. Is this just me? Am I reading into it too much? Or am I wearing invisible sunglasses? Would invisible sunglasses even be dark? Arguably not, but I’m too tired to argue with my brain today. Shut up brain. 😆

    OK, focus. So Lincoln is lonely, surely. He mentions Fanes but he isn’t shown interacting with them, instead choosing to watch, from a distance, a human girl each day. A human girl who is shown sobbing and heartbroken in the same spot her parents were snuggling after what we can gather was some sort of disaster. So, also lonely. And if my heart wasn’t breaking enough, Lincoln offers himself so willingly to take Morgause’s pain away and, I know Fae are, well, kinda bastards, but he’s child! He wants to help! And now, years later, he’s still doing it, isn’t he? He’s still removing corruption at his own cost and it’s so dark and sad. 💔 Bollocks indeed, little faun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not just you. I’ve said this before but there’s no such thing as reading into it too much in ToC. The invisible sunglasses sound amazing, though 😂 Would you still see the shadow of it on your face even if you can’t see the glasses themselves? Would you get a sunglass tan? These are mysteries for the ages. Or until you find a pair of invisible sunglasses in D&D. Hmmm…

      We’ve seen Lincoln do this exact same thing as an adult, yes. For a whole group of people no less, not just Morgause. I’d say that watching a human girl from a faerie portal every day instead of socialising with your Fane buddies is completely normal behaviour for someone who grew up in a happy environment, but it probably isn’t. You’ll get more answers in the second part. And probably a bunch more questions. I would promise that I’ll keep the blending to a minimum this time, but… well. I try not to lie.


  5. Oh my gosh. Young Morgause, And we even get a glimpse of Ygraine and Gorlois. Or fake Ygraine? I still have that theory to dust off, haha. Either way, they looked so happy.

    So this is how Lincoln and Morgause first met, and how his weird corruption cleansing powers came to be. Nimueh’s “offer” seems about consistent with what we’ve seen of her. I’m actually surprised how many outs she technically gave the faun, not that he knew what he was actually committing to. I bet Nimueh even considered herself merciful there though, with all the times she “let” him change his mind. Was it because he was a child? But either way, same old BS with her. I wonder how much Morgause knows of this. I’d hazard to guess a fair bit. I can just picture her barging into Nimueh’s realm for the first time to yell at her about it. And somehow she made it out. I wonder what kind of bargain she struck with Nimueh herself. Hm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoa, you’re binging! A lot! Please keep your arms and legs within the vehicle at all times. Yimi Inc. is not responsible for any loss of limb, emotions or immortal soul from experiencing 15 chapters at once.

      Haha, I see you are still very fond of Water Dragon 🤣 Yup, same old BS as usual. Nimueh was very kind there… for her standards, at least. Doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference though. Morgause does have a bit of a habit of barging into places unexpected.

      Liked by 1 person

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