3.29 – Choice

WarningCringy romance… stuff. Read at your own peril. 😆 

“Could you make me a jelly tart, please?” 

“Really? You like them?” 

“Of course! They’re just the right combination of sweet and sour. Could you go make us some?”
“I- yes! Yes, of course!”  

She’s late. 

“Oh. Morgana.” 

“Arthur? What are you doing?”

“I… need your help.” 

“…I know that face. What happened?” 

“…you WHAT?!” 

Arthur carefully lit the candelabra in front of him, causing a warm light to wash over the dusty crates and boxes in the tower. Illuminating the place did not do much to improve the chamber’s interior. The southern tower had been abandoned for years, gathering dust and slowly turning into a storage area for the castle’s residents. Arthur had no idea what was in any of these boxes. Everything was coated in a fine layer of dust, with cobwebs lining the corners and spiders hanging from the ceiling.  

As far as romantic locations went, this one was worse than terrible.  

Arthur groaned, rubbing his temples in frustration at himself. He didn’t want to confess to her here. Not in a place like this. The Crown Prince didn’t want to discuss his feelings while hidden away in a dusty tower filled with spiders. But there was nowhere else that they could go. Not unless he brought Guinevere into the woods, which would probably end in both of them being assaulted by some brigand or highwayman.  

Not a good idea, either.  

As Arthur tried fruitlessly to make the place look a little more presentable, the wooden door behind him rattled in its doorframe. The sudden sound almost made him jump out of his skin. Arthur quickly turned towards the entrance, his heart hammering in his chest as his mind scrambled for the right thing to say- 

But the door didn’t open.  

It was just the wind. 

As he looked at the cold, heavy door, Arthur could feel his heart sink to his stomach.  

She wasn’t coming… was she?  

“Faith has told me about… your feelings for me. Your intentions. Considering the kind of day we just had, and the way that… some of the things I did can be misinterpreted…” 

Tonight, I don’t want you to meet me as a maidservant. I want you to meet me as Guinevere.   

If you do not come, then I will have my answer.  

Just as Arthur lost hope and turned around to douse the candles, the door behind him suddenly opened. The Crown Prince froze as he heard the sound of familiar footsteps making their way into the tower. 

“You… you came.”

“You actually came.” 

Arthur tried to remember that her showing up didn’t actually mean anything. He tried to contain his emotions, but the Crown Prince couldn’t help himself. Arthur could feel the smile spread across his face, his insides growing warm and fluttery as Guinevere quietly closed the door behind her. Suddenly, the dust and cobwebs around him didn’t matter. Arthur felt strangely nervous and eager at the same time; a giddy anticipation that he was only barely able to contain.  

She really showed up. She really came to see me.  

Part of him had been convinced that Guinevere would stay away. That Arthur would be waiting, alone, in that dusty tower until the sun came up. There had been a good chance of it. Arthur had explicitly told her that it wasn’t an order, and Guinevere had had every reason not to show up. He had rejected her once already.  

But she’d come to see him anyway.  

“I… I got your letter,” Guinevere muttered softly. Arthur nodded, trying to maintain his composure as he took a step towards her. 
“I know. I’m sorry that it had to be done so publicly. It has a reason, I promise-” 
But Guinevere shook her head, interrupting Arthur mid-sentence.  
“Why? Is this a-a prank?”  

Guinevere’s words had the same impact as a bucket of ice water getting poured over Arthur’s head. Just like that, the giddy feeling in his chest vanished. The Crown Prince could feel his smile fade. His joy and surprised were instantly replaced by guilt.  
She thought that he was messing with her. 

Of course she would. You made Lancelot address her in front of the entire bloody castle. 

“I’m not trying to trick you, Guinevere,” Arthur replied. “I know that it might have seemed that way, and I apologise if it made you feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t meant to harm you. Quite the opposite, actually. I’ll explain later, but it’s not a prank. You have my word. Everything… everything that I wrote in that letter is sincere.” 

“But- but if it’s not a-a prank, then why? You rejected me very clearly a-at Scarborough a-and-” 

“I made a mistake at Scarborough.”  

Arthur sighed, breaking eye contact. This wasn’t how he had pictured their meeting would go. It wasn’t how he had pictured it in his head at all. The Crown Prince had rehearsed the conversation that he wanted to have with Guinevere over and over again – but now that it was actually happening, Arthur couldn’t recall any of it. And Guinevere’s look of utter confusion seemed to worsen with every word that came out of his mouth.  

“I know this makes no sense to you,” Arthur said softly. “As it is, it barely makes sense to me. I rejected you because… because I thought that you were trying to get something from me,” he admitted. “It’s always been like that. You have to understand. The women that approach me romantically… they only see me for what I can give them. I’m not used to having someone that’s interested in me as a person. I didn’t realise that you… that it wasn’t like that, until after I rejected you. I brushed you off when I shouldn’t have, because I thought…” 

“Because I thought that you were just like them,” Arthur concluded, hanging his head in shame. “But you’re not like that at all. You never were. I wish I could have seen that sooner. If I could take back what I said that day, I would.” 

Guinevere didn’t answer. Arthur could see her hands clasp around the sleeves of her uniform as she looked up at him. Her large, grey eyes reflected the flickering candlelight around them. She didn’t say anything. The maidservant’s continued silence slowly twisted Arthur’s stomach into tight, uncomfortable knot. He didn’t know what to do. Arthur had been in so many social encounters at court. He had navigated so many conversations in the past. The Crown Prince knew exactly how to play the game – but this time, Arthur had no idea what to do. He didn’t know what to say. 

So he just said all of it. 

“The truth is… I’m really fond of you,” Arthur admitted, taking another step closer. “I know that is beyond inappropriate, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to ignore it anymore. I know that this is overwhelming, and that my way of reaching out to you was absolutely terrible. I just didn’t know what else to do. I’ve tried to ignore my feelings for months, but it doesn’t work and now my chest won’t stop hurting every time I see you and I can’t…” 

“I can’t…” 

Arthur’s voice slowly trailed off. The girl in front of him still hadn’t responded.  

“…Guinevere? Please say something.” 

Guinevere blinked. For brief second, it was almost as if she snapped out of a trance. With an expression of confused disbelief, the girl looked up at him.  
“You’re… you’re really not joking?” she asked, her voice barely more than a mutter. Arthur shook his head in response.  
“No. I’m not joking, I promise. I know that I shouldn’t, but… I really like you.”  

For a moment, Arthur could swear that he saw the corners of her mouth curl upwards. Then, that moment passed. Guinevere’s expression fell. The girl broke eye contact, looking down at the ground as a shadow crossed her face.  
“But… you have Mithian.”  

“I didn’t choose Mithian,” Arthur replied. “I want to choose you.”  

The girl folded her hands in front of her, fiddling with the edges of her sleeves. He could see the hesitation on her face. It took Guinevere a few moments to speak.  
“I thought… I thought you didn’t care.” 

“I do care,” Arthur answered. The faint, pleasant scent of honey and carob powder drifted past him as he took another step towards Guinevere. By now, he was inches away from her. 
She didn’t flinch. 

“I care a lot,” he said softly. “I can’t really explain why myself, but…” 

“I care about you. Greatly.” 

Her skin felt soft and warm to the touch. It felt right. Arthur smiled, the inside of his chest fluttering nervously as he said the words out loud.  
“Guinevere… would you let me court you?”

For a moment, the Crown Prince could see a strange expression cross her face that he couldn’t identify.  
Was that.. a smile?   

The next moment, her expression fell. The warmth faded. Guinevere looked away, folding into herself as she pulled her arms out of his grasp and lowered her head.  


For the second time in a row, it felt like a bucket of ice water had been dumped over Arthur’s head. The Crown Prince could feel a sharp, stinging pain in his chest. He felt his insides rapidly growing cold as the meaning of that word echoed through his mind.  He couldn’t move. It was like his limbs had turned to stone. Arthur stood frozen on the spot, stunned and looking at the girl in front of him in shock as his thoughts rapidly began to spiral downwards.

She doesn’t want you. Of course she doesn’t. You wasted your chance. You ruined your opportunity with the only girl that ever saw you as more than a walking gold pile. She doesn’t want what’s underneath anymore. And why would she? She probably realised that it’s completely worthl- 

 “Promise me that I can s-say no.” 


The Crown Prince sank through his knees, kneeling down onto the dusty floor as he placed a hand on his heart. With a gentle smile, Arthur looked up at her. 
“You can,” he replied. “You have my word, Guinevere. I will never force you into anything. If you don’t want to… I’ll accept that.”

The words were painful. He had to force them out. But Arthur knew that they were the right thing to say. The only right thing to say.  

And they worked. Guinevere was still hesitant. He could see it in her eyes. He hadn’t convinced her… but he hadn’t lost her, either. Arthur could feel the fluttery feeling in his chest return as faint blush appeared on her cheeks. Guinevere broke eye contact, idly playing with a strand of hair as she looked away from him. 
“I don’t… I don’t think courting i-is right,” she muttered. “You don’t… know me. Not really.” 

“You’re right,” Arthur answered. “I don’t. But I want to. I want to learn everything about you. It’s all right- we don’t have to court immediately if you don’t want to,” he added, looking down on her with a smile. “We can take it slow. We can just get to know each other, if that’s what you prefer. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” 
“What a-about Mithian?” 
“Don’t worry about Mithian. She didn’t have a choice in this, either. This way, we’ll both be free.” 

Arthur could see a shadow of a smile appear on Guinevere’s lips. Her shoulders relaxed. The Crown Prince watched as, with a final bit of hesitance, she looked up at him.  
“But… I’m just a-a servant. I’m nobody.” 

“You’re not nobody,” Arthur replied, shaking his head at her. “You’re one of the most courageous people in the entire castle, Guinevere. You saved a toddler from being burned at the stake. You deal with my sister’s fickle whims every day and you haven’t turned even a little bitter because of it. You’re gentle, and sweet, and one of the kindest people I know.” 

“You’re not nobody. You’re incredible. I wish you could see that.” 

Arthur reached out to her again. This time, Guinevere didn’t pull away. The young redhead allowed him to take hold of her hands, the blush reappearing on her cheeks as he looked her in the eyes.  

Arthur was sure of it. This felt right.  

“I’m shackled to Mithian,” he said softly. “I can’t change that. Not yet. But I want to choose you. Will you let me do that?” 

Guinevere blushed, slowly pulling her hands out of Arthur’s grip a second time. But this time, she didn’t move away. With a shy smile, the girl looked up at him… and nodded. 

“Really?!”  Arthur yelled, blurting out his excitement before he could stop himself. His reaction made a soft chuckle escape from Guinevere’s mouth.  

“R-really. I don’t mind… getting to know Arthur.” 

The nervous flutter that he’d felt before was nothing compared to the flood of emotions that rushed through him now. Arthur’s chest felt like it was going to burst with joy. She’d said yes. She’d really said yes. The rush was incredible – at that moment, the Crown Prince felt like he was floating. He felt like he could do anything. He felt himself getting pulled towards the girl in front of him like a magnet, Arthur wanted to put his arms around Guinevere, to pull her close and drink in the sweet fragrance that drifted around her body—

But he couldn’t do that. He had to be patient. She’d pulled away from him twice already. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her off. Arthur instinctively understood what Guinevere’s words had meant. He couldn’t push. Not with her. And he wouldn’t. He’d pace himself – this time, the Crown Prince would do it right. Arthur smiled, pushing his feelings down into a corner as he looked at Guinevere’s blushing face.  
“Thank you. We’ll take it slow, I promise.” 

We have all the time in the world, after all.  

Arthur could see Guinevere’s shoulders tense. Her smile faded a little. The Crown Prince watched as, with a sheepish expression, Guinevere muttered: 
“But, um… please don’t send Lancelot to me in public a-again.” 


Right. That.

He’d completely forgotten about that. 


“Uh. About that. I have one more thing to tell you…”

Morgana found Lancelot in a corner of the library. The future Duke was seated at the chess table, deeply engrossed in the game in front of him. He was so focused on the pawns that he didn’t even react to her when she turned the corner.  

“Thinking of our next match?” Morgana grinned, looking down on the chess board. She had been looking forward to her chance to take revenge for her crushing defeat last time. The sorceress already had a strategy ready in her mind, fully expecting Lancelot to challenge her right then and there.

But the future Duke didn’t take the bait. He didn’t even look up at her. Lancelot shook his head as he idly moved a pawn across the game board. 

“No,” he said quietly. “Clearing my head.” 

Morgana frowned. She leaned against the nearest bookcase, quietly observing him as he moved his pieces around. The future Duke looked… distracted. Frustrated, almost. Morgana watched in silence as Lancelot kept setting and re-setting the board, losing track of himself right after he’d played his opening move. Twice, he had to catch a piece before it fell off the game board.  

Morgana had never seen him act like that before.

“Lancelot? Are you all right?” 

There was no answer. Lancelot stayed stubbornly focused on the board in front of him, ignoring Morgana as the sorceress took a few steps in his direction.

Eventually, the young knight let out a sigh.  

Morgana bridged the distance between her and the table without thinking. She pulled the chair backwards and took her seat opposite of Lancelot. The sorceress remembered the conversation that they’d had before. She knew what he was trying to do. She could also tell that it wasn’t working. Morgana sat down, quickly pulling the black pieces towards her as she pushed a single pawn forward. 
“Pawn to e4.” 

The Pawn’s defence was an easy opening, often used to teach beginners how to play. Morgana knew that Lancelot could beat it with his eyes closed. She could, too. The opening posed no challenge to either of them- but right now, a challenge was not what Lancelot needed. Morgana moved another piece, playing exactly like a beginner’s guidebook would.  
“Pawn to E5. Pawn’s defence.” 

She could see Lancelot frown as his mind responded to the move. The future Duke softly muttered: 
“Accepted. Pawn to d3.” 
“Bishop to B4.” 

It was working. Morgana could tell. She pushed her competitive spirit aside, shoving it into a corner and only making moves that she knew he could predict. Pawn’s defence usually led to a plain, quiet, boring game. She despised it as a result.
But it was exactly what Lancelot needed. As they played, his eyes regained their focus. His body language returned to normal. Whatever was plaguing his mind slowly faded away. After ten minutes, the future Duke had defeated her.  

Lancelot let out a sigh, closing his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. He stayed that way for a while.  

When he opened them again, the future Duke was looking a lot more composed.  A grateful smile spread on his face as he gave Morgana an appreciative nod.  
“Thank you. I needed that.”  

“What happened?” Morgana asked. Almost immediately, his face pulled into a disapproving frown. Lancelot glanced past her, making sure that there was nobody else in the library. 

When he was sure that they were alone, Lancelot’s frown turned into an all-out scowl.
“Your brother decided that he wants to be a romantic.” 
“Ah,” the sorceress replied, immediately understanding what Lancelot was referring to. “I see. So… you did it?”  
“Yes. This morning, I had the honour of pretending to woo your maidservant in front of the entire entrance hall.” 
“I was wondering where she’d gone. How did she take it?” 
“As well as can be expected,” Lancelot scowled in response. “The poor girl. Do you know what’s in her head?” 
“What do you mean?” 
“Never mind. I suppose it doesn’t matter.” 

He seemed incredibly displeased with it all. Lancelot leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms as his scowl deepened.  
“He informed you about this whole mess, too, then?” 
“Yes. He did. Earlier today.” 
“You do realise this means that we can’t play chess anymore?” Lancelot replied. Morgana raised a single eyebrow in response.  
“Oh? And why is that?” 
“Well, for one, I’m supposed to be in love with your maidservant.” 

“So? It’s just chess, Lancelot,” Morgana smiled. The future Duke didn’t seem to like that, either.  
“You know it’s more than chess. Being this close to you that often- it sends a message.” 
“And? Can we not have a good friendship at court?” 

Her words caused a strange reaction in the person opposite of her. Morgana could see a flicker of frustration cross Lancelot’s face, before his scowl abruptly returned. The future Duke let out an annoyed sigh as he rubbed the top of his nose. 
“Of course. If that is what you wish.”
“It is. Come on. Let’s play another match. We can worry about your new romance afterwards.” 

Lancelot groaned at that, but did as she asked. The two began another game. But neither of their hearts were in it. That day, they played more out of principle than because they actually wanted to challenge the other person. For a few minutes, both were caught up in their own thoughts.

They were halfway through their game when Morgana looked up from the board.  
“Say… Lancelot. Are you well-versed in medical conditions?” 

“We have some medical tomes at the mansion,” he replied, scratching his chin. “I’ve picked up a thing or two. Why do you ask?” 
“What do you know about seasonal vertigo?” 
“Not much,” the future Duke admitted. “Some of the women in Henford get it when the weather cools down. It makes them feeble and light-headed for a few months.” 

“Two months, to be precise,” Morgana replied. “From October to November. It happens specifically in Autumn and stops before the snow falls.” 
“I… suppose. What is this about?” 
“Oh, it’s just a hunch,” she answered, leaning back in her chair as she observed her nails. “Did you know that Mithian has been sending gifts to my maidservant?” 

“To Guinevere?” 
“Of all people, yes. Expensive ones too. It might be a coincidence-” 
“But you don’t think it is,” Lancelot said, immediately catching on. Morgana shook her head at him.  
“No. I don’t.” 
“What are you going to do?” the future Duke asked, looking at her with a worried frown. At that moment, Morgana knew that he was thinking the exact same thing that she was. He had the same suspicions. It gave her the last push that she needed. The sorceress smiled at Lancelot in response. It was a calculated, hollow grin that did not reach her eyes. 

She knew exactly what to do.

“I’m going to have some tea.” 

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  1. Poor Lancelot. He’s really in a bad mood.
    Chess seems to have a healing effect on him and it is fortunate for him that Morgana does not cling to the conventions.
    Nothing should stop their chess game from continuing no matter what the gossip bites at the castle will say.

    So Guinevere really went up the tower? She is a very brave woman 💖
    An equal love affair with Arthur seems so impossible. I still think their power relations are so unequal that I have a hard time feeling the romance.
    I’m really excited to see how they get to overcome all the barriers.
    I wish the best for both of them 💕

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    1. He was. He’s been thrown into a very strange situation by Arthur and although he does it without (much) protest, it does not leave him unaffected. Oooh, no matter what the gossip bites will say, huh? Therein lies the problem – they’re supposed to gossip, but they’re supposed to gossip about a different pairing.

      I rolled for Guinevere here, too. She rolled high enough to show up, but only barely. Unequal is the right term and Arthur is trying very hard to bridge that distance. Whether it will be enough is a question that only time can answer.

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  2. I chuckled at Arthur’s awkward expression and Morgana turning up her nose at him asking for help XD a proper ‘what have you done?’ face.

    Yup, that plan was not ideal, Arthur, and in a way only made Gwen feel worse about herself. I can’t remember if I mentioned this in the Scarborough chapters or not, but I always felt like Arthur’s experience with women is what influenced his decision to reject sure. Sure, you might think ‘but clearly a maidservant won’t be anything like the numerous rich girls trying to use him’ but then that kind of defence mechanism he has wouldn’t take that into account. I gurss they both have that in common- they’ve both never seemingly had anyone that likes them for who they genuinely are.

    It’s sweet that Gwen is trying to assert boundaries, and that even if her potential rejection hurts him Arthur respects her choice. It’s refreshing to be honest, so many things IRL and in fiction where people think them being forceful about this sort of thing ‘shows how much I love them’ or something.

    I’m wondering how certain that ‘okay’ is and I think not very. As much as Arthur said it’s okay for her to say no, I feel like Gwen is still very much on the fence and might be worried about upsetting Arthur. The rejection probably still hurts her, and I think it’ll be a while before she can genuinely feel for him again. Arthur is doing the right thing in taking it slow, though. They’ll both need time to come to terms with various things.

    And we see a new side to Morgana, not being competitive or trying to guard herself and instead using moves she knows Lance should be able to counter. Aaand we’re back to Mithian again… oh dear X_X the drama unfolds! Not to mention Lance is still likely to have to fake the thing with Gwen as well XC

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    1. Morgana made some great faces this chapter. They all have expressions that suit them well but Morgana’s troll faces are without equal 😂

      I think you did, and you are right. Arthur’s past experiences with women directly led to the situation he’s in now. Something happened to make him believe they were all like that. Oooh, and you hit the nail on the head there. They’re both very new to actually being wanted. Gods, that sounds depressing.

      People pushing and crossing people’s boundaries because “they like them so much” has always bothered me. If you actually cared, you wouldn’t do that. Instead you’re disregarding everything about the person you’re after just because you want something from them. It’s incredibly selfish.

      Morgana doesn’t show her soft side to others often but she does have it. Didn’t last long though, no 😅 Yup, let the drama unfold! They’re all connected to each other now in one way or another. I wonder what you guys will think about the next couple of chapters. We’re slowly working towards something…

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  3. I didn’t find it cringey. It was rather sweet tbh. Although if one thinks about context, it’s a man asking his lover to be his side piece. 😅😂 Moral dilemmas aside, it was definitely sweet. And a good outcome for both of them. Slow and steady, and lovely.

    I can’t help picturing Guin and Mithian in a ‘flip the table’ contest now. Guin: Pretend Vertigo, Mithy? Amatuer, really. Watch me pull one on you with Arthur here! By the way, it ain’t even me who pulled the rug first! 🤣 Gah. My inappropriate humor is all over the place this morning. Get lost Rai.

    But yes, sweet chapter! Glad they’re giving each other a chance and shoutout to Guin not letting Arthur go all the way. Dude, maybe clear your status first before asking her to commit? She thinks you’re pranking her already. 😄

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    1. Yay! Sweetness achieved! 😄 Yes, don’t consider the context on this one too much, because it will not hold on to its sweetness if you do, lol. Slow and steady they will go. They both rolled well on this one.

      Hahaha, hi Rai! The inappropriate humour made me laugh, so all’s good 😁 Flip the table contest between Guin and Mithian, huh? Hmm…

      Boundaries are good! Being able to stick to them is another matter, though. Guin is lucky that the guy she likes isn’t the type to bulldoze over them.


  4. I second that this wasn’t cringey and alas, second read through I still cannot get brain to function correctly when dosed with this much cotton candy; it’s all unicorns and rainbows up there with a thick layer of muck on the ground beneath naturally – I ain’t high enough to not see that yet. 😉

    Arthur and a tower full of spooders? Sounds like a fun night.

    Ooh, so Mithian may be playing tricks, or the seasons are skewed. That’s a very specific window, 2 months. Maybe it was a cold year. Maybe it’s global warming. Or global cooling, based on all Morrie’s icy death stares lately. I’m sticking with it being a trick or a lie though. Perhaps she has a more serious issue. I had vertigo for a couple of years as a result of another condition and even though I no longer fall over when I stand up, I do still get a fun case of ‘marshmallow floor’ when my early Spring hay fever kicks in or if I catch a cold (I’m such a catch LOL), so maybe Mithian is allergic to the palace. Or to Arthur! Oh that’d be fun. Either way, hopefully she’ll be out of the picture soon so Guin doesn’t have to be Arthur’s secret piece of bum forever, and Lancelot doesn’t run himself through. 😐

    Or maybe Guin has been poisoning Mithian all along and this is all a ruse… AAAAND, back off the rainbow I slide.

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    1. Oh no, it’s flooded with cotton candy! Quick, get the misery water! What layer of muck underneath? There is nothing here but unicorns and rainbows, as you so succinctly pointed out. Don’t worry, I’m officially done drowning you in saccharine wholesome.

      Spooders and Princes! Will lead to fun for hours, I’m sure.

      Ha! I’d bet on global cooling just from the stares and troll faces she’s been making lately, but a trick or the seasons being weird is a good guess. Or maybe Morrie’s medical education is a bit lacking. Or maybe it’s none of those things. Aw man, I know the problem of marshmallow floor. I do actually get vertigo every year around Autumn, without fail. Brains are odd.
      Arthur’s secret piece of bum 😆 poor Guin. Everything is fine, don’t worry. This is definitely not very mentally taxing on multiple people. Nah. 😗

      Oh! You’ve cracked it. The evil mastermind has been Guinevere all along!

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  5. Dear Yimiki,
    Your story was beautifully written. One of my favorite parts was when Guin let down her hair before meeting Arthur; as though shedding her role as maidservant, and embracing her femininity and sensuality.
    I like that Arthur asked her consent. He clearly didn’t have to as a man in a higher class/rank.
    The chess game had strong sexual undertones: “Lancelot let out a sigh, closing his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. He stayed that way for a while.” Even Morgana refers to their chess game as “just chess,” when Lancelot says they can no longer play if he has to pretend to court Guin.
    Great story! Looking forward ty reading more.

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    1. Oh! Hello! Welcome to the roller coaster, I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before 🥰
      I’ve been using Guinevere’s hair as a metaphor for how restrained she is in scenes for a while now – I’m glad you picked up on that 😊
      You’re right, he didn’t. If he wanted to, he could order anyone he wants to do whatever he wants them to. Luckily our prince has stronger morals than that.
      You may or may not be onto something regarding Lancelot. Thank you for reading, and the interesting comment! It was a nice surprise to come home to after work 😄

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      1. Thank you for the welcome! I am new to WP, but actually found you from Tumblr. Someone I follow reblogged a story of yours…so here I am :p
        I love your use of symbolism. A woman’s hair held a lot of power – her femininity and beauty, and even cutting her hair marred those features. So I TOTALLY dig what you’re doing with the themes/symbolism.
        I like that Arthur is respectable (I know I’ve only began at this starting point, but I’ll assume that if he treats a maidservant [Guin] as though she is his equal or even a higher class, then he must also be a fair and good ruler).
        You’re very welcome 🙂

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      2. Oooh, yay! Going on tumblr was a good idea, it seems 😁 I enjoy using symbolism and themes in my story, so you’ll dicover a few more of those, I’m sure. Arthur isn’t King quite yet at this point, but he’s well on his way of becoming a good ruler. He still has some lessons to learn, though.

        The story may be a little confusing when you jump in partway- if you don’t feel like reading 21/2 arc’s worth of chapters, some of the story’s events are summarised in the “characters” page. Otherwise, have fun! 😄

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  6. I’m so glad Morgana and Arthur finally talked and everyone knows what’s going on. I couldn’t stand the tension! Also, my stupid little heart loved the scene between Arthur and Guinivere and I am on his side even though I know I shouldn’t be. I know why he is going about it in this way, but I don’t love courting Guinivere in secret.

    Also, what is Mithian up to? I knew she was straight-up trouble! I didn’t trust her!

    I never trusted her!

    (okay fine I did)

    I’m anxiously waiting to find out Morgana is going to kick her butt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason carries a lot of weight, especially if the alternatives are worse. Sometimes there just isn’t an ideal choice, either.

      Haha, trust is a very fluid concept for most of my characters and sweet as Mithian is, she still knows how to play the game. They all do. Well, except for Gawain, I suppose. You’ll find out what’s going on there in the not-so-near future.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ok, my favourite part was when Arthur squealed in excitement when Gwen agreed. How cute.

    I still somehow doubt this will go well though. Lancelot and Morgana are on board(ish), just about, but Mithian won’t be. Arthur is her saviour. She’ll not let a servant take away her fairy tale. It’s all she really has, after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cute Arthur does have his moments, here and there 😊

      Good point, yup. That is going to be an interesting conversation for sure. With a very different outcome depending on who does it, and how they break the news…

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Arthur speaks such pretty words and I know he’s decent-ish, but because he’s a prince, I can’t help but find it creepy. He’s not lying, but he could easily lie about caring about what she wants and there would be no consequences for him, so everything he says feels hollow. If any relationship begins with someone asking, “Promise me that I can say no.” I think there’s a huge problem. 😥 Why is she even asking that? Guinevere is so incredibly brave and she must like Arthur a lot to be doing this when she does not even trust him to let her reject him or at least feels the need to bring it up. 😡 She has no standards or she’s more like the others than he thought, but she’s smart and aware of the risks, so good luck to her. He’s very lucky to have her interest despite him doing a weird not-like-other-girls trope thing to her.

    There are so many hints towards Mithian being some sort of scheming chess player like Morgana, but I’m just not going to believe them… I don’t think she means Guinevere any harm, but Mithian has to protect herself as well. If I’m wrong, it’ll be fun to find out how wrong I am. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The power dynamic is dysfunctional at best, yes. No matter how they spin it, he’s still Crown Prince and she’s still a servant. That Arthur is a decent person does not change the fact that in theory, if he wanted, he could simply order her to do what he wished, and she wouldn’t be able to refuse. Guinevere is very aware of that fact – that’s the exact reason for her question.

      We’ll find out whether you’re right or wrong pretty soon! Well, I know already, but you know what I mean.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the insight. I suppose that with Guinevere I was thinking that if Arthur is the type of person who forces his will onto others/servants, he’s also likely the type of person who will lie and break promises to servants, so no matter what the circumstances, he’s likely to agree that she can say no whether he means it or not, so the question felt very sad and pointless to me. His promising something doesn’t change the circumstances (unless she has magic that I don’t know about and can bind him or something). It’s also a super insulting question to ask someone you like. It’s akin to “you won’t hit me, right?” If you think your boyfriend is the type who may hit you (and you need to get him to promise not to do it), why even consider being with him and why trust him to keep a promise? Their whole conversation just made me sad.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Interesting. Why would Arthur be the type to lie and break promises if he’s the type to force his will onto others? In my experience, one does not necessarily mean the other 🤔

        Sad is a pretty good description of it. Guinevere has incredibly low self-esteem and craves reassurance. Oof, if you suspect your crush of being able to hit you, you should not be with them, I agree.


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