2.28 – Connection

Disclaimer: implication of suicide

With the Knight’s Tournament in full swing, Guinevere’s workload had doubled. It was her first tournament as a royal servant, and she had severely underestimated just how tough it would be. It hadn’t even been a week yet, and she was already wishing that the event was over. She couldn’t help it. Guinevere had been in low spirits for the entire tournament.

Her bad mood had nothing to do with Arthur’s engagement, the young redhead kept telling herself.
Nothing at all.

He rejected me, after all. Of course he did. I knew he would. So it doesn’t matter.
I’m not bothered. Why would it bother me?

Lost in thought, Guinevere opened the door to the castle kitchens-

…and walked in on an unexpected scene.

“…have seen his face, Sarah! The man was pouting in public like a bad-mannered child!”
“Sounds about right,” Sarah grinned. “Maybe he’d look less like a temper-throwing preteen if he managed to grow a proper beard.”

“I hear he can’t,” Morgana snickered. “He’s been trying for years. Gawain grew a better beard over the course of a week than he did in three whole seasons.”
“I bet he has a microscopic foot size, too,” Sarah replied, casually sipping her tea. Guinevere raised her eyebrows in confusion as she closed the kitchen door behind her.

“Wait, what does foot size have to do with anything?”

Sarah and Morgana almost choked on their drinks. Tea and red wine splashed onto the floor as the two women burst into laughter.

“Good timing, Gwen,” Morgana eventually chuckled, raising her glass. “You’re off duty now, right? Come join us for a drink.”
“I… yes, milady.”

Guinevere timidly made her way around the kitchen table, joining the two women. The young redhead quickly shook her head at the glass of wine that was offered. The gesture made Morgana chuckle.

“Oh, all right. Suit yourself. I was going to send for the two of you soon, anyway. I have some news to share with you.”

Morgana raised her glass into the air. Her smile widened, at the same time that her eyes clouded over.
Both of them had seen that look before.
“I’ve decided to reassign you, Guinevere,” her mistress spoke. “When I leave for Nemeth, you will move to the royal quarters. I have arranged for you to become one of Princess Mithian’s ladies-in-waiting-”

“Wha- milady?!”
“-As well as head of her retinue,” Morgana continued, ignoring her servant’s protests. “It took some effort, but I know you’ll do well.”

Guinevere was baffled, listening to Morgana in shock. The young redhead could feel a painful knot form in her stomach as her head filled with doubts.
You’re firing me? Is this my fault? What have I done wrong?

The young redhead had never been able to put on a mask. And her mental doubts were reflected in her expression. Morgana chuckled, the smile slowly fading as her voice grew gentle.
“I’m not firing you, Gwen. I’m giving you a promotion. The best one I can get you.”
“I… but…”
“I want to make sure that you are both looked after when I leave. I know how hard you work. You deserve to be recognized for it.”
Guinevere knew that Morgana meant well. Being promoted to a Queen’s servant really was an honour. She should have been overjoyed.
But Guinevere did not feel overjoyed. She did not feel happy at all.
She felt abandoned.
“… yes, milady.”

Don’t throw me away.
Why are you throwing me away?

But her thoughts went unspoken. Guinevere watched in silence as Morgana turned towards her other servant.
“That leaves you, Sarah. When I leave, I want you to-”


The princess blinked.
“I said no,” Sarah replied, casually finishing her tea before placing the cup on the counter. Morgana raised a single eyebrow in confusion.

“What do you mean, ‘no’?” she asked. “I’m trying to help you. I had to jump through a lot of hoops to arrange all this. Do you know how difficult it is to change a foreign noble’s servant roster without it looking like you’re trying to murder them?”
“I don’t care. I’m not going.”
“I am ordering y-”

“And I said no,” Sarah said again, cutting her off. “I know you. And I know better than to listen to you when you’re like this. If I had done as you said when you were a toddler, both you and your brother would have died from sugar overload when you were five years old.”
Guinevere could see Morgana’s cheeks turn red in anger at her servant’s disobedience.
“I am the Crown Princess-”
“And you still don’t know the first thing about what is actually good for you,” the maidservant replied, finishing Morgana’s sentence for her. “So you can zip it, your highness. When you leave, I’m coming to Nemeth with you. Whether you like it or not.”

If it were any other servant, talking to the Princess like that would have gotten them hanged. But Sarah was not just any servant. And seeing Morgana at a loss for words was a rare event. Guinevere watched as, for a moment, her mistress was dumbstruck She opened and closed her mouth in frustration as she glared at Sarah. The maidservant quietly glared back.

Then, Sarah’s face pulled into a familiar, mischievous grin.
“Sorry, love. I’m staying with you.”
“You can’t just-“
But the maidservant interrupted her again, raising a single, well-manicured hand in the air.
“Morgana, you have been a royal pain in my behind for the last sixteen years. I have had your back for just as long. That doesn’t stop just because you decide to trade up for a better castle.”

The impish grin slowly faded away as her eyes grew gentle. Sarah looked at the young woman in front of her with a faint smile. When she spoke, the maidservant’s proud, loving expression revealed more than words ever could.
“You’re stuck with me until the end.”

“M… me, too,” Guinevere chimed in, finally gathering enough courage to speak. “I’m honoured at the offer, milady, I really am, but – but I’m not qualified for a position like that, and – and I’d much rather stay with you.”

“…I-I mean… if that’s all right.”

In a split second, Sarah’s impish grin was back.
“Oh? Look who grew a spine. Are you sure? That means you might not see a certain someone again.”
Guinevere knew exactly what she meant. The young redhead averted her eyes, looking at the ground as the knot in her stomach tightened.
“I… yes.”
“Oooh, I see. Now that Prince Blonde is engaged, you’re switching your focus to the handsome bachelors of Nemeth! Gwen, you sly fox!”
“Wh- it’s not like that!” the young redhead squeaked, her cheeks turning bright pink at Sarah’s teasing words. The older maidservant let out a chuckle.
“I know, honey pie. I’m just messing with you. Though I did hear that the duke of Foxbury is quite handsome…”

Morgana watched their back-and-forth with a resigned smile. The princess let out a sigh.
“Dear Watcher. What am I going to do with you two?”

“I’ll tell what you can do. You can give us a raise. And a bloody day off.”

That Autumn, something remarkable happened in the nation of Camelot.

For the first time in history, a commoner was allowed to compete in the Knight’s Tournament. And contrary to the expectations of the entire nobility… 

Gawain of Camelot won.

And won.

And won.

And people noticed. Word of the commoner competing with nobles spread around town like wildfire. Soon, everyone knew Gawain’s name.

The Tall Tales tavern had never had so many patrons.

While every noble was meant to return to the castle in the evenings, in practice, many of the knights stayed behind. They were well looked-after. Every evening, a feast was carried up to the arena from the castle kitchens.

And every night, that sand pit turned into a small party.

Arthur Pendragon was standing on the sidelines, watching the festivities when a familiar figure approached.
“Arth… Milord! Whatcha doin’?”

The Crown Prince did not have to smell the alcohol on Gawain’s breath to recognize those slurred words. He turned to Gawain, one eyebrow raised.

“You are drunk.”

“A’hm not.”

“Right, of course not,” Arthur replied, rolling his eyes at his friend. “You don’t look drunk at all. How much did you have to drink, Gawain?”

“Only ah pint o’ ale. Two. Mayybe three. Honesht!”

I suppose it can’t hurt.

“What did you want?” Arthur asked. He couldn’t help but smile as he saw Gawain swaying back and forth on the grass.

“Right,” Gawain replied. “Ah wanted to shay thank you. For letting me compete.”
“That was Morgana’s doing, not mine.”
“Well, yah, but you’re tha’ one organishing it. Ya could’a said no. But ya let me compete anyway. Tha’ really meansh a lot. I dinna’ think I’d ever get tha compete againsht real knights.”

Arthur’s expression fell. The Crown Prince felt a slight pang of guilt as he remembered his words from before. Seeing his friend this happy… it made Arthur’s previous arguments against letting him compete suddenly ring hollow.
“I… was worried you wouldn’t be able to handle it,” he said softly.

“But ‘ah did! ‘Ah handled it! Real good too!”
“Yes. You did.”
“And ‘ah won, too! A bunch of times! Didya shee?”
“Yes, Gawain. I saw. I was there,” Arthur replied, letting out a slight chuckle at his drunken face. Gawain didn’t seem to notice.
“It wash amazing! An’ ah talked to ah king, too! Tah King Bayard!”
“Future king,” Arthur corrected him. “He’s a Crown Prince. And you’ve talked to Crown Princes before. Like me.”
“Yah, but tha’ doeshn’t count!”
Arthur raised a single eyebrow in amusement.
“Oh? I don’t count, now?”
“Thattsh not what ‘ah meant,” Gawain slurred, quickly backtracking in his drunken rambles. “Ah meant tha’ shay… tha’ shay thank you.”

“Nah, but really,” the young redhead continued, stumbling as he took a step towards Arthur. “Ah mean it. ‘Ah wouldna haf been able tha do it if it weren’t for you. You trained me. And you let me compete. You did’na haf to. But you let me anyway.”

Arthur watched as a look of pure adoration crossed his friend’s face.
“Tha’s amazhing.”

That adoration was more than the Crown Prince could bear. Almost instantly, the memory of Gawain in the castle dungeon flashed by. Arthur’s stomach twisted into a painful knot at the thought of his unfulfilled promise.
“Gawain, I…”
He hadn’t earned that kind of expression at all.

“… we need to talk,” Arthur finally said. Gawain blinked, still swaying back and forth in his drunken haze.
“It’s about that promise. The one I made in the dungeon.”
This was hard. The Crown Prince broke eye contact with him, looking down at the ground as he spoke. In the back of his head, he could hear the voice of his uncle.

But you can’t ever lie about what you can and cannot do. If you lie, you’re lying about who you really are.

“I don’t think I can… solve it,” Arthur muttered. “Not immediately. I’m not king yet, and a problem this big needs… needs time. Maybe a lot of time.”

“But I will solve it,” he continued, looking back up at his friend. “I gave you my word and I intend to keep it. It just… might take a little while. I’m sorry.”

It was not the first time that Arthur had been dreading the reply of the young man in front of him. Back when they were children, the Crown Prince had been terrified of Gawain exploiting his weaknesses. He hadn’t known Gawain back then. Many years had passed since that day, and over time, Arthur’s fear had morphed into something else.

Now, he was simply afraid of disappointing his friend.

But Gawain once again surprised him.
“…Oh. Owkay.”

Arthur blinked.
“Okay? Just like that?”

“Yah,” Gawain nodded, trying to stay upright. “Ah’m not stupid, milord. ‘Ah know it’s not like shnapping your fingers and solving everything. You’re na’ the king. Na’ yet.”

“An’ don’t get me wrong, tha’ priest deservesh to have his behind roashted over tha’ bonfire by all tha’ people he hurt!”

“But you can’t do that right away, either. An’ he’s your uncle. ‘Ah know things are complicated.”

“But ‘ah know you,” he continued, his face mellowing out again. “You’re a good guy. An’ you’ll be a good king. You’ll do tha’ right thing even if it’s hard.”

Gawain’s simple honesty continued to surprise the Crown Prince. And, in a way… so did his trust. His friend believed in him more than Arthur believed in himself. He always had. And even after five years, the Crown Prince still wasn’t entirely sure what he had done to deserve his trust. Doubt flashed across Arthur’s face as, for a moment, his mask slipped.
“You really think so?”
“Yah,” Gawain nodded. “Ah trust you, milord.”

The Crown Prince had no idea where Gawain’s unwavering trust in him came from.
But by the Watcher, he was going to everything he could to live up to it. Arthur smiled, uttering a single word.


“Drop the title, muck-spout. Just Arthur is fine.”

With how drunk Gawain was, Arthur had expected an exaggerated reaction.

What he had not expected was a bear hug. The Crown prince was taken completely by surprise as the young redhead threw his arms around him, almost knocking Arthur to the ground in his enthusiasm. Arthur awkwardly patted him on the back, unsure what to do with himself.
Gawain had never done that before.

After a few seconds, the Crown Prince gently pushed his friend off of him.
“O-kay, Gawain. Back. Back you go. Too close.”

“A’hm not.”
“Right, of course not. Why don’t you go talk to Bayard some more? He’s right there.”
“Yah! Good idea!”

Arthur watched with an amused smirk as Gawain stumbled away from him. The young redhead barely kept his balance as he made his way back into the sand pit.
Arthur had never seen him this happy before.

She was right. He’d earned it.

On her way back through the castle gardens, Morgana ran into someone unexpected.

“He seems quite happy, doesn’t he?”

The budding witch had thought herself to be alone. She quickly put her mask back on, giving the nobleman a polite smile.
“Lancelot. I didn’t see you there.”

“He’s making quite a name for himself,” Lancelot continued. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the folks in the tavern this enthusiastic. Did you know they’ve started calling him the ‘Commoner’s Knight’?”
“He’s earned it,” Morgana smiled back.
“I agree. And he owes much of it to you. I know that you’ve helped him much more than he knows.”

“And why shouldn’t I?” Morgana replied, pride crossing her face as she looked at the figure in the distance. “I’ve known him since we were children. He deserves a chance to prove himself. I just made sure that he had that chance.”
Lancelot bowed his head to her.
“It is more than many people get. And I know that it wasn’t without cost to you.”
“It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need to know.”
“I agree,” Lancelot smiled. “But that does not mean that it has to go unacknowledged. You’ve made a good friend of mine very happy, my lady. You have my sincere gratitude. To go that far for Gawain-”

“It’s a wonderful farewell gift, isn’t it?”

Morgana fell silent at his sudden directness. Lancelot had taken her by surprise. She could barely hide her worry as she looked into the nobleman’s piercing blue eyes.
How much does he know?
“…I’m not sure what you mean, my lord,” Morgana replied, trying to deflect his words. But Lancelot had always been unusually perceptive. And this time, her bluff did not work.

“I’m not blind, my lady. There are rumours floating around the castle that you intend to give both of your maidservants away.”
“I know what kind of predicament you’re in,” he continued. “I know you don’t wear that engagement ring unless you have to. And seeing you work this hard to make Gawain happy… forgive me if I’m wrong, but I cannot ignore what I see.”

Lancelot allowed a short silence to fall. When he finally spoke, his voice was strained.
“You have no intention of becoming Richard’s queen, do you?”

Oh, no.

This was bad. This was very bad. Morgana knew that she had lost. Lancelot was even more perceptive than she thought he was. She couldn’t bluff her way out of this. He had seen her hand, and knew exactly what kind of cards she had.  
He knew what she was planning for.

Then there’s no use in lying about it anymore.

Morgana’s expression hardened. The budding witch straightened her back, looking up at Lancelot with a cold, hostile glimmer in her eyes.  
“…I see. Do you have… a way out?”
“No,” she said again, shaking her head at him. “But I will find one. I always do.”
If worse comes to worst, I’ll put everyone around me to sleep and run. Starting with you.
“I’ll leave one way or another. No matter what.”

Her words had a strange effect on the man in front of her. A shadow had fallen over his face, darkening Lancelot’s eyes. Morgana could see him ball his hands into fists as he looked at her with a haunted, almost hollow expression.
“Does anyone else know?”

“…No. They don’t need to know.”

Morgana watched as Lancelot glanced behind him, looking left and right for any nearby guards. When he was sure that they were alone, the young knight took a step towards her.
“It takes six days to reach the border,” he said, his voice lowered to a barely audible whisper. “On the third day, you will find a cliff. It does not look like it, but a drop down that cliff leads to a soft landing in water… until you pass a dead tree. After that, the fall is fatal.”

The nobleman let out a sigh.
“If you time it right, it is easy to disappear there. In both senses of the word.”

Morgana was dumbstruck. Out of all the possible responses that Lancelot could have given her, this was the one that she had not expected.

Are you… actually helping me? Why would you do that?

She didn’t understand. Baffled, the budding witch looked up at him.
“Why… How… how do you know this?”

The young noble gave her a small, sad smile. For a moment, his guard dropped, and Morgana could see an expression of absolute heartbreak in the depths of his blue eyes.
“I have seen this happen before.”

And Morgana finally understood.

“My lady… I have no right to tell you what to-”


Morgana stepped forward, bridging the distance between the two of them and placing a hand on his arm. In a soft, gentle voice, she spoke to the young knight.

“We will meet again. You have my word.”

It took a few seconds for those words to reach him. But when they did, the spark returned to his eyes. Lancelot gave her a smile, nodding at Morgana in silent approval.
“Good. I will keep you to that.”
“Lancelot… Nobody else knows. They cannot know. I need you to keep this a secret.”
“I will. You have my word.”

He stepped away from her, moving himself back to a respectable distance.
“I must take my leave now, Morgana. I will pretend that we never had this conversation.”

“Where are you going?”

The nobleman’s smile turned into a fraction of a smirk as he looked down on her.
“On patrol. Someone has to guard the city, seeing how a certain commoner has entered the tournament instead of acting as guard-commander.”
“You took Gawain’s place?” Morgana asked, surprised. Lancelot gave her a single nod.
“Yes. I volunteered.”
“You did? But… what about the tournament?”
“What about it?” he replied. “I’m sure the Duke can manage without his son for a week.”
“You would do that for Gawain? Does he know you’re not participating?”
“No,” Lancelot said. Morgana watched his smile widen as the nobleman reflected her own words back to her.

”They don’t need to know.”

It was a strange sensation. She didn’t even realize it at first, because she had never felt that way before within the walls of Camelot.

But for a moment…

Just for a moment…

Morgana Pendragon felt completely understood.

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  1. Sarah is definitely the ideal candidate for a bitching session about Richard, that small-footed bastard. Now onto Morgana’s news to her maids. I know that promoting an ordinary servant of no noble decent to the lady in waiting for a future queen is a tremendous honour, something unheard of, but does she really know Gwen that little that she thinks that’s what she would one, becoming a close servant to Arthur’s wife? Of course that’s going to feel like punishment.

    Come to think of it, it’s interesting that Morgana’s expression of affection to those she likes is primarily focused on making them rise through the ranks, when her own rank has been but a prison to her. She was at her happiest when she lived as a commonner in Scarborough. But I realise that manouvering the court is all she knows, so she probably feels like that’s all she can give them. Still, Gawain always wanted to be a knight, so that makes sense, but we’ve never heard Gwen proclaim she wants to join nobility. Sure, she has a crush on the prince, so in theory becoming lady in waiting gives her better chances, but seeing as she’d be lady in waiting to his wife, Morgana can only have two things in mind – either that this could land Gwen another noble to marry, or enabling Gwen to become Arthur’s consort. It’s unlikely Gwen would want either of those things, which surely Morgana should know. Anyway, I have rambled about this for way too long…

    Sarah continues to be class as always, flat out refusing the offer. I love her. That’s thrown a spanner in the works for Morgana, haha.

    This is already way too long, let me leave the rest on your thread.

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    1. I love lengthy comments! =D

      You’re right! A lady-in-waiting, or court lady, is one of the people that is officially allowed to become a King’s mistress without causing a scandal and humiliating the queen. Gwen doesn’t know that, but Morgana does. And the alternative is taking Gwen with her to Nemeth, to live in the same castle as Richard. Yikes.

      Sarah is so much fun to write for, lol. All of Morrie’s sass came from her. It’s canon in my head that that teacup of hers is equal parts black tea and rum, too.

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  2. Y’know reading this a second time, I’ve decided that it’s good that Guin doesn’t become Mithian’s lady-in-waiting. Can’t imagine how much Guin will suffer waiting on the lady who is with the man she loves. And the way Arthur talked about Guin when he got engaged, I don’t know if he will be resilient enough not to show any signs that his true feelings lie with his fiance’s lady-in-waiting. And then the chaos that will ensue when Mithian finds out. There’s a lot of horror stories of ill-treatment of lady-in-waitings in the Forbidden Palace since they essentially become a property of their mistress. Morgana is a lovely mistress but others might not be so.

    Ahh Sarah’s feisty personality and staying true regardless of authority. Can she get any cooler than this? I bet Sarah and Morgana were talking about Lionel at the beginning haha!

    I was so worried about the reaction of the other knights, as in having a commoner beat them all so and the commoner wasn’t even celebrating with them but returned to Tall Tales taverns so I thought the mood at the castle feast would be quite sour. I’m going to take a stab and say they’re all licking their wounds privately and not trying to be the first party pooper 😀

    Aw Arthur. I hope Gawain remembers this conversation when he wakes up. Then again, his tolerance must be high enough that he can look drunk but retain all his faculties. Cuz he definitely said some really heartwarming things. And you’re doing this on purpose. Getting them so close to each other my head is screaming “JUST KISS ALREADY!” xD I wonder what Gawain is going to do with his earned money c:

    Ahh I’ve already gushed about Lancelot and Morgana. Am glad she has this connection. I wonder what Lancelot’s balled fists mean. There’s a hidden unexpressed thought there. I hope we get to see it in the coming chapters 😀 Obviously I’m hoping for good news and not that Lancelot has a potty mouth and decides to spread her secret everywhere.

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    1. Oh man, I would not want to be in that position in the Forbidden Palace. Scratch that, I would not want to be in any position in the Forbidden Palace. It sounds like such a nightmare for almost everyone but the emperor. 0.o And although Guinevere is totally over Arthur (obv, as you can see from her thoughts here, completely over him), Arthur definitely is not over Guinevere.

      Hehehe, Sarah is awesome. A number of people could have been the target of that microscopic foot size comment, yeah!

      It’s definitely sour for some people *cough* but having not one, but two crown princes pay attention to you certainly helps people keep their thoughts to themselves. The tournament doesn’t actually have a winner yet – they’re about halfway through, and whoever comes out on top at the end still has to beat the champion in the finale. Heheeee, doing what on purpose? I don’t know what you’re talking about… ❤

      Not in the next few chapters, but definitely in the future! I promised him more screen time after he resurrected me in the tea party, after all. I actually really like Lancelot. He hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, so it was about time for that.


  3. Ah, Guin, you’re so innocent. When they talk about Richard’s little feet, they’re obviously implying that he has a tiny brain *nods sagely *. Poor Guin, thrown in the bin by both royal siblings. Thankfully, she has Sarah on hand who is willing to risk the intactness of her neck to speak her mind and aww, look, Guin didn’t need a teacup of gin to finally speak her own. Hurrah!

    I’m so proud of Gawain! Keep rolling those big numbers, little redhead! I absolutely loved his pished scene with Arthur and the faces he was making, even though the topic of conversation was heavy and Arthur was feeling like a failure. That bear hug at the end and Gawain stumbling off to talk to his new buddy, who just happens to be a crown prince, don’t you know, warmed my heart. By this point, I am warmed through to my cold, dead heart and thinking, ‘Hey, will today be the day that I end a ToC chapter without feeling like I’ve been through a blender?’


    Because then you give me Morgana and Lancelot having a light-hearted chinwag about suicide, of course! But yet, we know Morgana does not intend to jump off the cliff that Lancelot helpfully suggested, but Lancelot is obviously not going to have fathomed the magical alternative and Morgana can hardly set him straight, which makes for an interesting scene.

    So, Lancelot saw someone use that dive point and I have a hundred questions about who, what, when, why? But mostly, how? Did he know they were going to jump and didn’t intervene? Did he try and stop them but failed? Did he find out after the fact? I gather from the points at which he clenched his fists (right after her adamant “I’ll leave one way or the other. No matter what.”) that it was a determined attempter that he faced last time too and he understands/thinks he understands or at least can empathise with the heavy mental implication of feeling trapped enough to see this option as viable. But why would he wish that on Morgana? I know that her options, if she actually was a medieval, mortal woman bound to a small-footed, half-bald-faced goon, would be limited, but to jump straight to that (no pun intended) speaks volumes.

    I’m glad she sort of sets him straight at the end, and his little bit about sacrificing his place in the tournament so Gawain could compete was super sweet but now I’m in the mire and need to consume potato.

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    1. Oh yes, obviously the brain and nothing else, yup yup. *nods in agreement* Sarah has always been willing to risk her neck-safety for the important matters. Like pouring rum in her teacup that was supposed to be for the king. Or gossiping about half the castle. Or… nah, that’s a spoiler.

      I have never rolled so many natural 20’s as when I’m rolling for Gawain. And these are my murder dice, too. Maybe that’s the problem. Ah, you go through every ToC chapter feeling like you’ve been through a blender? That can’t be good. Here, sit in this smoothie-glass-shaped chair to recover.

      The sheer amount of secrets between everyone sure is turning everything a bit messy these days. Those are a lot of very good theories about what happened with Lancelot in the past. I’d answer them, but it’ll show up in the story eventually, and Mr. Bickers is giving me the evil eye. You’re right that him assuming that’s what she had planned and aiding her speaks volumes, though.

      Have a potato. And a dragon floatie. You’ll need it. ❤


  4. There are so many thoughts and feelings around this section.
    First of all, I am pleased to see the trust and respect the servants have for Morgana and Arthur …. although one can not really call Sarah’s behavior respectful 😂

    Gawain is living out his biggest dream right now and he has been lucky. His intoxicating sense of happiness rises all the way up in the clouds, helped well along the way by one or four to five pints. He is the hero of the people. The proof that there is hope for even the little man.
    I do not usually like drunk people but in Gawain’s disguise he is irresistible.
    His confidence in Arthur is touching ❤

    There is no happiness without its opposite. We know what they do not know …. Morgana plans to disappear.
    It’s surprising that Lancelot has figured out her next move. He is a keen observer and he also turns out to be a true friend ❤

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    1. Haha, Sarah is a lot of things in this chapter, but “respectful” is not really one of them, no. xD

      Yes! Drunken Gawain is just the cutest. Throughout picture taking I wanted to squeeze his little face so bad. It didn’t help that he kept showing hearts in his speechbubbles, either.

      Lancelot has been largely in the background so far, but he and Morgana actually share some big similarities. Their moments are few and far between but when they do happen, they’re genuine. ❤

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    1. Oooh, welome to Camelot! Please, pull up a chair, have some juice. Don’t be shy. Feel free to comment with your name next time, otherwise I’ll just end up calling you something weird, like “Sir Damsel” or “John Don’t”.

      No satanic rituals here, darling. Though you may want to be respectful of the Fae. They’re a bit touchy, and three of them are dragons. In fact, if you’ve gone through the trouble of reading all the way up to this point, you’ve already met all of them…

      Enjoy! Be safe, and have fun with the literary abyss you’re about to plummet into.

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  5. Noooo Gwen my poor girl, if only you knew Arthur wished he could have become engaged to you instead…Omg yes Sarah’s back, and poor Gwen…you know what they say about foot size… : P (It means that they have big hearts, right? joke XD)

    And here we are again, where I relate too much to Gwen and her constant feelings like she is being abandoned or rejected ;-; The fact that Sarah isn’t afraid to speak up even against the nobility is something I love about her. She’s headstrong and to-the-point and doesn’t take shit, but not in a toxic way. One thing I love about her as well, is I feel she’s a voice for Gwen because she knows Gwen won’t or can’t speak up and I love that. In my experience, you can always rely on your extroverted friends to repeat what you said/thought because will actually listen to your extrovert friend! Wanting a raise and a day off is a big mood.

    Drunk Gawain, chaos ensues XD Aww, I love hearing Gawain call Arthur by his first name again like old pals, so sweet. Their bromance will last forever I hope!

    Wow, I was not expecting that to come out of Lance’s mouth! Anywaylet’syeetrichardoffthecliff

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    1. Wait- the beginning of the chapter says about the implication of sui. So have I misunderstood what Lance is saying? I took it as ‘it’s a great place to get rid of Richard’ but I feel I’ve misunderstood.

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      1. Lancelot and Morgana’s conversation is full of sentences that can be interpreted in different ways. Both sides suspect that something is up with the other, but neither knows the other well enough to be sure of what it is. Suicide is one of the ways that Lancelot’s directions towards that cliff can be interpreted as.


    2. Yup, totally, the smaller the foot, the bigger the heart 😇🤣

      It’s easy to see “I’m giving you away” as “you’re useless to me now” or “I’m abandoning you”, after all. And Morgana can’t exactly tell her why she’s really doing it. Sarah knows Morgana inside out, but she knows Guinevere very well too, and luckily she is very capable of voicing her protests.

      Don’t we all want a raise and a day off? 😂😂🤣

      Gawain went from forgetting to call him by his title to forgetting to call him by his name. We’ve come full circle, haha. I love writing wholesome friendships 😁


  6. I’m happy to see more of Lancelot. My theory is that he’s not suggesting that Morgana hurt herself at all… It’s horrible, but why travel for days to do that? That’s so dramatic, such a waste of time and too much effort… Anyway, Morgana suggesting that poor Guinevere become a servant for his future wife – it seems like such a hurtful suggestion. I don’t imagine that Guinevere has the heart for court games – she’s really going to compete with a princess/queen for Arthur!?! 😦 I can’t see that ending well for her at all whether she makes a move for him or not. I think she’d just get hurt, so traveling with Morgana really is her best bet.

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    1. Lancelot took a little while to fully come into the story, just like Guinevere. You’ll continue to see more of him, especially in arc 3 😊

      His advice to Morgana can be interpreted in a number of ways, but there’s one thing to consider either way: if Morgana runs away or hurts herself before leaving with Richard, that can be interpreted as Camelot (and by extension, Arthur) not honouring their side of the deal. The reason why she’s planning on running away after leaving with Richard is to avoid that exact scenario.

      You’re right, Guinevere is not suited for court intrigue at all. Unless she dramatically changes herself, she’s too soft-hearted to stand a chance. This outcome was probably for the best.

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      1. Also, interesting. Why wouldn’t it be interpreted the same after Morgana leaves with Richard? The outcome and her intention would be the same. Unless, she’s intending to wait at least a year or so or at the very least until after the marriage cannot be annulled and is consummated T_T … Otherwise, I imagine that Richard would have the marriage annulled or otherwise blame Camelot if she immediately fled.

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      2. If you look at it from the perspective of a business transaction, Camelot is giving goods (Morgana) in return for payment (financial aid and other services). If the customer’s new knicknack “happens” to get lost or stolen or destroyed after purchase, you can’t point fingers at the shopkeeper.

        But Richard can absolutely try to do it anyway, just as you say. He’s shrewd enough to turn it into an opportunity for blackmail or, at the very least, a hard-to-beat argument, too.

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      3. Thank you for humoring me! I see – I guess I think of it as a “big” purchase like of a building or a company that was properly negotiated and not just someone getting another toy or knicknack (poor Morgana!) where even a receipt isn’t worth bothering about. It should come with a warranty, insurance, and permissive parameters regarding early “risk of loss” or something because Morgana’s so precious and expensive. But yikes either way. I’ll have to read the third arc to get the details.

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      4. Not at all! I appreciate the comments and the unique insights 😁 that’s exactly the sort of arguments that Nemeth would come with in return – an investment that big would come with insurances in our time, and in ye olden days, people probably thought the same way. Morgana has the insight to recognise that skipping town beforehand would be bad, but lacks the tools to deal with the aftermath of skipping town immediately after, and is unwilling to wait until Nemeth absolutely can’t point fingers anymore. If she runs, it’s a mess for Camelot no matter what happens. Which mess would be the biggest one is up for debate, though. 😆


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