Chapter 6 – Henford’s Little Matchmakers

That afternoon, Kip was a man on a mission. He knew what he had to do. He knew exactly where the grocery stall was, and who he was supposed to talk to. Agatha had explained exactly what kind of information she needed from him. Egged on by her encouragement, the ex-salaryman confidently walked up, makingContinue reading “Chapter 6 – Henford’s Little Matchmakers”

Chapter 4 – Flowers for a Stranger, Part III

Author’s note: some very heavy topics in this one. Highlight the section below if you’re worried. Skip it if you want to avoid spoilers. Disclaimers: mention of suicide, death of a pet. If you want to avoid both, skip the conversation between Kip and Derek McMillan. The sunrise over Henford-on-Bagley held no colour. Kip slowlyContinue reading “Chapter 4 – Flowers for a Stranger, Part III”

Chapter 3 – Flowers for a Stranger, Part II

“I am so, so sorry. He usually doesn’t do that.” After firmly locking her hell-beast of a rooster in his coop, Cecilia tended to Kip’s injuries. The salaryman had ended up with more of a fright than anything else – his clothes had absorbed the worst of it, the only real cut on his bodyContinue reading “Chapter 3 – Flowers for a Stranger, Part II”

Chapter 2 – Flowers for a Stranger, Part I

Kip ascended the narrow, creaky stairs of the Gnome’s Arms, relishing the comforting smell of wood. The pub was still and tranquil in the afternoon light, with only one other patron lounging around downstairs. Sarah had entrusted Kip with a key to his temporary lodgings; a modest room that was located adjacent to the upstairsContinue reading “Chapter 2 – Flowers for a Stranger, Part I”

Chapter 1 – The Gnome’s Arms

Agatha’s eyes tend to swap between the basegame eyes and CC eyes. It seems that everyone else is fine, but whenever I mess with any part of Agnes and Agatha, the game thinks they’ve been horribly tainted and makes a new version of them 😂 I had 4 Agneses and 6 Agatha’s running around byContinue reading “Chapter 1 – The Gnome’s Arms”