The Cast

Tales of Camelot

This is a page where everyone significant that has appeared in the story will be listed. Be warned if you’re not caught up – there might be some spoilers under here!

The Cast

The Pendragon family

Arthur Pendragon

Traits: Proud, Confident, Well-spoken, Honest
Flaws: Arrogant, Overconfident, Manipulative, Idealistic

Arthur is the royal heir to the throne of Camelot, and Morgana’s older brother. Being a crown prince, the young man takes his responsibilities quite seriously. He takes very strongly after his father in terms of world views.

Morgana – Being his little sister, Arthur is very protective of her. Because of her knack for finding out the truth and her confidence in court, he has come to rely on Morgana for many things. But deep down, Arthur wishes he wouldn’t have to, as he misses the innocent girl of their childhood.
Uther – Arthur greatly looks up to his father. To rule an entire kingdom is a heavy crown to wear, and the prince is very much aware of that. If anything, he has put his father on a pedestal.
Gawain – Gawain and Arthur have developed a genuine friendship against all odds. The prince values his simplicity and straight-forwardness, and his sunny outlook on life has made Gawain a trusted ally and confidante to Arthur.

Morgana Pendragon

Traits: Bold, Selfless, Well-spoken, Cunning
Flaws: Reckless, Self-sacrificing, Manipulative, Deceptive

Morgana is the youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon, and the apple of his eye. Her experience with court intrigue has turned her into a force to be reckoned with. However, her actions sometimes get her into more trouble than she intended.

Arthur – Morgana loves her brother dearly. Against her better judgment, she has placed all of her hopes for the future on him, hoping that Arthur will be kinder to sorcerers than their father is. In order to achieve this future, Morgana has become fiercely protective of him. She will use whatever she can to make sure her brother ends up on the throne… including herself.
Gawain – Where Arthur gives Morgana hope for the future, Gawain reminds Morgana of the past. She is incredibly fond of him, trusting in his honesty and simple innocence to keep her grounded.
Merlin – Merlin and Morgana are childhood friends, despite the enormous difference in social standing. They did everything together from the moment they could both talk, and Morgana has trusted Merlin with some of her deepest secrets.

Shui Yanzi – A friend from a distant land, Yanzi is the only one that Morgana can talk to about magic. Her entry into court life reminds Morgana of herself, and she worries for her friend. Although they have never met face-to-face, she greatly values their relationship.
Uther – Morgana’s feelings regarding Uther are complicated. She loves her father, but has also come to resent him for the hatred he bears for all things magical. The discovery of the May Day Massacre has put a rift between Morgana and Uther, that has only widened with time. Deep down, Morgana wonders if Uther is right, and if her magic makes her something evil.

Uther Pendragon

Traits: Proud, Well-spoken, Confident, Self-assured, Determined
Flaws: Argumentative, Manipulative, Overconfident, Unyielding, Ruthless

The King of Camelot and ruler of Albion. His intense hatred of all things magic has caused him to start a crusade against druids, sorcerers and practitioners of the dark arts alike. Although Uther is known to be incredibly rigid, ruthless and unyielding, his softer side comes out around his daughter.

Arthur – Arthur is Uther’s firstbon son and heir to the throne of Camelot. As such, the King is strict with him, teaching him the responsibilities of being a future king.
Morgana – Uther openly dotes on Morgana, treating her with a kindness and leniency that even Arthur does not get. As she is his only daughter, Morgana is very precious to him. Despite this, their relationship has cooled with Morgana reaching teenage years. Uther thinks that his daughter’s chilly attitude is just a phase, and will go away with time.
Ygraine – Uther still mourns for his late wife, who has been taken from him at a young age. As far as the kingdom knows, he has no plans to ever remarry.

Camelot Citizens


Traits: Active, Bold, Naive, Honest
Flaws: Reckless, Hot-headed, Gullible, Idealistic

Gawain is a very distant relative of the Pendragon family. Gawain is a very active and brave person, always jumping at the first sign of trouble and the first one to throw a punch when he perceives something to be unjust. His greatest dream is to become a royal knight someday.

Arthur – Gawain genuinely looks up to Arthur, seeing him as a good friend as well as a rival. Gawain admires Arthur, not just for the position he holds, but also for the responsibility he must bear as future king. In his heart, Gawain believes that Arthur will be a better king than his father, and trusts him to the right thing.
Morgana – Although age and ambition has placed Gawain and Morgana on different paths in life, Gawain’s strong feelings of friendship for Morgana have not changed. He remembers his promise to her, although he regrets the fact that they can’t spend much time together anymore.


Traits: ?

Merlin, being a sorcerer in a land where magic is outlawed, was forced to flee Camelot after the execution of his grandmother. He is a sensitive boy, who discovered his affinity for magic at a very young age. Knowing the price of practicing in public, his grandmother Millicent forbade the boy from using his powers when not under her supervision.
But, as children are, he eventually began to disobey those orders. The boy confided in Morgana, who warmly accepted him for who he was.

Morgana – Morgana and Merlin are childhood friends, despite the enormous difference in social standing. They did everything together from the moment they could both talk, and Merlin has trusted Morgana with some of his deepest secrets.

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