2.11 – The Road to Scarborough, Part I

Guys, I still don’t have horse reins. I think I’ll just make it a thing. Yup, it’s canon now. They’re all natural born horse masters that don’t need reins in the first place. Fight me. xD

Shortly before the arrival of dawn, Arthur and Morgana Pendragon weaved through the sleeping hallways and exited castle Camelot. They silently made their way to the royal stables. Both of them had left their normal clothing behind, instead choosing to dress in a simple commoner’s shirt and tunic.

Or at least, that had been the plan.

“I still don’t understand why you didn’t just take that servant’s tunic that Sarah took from the laundry room,” Arthur grumbled, looking at his sister’s clothes with a disapproving scowl on his face. “This draws far too much attention. At least that dress blended into the background.”
“Pfft! That one had holes in it!” Morgana protested, sticking up her nose at the idea. “I’m not going to wear something that is moments away from falling apart.”
“We’re supposed to be inconspicuous, Morgana,” the Crown Prince frowned.
“And we are! Just because I’m pretending to be a commoner doesn’t mean that I can’t look good while doing it.”
“That’s not how… oh, for crying out loud.”

The Crown Prince let out a sigh. He knew that he should be scolding her more. Morgana was ignoring the possible danger that they’d be in in favour of silly fashion choices. It was ridiculous. He should be giving her an earful.

But Arthur couldn’t do it. Not now. Not with some of that familiar spark having finally returned to her eyes. Arthur had missed that spark more than he cared to admit. Something had changed since their last conversation. Arthur didn’t know what it was, but despite everything, Morgana looked excited at the idea of leaving. Eager, almost.
Oh, so be it, the Crown Prince thought. We’ll be traveling through the wilderness, anyway.
As they turned the corner to the stables, the Crown Prince placed his arm around his sister.
“You’re going to be the death of me, you know that?”
“Oh, I know.”

The duo made eye contact with Morgana’s maidservant just as they reached the stables. Arthur gave the girl a polite nod.
“Good morning, miss Guinevere.”

“Ah… milord! Milady! G-good morning.”

“Are you ready to leave?” Morgana asked her. “Arthur wants to make sure that we clear the castle grounds before sunrise.”
“Yes. Expediency is key here. If we want to set out without half the castle knowing, we need to do it now. Please gather your things while I prepare the horses.”
He turned to the left, moving to enter Llamrei’s stable-

And he immediately noticed the unfamiliar object lying in the horse’s box. Arthur blinked. With a confused frown, he turned back to the maidservant.

“… miss Guinevere, why is there a honey pie in Llamrei’s stable?”

“…I don’t know.”

It only took a few minutes to get the horses ready for departure. Arthur wasn’t the type to have servants saddle his horses for him, and years of experience had made the Crown Prince very quick in terms of preparations. Morgana and Guinevere watched from the side as the Crown Prince expertly led the beasts out of their stables and into a saddle.

And a second idea popped into Morgana’s head. The sorceress began to smirk.
“Guinevere should ride with you, Arthur. She doesn’t know how to ride a horse, after all. Someone should make sure she doesn’t fall off.”

“That’s a good idea,” Arthur nodded, oblivious to what was going on. “You’ll ride with me, miss Guinevere. Don’t worry – Llamrei is very gentle. I won’t let you fall.”

Guinevere couldn’t protest. With a face as red as a ripe tomato, the maidservant walked up next to Arthur and clumsily attempted to get into the saddle.
And she failed spectacularly. Guinevere was about three-quarters onto the horse when the stirrup slipped off of her boot, causing the girl to lose her balance and tumble backwards.

Arthur quickly jumped forward, catching her before she hit the ground.

“Are you all right?”
“Y-yes. My apologies for that d-disgraceful display, milord.”
“Don’t worry about it,” the Crown Prince smiled at her, his voice drowning out Morgana’s chuckles in the background. “It just takes some getting used to. Gawain couldn’t do it the first few times, either. He still ends up sitting backwards when he mounts his horse sometimes.”

Arthur lifted her up, effortlessly placing her on top of Llamrei. Then he grabbed the saddle and, in a single fluid motion, mounted the horse himself. His gaze travelled down to Morgana, who was still on the ground. Arthur raised a single eyebrow.

“Are you going to stand there grinning all day, or are you coming with us?”
“Yes, yes, I’m coming,” Morgana smirked back.

Podargos was not as gentle as Llamrei. In fact, the black, temperamental stallion had a very bad reputation among the castle’s inhabitants. Podargos had a habit of acting out against his riders, chewing through his reigns and breaking out from his stable at the worst possible times. During thunderstorms, for example. Once, Percival had attempted to scold him for breaking a wine barrel. The encounter had ended with Podargos chasing him all over the courtyard, before climbing the castle steps and almost making it all the way to the throne room. It had taken four guards to drag him back out.

Morgana loved him for it.

As the young sorceress turned her horse around, moving to join Arthur and Guinevere on the road…

She suddenly felt a chill run down her spine. A cold, familiar, uncomfortable sensation.

The sensation of being watched.

The young sorceress inhaled sharply, whipping her head around to look behind her-

But there was nothing there. Not that she could see, at least. The fields next to the stables were as quiet and empty as they had been before.
There was nothing.

It must have been my imagination, Morgana concluded. I really need to catch up on some sleep.
A few meters ahead of her, Arthur called out to his sister.
“Come on. We have a long journey ahead. Let’s get going, before the whole castle wakes up.”

The three of them ended up riding for the entire day, much longer than either Morgana or Guinevere were used to. As the sun began to set in the sky, and long, long after they had left the outskirts of Camelot behind them, Arthur finally brought their horses to a halt.

“We’ll make camp here for the night. Get comfortable. We leave at dawn tomorrow.”

Morgana and Guinevere were all too happy to finally get some rest. Neither of them was used to being on the road all day, and it showed.
“Ow. I think that my legs changed shape.”
“Ugh, my hands feel like cracked pieces of parchment!” Morgana complained. She scowled at the thin mats that Arthur had placed on the ground for them.
“And how are we supposed to sleep on that? It’s barely more than a sheet!”

The Crown Prince let out an amused chuckle at their protests.
“Sorry, you two. There’s no royal treatment in the wilderness. Until we get to Scarborough, you’ll have to make do with a sheet and trail rations.”
“Wait, that’s all?! Are you saying that you make Gawain sleep on a sheet every time you send him out here?!”
“Of course not. Gawain sleeps on the ground. The sheet is a luxury.”
The Princess angrily turned up her nose at their “luxury”. Her expression made Guinevere giggle in response.

“I don’t mind sleeping on the ground,” Guinevere said, looking out over the woods. “We used to take turns sleeping on the floor, anyway. And the ground here is soft. It’s a good place for a camp.”
“Exactly,” Arthur replied, surprised but pleased at her words. “All we need now is a fire, some more firewood to burn and a canopy in case it starts to rain.”

Guinevere, being so used to the role of a servant, interpreted his words as an order. She quickly jumped to her feet.
“Y-yes, milord. My apologies. I-I’ll go gather more firewood.”
“Ah, wait – that’s not what I meant,” Arthur responded. “I was just thinking out loud. You don’t have to. And it wouldn’t be proper for me to leave a lady to do all the heavy lifting.”
“T-thank you, milord. But I can d-do it.”
“Well, all right. Then at least let me give you a hand with-”

But the young redhead quickly took a step back, a familiar red blush appearing on her cheeks as she shook her head at Arthur.
“N-no, milord, you don’t have to! I mean- I don’t- you shouldn’t… p-please excuse me.”

And she ran off again. For the second time in a row, Arthur watched in stunned confusion as Morgana’s maidservant darted away from him. It reminded him of a startled deer, vanishing into the surrounding thicket. Within seconds, she was out of sight.

The crown Prince blinked, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. That was twice, now. Twice that she ran off at the mere sight of him. What on earth was up with that? Was he that frightening?

For some reason, Guinevere’s extreme reactions were really starting to bother Arthur. The Crown Prince looked at the spot where she vanished with a frown on his face, his thoughts getting the better of him. And, as thoughts tended to do… they gradually turned into doubts.
Is she that repulsed by me? Do I frighten her? Why does she keep flinching like that?

Arthur didn’t understand. Nobody had ever reacted to him like that before. Normally, women threw themselves at him. Literally. He had lost track of the number of times that he had been forced to call the guards just to get some noble lady to leave him alone. Arthur knew that they did that only because of his status, but…
But is that really all it is? Greed? Are they all secretly repulsed by me, and only interested in me for my title? Is this how people really see me?
No… that couldn’t be it… right?

Maybe it’s something else, Arthur pondered. Maybe she is afraid of me? But why? I’d never hurt a servant. I never have. Do they think I would? Wait – is that what is going on here? Is someone mistreating her? But who would do something like that? Agravaine? Not father, of course. And Morrie wouldn’t do something like that, either…

Arthur frowned, turning towards his sister.


“Are you a good mistress?”

Morgana almost choked. The young sorceress fell into a coughing fit as she desperately tried to get a hold of herself, the sudden question having taken her completely by surprise. With a look of complete bafflement, she turned towards Arthur.


“Your servants. You treat them well, right?”
“OH!” Morgana yelled. “You mean- Yes! Yes, of course I do!”

She groaned, massaging her temples in annoyance at him.
“Dear Watcher, Arthur, phrasing!”

“Huh? What do you-“

“Oh! NO! I did not mean that kind of-”

“I figured,” Morgana snapped. “And you are lucky that we are not in the middle of a ballroom right now.”
“Right. Sorry. I didn’t mean… er… it doesn’t matter. Forget I said anything.”
He awkwardly broke eye contact with Morgana, looking everywhere but in her direction.

But Morgana’s response hadn’t actually answered his question. In fact, her words only made Arthur wonder and doubt himself more.
“Wait, but… then why does she still do it?” Arthur thought out loud. Morgana raised a single eyebrow at him, no longer following the conversation.
“Do what?”
“Your servant. Guinevere. If she’s not recoiling from me because she’s being mistreated-“
“Mistreated?! What do you take me for?”
“-then why does she still flinch like that?” Arthur continued, ignoring his sister’s angry retort. “Morrie, be honest. Am I that frightening? I don’t hurt servants. But yours has run away from me twice already. She did the same thing when I met her at the stables the other day. And she keeps looking at me like some frightened deer. Am I that scary? Is that what the servants really think of me? Is she that scared?”

“…Why are you laughing?”
“I can’t help it. You’re so clueless!”
“Wha- I am not clueless!” the Crown Prince yelled. That made Morgana’s laughter even worse. She gestured at him, one hand placed on her hip, as a mocking smirk spread across her lips.

“Yes, you are. Dear Watcher, Arthur. Isn’t it obvious yet? Guinevere is not afraid of you. She likes you.”

“Wait, what? What do you mean, she likes me?” Arthur replied, alarmed. His response made his sister chuckle even more.
“Please don’t make me explain the concept of attraction to you.”
“I know what it means! I meant since when?! How long have you known about this?”
“Oh, I’ve known for ages,” Morgana responded. “Why do you think I brought her with us?”

“Wait, is that why you insisted on bringing her along?! You can’t toy with people like that, Morgana!”

“I’m not doing anything,” the young woman smirked back. “Watcher, I don’t even need to. You’re doing this all by yourselves. Where do you think that honey pie in Llamrei’s stable came from? It didn’t fall from the trees, if that’s what you’re thinking. And weren’t you the one that admitted to liking redheads? Guinevere is quite the knockout, you know. Personality-wise, too. She’s a total sweetheart. Are you really saying that she doesn’t interest you even a little?”
“No! Of course not!” the Crown Prince yelled back. “She’s your maidservant! That would be completely inappropriate on so many levels! Dear lord, Morgana! Does she know about this?”

“Probably. I haven’t been subtle about teasing her, and she’s a smart girl. She knows why I brought her along.”
“I can’t believe you – you can’t just do things like that, Morrie!”
“Of course I can. What, are you saying that you prefer those ill-dressed puterelles from the barony?”
“-Because I honesty thought that you had better tastes than that,” Morgana continued, smirking at Arthur.
“Yes! I mean, no! I mean, stop talking!”
Morgana let out another chuckle at her brother’s rapidly increasing discomfort. This was just too easy. She couldn’t resist teasing him just a bit more.
“So, does that mean you aren’t interested in getting to know-”
“No!” Arthur finally snapped. “I’m not interested in her, or the nobles, or anyone else that you throw my way to mess with me! Dear lord!”

The Crown Prince let out an annoyed sigh.
“I’m not listening to you anymore. Go… help Guinevere with gathering firewood, or something. And your maidservant will be riding with you from now on.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to be the one to-”
“Not listening, Morgana!”

“Dear lord. Watcher have mercy.”
This was going to be a long holiday.

Knowing his sister… the Crown Prince was already dreading the rest of it.

22 thoughts on “2.11 – The Road to Scarborough, Part I

  1. The beginning made me a bit sad – if only things could stay like this forever.

    But how adorable was the pie scene. Morgana is having way too much fun, and Guinevre is too cute. Hah, Arthur is oblivious, good that she spelled it out for him. Poor Gwen though, overhearing that, she’ll be crushed – not that she would have realistically thought anything could happen between them anyway, but still. But their little getaway has only just started, plenty of time to sway, err, I mean let things play out naturally without intervention 😆😇

    I was wondeeing when Nimueh was going to make an appearance again. Did she only just make her way to Camelot now, or has Morgana not noticed her up till now because of all the distractions of court, I wonder?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, Morgana definitely was enjoying that a little too much, yeah xD I see you are firmly on the ship already! Totally did not experience that pie scene myself when I was an awkward teenager *cough*

      Both are equally possible! Once again I would like to refer you to my gnome attorney, Mr. Bickers. =D

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Poor Guinevere 😧
    Morgana says so innocently that she does nothing at all …. 🤣
    Pfft! She is a teaser and on the verge of the ruthless.
    Arthur is surprised and speechless. He seems really noble.
    Guinevere is really adorable … and in a traditional adventure, the prince had taken her on his white horse and they were galloped out into the dawn and they lived happily ever after.
    I think in this story something else is at stake and we may be on the verge of a revelation 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, Morgana is very good at pulling strings and manipulating people without it seeming like she does anything, after all. xD Guinevere is a total cinnamon roll, just like Gawain. I honestly just want to grab both of them and move from from this universe into a pocket dimension of happiness where nothing can ever hurt them. They’re too precious.

      You may be indeed! But what kind of revelation? You may find out very soon. Or not. For more information please refer to my gnome attorney, Mr. Bickers. =D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry! I’m afraid something’s gone over my head … Mr. Bickers? I am not quite aware what it means 😳


  3. Oh my word, Guinevere is just the cutest! ❤ That picture of the horse looking at the pie on the floor had me cooing and cracking up simultaneously, I might have to steal it. Arthur, so clueless, so endearing. It’s quite sad, and very telling, that he’d immediately jump to thinking someone hated him, rather than liked him. Still, plenty of time left before they reach Scarborough for things to go… further awry, likely. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, feel free to steal it! It’s a personal memory that I can laugh about now. xD Oh, I see I need to reserve a seat for both your and Plumbob on ship # .. …. err… what’s a good name here… Guinthur? Arthevere? Ick, both of those sound like some weird shady medicine.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahahahahaha! Omg this is so needed!

    So he did think she hated him yiiiikes! 😂That’s what happens when all women do is throw themselves at you! Ahh I’m so glad he’s finally found someone who runs away at the mere sight of his scary ways. I like how he jumped to conclusion about Morgana’s mistress-y ways.

    Considering how much Arthur teased earnest little Gawain in the past, I’m absolutely loving that Arthur’s getting some of it back, though it come at Guin’s expense, but eeehhh this is what friends do to each other so I’m inclined to give it a pass as long as it hasn’t gone overboard. 😃 Morgana letting Arthur know about Guin’s feelings made me slightly uncomfortable since that would be what I’d consider overboard, but in the end Guin wasn’t her friend and her familial bond is with Arthur. And well.. hopefully its a good ending. I mean redheads! 😆

    Haha Morgana and her princess-y ways, I thought her attire was too eye catching too. There’s an obvious quality difference between hers and Arthur & Guin’s clothes. And gold belt buckles? It’ll be hard to let go of luxury for sure!

    Gosh sprites in ToC. I know I know. I’m scarred. 😅

    I’m a little worried for them. 😦 There’s only three of them and a Sidhe is following them. What if it abducts Morgana (that would be kinda awesome to leave Arthur and Guin alone, also it means Morgana gets to know her past or meets with Merlin right?) But yeah… worried and overthinking! 😫 Also what sort of news are told to the rest of the personnel back at the palace? That prince and princess are in hiding? How would the knights take it? 😮 How would the people take it. My bet is the people don’t know though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, you were spot-on with your comment back then! Get your mind probes outta my head already, woman XD just kidding. Arthur asking her about being a mistress was double-ouch, because she’s not supposed to have any lovers before her husband – medieval standards and all. When he lets his guard down and his thoughts get jumbled up, Arthur can make some pretty bad slip-ups.

      You weren’t the only one not entirely comfortable with Morgana’s messing with Guin and Arthur, but yes, Arthur totally does the same thing to Gawain if he gets the chance. They’re siblings, after all. xD

      Haha, are you talking about the sprites in Plumbob’s story, or the bugged sprites following Athena around? xD these are CC sprites, so no chance of them showing up and never leaving unless I forget where I placed them, which is pretty likely because the object itself is invisible. xD

      Here you go probing my mind again! We’ll see how right you are this time around, haha. Please refer to Mr. Bickers in the meantime. =D


  5. Oh man, Arthur and Guin are just too precious. I was cracking up during the first scene when Guin went to deliver that pie. Hopefully, Llamrei liked it just as much as Arthur would have, lol.

    Morgana is being a little cruel to both Guin and Arthur, and I completely agree with what Arthur said. I’m glad that he is sticking up for Guin and telling Morgana that what she is doing isn’t right. I do think this was also a great way to show us a little more of Morgana’s personality and how she likes to manipulate people. Although, I think this will probably work out in the end for Arthur and Guin.

    Ah, so Nimueh has been watching over Morgana. I still wonder if she was responsible for bringing Morgana back to life after she passed out. And she is sending sprites to watch her, or maybe Nimueh can turn into a sprite? And I’m wondering if the full moon has a significance? Is magic stronger during the full moon? Totally don’t have to answer that and I’ll refer to Mr. Bickers. 🙂

    I love all the horse CC you use. And honestly, I didn’t notice the lack of reigns. It makes Morgana look like a complete bada** riding around on a stallion without reigns.


  6. Poor Gwen, perpetually awkward and terrified…too relatable! The horses are too cute ;o; I actually laughed out loud at the ‘Why is there a pie in the stable?’ and the best Gwen could respond with was just ‘I don’t know’.

    N’aww look how cute Gwen looks eyeing up Arthur on the horse with her arms around it. I ship it! Those eyes were eerie ;o; I did laugh at the ‘sheet is a luxury’ line with making poor Gawain sleep on the floor!

    Yes Arthur, those girls who threw themselves at you probably wanted you for your nobility or money- or both! Gwen sees you for who you truly are! Also she is wholesome! Oh my god ARTHUR watch how you say things to your sister, of all people! Now Arthur’s face looks even more awkward than Gwen’s in the shot during that scene… : P

    I’m already loving it. This is going to be a fun break for everyone! Let’s see whether or not Gwen opens up about her feelings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Guinevere is entirely too relatable to write sometimes 🙈 Haha, welcome to the Arthur/Guinevere ship! I’m still trying to decide on what sounds less weird – Arthevere or Guinthur. Both sound like some weird kind of medicine.

      Arthur with his guard down is entirely oblivious sometimes. Luckily it doesn’t happen often (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it). Oooooh we’ll see how that goes, definitely! Will the ship set sail? Sink spectacularly? Vanish happily into the sunset, or burn to a crisp? Tune into the next episode to find out! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Yikes! I am eons behind with reading. I’m excited to see you’ve written so much about these beloved characters. I missed Camelot. 🙂

    First of all, natural born horsemasters made me chuckle. I love it! I think it’s fitting. Fun fact, I learned to ride bareback without reins so I wholeheartedly approve. Not like I’ve been on a horse in over a decade, but still… I approve.

    Also, this line… “Just because I’m pretending to be a commoner doesn’t mean that I can’t look good while doing it.” << I approve. XD Oh Morgana, going under the radar is not your style. Also, Arthur is thoroughly adorable in those peasant clothes, and totally recognizable in my opinion. It's the blonde hair. I love it though! He looks good.

    Guinevere throwing the pie because she was startled was actually really endearing. And she timidly says "I don't know." I ❤ her! And if I were her, I might fall on purpose to be caught by Arthur. *giggle* … especially that dumbfounded pose of him in the woods when Guinevere runs away. I don't usually like blondes, but I like this one. 😀

    Podargos sounds like the perfect horse for Morgana.

    Those eyes watching Morgana are stunning! Magical, mystical, intense, and ominous. I commend you again for your gorgeous images. I love the full moon as well.

    "The sheet is a luxury…" Of course, it is, Princess. I'm getting Princess Bride vibes for some reason. Haha.

    "Are you a good mistress?" Arthur asks so earnestly. I chuckled too. I actually really like that Morgana doesn't seem to care much about Guinevere's lower status. Well, yes, she is a maidservant, and Morgana has been a little merciless in teasing the poor girl, but I like that she says her brother has better taste than the ladies of the barony and all the women who throw themselves at him because of his title. Maybe she really is just messing with her brother and Guin, but I like it. But poor Guin overhearing him. I hope she's okay. :# This will be an interesting journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh hey! Welcome back! Glad to see you around again 😁 You have quite a mountain ahead of you if you’re planning to catch up but it’s not going anywhere so don’t be too intimidated by it, haha.

      I too have ridden bareback without reins. The saddle definitely helps but it’s very possible to control a horse with just your own body. Was loads of fun whenever I got to do that. 😄 Haha, “under the radar” is something that she fails pretty spectacularly at here. Maybe Arthur should have dyed his hair. Was hair dye a thing back then? It probably was.

      You don’t usually like blondes? Because of the stereotypes, or because the colour doesn’t look good?

      Fun fact, because I don’t think anyone has guessed this one yet. Podargos is named after one of the horses of Diomedes. They’re giant horses from Greek mythology that were said to be wild, uncontrollable terrors that had the ability to breathe fire. They were mares originally and were named Lampon (the Shining), Xanthos (the Yellow), Deinos (The Terrible) and Podargos (the Swift).

      Thank you! I’m still learning how to make my screenshots better. Looking back on earlier chapters and seeing my progress is fun. 😄

      Morgana does enjoy messing with people, but there’s always layers to her behaviour. It will be interesting in many ways, yes 😁 I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of their voluntold vacation!


      1. I am okay with long chapters. It’ll take awhile to catch up but I’m looking forward to it.

        So cool about riding bareback. And I love that you named the horse after the horses of Diomedes. That’s a a good fit for Morgana.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m very late to the party, but I’m glad I made it!

    The Creative Corner on The Sims Forum was my portal to your version of Camelot. When I spotted your post, on Christmas night, I couldn’t resist clicking on the link. I had not intended to read so much, so quickly…but that’s how thoroughly your story drew me in.

    I have always loved Arthurian legend. I love stories, period, and I can say the tales of Camelot are among the most epic of all time, without the least bit of hype. And, because I play The Sims and enjoy it, there’s an absolute guarantee I’ll enjoy a combination of the two if it’s done well.

    Your version is definitely done well. 🙂

    I’m enjoying your depiction of the characters. I especially adore Guinevere and Gawain. I have a soft spot for cinnamon rolls. 🙂

    At some point, I’ll probably double back and read your story more carefully. Right now, though, I’m eager to catch up, so I’m racing through, post by post. And I’m enjoying the trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh hey, Graham! Welcome! I remember you and Z from the forums too – your story is still on my “catch up again”-list. It’s never too late to join the Camelot roller coaster! 😁 Take a seat, have a glass of dragon’s breath vodka, kick back and relax (and prepare for the loopings).

      Aww, I’m so glad to hear that the little Christmas card drew you in 😊 and whoa, you’re tearing through my chapters way faster than I can make them, haha. The legend of Arthur is a very high bar to measure up against. I’ve altered parts of it to make it a little more my own tale. It won’t measure up against the original drama, but I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it either way. 🙂

      Enjoy the ride! Don’t forget to strap in and deposit your immortal belongings in the roller coaster safety box. Yimi Inc. wishes you a pleasant read 😁


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