3.28 – Act of Interest

The perceptive ones among you will have noticed that certain aspects of my characters get special attention from time to time. For the ones who didn’t know that, well, now you do. 😗 Enjoy! Things are starting to get interesting.

With the arrival of Spring, the Kingdom of Camelot came back to life. Nobles that had spent the Winter away from court began to visit the castle again, bringing news as well as political problems with them. Events were planned as a new social season began.
When Morgana became old enough, the Princess had been put in charge of many of the castle’s public affairs. She was good at it, from organising balls to hosting holiday celebrations. As the Kingdom moved from Winter into Spring, Morgana’s schedule quickly filled up because of it.

But lately, the sorceress wasn’t really interested. She didn’t want to play hostess. Her mind was preoccupied. Distracted. Morgana’s thoughts kept wandering off into the woods, away from the castle’s court games and towards the little clearing to the West. It took all of her willpower not to return to it every single morning. Morgana longed to make sure that it was still there. That it hadn’t been a dream or hallucination. The sorceress wanted to track how much her circle had grown, and how much growing it still had to do.

But vanishing into the wilderness every day was way too risky. It also wasn’t needed. The seeds would grow on their own, even without Morgana’s interference. Merlin had assured her of that. The magick that was inside of them would make sure that they survived. There was no need for Morgana to take risks until the circle had formed, and she could step through to the other side.

The budding witch was knew exactly how much longer she had to wait.

Forty days left until Ostara.

As Morgana lazily leaned back in her chair, her eye fell on Guinevere. The maidservant was arranging flowers on the other side of the room. Her  thoughts immediately went back to Yule. The strange chill that had originated from Guinevere felt eerily similar to the bone-chilling cold that had radiated out from Rupert.
Morgana didn’t know how she’d pulled it out of her. She didn’t know how to control it. The sorceress had acted on instinct, just like she’d done in the catacombs.

But the effect was noticeable. Morgana knew her maidservant well- Guinevere had always been a timid girl, minimizing herself and blending into the background wherever she could. Much of that behaviour was still there. Guinevere still avoided eye contact when she spoke. She still backed away from confrontations. The maidservant still made herself small whenever Uther was nearby, let others do the talking for her and blamed herself for things that she couldn’t control.

But the cold was gone. That darkness that strangled her thoughts on Yule had vanished, pulled away like harmful weeds from a flowerbed. Not all of it was gone. There was still much left under the surface.

But there was finally room to grow.

As Morgana looked at the girl in front of her, the sorceress also noticed something else.

“Those are some pretty gemstones in your ears, Guinevere,” Morgana said, raising an eyebrow as her mouth pulled into a smirk. “How did you get your hands on those? Did you bribe one of the nobles?”

Her maidservant flinched. Morgana watched in gleeful amusement as Guinevere’s face immediately took on the same shade as the pink flowers next to her. This part of her hadn’t changed, either. Teasing Guinevere never got old. With an awkward expression, she turned towards Morgana and stammered:
“A-ah- no, they… they, um… They were a-a gift.”
“A gift?” Morgana replied. “From who?”
“Um… I shouldn’t s-say…”

“Shouldn’t say?” Sarah asked, placing a hand at her side as she inserted herself into the conversation. “Why not? Wait – are they from a secret admirer?”

“What? N-no-”
“Guinevere, you little minx! Did you go for the Duke of Foxbury, after all?”
“No! I didn’t!”
“The man is nearly sixty years old, Sarah,” Morgana chuckled. Sarah shrugged, undeterred by this fact.
“Never stopped me. But I suppose that silver foxes would be a little much for you. So? Who is it, then? One of his sons? A handsome knight from Essetir that stole your heart? Wait a minute… Is it Bayard?”
“N-no, that’s not-”

“Wait, it is?!” Morgana asked, gleefully leaning forward. Behind her, Sarah placed her hand on the chair’s back, keeping her mistress from falling over as she relentlessly continued her teasing.
“Did you seduce Mercia’s Prince before he left? Oh, you vixen! You really do have a thing for blondes, don’t you?”

“No!” Guinevere yelled. “I don’t- I mean, I do- wait, no! It’s not like that! They’re from Mithian!”

The teasing stopped. Sarah looked at the girl in front of her, dumbfounded, as the room abruptly fell into silence. That silence very quickly grew heavy. Morgana’s gaze was locked onto the jewels in Guinevere’s ears, her eyes narrowed as a thousand thoughts rushed through her mind at once.

Then, that moment ended. With a suspicious glare, the sorceress opened her mouth.

Guinevere quickly covered her mouth.
“Oh, no… I was supposed to keep that a-a secret,” she muttered. Morgana’s brow furrowed in response.
“Keep what a secret? What happened?”
“I… I really shouldn’t say-”

At the sudden, intense stare from Morgana, Guinevere’s face flushed from pink to pale red. The maidservant quickly broke eye contact, awkwardly shuffling her feet as she looked down at the ground.
“I… I’m sorry if I offended-”
“That’s not it,” she said, shaking her head as she cut her off. “You’re not in trouble. But you need to tell me. Now.”

Guinevere nodded, unable to defy a direct order. In a soft and hesitant voice, the girl began to explain.
“She, um… she collapsed. I found her face-down in the snow last Winter. Mithian called it seasonal vertigo. I helped her feel better. She a-asked me not to tell anyone about her condition. I kept it to myself, a-and, well… she gave the earrings to me. As a-a Yule present. She said… that it was a-a token of her friendship.”

Morgana’s eyes narrowed even further in response.
“That’s very generous of her.”
“Yes,” the young redhead nodded. “I probably don’t deserve them, but… they really are beautiful, and… and I wanted to wear them today.”

Morgana could feel her jaw tense. But before she could give a sharp retort, her words were silenced by the subtle, invisible touch of Sarah’s hand on her back. The maidservant briefly squeezed her shoulder. Just for a second. But the sorceress knew what her warning meant.
Honey, not venom.

“They are. They suit you, honey-pie. You look lovely with them.”

Sarah’s flattery worked. The maidservant blushed at the compliment, her shoulders relaxing a little as she fidgeted with her hands.
“Thank you,” Guinevere smiled shyly. “She, um… she seems like a kind person. For a noble from Nemeth, a-at least. I know milady doesn’t like her very much, but… well, she seems a bit lonely,” the maidservant continued, speaking to Morgana in a soft, timid tone. “I don’t think she has many friends in the castle. It makes me feel a bit… sorry for her. Um. If it’s a-all right with you…”

“…maybe we could… invite her for tea sometime?”

Guinevere visibly deflated. Morgana watched as the girl shrunk, folding her hands together as she fell into a formal bow.
“Forgive me, milady. That wasn’t my place.”

Morgana immediately felt a pang of guilt. She hadn’t meant to do that. With a soft rustling of her robes, the sorceress rose up from her chair. Morgana quickly bridged the distance between herself and her maidservant, gesturing for Guinevere to get back up. When she spoke, it was in a much gentler tone than before.
“That’s all right. I appreciate the insight. Really.”

Honey, not venom.

With a soft smile, Morgana took hold of her friend’s hands.
“Sarah is right,” she said. “You should wear them more often. You look beautiful, Guin.”

Morgana could see the smile slowly return to her friend’s face.
“I’ll think about it, all right?” she added. “I promise. In the meantime, could you do something for me?”
Guinevere nodded.
“What do you need, milady?”
“I’m feeling a bit peckish. Could you make me a jelly tart, please? Arthur keeps hogging them for himself and I really like the ones you make.”

“Really? You like them?” Guinevere asked, her shy smile immediately turning into elation as her cheeks flushed pink. Morgana gave her an encouraging nod in response.
“Of course! They’re just the right combination of sweet and sour. Could you go make us some? We’ll share them over tea later.”
“I- yes! Yes, of course!”

Guinevere didn’t need any more motivation. The maidservant nodded, eager to recreate the thing that she’d been complimented on. Morgana watched her leave with her hands tucked behind her back. The sorceress stayed that way, smiling, until Guinevere had disappeared around the corner.

Until the doors fell shut behind her.

As soon as the maidservant was out of earshot, the temperature in the room dropped to an icy chill. Slowly, Morgana turned her head towards her remaining servant.

Morgana didn’t have to say anything else.
“On it.”
The sorceress could hear the sound of footsteps behind her, followed by the creaking of her side door. Morgana didn’t turn to watch her leave. Her gaze was fixed on the doors in front of her as Guinevere’s words echoed in her mind.

A token of her friendship.

Morgana’s hands reflexively balled themselves into fists. She could feel a wave of rage well up from the bottom of her stomach, spreading through her limbs as it settled deep in her chest.

That wretch.

Guinevere was in a great mood, walking towards the kitchens with her head held high. She hadn’t received this many compliments in a while. She liked it. Maybe she really did deserve them. The maidservant couldn’t help but smile as she crossed the entrance hall, listening idly to the cacophony of voices in her head.

See? Even your mistress liked them.
So it’s okay to wear them? It’s okay?
She should wear more! Draw even more attention!

Guinevere chuckled to herself, trying to answer the voices in her mind without the guards hearing her.
“That’s silly. I don’t want to draw anyone’s-”

She never got to finish that sentence. From behind her, a male voice suddenly called out.  
“Miss Guinevere. May I have a moment of your time?” 

Guinevere turned around, expecting to see one of the male servants with tasks to complete. Instead, she came face-to-face with Lancelot.

“O-of course, milord. What do you need?” 
The future Duke quickly bridged the distance between them, headed straight for her. Lancelot had never called on her before. There were plenty of other servants around, too. Perhaps he needed to deliver a message to Morgana? Guinevere couldn’t think of any other reason why he would- 

“Nothing. I’m not here to give you orders. I came here to see you.” 


“Wha… m-me?” the maidservant stuttered. Lancelot gave her a nod in response.  
“Yes. I have something for you, Guinevere.” 

He has something! What’s going on? 
It’s behind his back! Is it a knife? It’s a knife, isn’t it?! 
Shut up! We’re trying to listen!  

Guinevere blinked in confusion as Lancelot reached behind him. The future Duke had stopped in the middle of the entrance hall, drawing the attention of every single person in the room. With a soft smile, he looked down on her. He had never looked at her like that before. Lancelot had never looked at her at all. The sudden change came so far out of left field that Guinevere couldn’t comprehend it. The maidservant looked on, dumbfounded, frozen and completely unable to process what was happening until she heard the shocked gasps from the servants behind her.  
“I know it’s quite sudden…”  

“But would you accept this?” 


“I know this is rather out of the blue,” Lancelot said softly. “I apologise for any confusion. But you’ve caught my eye for a while now.” 
“I-what?” Guinevere stammered. At the look of utter confusion on her face, Lancelot’s eyes grew gentle. She could see the edges of his mouth curl upwards. When the future Duke spoke, he had dropped his formal tone.  
“It’s a compliment, Guinevere. You’re a lovely woman and I’d like to get to know you better. If that’s all right.” 

Guinevere blinked, staring at the man in front of her in utter confusion as her hand clasped around the rose. This had to be some kind of joke. There was no other explanation. Sarah had to be pulling some kind of elaborate prank on her, and she had somehow managed to rope Lancelot into it. That had to be it. There was no way that he could be genuine- 

He is! He’s not lying! 
Look at that rose! It’s so pretty!  
Everyone is looking. It hurts. We hate it we hate it we hate it we hate it- 
Make them stop! Stop staring at us!  

Guinevere could feel the eyes of every single person in the hallway lingering on her. It was immediately unbearable. She felt the skin on her cheeks burn with embarrassment as the stares of the servants pierced through her. They pressing down on her, breaking through her skin and burning her like a hot iron. For a moment, the maidservant wanted nothing more than to sink into the floor and never come back up.  

She had to say something. Make this situation go away. But no words would come out of her mouth. Guinevere had no idea what to do. With every passing second, the cacophony in her head became louder and more unbearable. She couldn’t silence it. Guinevere watched as Lancelot took another step towards her, pulling a sealed envelope out of his pocket. His voice pierced right through the sudden chaos.  
“Here. Please take this. It should clarify a few things.” 

When the maidservant did not respond, Lancelot gently took hold of her hand and placed the envelope in it. The future Duke looked down on Guinevere with a strange smile playing on his lips. 
“Please read it when you’re alone. It has nothing but honest feelings.” 

The chaos in Guinevere’s head turned into absolute pandemonium when Lancelot bowed down, took hold of her other hand and lightly placed a kiss on the back. The gesture didn’t last more than two seconds. But it was enough to send another round of shocked gasps echoing through the small crowd of bystanders.
The future Duke didn’t seem to care. He stepped back, glancing at the crowd from the corner of his eyes as he let go of her hand. Lancelot uttered a greeting that Guinevere could no longer hear.

Then, the nobleman turned around and walked away.

The maidservant was left gobsmacked, utterly speechless and staring at Lancelot’s back as he vanished around the corner. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t think. The encounter had left Guinevere’s mind in complete shambles. The maidservant stood there for almost a full minute, clutching the rose in one hand and the letter in the other as only a single thought managed to rise to the surface.  




Any thought of making jelly tarts had vanished after that. Guinevere was so thrown off by what had happened in the entrance hall that she completely forgot about Morgana’s request. She couldn’t think. The sensation was starting to feel annoyingly familiar. Guinevere’s feet ended up leading her through the castle on their own, landing her back in her chambers. For the second time in ten days, Guinevere needed a moment to regain herself. 

It wasn’t a short moment, either. It took the maidservant over an hour to finally touch the envelope that Lancelot had given her. After that came another thirty minutes of hesitation before she finally decided to unseal it. Part of her still expected an elaborate prank – while another part of her was increasingly receptive to the idea of setting the entire castle on fire. But what came out of the envelope was not a prank. Guinevere could see a two-page letter, neatly written in a familiar handwriting. 

The maidservant immediately noticed. She knew that handwriting. And it did not belong to Lancelot. 

It belonged to Arthur. 

It’s from him! It’s from prince blondie! 
We can’t call a prince ‘blondie’! It’s not respectful! 
Shut up! We can call them whatever we- 
Be quiet. Let the girl read. 

The voices instantly went silent, making Guinevere gulp nervously. Slowly, hesitant about what she might find, the maidservant began to trace the words on the parchment.  


Forgive me for the roundabout way of reaching you. Before I write anything else, I have to clarify one thing. Please know that when Lancelot handed you this letter, he was acting. His words and actions were not real. I asked him to fake romantic interest in public and pretend to be attracted to you.  

So it WAS a prank!  
Does he hate her now? Did he do this to humiliate us in public?  
Why would he do that? We haven’t done anything- 
Move. I want to see

It has a purpose, I swear. But I do not want to explain it through a letter. I’m not good at writing down my feelings, either. I need to share them with you in person. Please meet me in the abandoned tower today at midnight, after your shift has ended. Don’t tell anyone. The door will be unlocked for you, and I’ve made sure that the guards are nowhere nearby.  

That brings me to the second thing to tell you. I debated with myself for a long time on whether I should let you know in advance. And I feel like I shouldn’t blindside you with this. Not completely. The reason why I want to meet you is this: 

Come midnight, I intend to confess my feelings for you. 

I know that makes no sense after rejecting you back in Scarborough, and that committing to this would start all kinds of trouble. But I can’t ignore it any longer. I don’t want to.  

I also need to tell you something else. My final point to this letter. Please know that you do not have to come if you do not want to. I would never force you into anything. If you come to the tower, I want it to be because you want to come, and not because I gave you an order.  

Tonight, I don’t want you to meet me as a maidservant. I want you to meet me as Guinevere.  

If you do not come, then I will have my answer.  


Guinevere sighed, wrapping her arms around her knees as she looked up at the ceiling.
“You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

But there was no answer. There never was. Ironically, the Watcher was the only one that remained silent, no matter how many times she prayed.

It was probably for the best. She could barely handle herself as it was.

What are you going to do?

The maidservant let out a long, weary, tired sigh.

She didn’t know.

18 thoughts on “3.28 – Act of Interest

  1. That teasing at the start conjured a billion memories. Good work!

    Also poor Guin having to put up with so much teasing every day.

    This bold voice in her head seems new. Don’t recall it ever being present until Guin became less self-minimising. Tis like awakening the stronger demons as Guin is starting to break free. 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, it’s nostalgic, isn’t it? Teasing Guinevere is one of Morgana and Sarah’s favourite pastimes, unfortunately. 😅 you’d think she’d get used to it and stop reacting at some point, but so far, no luck. The dice are not with her this arc. 😆

      It’s not new, though it’s definitely more in the foreground. I haven’t gone into detail regarding the voices in Guin’s head until recently. You might be picking up on that, too. Oof, awakening the demons as she’s starting to break free? Ominous. Remember that you said that. 🤭


  2. Great chapter as always < 3

    It’s cool to see a little bit of progress on the faerie circle! I agree, I’d probably be a bit impatient about it as well. Seems like a dream for Morgana, just fucking off away from noble BS and hanging out with your fairy pals in a pocket dimension. Such a mood. Once again, insert ‘Gwen is a mood’ and ‘I want to protect Gwen’ comment here! Poor old Gwen getting wound up like that, bless her ;-;

    Ooofff that reaction when she said Mithian X_X Glad Sarah was there to keep the relative peace. Yeah she seems alright, then again anyone would seem alright compared to the Crown Prick of Nemeth. Ohh Gwen, don’t say anything it will only make things worse ;-; I really like that over the shoulder shot where you can’t see her expression too clearly. I knew she was just trying to get her out of the room. Bit like the whole ‘Blue flower, red thorns’ thing XD

    Hmmm so maybe it’ll be GwenCelot and not MorgAncelot? Wait isn’t this Arthur’s plan? : p I feel like I forgot to mention this in my comment on the last chapter. But this is what came to mind for me- Arthur’s ‘plan’ would have come across to someone like Gwen as just a sick prank, and would have only stunted her already-lacking confidence. And although he confirmed to her that he wants to confess his feelings for her, given what happened at Scarborough and what happened there with Lance- is she even going to believe him? Or is she going to think he’s pranking her and not bother? When you’re used to people being insincere it’s easier to just shield yourself from any attempt at sincerity at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Thank you 🥰

      Ooooh yup. The number of times that I’ve looked at a mushroom circle or tree arch thinking “If I could I’d go in a heartbeat” is more than I’m comfortable admitting. Haha, teasing Guinevere has become a bit of a habit for them. The girl can’t handle romance (and romance) and Morgana and Sarah know that.

      Morgana isn’t good at keeping her cool when blindsided. Lucky Sarah was there indeed. Ooh, I actually didn’t know what “blue flower red thorns” meant until now. It’s fitting, though. Is that a British saying?

      This is Arthur’s plan, yes. It’s all turning into a big mess because of him and they’re all getting sucked in along with Guinevere. I actually had a confession just like this sprung on me when I was a teenager, myself. In public. Out of the blue. In front of half a dozen people, with a rose and everything. I was mortified and wanted to vanish into the ground so bad. That one actually did turn out to be a prank. I know some people love grand gestures in public like that but oh my gods, no. Never again. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah , isn’t it fun when every grand gesture turns out to be bullshit? Nothing like teenhood to suck out every last drop of confidence < 3 Also I can’t stand the whole ‘in public’ thing because I find so many guys do it intentionally to put pressure on the girl to say yes, so I like that Arthur although his methods getting there are questionable, is at least choosing to share his feelings in private.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, it was mortifying. Apparently the guy had a dare with his friends to do that to a girl so they could laugh at the reaction if she fell for it. As the quiet shy kid, I was the lucky chosen one. It was just as horrible as you’re picturing.

        I hate it too. Public proposals as well, especially if they’re not discussed beforehand or you know the other person doesn’t like grand gestures. The pressure alone is horrible for the person being put into that position. The quickest way to turn me right off is to draw attention to me in public with grand gestures like that. 😅

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  3. The whole scene with Guinevere and Lancelot made me chuckle with laughter while I was almost embarrassed by my reaction … because I also felt sorry for Guinevere. She is so modest and shy and got more than ten times the attention she dared to wish for.
    Your language is so picturesque and you can almost feel how bewildered and overwhelmed she is.

    The letter from Arthur is very honest, but at the same time really problematic. It must have cost him a lot of courage but the difference in power and strength between Guinevere and him is not comparable. I can imagine it must tear her to pieces.
    I actually think Arthur puts her in an unreasonable situation by being so obvious in his intent. Regardless of begging her to forget that she is a maid during this meeting, he can not remove the inequality between them by these words. She has everything to lose, but does she dare to imagine she has something to gain?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I can understand the mixed feelings. Guinevere has a very specific level of attention from other people that she’s able to tolerate, and this was miles above it. I felt bad for her too, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy posing her confused expressions.

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there. Guinevere has significantly more to lose than Arthur does. His actions are selfish, regardless of the justifications he gives. But the heart wants what the heart wants. Now it’s the question of whether Guinevere is ruled by her heart, or her head.
      Time for me to roll some dice.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh, Morrie really doesn’t like sharing her toys, does she? They’re actually quite horrible to Guin, both of them. I don’t think I’ve truly clocked that side before. I wonder what it is. I’m going with threat.

    Smooth, Lance. Also, creepy. Also, now she’s forgotten about the jelly tarts so she’s gonna be in even more poop with Morgana. I understand he was acting on instruction and why it had to be public, but dude; he can read everything in others, yes? Her conflict? Her pain? And he still did that with a straight face? CREEPY.

    Guin’s voices. Are they voices. They ask each other to move… they are aware of one another. Also, tonight, Arthur? You must know her well enough now to know it took her 2 hours to read that damn letter – what if she had plans? Or it had taken her longer? Or she’d left it on her dresser and returned to it after making jelly tarts, missing the deadline? Arthur, tsk. Also, not an order, true, but she’s so used to doing whatever the Pendragons say that this is, still, an order to Guin. And a decision to boot. Aw, poor Guin. 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So it seems. Is this Morrie being jealous, or is something else causing her reaction? Who knows? Well, I know, but as usual, I won’t tell you. Both of them have teased Guinevere since day one, though.

      To some extent he can yes, and he did it with a straight face despite of it. Lancelot has had years to learn to play the the game, too. Whether he actually agrees with what he’s ordered to do is another matter, though. Can’t exactly refuse your Prince, can you? 🤷‍♀️

      Answering that would be massive spoilers, so I will not. Remember you said that, though 🤭 Does Arthur know her that well? What if he’d said tomorrow, and she’d had plans then? Is a longer window of time here better, or worse? Either way, it’s hard not to see that as an order, yes. Guinevere is not having the greatest of times. We’ll see what she ends up doing really soon. Next-chapter-soon.


  5. …I’m trying to be chill, I really am but:

    1. The voices are a problem. Where are they from? Who do they represent? Can they be trusted? I think no. I like the nickname Prince Blondie but they make Guinivere feel off-kilter and she must be protected at all costs.

    2. Michael. God. My heart. Morgana did a good thing.

    3. Morgana is going to FLIP OUT. She likes Lancelot. Also, what happened to the whole she and Arthur would talk to each other more!?!?!?!?

    4. Lancelot. This is a bad look. You are a fool! Get out of there.

    5. Arthur. I cannot even.


    ::Deep breaths:: okay I’m chill again. I swear. Just gonna keep reading…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Off-kilter is a pretty apt way to put it. Can a voice in your head ever really be trusted? Where are they from, indeed? Are they a figment of her imagination? Are they something tangible? Are they something else?

      Morgana and Arthur have been telling the other to tell them more for ages, but neither of them is actually doing that properly. She does like Lancelot, yes, though in what context is up to the reader’s interpretation for now. Either way, things are starting to get… messy.

      Very chill, yes 😙

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  6. Of course Arthur would give her a letter where he barely explains himself. But ok, he did announce his intention, at the very least.

    Also, Gwen better burn that letter before someone else finds it.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I see that Arthur is making some sort of progress, but his plan remains a disappointment… Poor Guinevere. That letter is so awkward and full of yellow (if not red) flags, but his father is Uther and he’s really young, so I guess he’s doing his best. I don’t know what’s going on with Mithian, but I like her. Morgana seems out-of-line, as usual.

    I actually don’t have any sense of what Guinevere wants out of life. I suppose that she’s not ambitious/power hungry or particularly interested in “morals” and that she just wants Arthur.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nurture is a difficult thing to get rid of, especially if you have such a strong example as Uther for a dad. Haha, Morgana is out-of-line more often than she’s actually within boundaries 😆

      She doesn’t seem very ambitious, does she? Despite the extended spotlight lately Guinevere’s motivations and past are still held very close to her chest. Who knows? She might secretly be scheming for world-domination…. but probably not.


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