Halloween Special – Right

You decide to take the right path. It leads underneath a series of wooden archways that are adorned with sweet-smelling orange flowers. You can hear the soft sound of bird songs drifting towards you on the breeze. It sounds strangely far away, like you’re listening to a distant echo.

It does not take long for the path to end. It opens up into a dark, grass-covered clearing. There is no clear way out – but a gigantic stone structure in the middle of the clearing makes it hard to notice anything else. You can see a stone gazebo with a metal roof that is melded together in delicate, elegant shapes. A faint scent of wine drifts down from the center.

Something inside of that gazebo is moving.

As you draw closer to the structure, you can make out a person inside of it. You can dark leather trousers, paired with a half-buttoned blouse. He looks vaguely familiar-
“Ah. So you picked right.”

“My sympathies, reader.”

Lancelot avoids eye contact, lazily staring into the dark night sky as he lifts his wine glass.
“Did you know?“ he asks. “Mazes have a very long history. The original labyrinth was a mythological structure called the Labyrinth of Crete, that was specifically designed to lock a terrible monster within its depths. It was said that those who ventured into the maze would become horribly lost, never finding their way out and, one by one, falling prey to the darkness.”

“Watcher has assigned me to be your guide. I’ll tell you this in advance – nothing good is waiting for you at the end of this path. Trust me. You should probably turn around and leave this place while you still can. Don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our secret.”

You watch as he places the wine glass on the ground. His face darkens, momentarily clouding over as he looks down.

“You could come with me.”

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Special – Right

    1. 😂😂🤣🤣

      I made Lancelot a vampire for this. I am not used to vampires. He burned to death three times and I kept having to plop new versions of him in. He also drained the reader-sim twice. I do not know how you manage. 😂

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