Halloween Special – 2021

Hi guys! Yimi here. One thing to note before you begin – when you find hyperlinks, please do not open them in a different tab. Simply click and see where it takes you (the hints will open in a new tab by themselves). That’s how this game was designed. Thank you! 🧡

It takes a little while for the scenery around you to come into focus. You’re lying on your back, staring up at the dark night sky. A ring of green surrounds you – at first, you think it’s a cluster of trees. But something doesn’t seem quite right with that.

You groan, turning your head to the right. You’re lying on the grass in the middle of a clearing. You can see a number of gravestones lining the edge, together with what look like carved pumpkins. A strange, sweet smell drifts through the air around you.

You slowly begin to pick yourself up from the ground. You can hear the sounds of cracking wood and rustling leaves from ahead of you, like something very large is moving around. You lift your head to see-

“…ust say, I am so happy that you finally showed up in the main story. Imagine having to go through the trouble of growing all of this by…”


The green figure on the left immediately disappears, merging into the grass below like she’s jumping into water. As you take this in, the figure on the right gives you a wide smile.

“Welcome! Don’t mind the body – I plucked a random sim from the streets that you could use for this. Come, come! You’re just in time.”

You open your mouth to reply- but she cuts you off before you can get as much as a single word out.
“No, wait, don’t say anything. You’re thinking ‘in time for what’, right? Did I get it right? I got it right, didn’t I?”

“You’re just in time for the special! I’ve prepared something for this year’s Halloween – and this time, you’ll get to participate!”

“Within the cast of Tales of Camelot, there are two characters whose pasts have been deliberately left in the dark. I have been holding out on you with their backstory. But no more! As a special treat, The cast and I have prepared something for both of them-”

“But you’ll have to earn it,” she continued, the smile turning into a sinister smirk. “Here are the rules. Ahead of you lie two paths that lead into a labyrinth. You will find different challenges along each path. If you solve them all correctly, you will get a reward.”

You take a glance at the passageways behind her. The wooden archways are identical- but one of them is adorned in orange flowers, while the other one is blue.

As you take this in, you see the witch in front of you suddenly hesitate.
“Right… so… a word of warning. As this is me we’re talking about… the end of the labyrinth is filled with darkness. Regardless of which path you choose. So… proceed at your own risk.”

Which path will you choose?

[ Left / Right / I want to leave ]

If you want humour with a side dish of dread, choose left. If you are in the mood for cringe followed by soul-crushing darkness, choose right. We won’t judge you. 🎃

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