3.53 – Do Better

“Are you certain, Morholt?” “Yes,” the Witch Hunter replied, ignoring Agravaine’s look of disbelief as he placed his hands on his sides. “Our hunt has ended. We leave immediately.” “This is highly unusual,” the Jacoban Priest frowned. “We’re planning to hold a feast in your honour, Morholt. Arrangements have already been made. Surely, you’d wantContinue reading “3.53 – Do Better”

3.52 – Mother, Part I

“Well? What are you waiting for?” “Do continue.” In an instant, the shocked silence in the throne room was broken. Uther leaned forward, a look of rage crossing his brow as he turned towards the nearest knight. In a booming voice, the Iron King yelled:“KNIGHTS! Arrest her!” At his command, half a dozen armoured soldiersContinue reading “3.52 – Mother, Part I”

3.51 – Blackburne’s Mate

Author’s Note: For those of you who are into title meanings, the explanation is found at the bottom. “Guinevere Farris.” “You are officially summoned to the castle. We are here to escort you. You are to depart for the west wing at once.” “N-now? R-right a-away? It’s… it’s the middle of the night…”“Yes, miss. RightContinue reading “3.51 – Blackburne’s Mate”

3.50 – Queen’s Gambit

Disclaimer: awful-ish. 😐 Par for the course? Eh, it’s hard to tell sometimes. “…I see. You don’t deny it.” “You say that as if denying it would not be utterly pointless,” Morgana replied, her voice masking a rage that barely simmered beneath the surface. She could feel the massive surge of magick that flowed throughContinue reading “3.50 – Queen’s Gambit”

3.49- The Witch Hunter, Part III

“Yes. This will do.” The Jacoban priest frowned. As he turned to the Witch Hunter, his scowl was filled in equal parts with confusion and disapproval.“Morholt, this is barely more than an office,” Agravaine protested. “Are you sure? We have much more suitable accommodations for formal interrogations that will—“ But Morholt interrupted him, cutting himContinue reading “3.49- The Witch Hunter, Part III”

4.48 – The Witch Hunter, Part II

“…and the fence in the backyard has broken again. Gawain, could you be a dear and come home early tomorrow to give me a hand? I’d really appreciate it. Oh, and we’ve run out of eggs again. I think we might need to go to the market and purchase some more hens…”“Sure, mum. I’ll takeContinue reading “4.48 – The Witch Hunter, Part II”

3.47 – The Witch Hunter, Part I

“If I’m a baker, what would you be?”  – Arthur’s steady stream of civil petitioners, scheduled to pour in for the entire remainder of the day, was interrupted by the arrival of his uncle.   “Who is this?” Uther asked, leaning back in his chair as he glared at the woman that Agravaine had brought withContinue reading “3.47 – The Witch Hunter, Part I”

3.46 – Silver Moonlight, Part II

– Gawain wasn’t sure… why he’d come here. – As his audience trickled out the door, Agravaine narrowed his eyes suspiciously. His gaze was glued to Gawain’s back as the young redhead slowly got up from his seat and left the church hall. Seeing him attending a sermon at all had come as a surprise.Continue reading “3.46 – Silver Moonlight, Part II”