3.41 – Walpurgisnacht, Part I

To many that practiced the sacred art of magick, the festival of Beltane held a special significance. Falling between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, Beltane was a festival of Fire and Fertility, in all its forms. It marked the steady approach of Summer and all the promised gifts that the sun would bringContinue reading “3.41 – Walpurgisnacht, Part I”

3.40 – Metamorphosis

Morgana’s maidservant did not make it three steps into her mistress’s chambers before being tackled head-on by its occupant. “Guinevere!” She clearly hadn’t been expecting that. The girl let out a surprised gasp as the sudden impact almost made her fall over. She tried taking a step back and untangle herself, but the sorceress wrappedContinue reading “3.40 – Metamorphosis”

3.39 – Who you Want to Be

Disclaimer: Awful. Sort of. – Lancelot du Lac had a terrible feeling. Over the years, the would-be knight had learnt to trust the strange, inexplicable instincts that Nimueh’s misaligned gifts had brought him. He’d always been able to see the truth. Lancelot could tell when a confrontation was about to become hostile. He knew whenContinue reading “3.39 – Who you Want to Be”

Bonus – What you Value Most, Part III

Disclaimer: Godawful. The worst rating that I can give in ToC. Be warned. This chapter is a mess. To provide some clarity for those who need it:Text lines in Italics are a person’s thoughts, as well as the voices in Guinevere’s head.Text lines in “Quoted Italics” are remembered dialogue from the past.Text lines in BoldContinue reading “Bonus – What you Value Most, Part III”

Bonus – What you Value Most, Part II

Disclaimer: Awful. We’re in the mire. There is light ahead, but not in these flashbacks. Through the whims of fate, Guinevere and her family ended up in Camelot. Their road through the woods made them cross paths with an old merchant. The man ended up taking pity on them, offering them the back of hisContinue reading “Bonus – What you Value Most, Part II”

Bonus – What you Value Most, Part I

These events take place in Scarborough and Camelot, starting 5 years in the past from the current point of the story. If you’re sick of darkness, skip the bonus chapters and wait for about… 3 weeks. If not…  Disclaimer: Awful.  “I’m not sure if it’s even my child, you know?” “Of course it’s his child. TheContinue reading “Bonus – What you Value Most, Part I”

3.38 – Call of the Void

Disclaimer: Awful. I don’t use this term lightly. The market of Camelot had always been a bustling place. Craftsmen, bakers and artisans from all over the city gathered in the market square to promote their wares. Even on quiet days, the place drew quite a crowd. Yelling voices mingled with the scent of freshly bakedContinue reading “3.38 – Call of the Void”