2.25 – Chain Reaction

Disclaimer: Very dark. Has elements of death in it.

Two days after being released from the dungeon, Gawain found himself back in the Tall Tales tavern. The young redhead was a regular. Elyan and Gawain often indulged in drunken boasting and arm wrestling contests, squandering their wages on replacements for the many tables that they broke. Sometimes, Gawain even got to save the bar maids from lecherous drunkards. The staff always paid him back in free drinks, and over the years, the Tall Tales tavern had turned into one of Gawain’s favourite places to visit. In a way, it almost felt like home. Sitting down in his regular chair and downing a mug of ale always made him feel better.

But not this time. This time, Gawain sat in his chair silently, his mind troubled with a thousand thoughts at once. Two objects were placed on the table in front of him. The first one was a large, wooden mug, filled with Gawain’s favourite ale.

The second one was the reason for Gawain’s inner turmoil. In front of him lay a royal letter. A formal invitation to participate in the upcoming Knight’s Tournament, acting as a representative for Morgana Pendragon.
A great honour. The greatest honour that a commoner like me can probably hope for.

Gawain sighed, leaning his chin on his hand as his thoughts wandered. The letter bore the seal of the entire Pendragon family, but Gawain knew which one of them was responsible for this. By now, the young redhead knew Morgana well enough to realize that she had been pulling strings behind the scenes for him. She had done the same when they were children, when she had somehow convinced her brother Arthur to train him. Gawain likely never would have learned to swing a blade if it hadn’t been for that.
And now she was doing it again. Looking out for him and opening doors that he never would have had access to on his own. Bringing him closer and closer to his childhood dream.

Why does she keep doing that?

“You’ll do great, Gawain. I know you will.”

But… he hadn’t done great at all, had he?

Gawain’s frown deepened. Despite all of his training, despite his victories against would-be assassins and his successes on Arthur’s missions… when it really mattered…

I failed.
I couldn’t save him.
And if I couldn’t do that… then…

Do I really deserve this?

Gawain was pulled out of his musings by the sound of glass hitting wood. He looked up to see Sofia, one of the tavern bar maids, placing a bottle of wine next to him. The young redhead lifted a single eyebrow.

“I didn’t order anything.”
“I know,” the girl responded, placing a hand behind her head. “Karina says that this one is on the house.”

“Oh, well… it’s a thank-you.”
“For what? You already gave me free ale for the last drunkard that we threw out. I thought that we were square.”
“We are.”
A strange expression appeared on the girl’s face, paired with a brief, soft smile.
“This is for everything else.”
Gawain had no idea what she was taking about. But he wasn’t one to complain about free wine. The young redhead nodded, smiling back at Sofia.
“Thanks. I appreciate it.”
“I’m not done yet.”

Within seconds, Sofia was back at his seat – this time with a stone mug filled with cider. And it didn’t stop there. Gawain watched with growing confusion as more and more drinks were placed in front of him. Ale. Cider. Two more bottles of wine. A mug of root beer. Three glasses of milk.

Bread. Mushroom soup. Freshly cooked mutton. A jug full of water.

When the amount of drinks and food started to crowd dangerously close to the edge of the table, Gawain turned to Sofia. His confused grin came accompanied by a single raised eyebrow.
“…um, what is all this?”

Sofia gave another awkward smile. From behind the counter, Gawain could hear Karina yell:
“That’s not on the house, if ye were wonderin’!”
“It was paid for in advance,” Sofia nodded. That didn’t clarify things for Gawain at all. He shook his head in confusion.
“What? Paid for? By who?”

It did not take long for that question to be answered. From the other side of the tavern, Gawain could hear the sound of heavy boots stomping across the floor. He knew that sound.


That wangrod from that fight in the tavern.

The town blacksmith glared at Gawain, that characteristic angry scowl plastered onto his face. The two had not been on good terms for years. And Marcus’s dislike of Gawain was very mutual. The young redhead could not stand him. Gawain half expected another fight to break out right then and there. But instead, Marcus ended up surprising him.
“Me. I did.”
Gawain blinked in confusion. It took a few seconds for those words to register in his mind.
“…Wait, what? Why?”

“Because you deserve it,” he huffed. “Word travels fast, mate. I heard about what you did. We all did. You stood up to that priest. I hear you got that cut on your face because of it. Folks round ‘ere can’t stand up for themselves much. Or look out for the little guy. When it does happen, people notice. The other regulars and I pooled our silvers together to buy you some dinner. Don’t let it get to your head.”

Gawain wasn’t sure what to say. He knew how little most of the regulars to the Tall Tales tavern earned. For them, this was a big gesture… and the young redhead couldn’t help but feel like he hadn’t really earned this, either.

His answer seemed to anger the blacksmith. The young redhead watched as Marcus pulled up a chair. That gesture was not lost on him, either. Since Gawain had joined Arthur’s men, the blacksmith had refused to share a table with him – or any of the would-be knights. Arm wrestling was the only exception. For anything else, Marcus had made his disdain abundantly clear.

But all that went out the window today as, with a huff, the blacksmith sat down in front of Gawain. The rough, gruff glare melted away, replaced by something that Gawain had never thought he’d see in the blacksmith’s expression.


“Are you doin’ all right, mate?”

The simple question stunned Gawain into silence. It was the last thing that he had expected from Marcus. Gawain never would have guessed that the dark-haired brute had a soft side.
“…Yeah,” the young redhead eventually responded. “I’m fine. I mean, the cut hurts when I talk, but other than that-”

“Poppycock,” Marcus interrupted him. “You’re looking like someone stole your sweetroll, and it’s ruining my evening buzz. You’ve been staring at that damn letter for almost an hour now. Spit it out – what’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing’s wrong with it. It’s… it’s a royal invitation. I’m allowed to participate in the Knight’s tournament. As a representative.”
“The tournament?”

That shut Marcus up. Gawain watched him blink a few times, tilting his head as his mind processed that piece of information. Then, the blacksmith slammed his hands onto the table, his confusion quickly making way for excitement.
“Wait, for real?! They’re really letting you compete? For the prize money and everything?!”
“Yes,” Gawain nodded.
“Watcher’s bollocks, that is amazing!” the blacksmith yelled loudly. “That’s two hundred silver! You’d be rich! Think of how much ale you could buy with that! But they’ve never let commoners participate in those before. How’d you pull that off?”
“It’s… a long story,” Gawain muttered. Marcus was barely listening to him, momentarily blinded by the idea of so much money.
“A chance to be set for life is what it is! 200 silver’s worth of booze! Wait – so then why are you still looking like a kicked dog?”

Gawain let out a sigh. He didn’t want to talk to Marcus about this, of all people. But it did not seem like the blacksmith was giving him a choice. The young redhead closed his eyes, lowering his head. When he spoke, his voice was barely audible.
“…I don’t know if I deserve it.”
But the blacksmith picked up on it, anyway.
“Deserve it? You’re joking right? Why wouldn’t you deserve it?”
“Because… I couldn’t save that kid. I failed. I shouldn’t be rewarded for that.”

Just like that, the scowl was back. Marcus let out a huff.
“Cut the crap, Gawain. You stood up to four guards at once with no weapons, and still managed to break half of their noses on the way to the dungeon. That it wasn’t enough wasn’t because of you, but because of that bloody priest.”
“I know, but-“
“No- shut up. Why do you think I just paid for your dinner? Because you did something. You stood up to them. You always stand up for people. I don’t know what your obsession with that bloody castle is, but you’ve done more than anyone else there, especially those lazy good-for-nothing nobles.”

“I’m not-”
“I said shut up, Gawain,” Marcus growled. “You’re a cow-tipping muck-spout, but you’re more honourable than any of those sword-swinging windbags. And you’re more skilled than all of them combined. I’ve seen you fight. You’re a bloody force of nature.”

“There,” Marcus concluded, finally ending his aggressive praising. “Now stop feeling sorry for yourself. You deserve it. And if you’re still doubting yourself, it’s because Marcus Flex the blacksmith said so. Understood, muck-spout?”

Gawain couldn’t help it. He let out a chuckle.
“The blacksmith’s approval. Can’t compete with that.”
“You’re damn right.”
But… his words did help. It made Gawain feel just a little better. Marcus was right. He’d done what he could. It hadn’t worked out the way he wanted, but…

I’m still alive. I’ll try harder next time.
I’ll save them next time.

“Have you stopped feeling sorry for yourself?” Marcus asked, looking him up and down with his eyebrow raised. Gawain quickly nodded at the man.
“Yeah, yeah. Sorry.”
“Good. Because I have another question for you.”

The gruff expression vanished for a second time as Marcus leaned in, lowering his voice so that only Gawain could hear him.
“Look what they did to you. Look what they did to that kid. Why in Watcher’s name are you still going up to that bloody castle?”

“Because I want to be one of Arthur’s knights.”

“How can you say that with a straight face?! You have a cut the size of a bloody doornail running through your mouth!”

“Arthur didn’t do that!” Gawain replied. That only seemed to anger Marcus more.
“Who cares which one of them did it?! They’re all the same!”
“No- no, they’re not! I know them, Marcus. I know Agravaine is a terrible person, but the Prince and Princess aren’t like that! They’re good people! They’re doing the best they can!”

At some point, Gawain and Marcus had stopped whispering and raised their tone. The sound of their voices caught the attention of everyone in the tavern, making a silence fall as heads turned. But Gawain didn’t care. If anything, it made him more passionate.
“Arthur is going to be King someday,” he spoke. “He’s a complete wagtail sometimes, but his heart is in the right place. I know it is. He’s trying to make things better. He promised me that he’d make Agravaine stop the arrests, and I trust him. He’ll keep his word. He just needs time. And I know he’ll make a good King in the future. A better King than the one we have now. He’ll care about everyone. I know he will.”

“…Watcher’s bollocks,” Marcus muttered. “You really believe that, don’t you?”
Gawain saw the anger in his eyes quiet down, quelled by a new sense of doubt as the blacksmith struggled with himself for a moment. Gawain merely nodded at him in response.

“I do. I’ve known him for years. Arthur is a good man, Marcus.”
“He’d really stop the arrests? Just like that? And you trust his word?”

This time, Gawain could nod with confidence. A grin spread across his lips.
“Yes. You’ll see. Arthur always keeps his promises. No matter what.”

The Royal adviser was caught in the hallway, halfway to his destination, by the untimely arrival of his nephew.

“Agravaine. We need to talk.”

The Jacoban priest could take a pretty good guess at what it was that his nephew wanted to discuss with him.
“If your inquiry is about Gawain’s pending jail sentence, then you can rest assured. I already dropped the charges against him yester-”

“I’m not here for Gawain. I’m here for you.”

The Royal Advisor could feel a strange sense of déjà vu overcome him as he noticed the hostility within his nephew’s words. Agravaine let out a sigh.
“Very well. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Arthur wasted no time with small-talk. The Crown Prince got right to the point.
“You will seize all hostilities against Camelot citizens suspected of witchcraft. You will not act against them unless you can present concrete evidence that proves their guilt.”

So you have both lost your minds, the Royal adviser thought, inwardly groaning. Why do I even bother teaching you?
Agravaine let out a long, disappointed sigh as he rubbed his fingers across his forehead.
“Sire, if you disapprove-”

“Of course I disapprove!” Arthur bellowed. His voice echoed across the hallway, reverberating against the stone walls.
“This needs to stop! You’ve kidnapped dozens of innocent people off the streets! I will not stand for it! They’re already dissatisfied from last winter! At this rate, your actions will be the direct cause of a rebellion! You will cease your “interrogations” this instant – that is an order!”

But the Royal Adviser shook his head, unimpressed.
“That is a conversation that you need to have with your father, not with me.”
“You don’t get to deflect-”
“I’m not deflecting anything,” Agravaine said, interrupting the Crown Prince. “You may outrank me, Arthur, but I am acting directly under orders from the King. And I will continue to act under his authority, until Uther himself orders me to stop. But if you feel that strongly about it, you’re more than welcome to take it up with him.”

Agravaine knew exactly how to exploit his nephew’s weaknesses, and King Uther had always been a mental stumbling block. The Crown Prince sought his family’s approval more than anything – but where Morgana built him up for his successes, Uther tore him down over his failures. Over the years, it had made Arthur seek out his father’s approval even more.

Making the Crown Prince back down over it was almost too easy.

Or at least… it used to be. The Jacoban priest watched with a small frown as a cold, determined glare forcibly took over the look of hesitation. The Crown Prince straightened his back, standing just a little taller as he looked his uncle in the eyes.

“Fine. I will. This is not over, Agravaine.”

“Splendid,” the Royal Adviser replied, mentally dismissing his nephew’s words. He had seen Arthur “confront” the King many times in the past. It never succeeded. This time would be no different.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, sire… I have work to do.”

As the Royal adviser turned on his heels to leave, pulling the piece of parchment back out of his pocket, Arthur’s voice suddenly called him back.
“Agravaine. One more thing.”
“Yes, your highness?” the Jacoban priest replied, visibly annoyed.

“The people that you arrest for witchcraft. What do we do with them?”

“…I’m not sure I follow.”
“After we… after they die,” Arthur said, gritting his teeth at his own euphemism. “Where do they go? I’ve never seen a witch in our graveyards. Do we bury them somewhere else?”
Agravaine raised a single eyebrow.
“Why does it matter, sire?”

“Because this Kingdom will be mine someday. You will tell me how it is run.”

This time, Arthur’s voice did not allow for any objection. And his uncle obeyed.

“We used to bury them,” Agravaine nodded. “King Uther rejected that practice when he ascended to the throne, like many Kingdoms did along with him. Now we simply get rid of them.”
“…get rid of them?”
The Jacoban priest broke eye contact with his nephew, looking at the streams of rain dripping down the castle window.
“The mire, my lord.”

“We throw them in the swamp.”

A few days’ march northeast from the tournament grounds lay a large, swampy bog. Its treacherous grounds had cost many a creature its life, and over the years, humans, animals and Fae alike had learned to avoid the place like the plague. A darkness lay upon it. Nothing colourful grew. No birds nested in its twisted, crooked trees. The water reeked of death and decay, a stench that warned all to stay far away from it.

That made the bog perfect for disposing of anything unwanted.

“Hurry up with those,” the man snarled, snapping at his companion as he stared out over the submerged landscape. He made no move to help. The man could hear a loud splash as something big hit the water surface. Then silence. The shuffling of feet, paired with the dragging sound of cloth scraping across dirt.
A huff.

“Boss, this ain’t right. This one’s barely more than a kid.”

“Do you want to end up in there next?”
“…No,” the man said softly.
“Good. Then shut up and do your job. Don’t ask questions.”
When his companion still didn’t move, the man let out an exasperated sigh.
“Worthless hired help. Move – I’ll do it myself.”

He grabbed hold of the shroud, pulling it the last few feet towards the edge of the dock. It was the last one. With a grunt, the man grabbed hold of its feet and pushed the shroud off of the dock, into the depths of the murky water.

“Sorry, kid. Maybe you’ll do better in a next life.”
“It can’t bloody hear you, you oaf. We’re done here. Let’s go.”

“Come on. This place gives me the creeps.”

To most citizens of Albion, the idea of fate was an abstract concept, not unlike magic. The average person could not predict the effect that their actions would have on the world around them.

How even the smallest pebble, tossed carelessly into the water, could grow into ripples and waves that affected everything around them.

A single, desperate action, carelessly made many moons ago… marked the beginning of just such a series of events.

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  1. Gawain has a tough fight with himself. He is so preoccupied with fighting for justice that he expects the superhuman from himself.
    His guilt over not being able to save the poor boy darkens his thoughts and he does not feel worthy to receive the reward Morgana has orchestrated.
    The people around him can see his courage and show him a great deal of gratitude. However, they have a hard time following his trust in Arthur. Time will tell whether Gawain will be right or whether the people will once again suffer from supremacy and injustice.

    Arthur takes on the power struggle against Agravaine for the first time. However, his uncle wins at first glance as he is a master of manipulation.
    When Arthur demands an answer, he becomes aware of what happens to the “witches” after their execution. They end up in the swamp. A secret no ordinary man can reveal without losing his life.
    I love your last saying that binds the whole chapter so nicely together ….. Even a small pebble can set movement in the water ….. something big is growing ❤

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    1. You hit the nail on the head there, Mona. Gawain wishes to be the knight that protects everyone, but forgets himself in the process. He’s idealistic to a fault.

      Thank you! I liked writing that bit, too ^^ That sentence has made an appearance in the story once before, actually. This entire arc is basically one giant chain reaction, and the tiny ripple from the beginning of the story has turned into waves that are about to crash into everything. How many people will sink and how many will swim, we’ll find out very soon.

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  2. Damn Yimi, are you trying to get me to like Marcus Flex, my least favourite premade of all time? Because it’s working. Takes one hell of a person to recognise that someone they dislike did something comendable, praise them for it, and try to make them see it too. Looks like exactly what Gawain needed. But god, Gawain, you really shouldn’t put that much blind faith in Arthur. Not to say Arthur’s intentions aren’t good, and that he won’t try to stop the witch hunt, but whether he’ll actually be able to is a whole other story.

    Ah, I see the second scene pretty much confirms that. Aggravaine may see something new in Arthur now, more willpower to confront Uther, but I just don’t see Uther caving. Not on this matter, because his hatred of everything even remotely magical is personal. Even if Arthur tries his best, I don’t know how he could get him to see reason.

    Oh, that’s interesting. I wonder if Nimueh fishes those bodies out if they aren’t quite dead. Perhaps that’s what happened with Gwen’s mother. And even if they are dead, could it be that the bldies still contain some magic in them. Do they perhaps fuel Nimueh’s powers somehow? A swamp is still a body of water, after all.

    I really liked the flow of this chapter, each scene made so much sense after the next, it was a really fluid experience. I don’t think it was darker than anything we’ve seen so far either – more explicitly placed in front of our eyes, perhaps, but not really anything that hasn’t been present throughout the story.

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    1. Haha, yes, I am! That entire scene actually happened totally off-script. Gawain was only supposed to mope a bit. But game Marcus (whom Gawain actually hates in-game) randomly put a plate of nacho chips or whatever on his table, and then started hyping him up about… I think it was sports? It was adorable and they fixed their relationship right then and there, so I just rolled with it.

      Aaah yup. Gawain has Arthur on a pedestal and blindly believes in him. A promise to do something and actually braving not only Agravaine but the King are two very different things though, as you point out.

      Thank you! The chapter was a little longer than normal so I was worried it dragged – I’m glad to see that was not the case. =) I mostly put the disclaimer there because it’s very in-your-face this time, yes.

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  3. Yay! Drunken Gawain. I hope he remembered his pants. Why -does- Morgana keep doing this? Aw, Gawain. Of course you deserve it. I think. Unless it’s a trap. Ah.

    How lovely that to repay him for his gallant efforts, the villagers bought Gawain dinner. Nothing says ‘thank you’ like getting someone pissed and fat. Your medieval swearing is cracking me up. “Watcher’s bollocks”. 🤣

    Can someone just run a sword through Aggro already? Thanks.

    Disposing of anything unwanted. I mean. Ugh. “It can’t bloody hear you.” It? Double ugh. But ooh. OOH! Rupert’s body has done something! Has the sacrificing of yet another child brought about some buried witch wrath? 😱

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    1. Naahhh, it could not possibly be a trap. Nope. Nuh-uh. *cough* Wait, which pants are we talking about here? xD

      Hey, you know what they say. A person’s love goes through their stomach. I spent most of my time in Japan feeding my colleagues chocolates as a plan B when I was too shy to make conversation, and they were always happy to get some of those. xD

      Maybe it has, and maybe it hasn’t. I’d love to be more specific in my answer here but my gnome attorney is looking at me all menacingly and shaking his fist in anger so I’ll stick to that for now.

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      1. British pants. Although he also wasn’t wearing American pants. Naughty boy.

        You were too shy to make conversation? 😲

        If your vague rule is the same as my vague rule… I might be right… or I might be so horribly wrong that admitting it would humiliate me so much I may never comment again. Hmm…

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      2. That’s it. Gawain goes in time-out. xD

        Yeah. Low confidence in my own Japanese paired with being shy around new people made for a challenging first few weeks. The chocolate worked wonders!

        Wait, your vague answers mean that we may be so far off the mark that pointing it out humiliates us so much that we may never comment again? That’s good to know. xD


  4. Aww my first thoughts is for Gawain to bring his whole family to feast on the food. How merry it’ll be. 😀 What’s a wangrod? Lol.

    I bet for medieval times, Marcus would be considered foul-mouthed (and Gawain too). With the amount of words I don’t understand when they speak. Watcher’s bollocks. Haha! Aww I’m really liking this moment between them! Now that Marcus sees Gawain as ‘one of them’, he would more likely be accepting of Gawain’s beliefs that Arthur can make changes to the kingdom’s systems. Way to go, Gawain.

    Oof Agravine. I’m liking how everyone is coming after his ass. Arthur is growing into a man thanks to Guin and Gawain.

    Ugh your pictures at the end are so grim and dark. I love it. Makes me feel all dreadful for what’s coming. The poor boy. What action? Whose action? Nuu what did I miss? Is it the amount of magic energy that transformed the bog into something horrendous? A pool of sinister magic that needs cleansing? There are a lot of bodies there. What if.. eeeughh. I think I’ll wait for you to steer. I’m thinking zombies, elemental beasts and a whole boatload of wicked stuff. X.x

    What about Lincoln?? If he’s alive, he best not go near this bog. I bet he’d absorb everything and probably.. y’know. Best keep him away.

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    1. Err, let’s be polite and say it means idiot. =D Half of the swears in this chapter are legitimate swears that I looked up, and the other half are complete gibberish. I’ll let you decide which is which, hehe.

      Oh yeah, Gawain and Marcus both are ridiculously foul-mouthed. The word that Arthur uses for Gawain sometimes literally means “person who swears too much”. xD Fingers crossed that Gawain can change the people’s hearts about Arthur. He definitely needs it.

      Thank you! I worked hard on them but the ones with the shroud made me feel a bit sick while taking them. Also, turns out that picture taking underwater is near impossible 0.o does it work better if you have Island Living? Can you actually go underwater in that pack?

      Ooh that action is actually hinted at through flashback pictures in the last bit of the chapter. If it’s not clear – Morgana turning into a man and using magic on Aggro led to Aggro starting the witch hunt, and eventually, to the kid’s death. And it’s not done snowballing yet. Oooh yeah Lincoln, if he’s still alive, needs to stay faaaaar away from all of that.


  5. Why does Sofia look like she’s interested in Gawain? Or is that just me. Lol, I like to ship whoever’s shippable as long as they meet sexuality standards even if it’s unrealistic, haha…

    Interesting that Marcus and his friends paid for Gawain’s meal. He must be a hero among the commoners. 😀 At least Marcus cheered him up. He does have blind faith in Arthur as Morgana previously used to have but I suppose being hopeful is good, haha.

    Oof, of course, the evil King is behind this. :/ Agravaine and Uther seem to be good work partners considering they’re brother-in-laws but their partnership is going to destroy the kingdom. Hopefully either Arthur succeeds with talking to his father or Agravaine is found dead in an alleyway. I doubt anyone’s going to attend his funeral (or if they do, they’re going to party)! 🙂

    That “oaf” seems to have a kind heart. Now I’m wondering about his backstory, haha, how did he get this job? I doubt things were going well for him. Also the way the water turned purple was creepy, was it all the dead witches giving a sign? Was their magic being absorbed or used by something somehow? 😮

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    1. Haha, who knows? Maybe she is! He’s a good-looking guy, after all. And currently still single.

      Marcus is secretly such a softie in my game. He will break my picture taking session to go pet strays in the alley and keeps trying to hype everyone up about varying subjects. Story Marcus does not do him justice. xD

      “Their partnership is going to destroy the kingdom.” That’s a pretty good assessment of the situation at the moment, yup yup. Ah, everyone dislikes poor Aggro so much. Why ever would that be, I just have no clue… xD

      Those are good guesses! I can’t tell you if you’re right or wrong without spoilers, so for now, guesses are what they will remain, hehe.

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      1. Maybe you can ship them together secretly? 😉

        Well, that’s good to know! 🙂 Maybe you can include a picture of him petting a stray? It’ll be interesting to see his inner personality in contrast to his toughness, lol. 😉

        I still hope Agravaine dies, he’s a toxin to Camelot, haha.

        Okay, I’ll just wait and see what’s with the purple water, lol. 🙂


  6. I really love this story 🙂

    Poor Gawain, he was really brave but still is hard on himself 😦

    Author (I don’t know how to address you haha… maybe Yimi?), where did the character’s skin details/cc? Your sims are very pretty and I need some new skin cc. Ty!


    1. Oh, hi there! I’m glad you like it so far 😁 Yimi is fine, that’s what people call me on the forums, too.

      Oof, that’s a tough one. I have so much CC that it’s hard to keep track of what is what. I remember that the eyes are Aqua Trigger by Ruby Bird and I believe one of the skins I use is a skin overlay called Tender Skin by Pralinesims. Hope it helps! 😄


  7. I really hope Arthur can make a difference but I still have a bad feeling that Gawain’s confidence might be misplaced. Gawain better not get hurt in the tournament! Also, Marcus surprised me. Turns out he’s a pretty nice guy after all.

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    1. Marcus did that all on his own, too! At that point in the story the two had a bad relationship in-game, and he walked up to Gawain on autonomy and started saying nice things all by himself. 😮

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  8. Gawain did his best, and after all no knight can truly save everyone. Gawain tried to do what was right and is sticking to his guns no matter what and that’s what matters. Fair play to Marcus and the regulars for buying Gawain food, so heartwarming /o\ ”You’re looking like someone stole your sweetroll,’ LMAO Skyrim feels. ‘Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll…’

    This is a VERY big turning point in the history of Camelot, IMO- I mean still witches shouldn’t be acted against anyway just for being witches, but not acting against anyone without concrete proof is at least a development. No, I can’t believe they threw them in the swamp and just discarded them like nothing. Gwen’s mother…

    Dumping the kid’s body…Once again the kids suffer because of the superstitions of adults. Oh? I wonder what’s happening in the bog? Maybe some kind of resurrection of a drowned witch?

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    1. The notion that you can’t protect everyone is a hard one to come to terms with – I believe Áine struggles with that in your story, too. And yes! That was a shout-out to Skyrim players. You’re the second reader to recognize it, yay! Wonderful game, that was 🥰

      Not acting against people without proof would be quite the step forward – if Arthur could actually outweigh Uther and Aggro’s opinions on the matter. He’s grown a lot but he’s not that confident quite yet. Discarding them like nothing is exactly what they did 😓

      What is happening in the bog will become clear in the next few chapters. Also, dang, you’re binging! At this pace, you might just be fully caught up by the time arc 3 rolls around 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  9. It’s so nice to finally see some growth from Arthur. Good for him!

    I’m not going to play devil’s advocate exactly, because the devil doesn’t need an advocate, but with Agravaine there is some sad sadistic logic to his anti-witch position. I always try to give him the benefit of the doubt (for example thinking that maybe he’s a primarily superstitious idiot and not evil), but then in the next chapter, he without fail reveals that he doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. 😦 There are witches in Camelot and it’s not a superstitious thing: everyone knows that they exist and that they’re powerful; they’re definitely a potential threat so it makes some sense to be scared of known witches… But killing innocent people is a really bad plan at the absolute best – and even if it is just a really stupid convoluted bad plan, it’s sadistic. I guess for a sadist like Agravaine who takes advantage of his power and tortures/terrorizes innocent children because he can get away it, it makes sense for him to be violently against witches because he should be concerned that they may do the same thing to him. I’m still holding some faith in the idea that Uther isn’t a sadist who is completely okay with this mess – I’m holding out hope that he is just a selfish semi-idiot who is conceited and so lucky to still be on the throne. Uther is kind of good, right? There’s some goodness to him (besides his interest in his children)? I don’t want anything to be spoiled, so I’m not really asking, but at the same time… yikes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arthur’s character growth is slow, but steady. Whether it’s backwards or forwards I’ll leave up to your interpretation. 🤭

      On your request I won’t answer your questions, but know that my cast all have a reason why they’re acting the way they are, and (almost) none of them think they’re the villain in the story. Uther’s (and Agravaine’s) motives eventually do become clear, though how much they justify is entirely up to the reader’s judgment.


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