2.10 – Olive Branch

In the Iron King’s royal chambers, Uther and Agravaine were in the middle of their daily report. The Royal advisor made a point of structurally informing his King of everything that his network of informants picked up on, both in Camelot itself and in the surrounding nations. Countless scrolls and letters arrived every day. Agravaine took his duties to his Kingdom very seriously. He knew that Uther relied on him, trusted him to act as the eyes and ears of Camelot. He took pride in that.

“Our scouts came back empty-handed. I have arrested and interrogated every black-haired young man in town and scoured all surrounding villages. A handful have perished, but the spy was not among any of the suspects. I suspect that it may have been a foreign spy, sent from either Cornwall or the Isle of Mora.”

The priest’s brow furrowed, his gaze trailing off. A sense of anger overcame him as Agravaine remembered dat day in the catacombs. The feeling of rage as he realized that someone had infiltrated his -his- secret archives. The shock of seeing vile, tainted sorcery used against him. The complete and utter helplessness as Agravaine’s body stopped working and crumbled to the floor, without the Jacoban priest being able to do anything about it. The vile magic that dragged him out of control and straight into darkness.
Agravaine despised losing control.
Someone told him where to go, the royal adviser thought to himself. Someone that is working with our enemies. A traitor, living right under our noses and colluding with vile sorcerers. I will find them. And when I do, they are going to pay dearly.

Uther interrupted his train of thought, glaring at Agravaine as he made his will known.
“I want this man found and executed. At any cost.”
“Yes, your majesty,” Agravaine nodded. “You can count on me.”
“Good. Continue – what else do we have today?”

He gestured at the pile of unread letters and scrolls. In truth, the pile was three times as large as what was shown on the table. Agravaine had already made a selection of the most important pieces of correspondence, as well as quietly taken away what was not necessary for Uther to know. The Jacoban priest grabbed a scroll from the pile, breaking the seal and quickly skimming through its contents.

“Well-wishes from the smaller kingdoms, sire. A proposal for a trade agreement with the south. A marriage proposal for you from Dutchess of-”
“Irrelevant,” Uther interrupted him, waving the letter away in annoyance. “I will never remarry. What else?”

Agravaine nodded, steadily working through the pile. He picked up a scroll with a familiar seal.
“A royal message from Essetir, sire. Let me see…”
The royal adviser suddenly let out a gasp. Uther gave him a look, raising a single eyebrow.
“What? Are they rescinding their participation in the tournament? William always was terrible at making up his mind.”

But Agravaine shook his head, an expression of genuine shock on his face.
“Sire… King William is dead.”
A brief silence fell in the King’s chambers.

Then, that moment was over, and Uther’s angry voice echoed against the elegantly decorated walls.
“Wait, what?! What do you mean, he’s dead?!”
“Essetir has sent us a letter of succession,” Agravaine continued. “It says that King William succumbed to old age-”
“At forty-two years old?! Poppycock!” the Iron King yelled. The priest just shook his head in response.
“All three of his sons have testified with their signatures, your majesty. I will need to verify their authenticity later, but… from what I can see, they seem genuine. They have even provided us with a royal statement… ‘The king is dead. Long live King Cenred.’”
“And who the hell is that supposed to be?!” Uther growled. He had never heard of the name Cenred before. Neither had Agravaine. As far as the Jacoban priest knew, nobody in the royal family of Essetir was named Cenred, including any distant relatives among their nobility. He had no idea who this supposed “king” was, or where he had come from. No insights to bestow upon his liege. No knowledge whatsoever.

That was bad. That was very, very bad. Agravaine despised not knowing something. And judging from Uther’s face, the Jacoban priest was about to regret his dire lack of information.
“Do we not have spies in Essetir? How have we not heard about this in advance?!”
“I- I don’t know, sire. It must have slipped past my informants-”

“Then send better informants!” the Iron King snapped at Agravaine, finally losing his temper. “You’re supposed to be my eyes and ears, Agravaine! Not only did you fail to keep sensitive information from our enemies, but now you can’t even keep tabs on our allies?! Are you that eager to lose your head?!”

Agravaine gritted his teeth, breaking eye contact and looking away in frustration at Uther’s biting words.
“….No, sire. Please forgive me. I will get to the bottom of this.”
“You better – because if you don’t, I will find someone that is actually qualified for the job. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, your majesty.”
“Good. Now, continue. What else?”

The Jacoban priest grabbed another scroll, his face pulled into a dissatisfied scowl. Inside, Agravaine was fuming. He knew that the King’s anger was not because of his shortcomings. After all, Agravaine had none. He knew everything. Always. And this was not a coincidence. No, someone was working against him. Agravaine was sure of it. Someone was working against the priest, stealing information and tainting their reputation with the King.
Someone close to him.

His instincts were telling him that it was the same someone that had sent that filthy sorcerer into his archives.

The realization made him angry enough to open the next scroll without even looking at the seal. It wasn’t until he was halfway through the letter’s contents that he realized where it came from – and saw the single olive branch lying at his feet.
The Jacoban priest froze.
His sudden silence did not go unnoticed by Uther. With a frown, the Iron King opened his mouth.
“Oh, for Watcher’s sake – what is it now?”

“It… It’s from Cornwall, sire.”
Agravaine’s eyes were glued onto the contents of the page. For the second time that day, the man seemed legitimately stunned.

“Gorlois is proposing a truce.”


“We’ve received word from Cornwall. Gorlois has offered a cease-fire and is proposing formal peace negotiations.”

The Crown Prince listened to his father’s words with an increasing sense of shock. Arthur had made his way towards the throne room that morning with a very specific goal in mind. That goal was to talk to the Iron King about Morgana. He had practiced it beforehand, in front of a mirror. The Crown Prince had rehearsed it. Thought of arguments. Practiced not flinching at Uther’s anger. Tested out his own angry glare. It was perfect. He had been ready.
But this was not the kind of talk that Arthur had imagined at all.

A truce? With Gorlois, of all people?

“Wait – what about the forces that were gathering near the border?” he asked. “What happened to those?”
“Our scouts confirm that they have begun to move away from Camelot. I cannot rule out the possibility of a bluff or a trap, but… from what we can tell, Gorlois appears to be serious.”
“I don’t understand. Why now?” Arthur said, thinking out loud. “We’ve formally been at war with them for almost two decades. Neither side has suffered big losses lately. Why would they propose a ceasefire now? What has changed?”

“I don’t know,” Uther admitted. “We cannot rule out the possibility of a setup. But two decades is a very long time. Perhaps Gorlois is finally starting to think about the future, too. Or maybe he is tired. Either way, this is an opportunity that I cannot pass up.”
“Where would this ‘meeting’ take place, exactly?” Arthur asked suspiciously. “In his throne room? In Camelot? Is he using this as an excuse to try and smuggle in more assassins?”
“Neither,” Uther replied, shaking his head. “Gorlois wants the negotiations to occur within the fort of Hadrian’s Wall, in Camlann.”

Arthur knew of what location the Iron King spoke. Camlann was a large plain within a mountainous area on the border between three nations; Camelot, Cornwall and Nemeth. The fort there had been partially destroyed in a dragon attack in the distant past, and had been in a state of abandonment ever since.
But, more importantly… Camlann was also the site of the very first battle between Cornwall and Camelot. It had been a brutal, chaotic slaughter that lasted for three whole days and resulted in hundreds of casualties on both sides. The symbolism of choosing that place to broker for peace was not lost on Arthur.
“He’s really willing to call for a truce?”
“So it seems.”

Uther let out a sigh.
“I intend to attend these peace talks in person, Arthur. The war between Cornwall and Camelot has lasted long enough. And it was caused by my hand. It is only fitting that it be my hand that ends it.”
“What if it’s a trap?” Arthur asked. The Iron King shook his head.
“Gorlois is not the type for traps. It is not his style. He has always been straight-forward and honourable, even in battle. But even if it is a trap…”
His eyes softened.
“If it means that I get a chance to bring peace to your future, then that is a risk I am willing to take.”

Uther’s eyes trailed off to the left. Arthur followed his gaze, looking down on the heavy, stone throne that was the seat of power in Camelot. The Crown Prince sighed.
“I understand.”
“Good. I knew you would, Arthur.”
“When is this meeting?” he asked. The Iron King gave him a single nod.
“Twenty days from now. Camelot’s written answer should reach Cornwall within a fortnight. That gives both sides plenty of time to get to Camlann.”
Arthur nodded, his gaze lingering on the throne as his mind trailed off in thought.
Twenty days. He had a lot of things to prepare before then.
“I’ll clear my schedule and have Lancelot inform the knights. Regardless of whether it’s a trap or not, we should make sure to display a proper show of force-”

“No,” Uther said, interrupting his son halfway his sentence. “You will not be attending. And neither is Morgana.”

Arthur blinked. For a moment, the Crown Prince thought that he had misheard his father.
“Wait… what?”
Then the King spoke, confirming his words to his heir. His voice was strict and unyielding. It was the same tone that he always used when he gave commands that could not be disobeyed. Arthur was intimately familiar with that tone.
“I do not want either of you within ten miles of Camlann while negotiations are ongoing. Neither will I have you remain in the castle. Cornwall is still an enemy nation, ceasefire or no ceasefire. And I will not leave Camelot’s future in a vulnerable position. Come tomorrow, I’m sending both of you to Scarborough.”

That was not what Arthur wanted to hear at all.
“Scarborough?!” the Crown Prince protested loudly. “What do you mean, you’re sending us to Scarborough?! That’s all the way in Northumbria! It couldn’t be further away! Father, this is a pivotal moment in history! I am your successor! Your son! I should be there with you!”

“No. I will not risk it. You and your sister will do as you are told and stay in Northumbria while-”

“You can’t be serious!” Arthur retorted, raising his voice in anger. “You would send both of your children into hiding during formal peace negotiations?! Don’t you see what kind of message that sends?! Are you trying to antagonize Cornwall?”
“Do not question my decisions, Arthur! I am doing what is best for-”
“No! If you’re risking your life for my future, then so should I! Morgana and I should be there, looking Gorlois in the eye when you-”

It was a small phrase. Insignificant. Meaningless. Small enough that any other person would not have given it a second thought.
But for the Iron King, that small, meaningless, insignificant phrase was enough to awaken a deep, deep sense of rage.

The sudden roar from the Iron King caught Arthur completely by surprise. The Crown Prince took an involuntary step back, startled at the outburst. The King raised raised his arm at his son, his other hand balled into a fist. His knuckles turned white as a look of pure rage broke through the surface.
“You will not meet with Gorlois! Not now, not ever! Gorlois will not speak to you. Gorlois will not look at you- and Gorlois will not lay eyes upon Morgana! EVER! Do I make myself clear?!”

Arthur blinked, taken aback by Uther’s sudden rage.
“But… Father…”
As he looked at Uther’s expression, the Crown Prince could feel any arguments he had fade away. Drained and extinguished by the raw anger that radiated off the person in front of him.
He had not seen that anger in a long time.

“You will do as you are told. You will go to Scarborough, and you will stay there until I tell you to return. That is an order.

“…Yes, father.”

In the castle’s musical parlour, Arthur informed Morgana of what had happened while she was asleep. The Princess took the news fairly casually, barely reacting to both the shock of Cornwall’s proposed truce and Uther’s sudden decision to send the both of them away from the castle.

“We’ll set off for Northumbria at dawn tomorrow,” Arthur explained. “Father has forbidden us to share our destination with anyone. We will remain hidden in Scarborough until Agravaine sends an escort for our return.”
“I see,” Morgana replied tamely. “And how does father expect us to keep our destination hidden from the knights that will guards us on the way?”
Arthur shook his head at her words.
“There will be no knights. No guards. The King fears that spies from Cornwall or Nemeth will find out our location if we draw any attention to ourselves. So we will be moving in secret, disguised as commoners.”

“I see,” Morgana replied, casually sipping her tea. “Wonderful. And we have no choice in this, I assume?”

“Apparently not,” Arthur said, breaking eye contact as he let out an indignant huff. “I don’t agree with him. I should be there in Camlann. By his side. But I can’t exactly speak out against him, can I? Not with father blowing a royal gasket every time I open my mouth.”
“You could let me try,” Morgana offered, placing the tea cup back on its plate. “He listens to me more than he listens to you.”
But Arthur shook his head.
“Not this time. I haven’t seen father look that angry in years. I don’t think there is any chance of changing his mind now. Not even for you, Morrie.”
The Crown Prince let out an annoyed sigh.
“We don’t have a choice. So… let’s just look at it like a long leave of absence. Or a holiday, or something. A holiday in the middle of some bloody, backwater, commoner’s village,” he added, mumbling with a frustrated look on his face. Morgana nodded. She got up from her seat to pour her brother some tea.

At that moment, the large, double doors of the parlour opened, and Guinevere came walking in.

“Milady, you called for-”

“-oh! Milord! P-please forgive my rudeness!”
The Princess raised a single eyebrow. She hadn’t called for Guinevere. In fact, she hadn’t called for anyone. What was Guinevere doing here?

Then she realized.
Oh, wait. Sarah walked past here five minutes ago.

So that’s what happened. Morgana’s brief sense of confusion turned into a tiny smirk as she mentally praised her oldest maidservant. She never did miss a chance to mess with Guinevere. And Morgana couldn’t blame her. It was too much fun not to. Teasing the girl with her crush on Arthur always lifted Morgana’s spirits, even when her mood was sour.
Sarah was the same way. In fact, Morgana had picked up much of her teasing from observing her. Chances were that the maidservant had sent Guinevere here on purpose, just so she would have to spend some time being in the same room as…


Wait a minute…

As she looked upon the two people in front of her, an idea began to form in Morgana’s mind.
No choice, huh?
If we’re gone for weeks anyway… then I might as well enjoy myself on the way, right?

Morgana’s smirk widened. With a devious glimmer in her eyes, the Princess raised her hand and addressed her maidservant.
“Guinevere? Pack your bags. We’re going on a holiday.”


16 thoughts on “2.10 – Olive Branch

  1. I like how we get more insights to Uther’s role as king and the many responsibilities he has on him. And he takes it all in stride without showing his children any weakness. Agravine selecting which scrolls Uther will attend to reminds me of China’s Eunuch system. They were looked down upon, but they yielded so much soft power it was crazy. And dangerous. And led to so many dynasty downfalls >.> I’m a little worried for everyone since Agravine is adamant that they have a spy among them. I hope he actually captures a real spy and not frame anyone.

    Succumbed to age at 42 >.> And someone else gets the throne and not his three princes? I wonder what’s happening with Essetir. Especially when your intro pic of Essetir did not even feature those princes. Are they too young, are they being coerced? Who is Cenred >.> Is he the assasin we saw? Another puppet? So many questions. And we won’t know until a dozen chapters later considering there are so many pressing issues at hand Dx

    I have no good feelings about Cornwall’s peace negotiations. Considering how Nemeth and Cornwall have a hidden alliance and Nemeth is bloodthirsty towards Camelot and both these kingdoms are in close vicinity to the fort. No. Just no. It spells disaster. Maybe he’s calling Uther over to the fort to get rid of him there. What Gorlois thinks he should’ve done decades ago.

    I’m not sure why Uther is not thinking this true. He needs to have a fall back plan. Maybe it’s just not highlighted here. Does Uther accept it so readily thinking its because his ally (Nemeth) is on his side? Or he’s putting too much weight in Gorlois’s honorability as a king? Are the knights at least attending? Is Uther worried that Morgana takes after too much of her mother? Seems like there’s something there when he so forcibly denied his children face Gorlois.

    Does Morgana not feel enough for Uther at this point to care about the very possible trap Uther is getting himself into? She knows Richard is a double crossing prick. And.. she probably knows he has full authority in Nemeth and that his dad or whoever on the throne is just a figurehead. I don’t know if I would be able to be so cool about it. If I were in Morgana’s shoes I’d be wrestling with myself because my voice might just be the tide that determines Uther’s living/death. Or I could simply be over analysing things and Gorlois does want truce. Hur dur.

    LOL Arthur’s reaction to Guin is priceless. She is definitely getting to him. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uther is incredibly strong, in a way. A lot can be said about his choices and personality but he did keep a Kingdom up and running properly for over two decades, while being at war with another country, threatened by four more and losing/never getting over the death of his wife. He’s the type that does step up when he has to. Ooooh they had that in China, too? People really underestimate how much power the people behind the scenes have, and what kind of catastrophes it can cause.

      I cannot answer any questions and/or suspicions about Essetir or the coming peace negotiations at this moment in time because of the massive, massive spoilers, haha. Please refer to my gnome attorney, Mr. Bickers. =D

      Morgana hasn’t felt much about Uther for a while now, but you’re right – her nonchalance is extreme even for her. She’s still in bury-it-all-and-move-past mode. It’s very difficult to get out of that sometimes.


      1. What a good timing for Mr Bickers to come to B2W. Especially with my new build. This confirms the probe you have in my head. 😀 aw morgana, thats heartbreaking! 😦


  2. So many questions! Who is Cenred? Is the cease-fire genuine? Are there still dragons? Will Arthur and Guinevere get it on during a romantic stroll on the beach at Scarborough? Will they even make it to Scarborough? What kind of tea was Morgana drinking?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So many questions! And I can’t answer any of them, haha. Though I better make sure Scarborough has a beach now, or you’ll figure out that I do not know as much about England as I pretend to lalalala-

      Morgana’s choices in tea as well as how much alcohol she pours into it secretly shall remain a mystery for the ages.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all, Poppycock is a fabulous swearword, I need to remember that. Though Uther is right, that death of “old age” does sound fishy.

    Hmm, this truce offering does seem to have trap written all over it – even of Uther says it’s not Garlois’s style, things can change over 20 years, he might just have new advisors. Still, Arthur is right that the crown prince not coming is sending the wrong message, and giving Cornwall exactly the excuse they need to question Camelot’s intentions.

    Then again, I’m not mad about Arthur and Morgana coming to my neck of the woods. Too bad I’m only several centuries too late 😆

    Aww, that bit at the end was that lighthearted part we needed after all of these menacing thunderstorm clouds coming our way. I’m sure Morgana will enjoy her little scheming 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how everyone is in agreement about the negotiations being a bit fat trap. XD So suspicious, you guys. When have I ever thrown a curveball at you? >=D
      Ooooh you are from those parts? I have to admit I don’t know the geography of which place was where back in the day, so I drew a bunch of circles on a piece of paper, wrote in names and called it a day. I’m probably way off, haha. Don’t hold it against me, okay? ❤ also your simself is now officially a noble from Northumbria, yup yup.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My simself should definitely be a noble from Northumbria 😊 Hah yeah, I gather that your map isn’t necessarily a replica of the UK, but I don’t think that matters – they live in the times of myth, after all 😊


  4. Oh, so many questions. I have a feeling this is a trap, and I think somehow Nemeth is behind it. I’m thinking that Cornwall and Nemeth are allies and this is their way of eliminating Uther. Maybe Uther suspects this and is being careful and sending his children away. Even if Morgana tried to talk to her father, I think at this point he’s pretty set in what he wants to do and won’t listen to anyone. You can’t blame him for wanting to protect his children, and I think it is a smart move to send them away. I am thinking this might be one of the last times we see Uther alive.

    Also, I have a terrible memory, and I can’t remember how Essetir is tied into this, who they are allies with. Part of me wonders if Richard had something to do with the king dying. I’m just blaming Richard for everything, lol. Could he have possibly had the king poisoned? But then why wouldn’t his heirs get the throne? I can’t remember if they were too young or not, but I’m guessing whoever is on the throne now is probably loyal to Nemeth. These are just all my speculations.

    Haha, and it’s cute that Morgana is trying to set Guin and Arthur up. I can’t wait to see more awkward encounters between the two. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot answer any questions and/or suspicions about Essetir or the coming peace negotiations at this moment in time because of the massive, massive spoilers, haha. Please refer to my gnome attorney, Mr. Bickers. =D

      The next chapter is just full of awkward moments and funny faces and I cannot wait to show you guys. xD

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  5. “remembered dat day…”
    ^^ was that on purpose? It made me giggle thinking of Ag speaking so improperly. Lol. The traitor is your niece! And you better not find out? I really really really hope this isn’t complete and utter train wreck tragedy we’re heading for with this story. Eek!

    I love how Uther cut off the marriage proposal. Yeah, I don’t see Daddy Iron King remarrying ever. Oh so they did find out about that handsome man who died recently and so suddenly. Er… was taken out *cough cough* murdered. I didn’t expect that truth to be revealed so quickly (news of his death, that is).

    Is it really the priest’s job to know these kinds of things? Changes in the guard, the wind, deaths of other royals, etc.? I mean, I’ve known for a long while that Ag has made it his business to know things, but he’s a priest? Forgive me if I’m missing something as I’m just now wondering about this. And a peace treaty? Oh any more surprises today!? Lol. I’m enjoying watching Ag writhe in discomfort a bit. Is that evil? 👿

    Cenred? Who is this man? Is he even legit? Part of me thinks Richard is behind this strange plot of all things going in Camelot’s favor right now. Well, maybe not all things, but certainly semi-fortunate looking things. Especially if Camlann is on the border of Camelot, Cornwall, AND Nemeth. Hmm… and King William is dead, and we, the readers, know by an assassins’ hand. Well, at least I think that’s what happened.

    Arthur really is a handsome prince. I just noticed his freckles again. Even when he’s in defeat, he’s still really good looking. Heehee… Oh and Uther got really mad about Gorlois. I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact that Morgana is Ygraine’s daughter and Uther stole Ygraine from Cornwall?

    I like the musical parlor. Morgana sitting in a blue room in a dark blue dress. Somewhat indicative of her internal turmoil at the moment right now, a turmoil she doesn’t want to face. Oh and devious Morgana! I love this plot idea! Arthur and Guin… together again. Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself. Haha. But this is going to be good. Might as well have a little fun right there with you Morrie.


  6. Oh look it’s Aggrovaine again XC Oh god I wonder if he’ll assume Morgana or Arthur to be shifted!Morgana’s accomplice? Hmm I’m wondering who the ‘King Cenred’ person is… Judging by that and ‘succumbed to old age’ at 42, wondering if it was regicide…

    Somehow I wonder if the Gorlois ‘peace offering’ is total BS. If they’ve been at war for so many years, why is Gorlois stopping now? (Unless I’ve been dumb and missed something) Also I noticed that when Arthur mentioned the ‘eye’ and Uther’s mad response is that Gorlois will ‘not look at you’ or ‘lay eyes upon Morgana’… Woo so Gwen is coming along for the forced trip, along with Arthur! Not awkward at all for poor Gwen, huh? At least she’ll enjoy awkwarly gazing at him and looking away every few seconds for a few days. Let’s see how this goes for them -u-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such happiness to see ol’ Aggro! Who knows? Maybe you’ll love him by the end of the arc.

      Hold on to those thoughts – when something smells fishy, it usually is. Uther’s reaction to Arthur’s words was definitely extreme, even for his standards. And yup, poor Guinevere is coming along on their little field trip, whether she wants to or not. How awkward it will end up being, you’ll know very soon, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I love how action packed Tales of Camelot is! There’s always so much to think about. I love how Arthur is trying (or at least considering trying) to take up for his sister.

    Uther always interests me. “I will never remarry. What else?” I read that and thought okay – fair enough, if he thinks he enjoyed a great love story, but Iast I saw Ygraine seemed to be lying to him and worried about him murdering her child. Hmm… My heart also goes out to poor Gwen. It seems cruel that those around are encouraging her crush on a prince. He’s practically engaged. It’s Arthur, so I’m sure she’ll be fine, but I wonder why Morgana insists on making her staff uncomfortable when she understand her brother’s role and seems to have accepted that their marriages should make political sense. I don’t think it will actually end in heartbreak, but that would be the expected course for Gwen, and I don’t see Morgana considering Gawain for herself? But maybe it’s an odd way of sabotaging her proposed engagement to Richard?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I sometimes feel like I might be cramming in too much at once, but at least it’s not dull this way 🤭

      You’re right; Morgana is not considering Gawain for herself but is very much nudging Guinevere towards Arthur. There’s multiple ways that her behaviour can be interpreted and a very roundabout way of sabotage could indeed be something she would do.

      Uther having marital issues? Naaahhhhh. He had the greatest love story in all of history, don’t you know 😆


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