3.38 – Call of the Void

Disclaimer: Awful. I don’t use this term lightly. The market of Camelot had always been a bustling place. Craftsmen, bakers and artisans from all over the city gathered in the market square to promote their wares. Even on quiet days, the place drew quite a crowd. Yelling voices mingled with the scent of freshly bakedContinue reading “3.38 – Call of the Void”

3.34 – Under the Surface, Part II

Morgana didn’t want to go home. Not yet. Not now. Although thoroughly annoyed with Morgana’s antics, Sarah had promised to cover for her absence until morning. The sorceress had time. Who knew when she would have another opportunity to visit her coven after she left? The social season had already begun- it could be weeks,Continue reading “3.34 – Under the Surface, Part II”

Bonus – Duplicitous Courtship

Hi, guys! I didn’t have enough time this week to finish a chapter. Instead, you get a bonus! This one was supposed to come a little later, but I’m pulling it forward so you still have something to read. It is canon. Some recycled pictures, sorry for that. Back to dread and misery next week.Continue reading “Bonus – Duplicitous Courtship”

3.33 – Under the Surface, part I

Three days after Ostara, Morgana’s coven gathered in the heart of their sanctuary. Glitonea had placed the girl in the middle of the pond, ignoring her protests about her boots getting ruined. She had been wanting to do this ever since they first met. Glitonea focused, inhaling deeply as she grounded herself. The other witchesContinue reading “3.33 – Under the Surface, part I”

3.30 – Attachment

Author’s note: I’m still trying to figure out how greying hair works. Uther’s mane will probably change a bit more. It’s fun, though. Anyway. Happy Valentines! All the wholesome. 😘 Disclaimer: Mildly NFW? In text only. One of the advantages of being a knight as well as Crown Prince was that nobody questioned Arthur’s actions.Continue reading “3.30 – Attachment”