3.7 – I Will Not Fail You

“Our scouts have confirmed it, sire. Nemeth’s armies are moving towards Murkwood.”

“So it begins,” Uther spoke, looking down on the small patch of green that was in between Nemeth and Camelot. His eyes narrowed.
“They dare not meet us out in the open, so they decide to skulk through the woods like the cowards they are.”
“This doesn’t make sense. Their numbers are too large,” Morgana thought out loud, frowning at the pieces on the table. “It’s only been a few weeks since Richard declared war on us. How did they gather that many troops that fast?”

“They likely didn’t have to,” Arthur responded to his sister. “It takes months to amass that kind of force, not to mention supplying them with weapons. My guess is that Richard built up his troops long before he declared war on us. Probably before the tournament even began. Nemeth meant to betray us from the start- with or without a wedding.”

“I agree,” the Iron King spoke, nodding in approval towards his son. “And we will respond in kind. Letting them take Murkwood would expose our flank – we need to send forces to drive them out immediately. Agravaine, how many troops can we send within a week?”

“I’ll have to check with our general, but four platoons, at least,” the Royal Adviser responded. “If you give them a fortnight, we can send a battalion.”
“We don’t have time to wait that long. The last thing we want is for them to build a stronghold inside of that forest. Inform the general and give the orders. We need to move immediately.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Jacoban priest got up from his seat, bowing to Uther before he quickly and silently exited the room. As soon as Agravaine was gone, the Iron King turned towards his son.

“Arthur. Starting today, you will take over part of my responsibilities.”
Arthur raised his eyebrows in surprise at his father’s words.
“Which ones?”
“You will take over civil petitions, court audiences and criminal trials. Agravaine and I will be focused fully on the war, and I will not be able to handle the distractions of everyday matters. As Crown Prince, I expect you to treat this with the utmost care.”

Uther’s frown deepened. The Iron King allowed for a short silence to fall. When he spoke again, his voice had considerably lowered in tone.
“You are Crown Prince. One day, you will succeed me – this is an opportunity for you to learn what it means to be King. Do not let me down, Arthur.”

“Yes, father. I will not fail you.”

Ever since he was a toddler, Arthur Pendragon had watched his father from the sidelines. The Iron King had gone through great lengths to explain as much about his tasks and decisions as possible. By now, Arthur knew the laws of Camelot like the back of his hand. He could imagine exactly what his father would do in almost any kind of situation.

Taking over part of Uther’s tasks was a huge responsibility. He knew what was expected of him. What kind of man he had to be.
What kind of things he would have to do.

That afternoon, the Crown Prince found himself so distracted by the past that he couldn’t focus on any of it.


It just had to be bloody Murkwood, didn’t it?

Arthur sighed, leaning back against the bench as his thoughts wandered. The Crown Prince was well-versed in battle tactics and military strategy. He had been in Murkwood dozens of times, training with his men and chasing after fugitives. He knew that the place was not suitable for battles between platoons of soldiers. The woods never were. People would get ambushed. Soldiers would get lost. Knights would stumble upon the lairs of bears, rabid wolves, trample faerie circles – it would turn into a complete nightmare.

If it were any other forest, the Crown Prince of Camelot wouldn’t have cared. Animals could be scared off. Dangerous Fae could be dealt with, through the use of iron and the sharp end of a blade. Even if they ended up burning the forest to the ground, nature would simply recover. It always did.

But animals and Fae were not the only ones that called Murkwood their home.  

They’d had children with them. If they were still there, they would get caught in the fighting.

The Crown Prince couldn’t get their faces out of his head. They couldn’t have been more than eight, maybe nine years old. They were innocent. They had no idea what was coming.

Before long, their home would turn into a death trap.

Arthur was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts by a familiar voice calling out to him. He had been so distracted that he hadn’t even noticed Gawain approach.
“…Arthur? Are you all right?”
“I’m fine, Gawain.”

“Are you sure?” the redhead responded, unconvinced. “You haven’t looked that droopy since Sarah rationed your sweets. Did she put you on a diet again?”
“No, I-”
“Are you low on sugar? Do you need me to smuggle honey pie in through your window again?”

“That happened one time, Gawain.”
“Three. I’m keeping count.”
Arthur huffed, rubbing the top of his nose in frustration. Gawain’s comments were the last thing that he needed today. His head was already too full of thoughts – the Crown Prince couldn’t handle anything else.

Arthur opened his mouth to shoo Gawain away – and then abruptly changed his mind. Crown Prince looked at his friend, hesitating for a few seconds. Eventually, after much inner debate, Arthur took a deep breath.
“…actually, do you have a minute? I could use a listening ear.”


“Err…I mean, sure! Of course! I can do that.”

Sheepishly, the young redhead sat down next to him. He was trying to look serious, but Gawain had never been able to wear a mask well. Arthur could still see the youthful eagerness shining out from underneath.

Gawain never changed.

“So… what’s the problem?”

Perhaps that was just what he needed.

“Gawain, do you remember what happened in Murkwood last Summer?”
“Of course,” his friend nodded. “The fight, right? We rode out with the others to drive off those mercenaries from Cornwall. They took those druids hostage and we had to rescue them. I remember that one druid lifting them in the air with magic.”

“Those druids are what’s bothering me,” Arthur replied, his expression turning grim. “We’ve received word from our scouts. Nemeth has sent an army to march on Camelot. But they’re not coming through the plains – according to our intelligence, they’ve sent multiple squadrons towards the forest of Murkwood.”
“The border with Camelot lies in Murkwood,” Gawain frowned, instantly catching on.
“Exactly. We think that they might be trying to build an outpost there. It’s a very strategic location. We used it as a natural barrier. If Nemeth takes Murkwood, then Camelot will have no line of defence between us and them. Their army could march right up to the castle.”
“That’s not good. What are you going to do?”
“The King intends to send a number of platoons to drive them out, and build a stronghold of our own. Nemeth will not go gently. It will be violent. And skirmishes won’t stop there – I wouldn’t be surprised if the entirety of Murkwood turns into a war zone as a result.”

The Crown Prince let out a sigh as his expression fell. It took him a considerable effort to voice what was on his mind- when he finally turned towards Gawain, his eyes were filled with a silent doubt.
“I know I shouldn’t, but… I can’t get those druids out of my mind,” Arthur confessed. “If Camelot and Nemeth’s armies clash in Murkwood, then they will get caught in the crossfire. They’ll get slaughtered. I know that they’re druids, but… they don’t deserve that. Nobody does. Besides Emrys, they were a peaceful people. They had children with them.”

“They have no idea that their home is about to turn into a death trap.”

The Crown Prince fell silent, nervously trying to read his friend’s reaction. Gawain hadn’t said a word since Arthur had mentioned the druids. He had taken a chance – they had never talked about anything related to magic. Especially not something like this. Part of him felt guilty for even bringing them up – like Arthur was doing something wrong by even mentioning them. Magic was shunned in Camelot in all its forms, and Druidry was no exception. Gawain wasn’t supposed to care. And neither was Arthur.

Wait… what in Watcher’s name am I doing?

They were enemies of the Kingdom. Arthur wasn’t supposed to worry about them at all. Why was he bothering Gawain with this? The Crown Prince opened his mouth, already formulating an apology in his mind. But his friend ended up surprising him.
“I’ll go.”

“I’ll go,” the young redhead continued, with more conviction behind his voice this time. “I agree with you, Arthur. They need to be warned. I know those woods – we’ve crossed through it many times while we were training. I can reach them quickly if I have to. I’m sure that they remember me from that night. If they’re still there, I will find them and convince Emrys to leave.”
“You’d do that? The place will be a war zone within days, Gawain. You’d risk your life over them?”
His friend frowned.
“Of course, I would. You’re right, Arthur. Magic or no magic… they’re still people.”

Still people.

He’d been told that twice now.

Perhaps it was time that he started believing that, himself.

“You’d have to outrun the army,” Arthur warned, frowning at his friend. “From both sides, not just Nemeth.”
“I know. I’m fast. Faster than they are, if I take a good horse.”
“I can’t send you out formally,” the Crown Prince continued. “My father would never agree to helping the druids. You’d need to do this in secret. And if things go wrong, you’d have no military support.”
“I don’t need it.”
Arthur’s frown increased.
“Let me rephrase this, Gawain. You are volunteering to go into what is about to become a war zone, with no military support, in order to help a group of known magic users – who will be terrified at best, and outright hostile at worst. I will not be able to help you. Are you sure that you want to do this?”

The young redhead gave him a solemn nod, placing a hand on his chest in response.
“I am. I can do it, Arthur. I know I can. Give me a chance to prove it to you.”

There was something incredibly disarming about Gawain that never diminished with time, no matter how many years passed. Even after knowing him for four years, Arthur was still moved by it. He couldn’t help himself. The Crown Prince felt his mouth pull into a smile at his friend’s words.
“You don’t have to prove anything to me, Gawain.”
“Really. I have complete faith in you.”
The proud, almost giddy expression on Gawain’s face made Arthur’s smile widen even further. He watched as the young redhead gave him a single, confident nod.
“I won’t fail you, Arthur. I promise.”

“I’ll keep you to that,” the Crown Prince smiled, before his expression returned to being serious. Arthur lowered his voice as he moved towards Gawain a little bit.
“Listen carefully. You leave at dawn tomorrow morning. I cannot send you out formally, but I don’t want you to go all by yourself. Tonight, I will fill Lancelot in on what’s happening. You will take him with you. You must not mention where you’re going to anyone else. If the King finds out, he will have both of our heads. Nobody else can know about this. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”
“I knew you would. Don’t take any unnecessary risks out there.”
“I won’t, Arthur. Don’t worry.”
“Good. And Gawain…”

“Good luck.”

The next day, as agreed, Gawain met Lancelot at the city stables. The young redhead said nothing about where they were going or why – and he didn’t have to.

Lancelot already knew.  

“Who is the goodest, fastest horse in the city stables? You are!” Gawain cooed, rubbing the nose of his new steed. The beast let out a snort in response.
“Aww, who is getting all the tasty carrots on this trip? You are!”

“Don’t let Gringolet hear you say that,” Lancelot commented from the other side. The future Duke was in the middle of saddling his own mount, shaking his head at Gawain’s high-pitched baby voice.
“I said the fastest horse,” the young redhead corrected him. “Gringolet knows he’s the best, don’t worry. And he doesn’t mind sharing his treats. He’s a good boy.”
“If you say so, Gawain. If you say so.”

In a single, fluent movement, Lancelot mounted his horse.
“It’ll take us three days to reach Murkwood,” he said. “We should take the long way around, to make sure that we avoid the attention of any soldiers. The last thing we want to do is get caught in hostile territory by a squadron of armed knights.”

Gawain threw a glance at the weapons and armour placed next to him. The young redhead gulped.
“…Yeah. That would be bad.”

He knew what would happen if they were caught. Lancelot and Gawain had no legitimate reason to be there. No official mission. No excuse. He knew how it would look. They would not be able to talk their way out of treason.

Getting caught… probably meant getting hung.

The outskirts surrounding castle Camelot and its town were only sparsely populated. Lancelot and Gawain avoided the roads, trekking through farmland and past tree clusters and avoiding people as best they could.

And their strategy worked. Besides the odd farmer, they didn’t see a living soul for the better part of an hour.

It wasn’t until they reached the outer walls that the two of them ran into a familiar face. A familiar face that wasn’t supposed to be here. Gawain and Lancelot stopped dead in their tracks, their eyes wide as they stared at the person in front of them.


“Good morning, Gawain. Lancelot. You two are up early today.”

Lancelot’s shoulders tensed up instinctively, as the future Duke immediately noticed. Morgana’s voice sounded just a little too chipper to be natural. Her smile was just a little too perfect – too forced. As the two of them made eye contact, his expression pulled into a wary frown.

Gawain didn’t have the same reaction. Their silent exchange had gone completely over his head. As usual, the young redhead answered honestly.  

“Yes! We have a special mission-”
“-and it’s top-secret,” Gawain continued, oblivious to the grimaces that his companion was rapidly cycling through. “Nobody can know about it. Not even you, Mor. You’ll have to pretend that you didn’t see us, okay?”

As soon as she heard that, Morgana’s expression turned into a wide, devious grin.
“Oh, I have a better idea. I’m coming with you.”


“You heard me. I’m coming.”

“Err… I don’t think that’s a good idea, Mor,” Gawain replied. “I’m sorry. It’s not a sightseeing trip. The place we’re going is very dangerous-”
“Murkwood, right?”
“Yes, and that’s no place for a lady and…”
Only then did Gawain realise the meaning of her words. The young redhead looked at his friend, baffled.
“Wait, how did you know that?”

“Oh, because I know everything,” Morgana chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m here to help. You’ll need me.”
“But… you can’t fight.”
Her smile widened.
“No. But I can talk. Do you really think you’ll manage with the two of you? You’re armed to the teeth. You need me. You need someone who doesn’t look like a soldier in order to calm those druids down. And if the Camelot platoons find you, their thoughts will go to treason. You’ll need someone influential to keep you from losing your heads.”

“You are a good talker,” Gawain nodded, placing his hand on his chin as he pondered the option. Next to him, Lancelot was looking decidedly less happy.

“No. Absolutely not. It’s way too dangerous. I am not taking the Royal Princess into an impending war zone-”

In an instant, all of the warmth drained from Morgana’s eyes. Her body language changed. When she spoke, her voice had cooled to an icy chill.
“I do not recall asking for your permission.”
She stared him down, daring him to speak out.  
“My lady-”
“No. I am coming with you. That is final.”

The future Duke knew enough about politics to know when he was left with no choice. Lancelot let out an indignant huff as he backed off.
“…fine. As you wish, your highness.”

“Mor, are you sure?” Gawain asked, his voice still a little doubtful. “I can’t tell you not to go, but… we may have to fight. And the druids have magic. It’ll be dangerous.”

As she looked at the young redhead, the warmth returned to Morgana’s eyes. She gave him a reassuring nod.
“Of course. I’ll be fine, Gawain – I’ll have you to protect me, after all.”

“…Yeah. We’ll keep you safe.”

On the other horse, Lancelot let out a sigh. The future Duke had crossed his arms in protest. It was the only thing he could do. He knew that, too.
“It’s a three-day walk to Murkwood from here,” he said, repeating the information for their sudden new companion. “At most, we have ten days before the army reaches the forest. We need to get to the woods, find the druids, convince them to leave and get out of Murkwood before the army moves in. If we don’t, they’ll have our heads on a pike.”
“Naturally,” Morgana smiled in response. “So, what are we waiting for, then? Lead the way, Lancelot.”
The would-be knight glared at her in response.
“Yes, my lady.”

With that, the three of them were off. It did not take them long to reach the outer walls of Camelot. They passed through it quietly, waiting until they were sure that no soldiers could see them leave.

All patrols ended on the other side of the wall. It was a border in more ways than one. The castle of Camelot, its town and the surrounding outskirts were protected and guarded at all hours. Once you set foot outside, that protection ended, and you were on your own. Patrols did not go past the walls. Wild animals prowled the woods, and bandits roamed the countryside.

If it had been up to Lancelot, the three of them would not have taken another step. Not with Morgana there. But he couldn’t tell Morgana to turn around. She was coming, whether he liked it or not. The thought made Lancelot deeply uncomfortable. It was not just that the wilds were no place for a lady. It was more than that.
Something was wrong.

The future Duke had always been good at reading people. He easily picked up on signs that other people missed. Tone of voice. Body language. Breathing. Even a person’s eye movement said a lot about their mental state. The more their words differed from their emotions – the more their true self differed from their mask – the more Lancelot noticed.

And today, everything about Morgana’s behaviour felt wrong.

Nothing matched.
Nothing. It never did – the Princess was a master at hiding her true feelings behind her mask – but today, Lancelot couldn’t read the other side. All he picked up on was chaos.
Anger. Fear. Longing. Loneliness. Hope. Despair. Hopelessness. Numbing. All pushed down and hidden behind a stoic layer that broke for nothing.

The future Duke had seen this before.

Lancelot had not seen it get this bad – this misaligned – in a very, very long time.

But, just like last time, despite everything…

Lancelot du Lac had no idea what it was.

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  1. Before Arthur worried about the druids, I definitely did- as soon as Murkwood was mentioned I thought of them, the peace-loving people who would be casualties in a battle that wasn’t their fault, and that they had no part of. But that’s how it always is with wars and violence, innocents pay the price every time. Aww Gawain’s face when he gets to be helpful! And him praising his horse, he’s so wholesome and I want to give him a hug! I interpreted those shots of Morgana as a sort of ‘Arthur seems to care about the druids, but when is it the right time to tell him about my own sorcery?’ Although I think she’ll show it in a moment of peril rather than outright tell him. woo, and Morgana is going with them! The pictures of who I assumed was Merlin at the bottom are just ;-;

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    1. Innocents do pay the price every time, through no fault of their own. As a kid, I used to wonder why people didn’t just decide wars with a game of chess, or rock-paper-scissors, or a duel between two people instead of multiple nations. If only it was that simple.

      Gawain is getting all the hugs from you lately 😁 I’m sure he’d welcome them. Gawain is entirely too focused on being helpful and proving himself good enough, especially in Arthur and Morgana’s eyes.

      Ooh, we’ll see if she’ll tell him, show him in a moment of peril, or some other option. Her history with Merlin is pretty sad x.x most of those pictures are recycled memories from the prologue.

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  2. I did not expect you to be back with this story so soon.
    I thought all your time was spent with cattle ranching and poultry farming these days 😅

    I love Arthur’s humanity. That he can disregard condemnation ❤
    He needs a friend and he ends up confiding in Gawain.
    Gawain is a faithful gunman and so touching in his childlike admiration for Arthur. He never puts himself first (unless it boasts of his own exploits while consuming a large bear beer at the inn)
    He is so bottomless loyal and fearless when it comes to those he cares about.

    So Morgana is standing and listening behind the pillars? She’s everywhere.😆

    The gullible outspoken Gawain is a slightly special companion to the more serious Lancelot. I like them both.
    Of course Morgan knows all about their secret mission and of course she gets forced into a place in the small squad.
    New dramas await.

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    1. Most of my time has definitely been spent cattle ranching and poultry farming, and also bringing the Grim Reaper an Evil Chicken for his death metal band. The other members are an electric ghost playing guitar and the angry little reaper gnome from my gnome army. So far, they can’t decide on a band name. It’s a work-in-progress 🤭

      Arthur has great compassion and empathy inside of him, despite the environment that he grew up in. Having Gawain and Guinevere around helped, too. Fun fact – during that scene, sim-Arthur actually did have all the negative moodlets from a sugar crash. The modded personality trait is gone, but the effects were still there. 😂

      Morgana is both silent and always listening for information that she can use to her advantage. Agravaine taught her well.

      All the new dramas! We’re getting awfully close to catching up with the prologue of this arc. We’ve had the bumps and lows on the rollercoaster – it’s about time for the build-up to some loopings 🤩 Wheeeeee!

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      1. That band sounds like a lot of fun 🥰
        You have to make a poster I can hang on the wall of my Sims.
        Maybe you can use Mercuryform as an editor.

        How funny it is that Arthur is still suffering from a sugar crash.
        I hope there will be an update to his personality traits soon.

        I look forward to a ride on the roller coaster. As long as I do not get motion sickness 🤢😂

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      2. Bwahaha, I’ll put it on the “to-make” list! 😁 What instrument does a black evil rooster play? Bagpipes? Wait, he’s gotta be the vocalist. No wonder it’s called Death Metal. 🤣

        I hope so too! Some of the custom traits were an absolute blast to play with. Pyromaniac, Coward and Sweet Tooth were my favourites. There were also child and teen-specific traits that were fantastic.

        Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to add plenty of calm moments between the loopings so you guys can recover. 🤭

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  3. It’s the weekend! My brain is engaged and ready to go! And oh boy, is it ready to pick through this beautiful cesspit you have crafted. Finally. ❤

    Maps. Toys. Toys on maps! It still conjures up images of Uther stamping his feet like a toddler who didn’t get any cake, which still makes me laugh. I shouldn’t laugh at the king; he’d likely dangle my head from a chandelier. Or use it as a football. Or place it on his table with all his other toys. I wonder which region I’d represent? (This garbage is precisely why I usually edit my comments. But I promised you unedited, so…)

    Ugh. Nemeth always planned to betray them? According to Uther, anyway. But I’m not sure how much I really trust Uther. Actually, no I am sure: 0.2%. Aw, look at Aggro sitting at the big boy table in his little hat, talking about his soldiers. And now Arthur is in charge of civil duties. OK, could have been worse. Although, saying that, the two do differ greatly in terms of civility. This could be a disaster. Hopefully Uther is too distracted/dead to overlook any of Arthur’s quirks. Or will Arthur further betray himself and his people to follow his father’s ideals and traditions? Ooh, this is like a bucket of crap balanced atop a door. It’s going to fall on someone’s head, but who will go through the door first? ”I will not fail you.” Nooo Arthur! Dodge that bucket! Your face is too pretty to be shitty.

    Now he’s thinking back on how he’s looked up to daddy since he was small. Of course he has, but ooh, I love that he can still see the flaws in his father’s logic, even though it’s almost all he’s ever known. I think we have a couple of redheads to thank for that, don’t we?


    Enter Gawain, Camelot’s resident sweetheart, blissfully innocent of everything outside his bubble. I laughed so hard at his offer to steal Arthur sweets. I clicked each picture there in case there was a bonus scene of Arthur and Gawain stealing pie, getting high of sugar and getting up to shenanigans, but I guess this exists only in my warped (severed?) head.



    Don’t send Gawain to Murkwood to save the druids. 😫 There are evil tree things and trampled faerie rings and the chewed remains of Tarquin 15ilftt and whoever-the-fuck that bear was. Now is not a good time. The children will be fine. Or they’ll die swiftly and be none the wiser. Damn. This story makes me cold and violent, but I don’t want Gawain to die and I think the druids can handle themselves. Gah. Geez, now Gawain is making a promise not to fail. So someone is going to be let down. Oh yes, send Lancelot too. Just what that misery needs, another traumatic scene to watch and dwell on.

    Of course Morgana is there. Her bat-like hearing served her well unless… unless Gawain and Arthur were just talking particularly loudly and if so, who else overheard? 😨 Now I’m even more torn. Of course I want Morgana and Emrys reunited but… I feel this isn’t going to be what I hoped. And who is this mystery woman Lancelot recalls? She doesn’t look familiar so someone we’ve yet to meet? His mother? Sister? He’s only a teen, right? So probably not a lover. I feel like I should know. Should I know?

    Morgana will have to out herself here. I wonder what will happen and what her companion’s reactions will be. My prediction is that Lancelot will go insane and Gawain won’t notice. He’ll be too busy picking flowers and prancing around (the burning pile of dead bodies, dismembered corpse of Tarquin and a half-eaten bear) with the children he rescued.

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    1. The weekend is a pretty good time to recharge with some simlit, yes 😊 I can promise you many many more cesspits and loopings and cliff dives all throughout the next… well, right up until the end, really. Weeee!

      Yes! I want all the unedited comments please 😁 Uther doesn’t have a toy for the Isle of Mora yet, so you could be that, if you want. Or France. You’ll have to be on the floor for that.

      Uther has 0.2% of your trust? Now I wonder what that very specific percentage of brownie points is based on. Your description of a bucket balancing on top of a door is pretty accurate. Who will step through it first, Arthur or Uther? Or will it be someone else entirely to reap the stinky consequences?


      Aww, no easter eggs hidden like that, sorry. It’s costing me enough effort to put up chapters and random shenanigans already, but you might see it pop up in an unannounced bonus bit sometime in the future. I still have a few of those left. 🤭

      Evil tree things and trampled faerie rings? A dead bear? What are you talking about? Nothing has happened in Murkwood yet 😇 don’t you love those slow returns to the beginning, even if that beginning was really in the middle of everything? Tarquin’s acronym sounds like you’re spitting after his name and I love it. 😂

      The woman in Lancelot’s flashback is new, yes. It’s also either a very recent event or a traumatic memory based on how sharply he remembers it – I’ll let you speculate on which of those two it is. Lancelot is a teen, a day from turning into a young adult in my game (same as Arthur). Morrie, Gawain and Guin have some days left to go, and Elyan is a young adult already.

      There’s an image, lol. That’s quite a bonfire he’d be dancing around with kids – if Morrie outing herself doesn’t drive Lance insane, then that definitely would.

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      1. Yay! Nothing like a good simlit rollercoaster to welcome me to the weekend. And, aww, how sweet an offer to rest my severed head on the floor, too. I love this place, I feel so cared for. ❤

        Uther’s 0.2% is a sure sign of my unwavering optimism.

        Oh right, yes, we’re in the future ahead of the past, in the past, not the present. So the bear is still alive. Who could it be? There was a sneakily-placed bear carving on the table in front of Uther in one shot this scene; was that a hint? What if he can turn into a bear? What if he’s been a shapeshifter all along? That’ll mean that he’s dead and he’s about to be eaten by the druids that he wanted to kill. Poetic.

        Is that last statement confirmation of Lancelot’s impending madness?

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      2. Of course! Only the finest blender knives for you. ❤

        Uther as a werebear, hoo boy, there's a thought. It would explain his temper. I wonder how many mistresses he’s bitten and spread it to. Maybe that’s what happened to Ygraine – she turned into a bear and peaced out into Murkwood, to live out her days safe and covered in fur.

        What impending madness? It’s not Lancelot’s turn yet. 😇

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      3. Ooh, how many mistresses has Uther had? Wait, was Ygraine a mistress? I’m going to work with the assumption that you are sneakily covering up how close I am to guessing who the bear is by distracting me with extra details, so therefore, if I’m close, but it’s not Uther… it must be Aggro.

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  4. Oh, Arthur will be in charge of criminal trials and civil audiences? That’s the best news Camelot’s had since… hm, over the war declarations, zombie apocalypse, winter of famine and false truces, I can’t think of any good news in Camelot’s recent history lol. But it’s good news. I hope.

    I was getting so paranoid about who was overhearing Arthur and Gawain’s conversation, what a relief it was Morgana. Gawain is too good for this kingdom. I hope this doesn’t terribly backfire for him.

    Can’t say I’m mad Lancelot is coming along too 😁 I didn’t expect Morgana though. Will her absence not be noticed in court? I’m all about this roadtrip though. Morgana away from the castle is always the best version of Morgana, bring on the holiday princess 😆 On a more serious note, does Morgana actually think Merlin is with those druids, or is she just going because the druids are like him? (and to a lesser extent, like her)

    I wonder where Lancelot’s observation skills come from. We’ve seen them with Morgana before, when he realised she had no intentions of ever arriving in Nemeth. But what made him so good at reading people? Sure, he’s been in court his whole life, but that can be said for the young Pendragons too, and neither of them is this observant, not even Morgana. Then again, she is too busy with her chess.

    Anywho, what will go terribly wrong with this trip to Murkwood… I actually can’t remember if the druids are still there or if they decedided to move after their narrow escape last summer. If they are there, I suspect Morgana will end up doing a lot more than just talking. Would be interesting to see how the other two will react if they see her use magic.

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    1. Such a bleak world you paint 😆 I’m sure at least one good thing happened. Like. Um. I can’t think of anything right now but I’m sure there’s something 🤣

      I don’t think Lancelot expected Morgana either. When people look the other way, she has a field day and does weird things. Literally, in this case. I can say that because you’ve already made it to the end of the plot thread 😂

      Oooh good question. Also one that will be answered somewhere in this arc! You’re getting pretty close where you’re at now. Lancelot gets an entire chapter all to himself 😄 You’re right though – he’s unusually perceptive and insightful, even compared to Arthur and Morgana.

      Everything will be fiiiiiine. It’s all fine. The horses are fine, Lancelot is fine, the woods are fine. Everything will be great 🤭

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