Treasures (Simlit I love)

“I’m featuring all the treasures, alive, dead or on hiatus, and you lot can’t stop me 🤭 – Me

Really, though, you can’t go wrong with any of these stories.


Almost Eternal (Completed), Almost Eternal 2: Descent (Completed), Almost Eternal 3: Depths (Completed) & Almost Eternal 4: Death (Active), written by SnuffyBucket

Almost Eternal is an amazingly gripping tale that sends my mind into a tailspin and makes me double over with laughter in equal measure. It is a complete roller coaster ending in cliff dives, and I cannot get enough of it. Follow the trio of April, Faith and Melinda as they embark on a journey filled with vampirism, guilt, emotion and immortality – and find way more than they bargained for.

Tusnelda & Trix (Completed) & Tusnelda & Trix, Time Offers New Solutions (Active), written by MonaSolstraale

Tusnelda and Trix in turn tells the wonderful tale of a woman and her feline companion, and the obstacles that life throws at them. Read along with Tusnelda, Martin and Rasmus as they form relationships, find love, get their hearts broken, encounter hardships and slowly grow together as people.

Baking By Death (Completed), Baking By Death II: Underworld Family Values (On hiatus) & The Strauds (Active) written by FeroshaCoutora

Thinking of the mastermind behind Baking By Death makes me think of a four-dimensional being in a gigantic web of intrigue, secrets within secrets, amazingly wacky plot twists and a healthy dose of double-take humour on top. Baking By Death and its successor, The Strauds, are completely mental – and I cannot stop reading it.

Untamed (Completed), The Sun and her Fire (Completed), Vitriol (Completed) & Divided (Active), written by SnowBnuuy

What began as an Arcane Academy challenge rapidly evolved into something much more. Watch the story unfold as Helen, a witch hell-bent on usurping Morgyn Ember’s position, discovers some shocking truths about the allure of power. The Sun and her Fire is a prequel to Untamed, with Vitriol as the sequel in a world that has become fully aware – and wary – of magic.

The True Story of the Villareal Family (Active), written by MannyLikesSims

This story is the embodiment of my sense of humour, wrapped in a clinkety-clankity Villareal suit. If you, like me, enjoy dark humour and goofy moments sprinkled with a side of mild murder, this story is definitely for you. Follow the members of the Definitely Normal Villareal Family as they torment ghosts learn to communicate, conform to a Mean Girls-type cult find true love, get constantly forgotten work on their independence and plot to kill the kids take steps in Good Parenting!


A Turtle’s Journey (Completed), written by MonaSolstraale

Written and translated from Danish, A Turtle’s Journey has a special place of wholesome in my heart. Watch Finn grow in paradise as he leaves the pain of a traumatic past behind, opens up and, slowly, learns how to love again.

On Hiatus / Discontinued

Between 2 Worlds (Completed) & Between 2 Worlds II (Discontinued), written by MercuryFoam

Between 2 Worlds bridges the divide between the glamorous, cold, high-profile realm of celebrities and the gritty, down-to-earth, ruthless territory of the streets. Throw in questionable magic, organised crime, teenage romance and a wonderfully witty Servant of Death, and you’ve got a story that’ll entertain for days.

The Blackwell Chronicles (Completed) & The Blackwell Chronicles II (Discontinued), written by ThePlumbob

“What happens when you lose all sense of self?” is a question I never thought I’d ask in this story. The Blackwell Chronicles took us all by surprise when a sweet tale of a girl finding her place to belong turned into a roller coaster of manipulations, magic interference, intense soul-searching and lingering vampiric threats.

Stardew Remixed (On Hiatus), written by AdamsEve1231

A simlit story based on the popular farming simulator Stardew Valley, Stardew Remixed tells the tale of a farmer that slowly builds a living for themselves in Pelican Town. AdamsEve1231 actually precedes the story by starting with the farmer’s grandfather and telling the story of their family through the generations. She’s already hit me in my feelings twice in just the prologue, so this is another one that comes heartily recommended!

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