3.45 – Silver Moonlight, Part I

This was an experiment to see how well I could narrate a chapter without words. Results were… mixed 🤭 For those who are left confused, a short summary below!

It’s meant as a bit of a time skip, with pictures of what everyone is up to during the month. Guinevere helping refugees, Arthur and Morgana doing court/war council things, Gawain getting a letter from Elyan, Lance playing chess, Guin learning things from Gaius and getting her own house. The last scene picks up at the end of the time skip, with Morgana leaving during the full moon and Gawain giving chase, worried about her being in danger.

13 thoughts on “3.45 – Silver Moonlight, Part I

  1. Your beautiful pictures are a delight as always, but leave me with a lot of unanswered questions.
    Especially the childhood memory of Gawain. Is it Morgana’s mother or who is the woman in the white dress?

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    1. Haha, I was in doubt on whether to add text to that final scene or not. Maybe I should have 😊 those memories are from Arc 1, when Gawain saved Morgana at the bridge from being kidnapped. He’s remembering that and worried about her leaving on her own.

      *Edit: I’ve added a summary at the end of the chapter of the events contained 😄 this experiment had mixed results, hehe.

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      1. I just had to look back in history. I think it must have been years since I read that chapter, so it was far away.
        Thanks for the update ☺

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  2. I find it really hard trying to figure out images and I don’t know why XDSo sorry it isn’t the usual text wall this time.

    Ooh Lance and Morgana are back at it with the chess games. Morgana seems much more at peace.
    Aggro’s smirk there. Arthur looking up at the pictures and thinking of Gwen ;-; Morgana looks very eerie with the cape and Gawain looks adorable with the horse he’s too precious! Good to see Gwen helping the refugees and seemingly Arthur, and also that Gwen now has a new place and a start. Gawain going all superman at the end XD Bless him. I liked seeing Morgana look up at the moon, she knows now that wherever she is she isn’t alone. < 3

    thanks for leaving that summary because I'm an idiot and I got tons of stuff wrong at first XD

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    1. Haha, nah, that’s not you being an idiot. That’s me still needing to work on telling stories without words 😄 I’ll try again once I get a bit more practice in, but it was a fun challenge to try anyway!

      Lance and Morgana are always at it with their chess games. Poor Arthur – whenever he’s confident and happy, Guin is the opposite, and now that she’s happy and at peace, he’ll full of doubt and worry. Maybe one day they’ll be in the same headspace at the same time.

      I missed adding Gawain’s little face to my chapters more than I should probably admit 😂

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  3. Wordless chapters are difficult, but I think you did really well. I followed nearly all of it, except for what was happening at Uther’s toy table to make Aggro so smug, and what had shocked that woman waiting to see Arthur so much?

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    1. Thank you! They really are hard. It’s one thing to make them but it’s another thing entirely to then go “right, now pretend that I don’t know what any of those muppets are up to” and seeing how the perspective changes.
      Haha, that last woman in line? That’s her “I really need to go to the bathroom” face 😆 by the end of it I’d made them all wait in line so long that one was starving, one was minutes from falling over from exhaustion and the third had seconds left on the bladder meter. I’m pretty sure that scene-behind-the-scenes ended with at least one puddle on the floor. Woops. 🤷‍♀️

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  4. I loved this! I could follow it! The only part that I got a little confused about was the letter, but that’s mainly bc my brain did not link those shots together. I really, really love this as a means of moving time forward. I’ve only experimented with this style once, as a bonus chapter in BBD. But you’re making me think I should try it again!

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    1. Yay, I’m glad that it came through okay! Wordless chapters are hard and it took multiple tries and re-shuffling scenes to get to this result. Oooh you definitely should! I’d love to see the kind of spin you would put on it.

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  5. I like all of your chapters, but this one feels special and is such a nice surprise. So much is covered with so few words. I admire how you can change it up and successfully execute something different. Arthur’s studying his family’s pictures and pondering the blank space where his is destined to go and who may join him in it stood out to me the most. I’m glad to see everyone working hard, especially Guinevere, friends writing home, etc. Gawain chasing after Morgana has me a bit worried, though. Sometimes she’s rash and needs help as he recalls, but sometimes she just needs some space. I wonder if he’ll discover something he’s not supposed to by following her.

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    1. I like switching things up every once in a while and trying something different. This one was a blast to make (though also difficult – conveying a story with just pictures can be surprisingly hard). Thank you for the compliment ❤ You're spot-on about Morgana. Sometimes she's in way over her head, and sometimes she just needs to be left alone. But which is which? Gawain may or may not be about to get in way over his head, himself…

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