3.8 – Displacement

The evening after Gawain left for Murkwood, Guinevere and Sarah were summoned to serve the royal family. It was a great honour, and one that was usually reserved for the most experienced of servants only. Sarah had seen her fair share of royal suppers – but Guinevere had not. She had only been a servant for about a year. The young maidservant had never been this close to King Uther before.

Normally, the castle staff would not dream of sending someone as inexperienced as her. But an Autumn flu had hit most of the castle’s older servants, including the staff that normally served him. The only thing worse than sending an inexperienced servant was sending a sick one.

So, Sarah was summoned – and Guinevere ended up being forced to tag along.

“… and the southern Duke has requested a temporary exemption from tithings in exchange for an increased military support. I have offered them a year-long tax reduction instead. They seemed pleased. Lord Ban formally agreed to the compromise this morning.”

Normally, the maidservant would be nervous to be this close to Prince Arthur. She wouldn’t be able to focus. She’d probably trip and break some plates. Sarah would scold her, sending her to scrub the floors before teasing her about her unrequited crush in private. That was what would have happened.

She still wasn’t able to focus. But today, Guinevere’s feelings of anxiety had nothing to do with the Crown Prince.

“Very well,” Uther spoke, looking up at Arthur from his seat at the head of the table. Guinevere watched in silence as Arthur sat down next to his father. Not once. As Uther’s head turned, the maidservant quickly averted her eyes. She only caught a glimpse of his expression, but it was enough to anchor Guinevere’s gaze to the ground. King Uther was intimidating even if he wasn’t looking at her.
“As expected. Ban is shrewd, but not unreasonable. His House will not pose a problem as long as they are treated fairly.”
“I will see to it,” the Crown Prince answered. Uther gave him an approving nod.
“Good. Well done, Arthur.”

The compliment had come as a surprise. Guinevere could see a sliver of a smile on Arthur’s face, mixed together with just a hint of pride as the Crown prince sat up a little straighter.
“…Thank you, father.”

“How fares Ban’s son?” Uther continued. “You have him stationed as your second-in-command, correct?”
“Yes, father. Lancelot’s behaviour is very similar to that of Lord Ban – he is extremely cunning but fair, and loyal to the throne. Lancelot is very trustworthy. He’s a great help when I am needed elsewhere. I can rely on him.”
“Good,” the King nodded. “Keep him close. You will need men like him to support you when the time comes.”
“I will.”
“And your other duties? I gave you more tasks to handle than just catering to the nobles. Are you able to handle the added weight?”
Guinevere could see the Crown Prince hesitate as, for a moment, he seemed unsure of himself.
“I… could use some help,” Arthur eventually admitted. “I was thinking of delegating some of my civil duties – if you’ll allow it, of course.”
It seemed like Uther had been expecting that. The Iron King nodded his approval.
“Granted. To whom?”
“Morgana. I thought she would be here, actually. I haven’t seen her all day-”

At the mention of her mistress, Guinevere could feel her cheeks start to burn. The maidservant nervously fidgeted with her sleeves. She shuffled backwards, making herself appear as small as possible and hoped that nobody would look her way.

It hadn’t even taken them a day to notice her absence.

The young redhead knew exactly where Morgana was. She also knew that she couldn’t tell any of them. Guinevere had to come up with an excuse. She had been ordered to – her entire afternoon had been a series of half-handled tasks as her mind threw barrage after barrage of made-up excuses at her. One was even more implausible than the other. Guinevere hadn’t been able to concentrate on her work at all.

And she hadn’t been able to pick a lie. As she fidgeted with the sleeves of her uniform, Guinevere’s mind trailed back to that morning.

“Are you out of your mind?! What are we supposed to tell people?!”
“Anything that will keep them off my trail for a week will do. I know you’ll think of something.”

“I’m sorry. I need to do this. Just… cover for me, all right?”

Cover for you?

How am I supposed to do that? I can’t lie. I’m a terrible liar. It doesn’t matter what I say – they’ll know. They’ll know right away.

Guinevere had been dreading this moment all day, ever since Morgana had left. She nervously bit her lip, trying her hardest to drown out the voice that told her to hide in the cabinet and meld into the tableware.

Please ask Sarah. Please don’t notice me. Please don’t notice me. Please don’t-

“No matter. You. Servant. Fetch Morgana for me.”

Oh, no.

Guinevere froze, suddenly feeling like a deer staring at the pointy end of a drawn bow.
“Wh- m-me?”
“Obviously. You are Morgana’s maidservant, are you not? Fetch her.”

Guinevere’s stomach dropped. Her hands began to tremble. The young redhead could hear a familiar cacophony of voices in her head, all shouting different excuses at her.
Drop dead.
Say you’re unwell!
Say she’s indisposed.
Say she’s gone fishing?
Set the room on fire.

But Guinevere couldn’t voice any of them. She gulped, swallowing down her feeling of nausea.
“Ah… I, uh…”
“What are you waiting for? Do as you are told.”

“I… I c-cant, your m-majesty,” she finally stammered, her voice barely more than a whisper. “She is… I-indisposed.”

It was the best that she could do. But it was not enough. Uther bowled over her, not acknowledging her words in the slightest.
“I care not. Whatever she is doing, it can wait. Now go fetch her.”
“I c-can’t… I don’t…”

Cover for me.

Guinevere wanted to. She wanted so badly to be useful. But the maidservant didn’t know how to do it. Through her rapidly increasing sense of panic, she could see Arthur look at her from his seat at the table. Guinevere could feel Agravaine’s cold, distrustful gaze pierce through her. The young redhead felt her body beginning to shake. She took a step backwards – and froze as the Iron King turned around in his chair, making direct eye contact with her.

“Are you disobeying my orders, servant?”

At that moment, Guinevere could hear a voice trail out to her right. Sarah had taken a step forward, drawing attention away from the young redhead and onto herself as she quickly took over the conversation.
“My apologies, Your Majesty,” she spoke in a honeyed voice. “What we are trying to say is that you cannot send for the Princess. Not today.”

Uther slowly turned to face her. His irritation was gradually changing into anger as he locked eyes with Sarah.
“What hogwash is this? I am the King. I will send for her when I please. If Morgana has commanded you otherwise, then you will disregard those orders.”

But the maidservant shook her head.
“No, sire. As we said, the lady Morgana is indisposed. You won’t see her for about a week.”

That caught Arthur’s attention. The Crown Prince turned in his chair, looking back at Sarah with raised eyebrows.
“What? She’s ill?”
“Why have I not been informed of this?” Uther barked. “Has the court physician not seen her and made a report?”
“He has not. We’ve kept him away, sire.”
“Excuse me?! You WHAT?!” the Iron King snapped, his anger immediately taking over. “This is absurd- send for Gaius at once! I will not have a member of my family plagued by an unregulated-”

Uther’s explosive temper was well-known throughout the castle. The Iron King had fired staff for as little as speaking out of turn. These days, most servants did not dare to look him in the eyes, let alone disagree with him out loud.

Sarah was not most servants. Her face pulled into a familiar, impish, almost gleeful smirk as she cut Uther off mid-sentence.
“There’s nothing unregulated about it, sire. Your daughter is tending to monthly flowers.”

Uther almost choked. The Iron King fell into a coughing fit, trying to mask it as clearing his throat and failing spectacularly. Next to him, Arthur immediately turned a bright pink. An expression of horrified embarrassment flashed across his face as he hastily broke eye contact with Sarah. It was as if the maidservant suddenly had grown a second head. All three men were looking everywhere but at her.

Sarah’s impish grin grew even wider in response. She placed a hand on her hip, gleefully adding to their discomfort even more.
“But yes, by all means, inquire more about its regulation! If milords wish, I can tell you the exact details of what-”

“No! No, don’t!” Arthur stammered, turning as far away from Sarah as he could. “That will not be necessary-”
“Are you sure? It might be wise to learn more about such delicate-”
“NO! I do not want to know!”

Sarah placed her hand under her chin, thoroughly amused by the table in front of her. Just like that, the danger had passed. It had been almost effortless on her end. Guinevere would have been amazed at Sarah’s verbal display of skill- 

If she hadn’t been absolutely mortified, herself.

“Splendid,” the maidservant continued, her voice once again sounding as sweet as honey. “Would you like to be served your second course now, Your highness?” 
“That… won’t be needed. I’ve lost my appetite.” 
“Very well. In that case, may we be excused? We should really return to the lady Morgana. We need to tend to her condition-”  

The third insinuation was more than the Iron King could handle. Uther groaned, burying his face in his hands from embarrassment.  
“Yes, fine- for Watcher’s sake, go! Leave.” 

“As you wish, Your Majesty. Come, Guin.” 

The maidservant nodded towards the door. Guinevere, seeing a way out, obeyed without hesitation. She quickly skipped past the three men at the table and joined Sarah on the other side. The maidservant placed a hand on Guinevere’s back, swiftly guiding her out of the dining hall. The awkward silence that followed their exit hung around the table long after the heavy wooden doors had closed. 

The short walk back to the castle kitchens was just what Guinevere needed to regain control of herself. Her breathing slowed. Her hands stopped trembling. Her head stopped trying to convince her to hide inside of the nearest cabinet as her sense of panic gradually faded away. By the time they walked through the heavy doors of the kitchen, the young redhead had returned to normal.  


“T-thank you,” she muttered, looking up at Sarah with a guilty expression. “I’m sorry I f-froze up. I should have said something.” 
“That’s all right, honey pie. You got forced into doing something you’re not used to, on top of being told to lie on the spot. That’s a tough sell for anyone. If it were up to me, you wouldn’t have been anywhere near Ironpants to begin with. I’m just glad that Morgana hasn’t used the flowers-excuse herself lately.” 
“How did you know that would work?” Guinevere asked. Sarah gave her a quick, playful wink in response.  

“Oh, because it always does. You would be surprised how much even the most battle-hardened soldiers fear a woman’s cycles.” 
“Because they’re terrifying,” the maidservant smirked. “For them, at least. Think about it – women are creatures that can create life, grow entire human beings and that can regularly bleed without dying. Some of us even without hurting. And men have no control over it. That scares more of them than you think. I used the exact same trick on a judge’s executioner once. The man drew blood on an almost daily basis, and you should have seen the look on his face when I told him that I was ‘tending to my monthly flowers’. It drove him straight up the wall.” 
“That’s incredible,” Guinevere replied, amazed. “I never would have thought of using that.” 

The maidservant wrapped an arm around her in response, flashing her a warm smile.  
“You’ll learn. You have more tricks in your arsenal than you know, Guinevere. Learn to use them. And while you’re at it, you need to teach yourself not to panic so quickly.” 
“…I’m sorry.” 
“Don’t worry about it, honey pie. We all have to start somewhere.” 
“Where did you start?” the young redhead asked. “How did you learn so much?” 
Sarah let out a chuckle. 
“Didn’t I tell you? I used to be the Assassin Pirate Queen of Northumbria.” 
“Of course not. But it would have made for a good story. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write a book someday.” 

The sun had just begun to set in the sky when the trio arrived at what was to be their campsite. As Morgana tended to the horses, Lancelot and Gawain swiftly began to gather wood for a campfire.

At least, one of them did.

“Look at him! He’s so cute! Lancelot, can we keep him?” 

“No,” the future Duke answered, crossing his arms as he looked down at Gawain. His annoyance made way for mild amusement as his friend began to pout in response. 
“Aw, come on! I bet the castle wouldn’t mind. And we can train him!” 
“Stop trying to recruit the local wildlife, Gawain.” 

“Oh, fine. Sorry, little guy. Hop along, now.” 

The trio watched as the rabbit disappeared into the surrounding foliage. Morgana had watched the whole exchange with mild surprise. As Gawain re-joined the campfire, she cast a sideways glance at the stallion beside her. 

“I have to say, I’m impressed. Not even Podargos liked me that much when we first met. And he wasn’t even a wild animal. What’s your secret, Gawain?” 

The young redhead hesitated.  
“Oh, well… don’t tell Arthur, okay?” 
“Of course.” 
“I sneak animal treats with me every time we go to train in the wilderness.” 

A small silence fell.  

Then, the budding witch snickered.  
“Are you telling me that you’ve got your pockets stuffed with animal treats?” 
Morgana chuckled at his answer, looking highly amused as Lancelot shook his head in disapproval. 
“That is not a secret, Gawain. The entire group knows. Remember that time that we had to pack for a week-long journey, and Percival caught you with a backpack full of carrots instead of rations?” 
“They were rations for Gringolet, though,” Gawain protested. “That counts.” 
“It absolutely does not. Carrots are not a balanced diet for a horse.” 
“Of course not! I was going to feed him other things, too.” 
“He’ll get fat.” 

Gawain huffed, breaking eye contact and looking up at the sky in protest as Lancelot threw another piece of wood onto the fire. It took him a few seconds to realise. Then the would-be knight recognised the scenery in front of him, and the smile reappeared on his face.
“Oh, hey! I think we sat under this tree last time, too.”
“It seems like yesterday that we were last here,” Gawain reminisced. “It was really hard to drag all of those soldiers back to town, even with all of us.”
“We managed, though, didn’t we?”
“Yeah. Yeah, we did.”

The would-be knight glanced over towards Lancelot. Slowly, his expression changed into a frown.
“I wonder what they did after we left them. The druids. Do you think they will still be in the same place?”

“Doubtful,” Lancelot replied. “I wouldn’t be, if my camp had been found by two separate groups in one day. Their leader doesn’t seem like the type to take unnecessary risks. There’s a good chance that they have moved locations, and gone even deeper into the forest. We’ll probably have to track them down.” 

“What were they like?” Morgana asked, in a semi-disinterested tone. “The Druids, I mean. I’ve never met one before. What kind of people were they?” 

“They were surprisingly normal. For people living in the middle of the woods, at least,” Lancelot answered. “There were eight of them, including two children.  Apparently, they’ve renounced all use of violence. When we met them, they were being held hostage by a group of soldiers.”
“Arthur told me that when he came back. You rescued them, right?”
“Yes. We ended up working together with their leader to ambush the soldiers and save his druids.”

“His name is Emrys,” Gawain added. “The ambush was his idea, you know. It worked really well – he played the part of bait and everything. He’s got a lot of courage for a sorcerer.”
“That’s who we need to find in Murkwood,” Lancelot nodded, staring into the campfire. “Emrys. The rest of the druids look to him to guide them. If we convince Emrys to leave, then the rest will follow.”

The wise thing would have been to leave the conversation there. Morgana knew that, too. But at that moment, wisdom was the furthest thing from her mind. A strange sense of anticipation had been building in her stomach for the entire day, and she could no longer ignore it. Her curiosity got the better of her.

“What does he look like?”

“Emrys? Umm…”

“He was thin. Really thin, like he needs to eat more meat. He was wearing these strange, green wilderness robes. I think he had black hair-”
“Brown,” Lancelot interrupted. “Shoulder-length. Pulled back behind his head with beads and feathers. Grey eyes and sporting a beard.”
“Right! That’s what it was. Emrys looked a bit like a scrawny woodsman, but without the axe. But it didn’t make him look weak at all. Maybe it’s because he’s a sorcerer, but he felt very strong.”

Morgana looked away from the group, trying to mask the sudden butterflies in her stomach by feigning disinterest. But she wasn’t able to keep the smile from spreading across her lips as her mind instantly recognised his description.

“Oh. I see.”

17 thoughts on “3.8 – Displacement

  1. I can imagine Gwen absolutely shitting herself in front of Uther, I know I would be X_X Oh gosh, I don’t imagine Gwen being the sort to be able to think up a convincing lie off the top of her head. I laughed at the ‘set the room on fire’. XD Aggro side-eyeing Arthur, stay out of this Aggro, you have no friends. Stay in your room hiding all your dodgy shit behind a veneer of faith.

    This is why I love Sarah, she doesn’t take crap from anybody, not even the king. ‘Tending to monthly flowers’ makes it sound so much more fun than it actually is. Aggro’s face had me laughing XD That’s actually a super good excuse. Nobody who doesn’t have to deal with that themselves, would want to deal with it going on with anyone else! Arthur’s face…this is brilliant. I love Sarah so damn much. Nat 20 in Deception! ‘And men have no control over it. That scares more of them than you think.’ I loved this line TBF.

    BNUUY! Of course Gawain is all over it. I love him. Hmm, so is Emrys Merlin’s father I wonder?

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    1. Guinevere has the wonderful “panics during confrontations” character flaw. Hey, when in doubt, set it on fire, right? 😆 Aww maybe Aggro just needs some friends, so he can turn into a plucky side character instead of the wonderful, self-righteous mess that he is now. Everybody needs friends. Would you like to volunteer? You can have an afternoon of Sipping Tea with the Spymaster. Apple picking with the Advisor? Who knows – Aggro could be a star at making balloon animals.

      I spent so long looking for what kind of euphemisms they would have in medieval times. It was a massive rabbit hole and now I know so much more than I ever wanted to. Yup, nobody wants to deal with that, and with this excuse, they’ll not bother Morrie for at least a week, hopefully 😂 I did actually roll for deception for both of them on this, haha. Guinevere failed miserably and Sarah had a ridiculously high number.

      BUNNIES! 😁 Oooh, interesting question. Merlin’s parents haven’t actually been brought up in the story yet at this point. Who knows? 😇 (I know. But I won’t tell you because I’m mean.)

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      1. Meanie! XD

        Yeah I’ll take Aggro to do archery! He can be the target < 3

        You’re right. Can’t imagine how much fun it was to deal with back in those times. Especially with everyone’s obsession with demons and possession and ‘hysterical’ women and whatnot.

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      2. Bwahaha now I’m imagining him with a bull’s eye painted on his behind. Poor guy – I think by now he has won the trophy prize for Most Hated. 🤣


  2. Daaaw. A sweet chapter before the storms!

    So.. were they really called monthly flowers? Bahahaha I almost died laughing. That’s one way to excuse oneself from court shenanigans. Aw, Guin is so painfully shy. Her being in the same room with Agra and Uther doesn’t sit well with me >.> I’m glad they got excused. Uther should stop stealing his own daughter’s maidservants at the time of her monthly flower picking and get his own. xD

    I wonder how much Lancelot knows or is aware about Morrie’s past and Merlin. So far we haven’t heard his thoughts about witchcraft. Looks like Morrie’s secret might just be unearthed this chapter. Not a bad thing I reckon. Morrie has kept her secret for too long and he seems trustworthy. c:

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    1. Only a little storm. 🤭 Plus, thunderstorms are fun!

      There were several ways to call it, but that was the one I found that was the least vulgar. I have an essay’s worth of useless trivia about it in my head now, if you’re curious 🙈 Guinevere should probably not end up in the same room as them too often, even if Arthur is there. Lol, now I’m picturing Uther as a toddler stealing everyone’s toys for some reason.

      Lancelot has been noted to be unusually perceptive in the past. Who knows? He might be on to something. He might know already. He might have no clue. He might just like looking broody and mysterious in the background and hoping that if he does it long enough, it will get Plumbob’s attention. 😂

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      1. Oh no. Sarah is a sleeper agent and it’s all a complicated plot to steal Lancelot away to another nation – or another simverse 😱 No, Plumbob! You already have a handsome broody type! I need this one! For… reasons! 🤣


  3. This whole scene has a grim feel to it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it the pig’s head or the monthly flowers? No, that’s just hilarious – men. I think the thing that unsettles me most is Uther in pyjamas. That’s way closer to undressed than I ever wanted to see him.

    I just can’t take him seriously anymore. He’s such an arse to everyone that seeing him simply causes my eyes to roll from my head and ‘hearing’ him causes my metaphorical ears to fall off while I groan ‘aren’t you dead yet?’ I know I should be careful what I wish for but whatever. I will go out on a limb here and say that him dying is the best thing for his people and you can simply prove me wrong, Yimi, in your special way. 😁

    As we discussed, it is an important topic deciding how characters react to direct confrontation, and Guin was perfect here. I’ve given this some thought and decided that “say she’s indisposed”, “set the room on fire” and late entry “eat the king” would be the first choices of most of my cast. April, like poor Guin here, would probably choose to “drop dead” rather than stand up to anyone and who knows what Caleb would try to do. Your turn!

    “Would you like your second course now?” that feast was a starter? 😆 And oh, I hope Morgana comes back within a week now or how the heck are they going to explain that?

    I want to read the story of Sarah, Pirate Queen of Northumbria, please.

    I already squealed this over Skype, in a random moment of uncool (LOL) but that fluffy little bum deserves another – BUNNY!

    “Thin, like he needs to eat more meat.” How about a nice plate of tasty bear! Grisly goodness and a free pair of tweezers to pluck the fur from between your teeth and your guilt from your heart. Yum yum. Will I be disappointed if the bear is just a bear? Probably. I’m still hoping it’s Uther.

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    1. You and your grim glasses 🤭 I want to be all vague and denying and call the chapter rainbow-flavoured, but by now you know me pretty well. If it feels grim but you’re not sure why, then there’s probably something buried that will come into play later. Uther’s pyjamas are definitely the most horrifying thing there, though. If I zoom in on them too much without editing the pictures, the pixels on the cc outfit makes my eyes bleed.

      “I will go out on a limb here and say that him dying is the best thing for his people” – Remember that you said that. 😘

      Eat the king 😂😂 you are so ready for Uther to exit stage left. Sure! Next time one of yours is indecisive on what to do (feel free to tell me which time, hehe), I’ll respond with some of my cast. Should be fun 😁 Or did you mean in this specific situation with Guin?

      Welp. Sarah better write that book now. Else I’ll need to make a peg-legged Pirate Queen spin-off. Do we have pirate-y CC out there somewhere? I’ll need an annoying avian associate, too 🤔

      All the bunnies! Naaah, it wasn’t a moment of uncool. Just a moment of adorable that made me simultaneously crack up 😂

      Gawain is parroting the second-most frequent comment I got whenever people decided to voice their opinions on my weight. Turns out that eating more meat did not, in fact, help. Whoa, that’s three digs at Uther in one comment! He must be your current Most-Hated 🤭 Who knows? We haven’t seen him between this chapter and the prologue yet – maybe it really is Uther.


  4. I laughed so hard I snorted at this chapter. “Tending her monthly flowers” LOLOLOLOLOLOL works every time. I really appreciate Sarah, she is a queen. And that whole bit about how men fear what they can’t control? Bingo.

    I’m a bit concerned about Morgana. I don’t know if this is wise, even though I know its destiny…

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    1. I had more fun making that particular scene than I should probably admit. Spent the whole time sniggering to myself. 🤣

      Morgana always knows what she’s doing, don’t you know. She’s experienced, silver-tongued and a mage to boot! Doesn’t matter that she is 16 and has no idea how magic actually works – she knows exactly what she’s doing in the way only teenagers can 😬

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  5. This chapter feels a bit like the calm before an oncoming storm. I enjoyed all of the funny bits. Sarah never fails to impress me, but Uther is so pathetic and ridiculous to be discouraged by that of all things. XD I’m sure he doesn’t give the women servants one week off every month so they can tend to their monthly flowers… so why is he suddenly so delicate about it?

    Lancelot grows on me more and more every chapter. He seems clever, keeps Gawain grounded, and has a slightly mysterious aura. I like how observant he tries to be too. He’s slowly becoming one of my favorite characters and I always look forward to his appearances.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Storm? What storm? There’s nothing but incoming clear skies here 😇 ⚡☔ the way “monthly flowers” have been treated throughout history and across different cultures is just plain ridiculous. I make fun of it in a different comment but that there’s still such a taboo on it even in this age is very sad.

      Yay! Love for Lancelot! He’s incredibly level-headed and insightful. Lancelot didn’t get a lot of chances to shine last arc, so I’m glad I can give him a bit more spotlight this time around.

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  6. Lmao that scene with Sarah and Uther had me in stitches. First Gwen’s excellent “calm and collected” response, then Sarah to the rescue, and then the dudes’s reaction. Ah, medieval men. It would be infuriating if it wasn’t funny – and very usrful here. Sarah seems to have a lot of confidence on Qwen growing into her own eventually. I hope we get to see it.

    Aww bunny. Is ot bad that I’ve become so distrustful I doubted if it was really a bunny? We’ve seen Nimueh pull all kinds of tricks, after all.

    And there it is again, Morgana is out of the castle and so she starts dreaming, feelong, smiling. I hope she doesn’t come back this time, somehow.

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    1. I had so much fun making that scene. I think it’s one of my favourite ones this arc. In fact, all scenes of Sarah being a troll are a blast to write. 😂

      She has pulled all kinds of tricks out of her nonexistent hat, yes. As for whether she can turn into a rabbit, well… you can’t prove that she can’t.

      Oooh, wishing for Morrie to become a forest witch, are you? I’d grant your wish but I can’t find the right witch outfithave a plotline to follow. Maybe in the future. 🤭

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