Every major/main character for the current arc will be listed on this page. Be careful if you’re not caught up, as there are some spoilers under here!

Arthur Pendragon

Traits: Level-headed, Willful, Sociable, Honest
Flaws: Influenceable, Doubtful, Manipulative, Idealistic

Arthur Pendragon is the firstborn son of Uther Pendragon and royal heir to the throne of Camelot, as well as Morgana’s older brother. Being the Crown Prince, Arthur takes his responsibilities quite seriously.

Arthur wishes to become a fair and just King in the future, following his father’s example – but recently, his faith in that example has been shaken.

Morgana – Morgana has changed from a little sister to protect into a powerful ally and confidente.
Gawain – Gawain has become a trusted friend. He is the only one, other than his sister, that Arthur drops his guard for.
Guinevere – After realising that Guinevere liked him for more than his title, Arthur has developed romantic feelings for her.
Lancelot – Arthur’s second-in-command. There is some distance between them as they are both held back by formalities.
Uther – Uther’s views on magic do not align with his own. Despite this, Arthur continues to seek his father’s approval.

Morgana Pendragon

Traits: Bold, Selfless, Sociable, Cunning
Flaws: Reckless, Self-sacrificing, Secretive, Deceptive

Morgana is the daughter of Uther Pendragon, and the apple of his eye. Her experience with court intrigue has turned her into a force to be reckoned with.

Morgana is a sorceress, a fact that she hides from the entire court of Camelot – as any form of sorcery is outlawed and punishable by death.
Deep down, Morgana wishes to be able to practice magic freely.

Arthur – Morgana hopes that Arthur will become a King that is kind to sorcerers. In order to achieve this future, Morgana will use anything – including herself.
Gawain – Morgana is incredibly fond of him, relying on his simple honesty and loyalty to keep her grounded.
Lancelot – Lancelot proved to be a trustworthy friend and one of the few people in Camelot that truly understands her.
Morgause – A fellow witch that she met in Scarborough. Morgana feels strangely close to her.
Merlin – A lost friend from Morgana’s childhood. She still thinks about him every now and then.
Sarah – A mother figure in the disguise of a servant. Morgana has inherited her wit and sarcasm from Sarah.
Uther – His past and his hatred for all things magical has put a very wide rift between Morgana and Uther.

Gawain of Camelot

Traits: Active, Bold, Naive, Honest
Flaws: Reckless, Hot-headed, Gullible, Idealistic

Gawain is a very brave person, always the first one to throw a punch when he perceives something to be unjust. His greatest wish is to become a royal knight someday.

After participating in and winning the Knight’s Tournament, he has never been closer to realizing that wish. Gawain has sworn an oath of loyalty to Morgana, who made it possible for him to pursue his dream.

Arthur – Gawain looks up to Arthur, seeing him as a good friend as well as a rival and role model.
Elyan – A three-way bromance. The two have a history of getting drunk together and waking up stuck in jail.
Lancelot – A three-way bromance. Lancelot is the calm, level-headed one that gets Gawain back out of jail.
Morgana – Gawain’s feelings of friendship for Morgana have only grown stronger with time.

Guinevere Farris

Traits: Kind, Selfless, Shy, Honest
Flaws: Insecure, Self-sacrificing, Self-sabotaging, Idealistic

Guinevere is a servant in the service of Lady Morgana. A shy girl at heart, Guinevere has difficulty expressing herself. She is quick to blame herself when things take a turn for the worse.

Guinevere was forced to flee Scarborough as a child when her mother was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. She believes that her mother was falsely accused, and wrongfully executed.

Arthur – Guinevere has romantic feelings for Arthur, but knowing that Arthur does not feel the same way, she has pushed those feelings down.
Gawain – As one of Arthur’s men, Guinevere has not had many interactions with him.
Lancelot – As of Arthur’s men, Guinevere has not had many interactions with him.
Morgana – Despite Morgana’s teasing, Guinevere cares deeply for her and often sacrifices her own needs for Morgana’s.
Sarah – Guinevere looks up to Sarah, though her teasing often ends up with her flustered and blushing.

Lancelot Du Lac

Traits: Perceptive, Level-headed, Sociable, Insightful
Flaws: Over-analysing , Distant, Tormented, Secretive

Lancelot is the oldest son of the southern Duke of Camelot and set to inherit his father’s title. After being largely absent from court as a child, he has entered the ranks of Arthur’s knights-to-be and quickly climbed up to second-in-command.

Lancelot is unusually perceptive and intuitive for his age. He is quick to help others, often from the shadows. Lancelot enjoys myths and stories – but prefers not to talk about himself.

Arthur – Lancelot understands Arthur’s struggles as heir to the throne. There is still some distance between the two, as both are held back by formality and court manners.
Elyan – A three-way bromance. He often ends up bailing Elyan and Gawain out of trouble.
Gawain – A three-way bromance. He often ends up bailing Elyan and Gawain out of trouble.
Morgana – Though Lancelot hasn’t had a lot of interactions with Morgana, he recognises her predicament and genuinely cares for her.

Morgause of Cornwall

Traits: Active, Cheerful, Sociable, Willful, Excitable
Flaws: Reckless, Exorbitant, Manipulative, Stubborn, Avoidant

Morgause is a skilled witch that first appeared in Scarborough and is part of a five-member witch coven. Despite befriending Morgana and inviting her to join her coven, her true motivations are unclear.

During the negotiations between Cornwall and Camelot, Morgause represented Gorlois of Cornwall and forged an alliance between Cornwall, Nemeth and Essetir.

Arthur – ?
Emrys – A druid that Morgause sometimes crosses paths with. Not a friend, but not an enemy either.
Lincoln – Though she complains about him often, Morgause’s feelings for Lincoln are both deep and romantic. The two share a long history together.
Morgana – The newest member of Morgause’s coven. Though she seems incredibly fond of Morgana, her underlying motivations are unclear.
Gorlois – Morgause’s father. The two have a good relationship, with Gorlois not only being aware of, but also accepting Morgause’s magic.
Uther – ?
Ygraine – ?


Traits: Level-headed, Confident, Cautious, Protective
Flaws: Over-analysing, Overbearing, Mistrusting, Overprotective

Emrys is a powerful Druid that dwells in the forest of Murkwood. He acts as a shepherd for his people, keeping them safe and acting as an intermediary between the Druids of Murkwood and the outside world.

Despite being a Druid with developed magic abilities, Emrys has not sworn the Druid oath. As such, he is capable of harming others.

Morgana – A childhood friend that Emrys left behind when he fled from Camelot. Despite their time apart, Emrys still thinks of her often.
Morgause – A witch that Emrys sometimes crosses paths with. Not a friend, but not an enemy either.
Muiri – A fellow Druid and one of his people. Emrys cares deeply for Muiri and frequently goes to great lengths to ensure her safety.
Arthur – Emrys owes Arthur a debt after the Crown Prince saved his people from bandits. He has not forgotten that debt.

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