Tales of Henford

A story of Self-Discovery… and Chickens πŸ”

Tired of medieval settings and magic? Had enough of dragons and despair? Give Tales of Henford a try, instead! It’s much more wholesome, I promise 😊

Kip Booth is a city dweller from Bridgeport who is on the brink of burnout. By a whim of fate, a random encounter leads him to travel to Henford on vacation. Kip sets out to regain his energy and rediscover what he likes, who he is and what it was that makes life worth living.

Follow Kip as he befriends the village locals, gets into chicken-themed hijinks and confronts some deep truths about himself. Will he learn to find happiness? Or will the life lessons that are offered to him get abandoned, left behind on those old countryside roads?


Prologue Withered

Chapter 1The Gnome’s Arms
Chapter 2Flowers for a Stranger, Part I
Chapter 3Flowers for a Stranger, Part II
Chapter 4Flowers for a Stranger, Part III
Chapter 5The Cupid and the Crone
Chapter 6Henford’s Little Matchmakers
Chapter 7 – The Creature Keeper’s Comfort
Chapter 8 – A House in Henford

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