Halloween Special – Left

The left path leads through a series of wooden archways that are adorned with blue flowers. The faint sound of a church bell can be heard in the distance, before abruptly being cut off by a soft, otherworldly giggle. From further into the maze, the scent of burning candles drifts in this direction.

It does not take long for the path to open up into a dark, grass-covered clearing. There is no clear way forward. In the middle of the maze’s chamber rests a large, ivy-covered stone gazebo. The sound of angry voices drifts out from inside of the structure.

Something in there is moving. You step around the corner and into the clearing, quickly revealing the shape to be-

“Why am I dressed like this AGAIN?!”
“Because it makes you look fantastic, Aggro. Like a proper drag queen.”

“My name is not Aggro! I am NOT a drag queen! I am the Royal Adviser! I am the head priest of the Jacoban church! I demand some respect! You will NOT treat me like this!”
“Oh, look! Your guest has arrived behind you. ‘Dag dag’, Aggro!”

But his shouting falls on deaf ears. The witch vanishes, leaving a fuming Agger to turn around in a tantrum-filled huff – and immediately make eye contact with you.

“Wipe that look off your face, you lackadaisical bantling! I don’t care how long you’ve been reading the story – I am NOT participating in this Hall-ween hogwash for your deranged entertainment! My secrets are my own and I have NO intention of sharing them with a moppet like you! Now shoo! Begone!“


You watch as Draggro-
“It’s pronounced AGRAVAINE! A-GRA-VAINE!”
-stomps off in a huff, leaving you alone in the gazebo. What do you do?

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