Tales of Camelot Summary – Arc 1

The below is a short summary of everything that has happened in Arc 1 of the story. Many details are missing, so if you want to know everything, I’d recommend giving the whole arc a read. If not, this is what you need to know to start at a more recent point!

We are introduced to the country of Camelot, where all forms of magic are outlawed on punishment of death. The story starts with King Uther, ruler of Camelot, ordering a witch burning.  

In the meantime, Uther’s daughter, Morgana Pendragon, helps a young sorcerer boy named Merlin escape a similar fate. The two have a tearful farewell and promise to meet again someday. 

We meet Gawain, a boy with a dream to become a royal knight. His brash nature and drive to do the right thing often get him into fights. A series of events (including a near-kidnapping) result in Gawain befriending Crown Prince Arthur, the future ruler of Camelot, and being accepted to train under him.  

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Morgana herself has magic. She’s been keeping it a secret from everyone, including her own family.  

After Arthur is poisoned, and antidotes have no effect, Uther scours the city to find the sorcerer that is responsible. The Iron King fears that he will lose his son.  

Uther tells Arthur about Ygraine, his mother, and how they met. The late Queen died while giving birth to Morgana. Uther mourns her still, and refuses to talk about her in all but extraordinary circumstances. He believes that it was magic that took Ygraine away from him.  

That night, Morgana sneaks into Arthur’s room. She uses magic to take the poison away, saving his life without anyone knowing.  

As the year progresses, Arthur and Gawain get to know each other better and form a real bond. Gawain’s humility and pure heart teach Arthur some valuable life lessons. 

But while Arthur is surrounded by light, Morgana dives down into darkness. A series of events lead to her learning of a horrific event in history. An event that, at some point, led to the death of every child born on May Day – an event that King Uther, her father, ordered.  

For the child born on May Day will herald the end of the Pendragon line,  
its King destined to fall by their hand. 

Her faith in her father shatters. And from that moment onward, Morgana Pendragon despises him.  

The arc ends with Gawain finally landing a hit on Arthur…  

Swearing his loyalty to Morgana…  

And a lovingly handcrafted gift handed from brother to sister. All would have been well…

If not for the reveal that, all those years ago… Ygraine did not die in childbirth.  

And that there was one child who, through the use of deceit and sacrifice… had not died on May Day. 

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