1.7 – Morgana, Part One

Disclaimer: the following few chapters will have elements of death in it. Be warned. If you cannot handle that sort of thing, these chapters are not for you. From the very beginning of Uther Pendragon’s reign, the Kingdom of Camelot had been ruled with an iron fist. Even more than his father, Uther became knownContinue reading “1.7 – Morgana, Part One”

1.6 – Arthur, Part Two

That afternoon, while the servants were away, Arthur snuck his way into the castle’s kitchen. It was a large chamber, with a massive fireplace by the wall and a wooden table filled with delicious ingredients. The castle’s larders were stocked. They’d had a good harvest this year – Camelot had enough food to fill theContinue reading “1.6 – Arthur, Part Two”

1.5 – Arthur, Part One

A more light-hearted chapter this time, guys. Slightly shorter too, since we’re swamped at work right now. At any rate, enjoy! Under the warm rays of the midday spring sun, Prince Arthur and Gawain were sparring together. Or rather – Arthur was wailing on Gawain without mercy, while his opponent tried to block his blowsContinue reading “1.5 – Arthur, Part One”

1.3 – Gawain, Part Three

Disclaimer: This chapter gets violent towards the end. “…Father.” “Yes, Arthur?” The young prince threw his father a mopey glare, pointing at his formal outfit. “I look ridiculous.” A soft chuckle escaped from King Uther’s lips. He gently corrected his son.  “No, you look regal. Like a proper heir.” “I can’t move my upper body.” “You’ll manage, Arthur. See it as a pre-coronation trial run.” “I can’t run! IContinue reading “1.3 – Gawain, Part Three”

1.1 – Gawain, Part One

Hi, guys! I had this one planned for next week, but I finished early, so, what the heck. Why not. I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment about what you thought if you feel like it. =) Cheers! _______________________________________________________________________ Early afternoon in Camelot always came accompanied by the sound of ringing church bells. The JacobanContinue reading “1.1 – Gawain, Part One”